Happy Birthday

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It was my partner Greg’s fortieth birthday and I wanted to make his big ‘four-o’ special. I had arranged a surprise meal at a local restaurant and had purchased an i-pad as a present, something he had been keen on getting for himself.

Although I’m only twenty six years old there has never been any problem with our age difference and we have been together for about eighteen months and living together for just over a year.

On returning to our house I told Greg that I had something special planned for him but he had to agree to go along with it and follow my instructions. Although I could detect a little scepticism mixed with curiosity in his response he agreed to participate.

I took his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. The bed had been placed in the centre of the room, with space to walk all round it. It was covered in a large black silk sheet. “Get undressed,” I commanded him and Greg started to comply. “No, totally naked.” He removed his Kalvin Klein briefs leaving himself completely nude. “Come here.” I led him to the bed and got him to lie on his back with his head close to the end and placed a black sleep mask over his eyes. I then got undressed leaving on only my white hold-up stockings.

I returned and knelt at the foot of the bed. I bent forward and whispered in his ear “I love you, relax and enjoy.” I started by teasing and tickling him all over his upper body with a feather. I leaned forward and sucked and licked each of his nipples in turn. I then offered each of my small breasts up to his mouth and he sucked and chewed on each of my nipples getting both little buds hard. I lowered my mouth towards his and we were soon exploring each other’s mouths with tongues in a passionate kiss. I then felt his body shudder and I knew that another part of my surprise was taking shape.

Our lips parted “Shush not a word. I’ve got more important work for your mouth.” I stood up and kneeling on the bed either side of his head, facing his feet, I positioned my pussy over his mouth. Greg required no further instructions and began tonguing my slit and probing into my love hole.Greg gave me an expert service before I reached behind me and removed the mask, raising myself off him. He now had clear sight of what had caused his body to judder earlier. He could see my younger sister Sam with her mouth fixed firmly over his by now hard cock.

“What’s she doing?” Greg said in a surprised voice.

“She’s prepping you so that you’ll be ready to take her. I know that you like her and she secretly fancies you. What’s more I’m looking forward to watching you do her.”

“Does Sam want to be done?”

“I certainly do, that’s why I’m here and it is your birthday.”

“And are you really O.K with this Claire?”

“Perfectly fine. I’m responsible for setting it up after all. I want you to enjoy her, just make sure you make her cum.”

Greg got off the bed and taking Sam’s hand he helped her to her feet. They were standing facing each other Greg with his wonderful semi hard fat cock sticking out and Sam nude, having undressed before entering the room, except for her white hold-ups matching mine. I could see Greg studying the curves of her breasts and down to the area of her totally shaved pussy. He looked over towards me and smiled his approval of what he could see in front of him. I could tell they were both rather nervous and this added to the feeling of anticipation that I had.

Greg put his hands out and squeezed each of Sam’s breasts feeling the firmness of her young flesh before starting to role both nipples between thumb and forefinger. Sam’s breasts are slightly bigger than mine but still small with long thick nipples, unlike my tiny buds. Sam was enjoying it and Greg’s cock was now resting in the palm of one of her hands and his balls were being gently caressed poker oyna by the other. She circled her fingers round his meat and started sliding over his shaft pulling his foreskin very slowly backwards and forwards. I could see the head of his cock being exposed out of the end of her fist each time she pulled back.

Greg reached out and drew Sam closer to him cuddling her and squashing her breasts against his chest. His hands were now behind her squeezing and fondling her bum cheeks. She has a gorgeous little bubble butt and I’d positioned myself so I could see Greg pulling her cheeks apart showing her pretty pink anal ring. One of his hands worked its way between her legs, from the front. In order to make it easier he lifted one of her legs placing her foot on the bed. Her legs were now nice and open. The fingers of his hand were either side of her pussy lips sliding back and forth occasionally pulling them open a little.

Greg got to his knees and holding her pussy open with both hands he proceeded to lick and tongue his way along her slit. The room was filled with the lapping sound of Greg’s action and the deep breathing and sporadic moans emanating from Sam.

After a while Greg stood up and getting Sam to sit on the end of the bed he coaxed her legs wide open then pushing them back either side of her head he lowered his mouth and started eating her pussy again. I could see he was licking her slit, pushing his tongue into her love hole and sucking on her clit. He was breathing heavily with the effort he was putting in to satisfy her. Sam was moaning louder and more often and then it became continuous until she was screaming as Greg made her climax hard and long.

