Handy Man


If I had known when I bought this old farm how much work it would be, I might have reconsidered. The house was in bad shape, but the barn was worse. I had spent almost a month doing nothing but remodeling the old house to make it livable. I worked on the study first, since that’s where I planned to work on my next book. I had used the advance from my last novel to buy this place, and it was turning in to a major chore. But I loved it.

I had fallen in love with the old house right away, and I had a strong desire to get away from the crowds and crime in the city, looking for a quiet place to write. But it was hard to summon up much enthusiasm when I knew I had to rake out the old barn this afternoon. I had tried to hire help for weeks, with little success. I had only this morning located a temporary labor agency that had put me through the wringer before agreeing to send me someone for the afternoon to help patch holes in the barn roof. I had a sneaking suspicion that if the receptionist had not read and liked my last novel, I would have been out of luck. She just kept gushing, “We are all such big fans of your work. My boss just loves your books…. Reads every one.” Notoriety has a few advantages, I guess.

As I lingered over lunch, I thought about how quiet it is out here. The only thing I missed about the city was the lover I’d given up. He hadn’t wanted to leave the city, and I hadn’t wanted to stay, so we had parted friends. But I must admit I missed the sex. It had been a while. Sighing, I thought maybe someday I’ll find someone else. Not likely way out here in the middle of god-forsaken nowhere, though.

I heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the drive, and rose to meet my hired help, brushing crumbs from my sandwich off my cutoffs and tee shirt. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but the guy who stepped out of the beat up 4-wheel drive was not it. I couldn’t help staring. Wearing jeans that fit like a second skin, his chambray shirt was untucked and unbuttoned. And he was so BIG. Longish dark hair curled over his collar in back, and he was tanned and hairy. He looked… delicious.

Wondering where that word came from, I pulled myself together, and went out to meet him. I felt more than saw his gaze travel over me, much the same as mine had covered him from the safety of my doorway. The difference was, he wasn’t trying to hide it.

After his inspection, he grabbed tools from the bed of the truck, and we headed for the barn, with me explaining what needed done, and hoping my voice wasn’t trembling as much as my knees were. He didn’t say much, just nodded a lot and said, “Yes, ma’am” until I had to say, “Look, please don’t call me ma’am. Just call me Annie, okay?” To which he replied, “Yes, ma’am. You can call me Tim.”

“Good,” I said, picking up a hay rake. “I guess we should get to work then.” I knew I was staring at his hair-covered chest, but I couldn’t help it.

“Okay,” he said, but I could tell he was reluctant to climb the ladder to the barn roof. I turned away and went into the barn, but glanced surreptitiously over my shoulder as he climbed the ladder. Damn, I was getting horny just looking at him. It had indeed been a long time. As the afternoon wore on, I could hear his hammer pounding, and it matched the rhythm of my pulse at times. I kept imagining how glorious he must be naked. Looking up, I caught him looking at me through one of the holes in the roof. It made me shiver, despite the heat.

Deciding I’d had enough, I called up to him, “Tim, I’m going to the house for some iced tea. You want some?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, again. “That would be nice.”

“Well, come on down, then. You can cool off with the hose over there, and find a shady spot. I’ll be right back,” I said, and turned toward the house. I could feel his eyes following me. Preparing a pitcher of tea in the kitchen, I kartal escort bayan watched him through the window. He removed his shirt, leaned forward and sprayed his head and upper body with water from the hose. I felt a curling sensation in my abdomen as he slicked back his hair with his fingers before sitting on an old nail barrel, leaning his bare back against the side of the barn.

Mentally shaking myself, I picked up the tea and tried not to drop it as I walked back toward the barn. He watched my every move, and I felt like I was on display. He rose as I approached, taking the glass from me. My breath caught in my throat as he drained his glass. I could only sip mine, trying to ease the constriction in my throat. Our eyes locked, and he set his glass on the barrel. Taking mine and setting it down next to his, he looked at me again and said, “Come here.”

“I don’t think…” I mumbled.

“Good, don’t,” he said. “Just feel.”

He pulled me hard against him, and I gasped out loud as I felt his arms go around me. My arms came up between us, and I could feel the roughness of his chest hair on my forearms as I tried to back away. My nipples went on point immediately, yet I felt a twinge of real fear as his right hand went into my hair and pulled my head back. He stared down into my eyes, as though gauging my reaction. His other hand yanked my shirttail from the waistband of my shorts, giving him access to the skin beneath. His big, roughened hand went immediately to my breast as he leaned his head down and touched his lips to the pulse at the base of my throat.

