Halloween Hooking

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Dear Jocelyn,

It was just supposed to be a unique costume. That is what we intended when we came up with the idea.

First, I should give you some background. My name is Tasha and I live in Detroit. I’m a junior in college and I also work on weekends at the local mall. My friend Paula and I hand plans to attend the Halloween festivities that would take place in the city on Saturday night. It was Friday night when we decided that we had better come up with a costume for the next night. We actually were under the false impression that we could rent something the day before the biggest party of the year.

After the third costume shop the frustration really set in. Paula and I aren’t exactly what you’d call skinny. We are tall in stature, but I think it would be accurate to call us “pleasingly plump” On top of that, we are both quite large in the breast and butt department. I for one, have always had difficult finding clothes that fill well, especially blouses. I tend to just where sweatshirts and loose fitting jeans. Paula on the other hand, is a bit more adventurous, and has been known to wear clothes that are cut low and fit tight.

It was walking out of that last shop, where Paula came up with the absurd idea.

“Let’s go as hookers,” she said matter of factly.

“What?” I responded.

“Let’s save all this trouble and money and just go as hookers tomorrow night. What can it hurt? After all, it won’t cost much, and we can have fun with it too. If you need clothes, I have some short skirts and low-cut blouses you can borrow.”

I thought about if for a second or two. It was unusual, but what the hell, why not. Who wants to spend all night searching for a costume that would probably set me back a hundred dollars or so.

“Okay, sounds easy to me” I said nonchalantly.

Little did I realize how “easy” would be the operative word the following night.

The next night arrived, and I found myself over at Paula’s trying on some of her most provocative outfits. After every change of skirt and blouse, she was there to hand my another drink of some concoction her brother suggested. It tasted like strawberries and went down way too smooth. Before I knew it, we were giggling and walking around in just bras and panties mostly. I noticed that like myself, Paula had huge breasts and an ample ass. I caught her taking more than a casual glance at my almost naked body too. She had never seen my like this. Usually, I’m pretty well covered since it is difficult to find proper fitting attire, and my job in retail calls for a professional appearance.

By the time we had our last drink and made it to the front door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In my buzzed state, Paula had talked me into a leather skirt, garter with hose, and the biggest pair of four inch slut heels you can imagine. The shirt she gave me fit so tight, that my breasts almost spilled out the top. Paula looked equally as loose, only to outdo me with heavy makeup, teased hair, and some bright orange getup that emphasized her large shape even more than usual.

We got downtown and the place was wild. The city had outdone themselves in terms of turnout. And the costumes ranged from the outrageous, to the super expensive.

As we walked through the crowd I felt more than one hand squeeze at my large ass. We were pretty drunk by this time, so Paula began to get in character.

“If güvenilir bahis your gonna cop a feel, you gotta pay boys” she told on of the touchy men.

“How much?”

“A buck to grab her ass, two dollars for a kiss” she said.

I began to smile, thinking this was all a joke. Before I knew it, three guys started to dig in their wallets. The first one handed my five bucks and proceeded to pull me in his arms. Before I knew what hit me, he began to kiss me while reaching around to massage my ass through my skirt.

“Thanks” he said with a sly smile of contentment.

I smiled back and turned to talk to Paula. When I did I realized I was gonna have to wait. She was making out with the guys friend, opening her mouth to receive his tongue, and getting her ass felt up to. When they reluctantly broke their hold, she stuffed the money he gave her in her bra.

“What are you standing around for girl, somebody is waiting” she exclaimed.

I then had five dollars placed in my hand, and was kissed by the third guy who decided he needed some tongue too. And boy did he get his moneys worth.

“Thank you ladies” the guys said as they walked away.

This was fun. I kissed a couple of handsome guys, and got nearly ten bucks for just kidding around. That was more than I make an hour at my job where I have to deal with fussy shoppers. Paula thought it was pretty cool too. As a matter of fact, she thought it was so cool that we proceeded to do it the rest of the night.

Paula decided that we would tell guys what we came as, and charge our “john’s” accordingly. And to make matters better, we decided to hit a few bars in between. It was there where Paula decided we could charge for drinks instead of money.

By the end of the night we were pretty smashed. And then Paula reached in her bra and pulled out her money. She had over one hundred and seventy-five dollars! I hadn’t realized that I had accumulated even twenty dollars more. Shit! We were just kidding around and ended up making a good amount of money just acting silly. In the process we also got pretty horny.

“Some guy reached under my skirt and felt my pussy” Paula whispered as we walked out of the last bar.

“I was going to charge him more, but it felt so good.”

I laughed as I clung to her shoulder. I didn’t say anything, but a few of the guys took liberties with me too. More than one of them squeezed my tits or rubbed their hands up and down my legs. One guy even slipped his business card in my panties and said I wouldn’t be disappointed if I called.

We decided the best thing to do was to take a cab back to her apartment. On the way to the highway, we passed the new condominiums they are building in town. We stood on the corner and watched the cabs whiz by filled with overgrown bunny rabbits, Uncle Sam impersonators, and girls dressed as their favorite music stars.

It started to get a bit late, and we were really ready to get out of the chilly air.

“So what do we have here?” a voice called from behind.

“Us?, Oh we’re hookers” I said casually.

“Yea, we’re whores, wanna party?” Paula said as she grabbed me, trying to avoid falling down as we both laughed hard.

“Well actually, we are already having a party inside. And there is no way you two are going to get a cab standing here. Come inside and we can call one for you.”

We türkçe bahis turned to where he was pointing, and noticed three good looking guys waving from the second floor window. Paula squeezed my arm.

“Sure.” she said, as a wild smile cut across her red face.

I wasn’t sure what we were thinking, going to a strangers place. But the night and the alcohol made me braver than I would normally be.