Greg continued a gentle soft licking of her pussy as she slowly came back down and he savoured all her love juice. I noticed that my own breathing had become deep and I realised I had become extremely excited watching my partner making my sister cum. I’d enjoyed it nearly as much as them.

Greg whispered into Sam’s ear, I couldn’t hear what was said, but following on she positioned herself kneeling on the bed. Standing on the floor behind her Greg held her hips and pulled her closer to the edge. His cock was still fully hard and I knew the time had come for me to watch my younger sister being taken by my partner. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was keyed up at the thought of what was about to happen. Holding his cock in one hand he pulled her pussy open with the other and started stroking the tip and head along her moist looking slit until he stopped with it at the entrance to her cunt. He pushed forward a little and the head disappeared inside her and without pause he continued to slowly slide his thick meat into her until she’d taken it all.

“Ooh! Oooh! Ooooh! That feels good.” Sam shouted, obviously enjoying the experience.

I suddenly realised that I had, subconsciously, started to diddle myself in response to the action unfolding in front of me.

Greg started to ease his cock out slowly before unhurriedly pushing it back in. He had started to fuck Sam for real. Both of them matched each other with gentle grunts, groans and sighs of pleasure on each inward stroke. Greg was into a steady lazy rhythm which he kept up for quite a while and they both used the time to take pleasure in the sensations they were clearly experiencing. I found that I was frigging myself in time with their tempo. I had had one or two anxious thoughts about how I might feel in the situation prior to the night but was pleasantly surprised as to how horny I was getting in my voyeuristic role.

Gradually Greg began to increase his pace and with it the vigour with which he was fucking Sam. He was driving his cock as deep as possible into her. She was responding by pushing her bottom back to meet each penetrating canlı poker oyna thrust. The sweat running down Greg’s back and the heavy breathing was testament to the effort he was putting in. Sam was groaning louder and becoming more vocal. “Oh yes Greg!”…………….. “Mmmm more, more, more.”……………………”Oh shit! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! You’re making me cum! Ooooooooooooh!” She shrieked as a massive orgasm ripped through her body and her hips jerked uncontrollably trying to get as much of Greg inside her.

Greg held her with his arms under her waist for support until she’d stopped twitching. He gradually withdrew his semi-hard cock and gently lowered her body until she was lying face down on the bed. Greg lay down next to her and was stroking her hair and down her spine as she recovered. Bit by bit her breathing slowed and became less noticeable. She turned to look at Greg “Thank you that was incredible,” she said quietly.

“Do you feel up to taking some more?” Greg enquired.

“Mmmm please,” she replied a little listlessly.

“You’ll have to get my cock hard again if you want more fun.” Sam moved her hand down to Greg’s cock and started playing with it in a leisurely way. I watched as she gently rolled his foreskin back and forth. I felt my pussy which was very moist, which wasn’t surprising given what I had already witnessed. As she recovered further she took a tighter hold of Greg’s slowly hardening cock. Sam slid down the bed and was soon working on Greg’s cock with hands and mouth. She was enjoying herself and took her time giving him a prolonged blow job. Sucking on his head, swallowing as much of his meat as possible, covering it in large amounts of saliva. Greg was on his back watching all her actions purring and moaning his satisfaction.

Greg’s cock was hard and fat as Sam manoeuvred herself into position above it and slowly lowered her cunt on to his pole, fully impaling herself in the ‘cowgirl’ position. She was lying forward with her breasts pressed against his chest. She was in control and despite Greg’s attempts to push his cock in she regulated the speed and depth of penetration riding him at her own pace. She was gently rubbing her pussy back and forth against Greg with him fully inside her. He was nibbling her ear and then they started to kiss once again a long slow meeting of their mouths and lips. When they finally separated Sam sat up a little and her movements made Greg’s cock slide in and out of her, but only by a few inches.

Greg’s hands had found their way to Sam’s little tits, squeezing the firm flesh and pulling and tweaking the long fat hard nipples. His arms pulled her a little closer so that he could do the same with his mouth and tongue. His hands caught hold of Sam’s bum cheeks trying to encourage her to move quicker. Sam took little notice of his actions. She continued sliding his cock in her cunt, very slowly increasing pace at her choice and for her pleasure. She was teasing him as it was obvious that he wanted to penetrate harder and deeper.