Again, I felt the fear. After all, I didn’t even know this man and here he was mauling me, miles from any kind of help. I tried again to push him away, leaning backward, saying, “No, we can’t do this…” But he just covered my mouth with his own. It was a hard, hungry kiss, and I felt it all the way to my toes.

“I’ve been wanting you all day, ever since you pranced out that front door, staring at me. And I intend to have you,” he growled against my lips. “Right here, right now.” “No, please,” I said as he began nibbling my lower lip. “Stop.” It sounded halfhearted, even to my own ears.

“Can you truly say you want me to stop? I don’t believe you,” he whispered, and moved his lips so softly over mine. I could not speak. “We are going into this barn, up into the loft, and I’m going to give you what your eyes have been begging for all day. And you are going to love it.”

As I tried again, weakly, to speak, he touched a finger to my lips. “No words. Just feelings,” and he kissed me again. My lips opened of their own accord and I was kissing him back, opening my mouth to his questing tongue as my mind gave in to my body’s desire. I put both hands on either side of his face, and boldly sucked his tongue into my mouth. I heard him moan at my surrender. I knew that I had to regain control of the situation, or we’d end up on the ground. I pulled away from his lips and whispered, “Let’s go inside in the shade.”

The magic words, I suppose, as he released me. I took his hand and led him inside the now clean barn, and up the ladder to the loft where I’d spread clean hay just an hour before. The fragrant smell of the hay and the cool breeze through the loft seemed the perfect accompaniment to my passion, which once released had begun to climb.

Once up the ladder, I turned to face him, and he reached right away for the hem of my shirt. It went over my head and landed somewhere behind me. He looked hungrily at my breasts, straining against my bra. I reached for him, and pulled myself closer to him. His arms went around me again, and we kissed, this time as equal givers and takers. His large hands moved up and down my back as our tongues dueled. Even his tongue was rough. My knees were weak and I felt myself lean against him as my hands went into his hair. He leaned yakacık escort back against the wall, spreading his feet and drawing me into the V of his thighs, and I felt for the first time the size and shape of his arousal. I moaned against his mouth, and he reached for the snap of my shorts. His other hand guided my right hand to his own jeans, where I felt his erection throbbing with each heartbeat.

We struggled to undress each other without breaking the kiss but it was impossible. We pulled apart slowly, and he said, “Take them off for me.” Feeling suddenly shy, I turned my back to him and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts, pushing them slowly toward my ankles. I reached back and unhooked my bra from behind, feeling very exposed, standing there in nothing but panties. I wondered if my no longer 20-something body would repel him.

He still had not spoken, though I heard him moving behind me. Just as I was about to turn, I felt his arms come around me from behind and as he pulled me back to him, I knew he was totally naked. I gasped as the length of his hard cock moved between my thighs, rubbing lightly on the crotch of my panties. His hands reached around and caressed my abdomen, moving slowly up to my breasts as he kissed the back of my neck, my ears, my shoulders. I shuddered as I felt his tongue on my skin. Everything about him was rough, even his tongue. I reveled in it.

I was so aroused it was shameful, and my knees could no longer support me. I leaned back into him. One of his huge hands was wending it’s way southward, toward my throbbing sex. Easing away the elastic of my panties, he pressed his hand lightly to my mound, twirling the curling hair around his finger, and I begged, “Please….” I wanted so desperately for him to touch my throbbing clitoris, but he avoided it, caressing all around it, coating his fingers with my wetness. I began to move my hips slightly, encouraging him without words, but still he nibbled on my neck and stroked my breast, teasing my wetness, taking me near insanity.

I pulled quickly away from him, not giving him a chance to stop me. Before he could reach for me again, I turned and sank to my knees before him. I had to see, feel and taste that hard rod that had rested between my thighs. It was beautiful. Long, and thick, and harder than anything I’d ever seen, with a big head that begged to be tasted. Determined to arouse him to the fever pitch he’d taken me to, I wrapped one hand around his rod and took just the head slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I heard his indrawn breath, as he again leaned against the wall. With my other hand, I caressed his thighs, up to his heavy balls, massaging lightly.