“By the way, I’m Trevor” our new friend said as he opened the door for us.

I had never been in these new buildings, as they were recently completed not more than two months ago. The lobby was beautiful and the prices were obviously not for the middle class. Once we got in the condo itself, I was even more impressed. This guy either had a tasteful girlfriend, or a well paid interior designer.

“Ladies, this is Ryan, Mark, and Brett.” The guys shook our hands, as Ryan and Mark looked at us, then Trevor, then each other; smiling the entire time.

“Well guys, I’m Paula and this is Tasha, were hookers.” She said again, just giggling away.

Trevor explained that Mark had seen us on the corner and thought they might want to invite us up for the party. Ryan proceeded to hand us each a glass of wine and offer us a seat. Brett sat in a leather chair quietly nursing a drink.

Trevor then asked us how we did that night. Paula explained that we made nearly a couple of hundred dollars each from kissing guys, and letting them cop the occasional feel when they paid more.

“You must have kissed a lot of frogs” Mark joked as we all had a good laugh.

“But now I see some handsome princes” Paula retorted.

“Hmmmm” went Ryan. “I think we have some singles around here, don’t we guys?”

And just like that, the guys started reaching for their wallets. I have been a good number of dates as I meet lots of guys on my job. But most, who am I kidding, all of them; weren’t nearly as handsome as these guys. Paula looked in my eyes like a cat in heat. These were the kind of guys who dated actresses and wanna be model types. I doubt they ever had sex with women our size. I didn’t know what to say or think. I just felt myself getting very warm. I remembered that we still hadn’t called that cab yet.

“So how much was that for a kiss” Mark asked

“One dollar.” I said boldly.

He handed me a dollar and put his lips on mine in no time. He sure knew how to work his mouth. Paula was beside me kissing on the equally aggressive Ryan. When we were done with those two, Trevor paid to feel our asses next. The two of us had a giggle, and the guys told us to have a seat while they refilled our wineglasses.

“Brett my man, your being awfully quiet over there….come over and get to know the girls” Trevor said as he waved the one shy guy over to the couch.

Brett slowly walked over blushing more with each step. Paula took a sip from her glass and said “So what can we do for you big boy?”

“How much for oral?” he said confidently as he looked straight into my eyes. Suddenly the room had a sexually charged atmosphere.

“She’ll do that for free” Paula said, “She likes to suck dick”

“Nah,” Brett responded, “I want it to be good” As he said this he pulled out five dollars from his pocket. He then proceeded to unzip his pants, and pulled out a beautiful, veiny prick. Without so much as a thought, I leaned forward and sucked güvenilir bahis siteleri it into my willing mouth. I eased down from the couch and got on my knees while looking into his eyes. He brought his hand to the side of my head and guided me up and down his big dick. I started moving my head up and down faster on that fat cock. Mark was beside him in a flash.

“Here’s twenty, but I want you to swallow” Here I was, on my hands and knees, going back on two cocks like some kind of crack whore. What had started off as a joke, was turning into some serious sex.

Paula grabbed Trevor’s dick in her hand and Ryan was on her tits before you could say Boo!

“Look at these fuckin’ jugs” Ryan yelled as he pulled Paula’s shirt up. Her bra was off in a flash, and tits flopped and jiggle as tossed her bra to the side.

I was working the two dicks fast and furious by now. And then I leaned under Brett and began to lick his balls.

“Fuck that feels good” he said. “I gotta get some pussy too.” He backed off, discarded the rest of his clothes, and grabbed his wallet from his jeans”

“Here’s fifty dollars, I’m gonna fuck your brains out” Brett pushed me to the floor as Mark pulled my bra and top off. I lifted my ass off the thick carpet to allow access to my skirt’s zipper. The leather was so tight and my thighs were to big that Brett had a hard time pulling it over my butt and legs. And with each pull my body would move and turn.

“I’ve never screwed a girl this big before” Brett exclaimed as he took in the sight of my wiggling flesh. ” I can’t wait” I heard one of the guys say excitedly as he finally got my skirt over my ankles.

I was so wet that I pulled my thong to the side, and spread my meaty legs for Brett’s big dick.

When I looked over at Paula, I saw the guys had her doggie style on the couch, with Trevor eating her hairy muff from behind and Ryan screaming, as he came inside her hungry mouth.

We had passed ourselves off as hookers, and now we were behaving like it. We totally disgraced ourselves, as we let each of the guys take turns fucking us, and sucking their dicks to completion. I can’t count the number of times I came, and Paula seemingly announced an orgasm every two minutes or so.

When were all fucked out, and exhausted, we thought it might be time to get that cab we had intended to when we first came up. The guys got our phone numbers, called a cab, and handed us our purses as Trevor walked us downstairs.

“That was incredible girls. And worth every penny” Trevor said as he wished us goodnight and opened the cab door for us.

“So how did you girls do on Halloween anyway?” the cabbie said. He actually thought we were hookers. “My best night next to New Years”

“We did well” Paula said. “Real well”

“Glad to hear it, we folks in the service industry gotta make a living ya know” the grizzled old man said.

I guess I should have felt like a slut. After all, I went out, got drunk, went to some guys place we didn’t know, and proceed to suck and fuck four total strangers. And on top of it I got paid for my actions. These guys were never gonna call us, they had girlfriends, maybe even fiancés. And all the guys that kissed us and felt us up. What were we thinking?

But I knew Paula enjoyed every minute of it. I caught a view of myself in the drivers window…. hair out of place, make-up running, and my clothes frazzles. And I was squeezing my legs to keep the cum from ruining the cloth seats I sat on. I had no guilt. It was the best sex I had ever had, and would do it again in a heartbeat. And best of all, I lived up to my costume.

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