He began moving his hips toward my face, and I responded by taking more of him into my mouth. I tried to take it all, but could not. I pulled back slowly, tongue rasping the underside of his cock. I whipped my tongue around the head again, teasing the tiny slit in the end with the tip of my tongue, making him moan again. Reaching with both my hands now, I gripped his ass, and took him as far into my mouth as I could, clamping my lips tightly around his cock before moving back again. He began to thrust, and we rocked in opposite directions. I opened my eyes and looked up to see his head thrown back, eyes shut tight, and his hands pressed to the wall behind him. His thrusts became more urgent, and I knew he was close to the edge.

I drew abruptly away, and heard his strangled, “No….” as my lips left him wanting. I stood and turned silently to spread a clean tarp over the bed of soft hay. I turned to see him watching me, his eyes mere slits in his passion-clouded face. He moved away from the wall with an effort, and I could see the sweat forming on his chest. As he approached I moved to meet him, touching the tip of my tongue to his neck, intending hürriyet mahallesi escort to lick my way downward for another taste of that beautiful cock. He stopped me before I could go far, and pulled me up for another hot, hungry kiss.

He knelt on the tarp, pulling me down beside him on my back. He knelt beside me and began exploring every inch of my body with his hands and eyes. He removed my panties slowly, caressing each inch of exposed flesh as he did so. I watched him through half closed eyes, as his hands came back up to open the folds of my wetness. With his warm, hard fingers, he stroked and probed until I thought I would die of sheer pleasure. And when he leaned down to place his lips on my inner thighs, I felt my legs spread as he worked his mouth over my lower lips, and I writhed in ecstasy.

Sensing my urgency, he moved up and covered my sweat-slicked body with his, nudging my knees wider apart, the tip of his cock resting against my pussy, teasing me. I reached for his hips with my heels, pulling him into me. As my body stretched to accommodate him, I felt the trembling in my abdomen that signals the approach of my orgasm. He must have sensed it, as he lay very still against me.

“Shhhh…. No need to rush,” he whispered against my breast. As he laved my nipple with his tongue, I stroked his back lightly with my fingertips and tried to regain control. He felt so good on me, inside me, hard and deep. His lips on my breasts stoked the fire inside me, and when I could wait no longer, I rested my heels against his ass and moved beneath him, urging him to move within me. He responded by moving slowly upward, away from me until his cock was almost free of my clutching pussy. He held there, and looked into my eyes before plunging back in, hard. My softly whispered, “Yessss…” was all the encouragement he seemed to need. His eyes stayed riveted to mine as he stroked in and out of me in a rhythm my body was determined to match. I arched my hips to meet each thrust, our bodies almost slamming together. The pleasure was intense.

Suddenly he stopped, buried deep inside me and rested his body against me. Gathering me close, he rolled over, bringing me on top of him. When I lifted my shoulders to sit up, I felt him go even deeper into me, my clit rubbing the tangled mat of hair at the base of his cock. My eyes closed from the sheer pleasure of being filled so completely by this huge, virile stranger. He reached to caress my breasts with his fingertips as my body took over and rocked back and forth, sliding on and off his cock, my clit throbbing at each contact with his body. I could not have stopped the orgasm that washed over me if I had wanted to. I came in waves, muscles clenching around him and screaming out my pleasure at the peak. I felt him growl from deep within as he thrust upward to absorb the tremors that rocked me. He grasped my hips and pulled me down hard against him and as he thrust again, he came with a shout of his own.

As the spasms subsided, and I collapsed against him, my breasts resting on his chest, my face buried in his neck, now somewhat embarrassed at my wantonness. His hand in my hair, he moved my face to his for a lingering kiss, and rolled with me onto his side, never moving from within me. Our breathing slowly began to return to normal, and we kissed lightly, licking the sweat from each other’s faces with the tips of our tongues. With my passion spent, I felt a vague sense of unease. I’d just had the best sex of my life with a total stranger.

I started to speak, but he silenced me with another kiss, and pulled me close again as I tried to move away. I looked into his eyes again and realized that I wasn’t the only one who had given in to something bigger than myself. His fingers lightly caressed my back and said softly, “No regrets, please. You are wonderful.” I felt him begin to stir inside me, again swelling with need.

“But don’t you have to report back by 5 o’clock?” I asked when I could catch my breath.

He smiled slightly, as he began the slow steady thrusting that would again drive me insane with need. “No, ma’am,” he said. “You see, I own the company.”

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