Sam eventually sat up straight, she must have had him as deep as possible inside her in this position. I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing her and for the first time, since Greg had noticed Sam, she looked at me and gave me a smile. It was a smile of pleasure and satisfaction as well as one that said ‘am I doing alright,’ ‘are you still O.K with this’. I smiled back before moving and kneeling behind her, between Greg’s legs. I placed my hands under her buttocks encouraging her to rise up and use all of Greg’s length. It also served as an indication that I was still very content with her being fucked by my partner. Sam responded to my encouragement as she started to ride Greg harder. I moved and knelt on the floor so that I could have a perfect view of Greg’s fat cock stretching internet casino Sam’s pussy and going in and out of her cunt. Sam was really getting into it. She’d speeded up and was slamming down hard pushing him deep inside her. Both of them were moaning and groaning their enjoyment.

“Oh fuck yes Greg! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming again,” Sam shouted as I could see his cock being coated in her love juice. She started to slow but the shiny liquid continued to slip down coating his shaft.

Greg gave her no time to recover expertly flipping her on to her back, without removing his cock. He immediately started pumping her with long, fast deep strokes and before she knew it he was making her cum again. He collapsed on top of her and they started a long passionate kissing session which ended as they both regained their composure.

“It’s my turn to cum next,” Greg said after their mouths parted.

“Mmmm sounds good,” Sam replied.

“Are you going to eat my spunk for me?”

“With pleasure. I love sperm.”

Greg got off the bed and Sam joined him kneeling down in front of him. She soon had his cock in her mouth sucking and stroking him.

Greg took control of his cock in one hand whilst tipping Sam’s head back with the other. She knew what was required opening her mouth wide. I was standing watching Greg as he jacked his cock. On impulse I moved and fastening my fist around his meat I took over wanking his cock. It had an almost immediate reaction as Greg groaned loudly and I shouted “Happy Birthday Baby,” as I directed spurt after spurt of hot, white spunk into Sam’s waiting mouth. Greg had fired off an extremely large load which Sam swallowed down with a look of total satisfaction on her face.

We didn’t say a word as Greg helped Sam to her feet and he directed us both to lie with him on the bed. Both of us snuggled into his chest on either side looking into each others eyes. We lay silent and still for what seemed like an age.

Greg was the first to speak in a hushed tone. “It’s your turn to watch now Sam, Claire hasn’t cum yet and I think I should remedy that.”

Greg manoeuvred himself down until he had his head between my legs. He opened up my pussy with his hands pulling me wide “You’re already so wet Claire all nice and juicy.” I then felt his tongue as it licked back and forth along my slit. His mouth then found my clit and he started sucking on it and flicking his tongue over it. His finger was exploring deep in my cunt and it was soon joined by a second. He then proceeded to finger fuck me whilst still playing with my clit. All I could hear was the sound of his fingers slurping in and out of my hole which was getting wetter by the second. Then the explosion in my stomach happened and I released a flood of cum as I climaxed hard and long.

I was still on my back and I could see Sam looking at me as Greg slowly wriggled one finger inside me before letting it slip out. “Wow! That’s the best birthday experience I’ve ever had. Thank you ladies.”

“No I should thank you. I’ve never cum so much or been as well fucked before. Claire you’re so lucky. Is he like this all the time?”

“Mostly, when we get the time, especially at week-ends.”

“It has to be a special thanks to you Claire for organising this and allowing me to fuck Sam. It’s not many guys whose wife or partner would let them have another woman especially their sister.”

“I gather you enjoyed Sam’s young nineteen year old pussy then?”

“And some. She’s wonderful and tight and like her older sister she enjoys eating spunk, what more could you ask for.”

“I’m just glad Sam agreed to do it for me.”

“I’m glad I decided to. Greg’s got an incredibly thick cock, the thickest I’ve had and his sperm is particularly tasty and there’s lots of it.”

“I think we’ve all enjoyed tonight. Do you want to do each other again some time?”

“I’d love to have Greg.”

“I’ll be ready for Sam anytime.”

“Sam why don’t you stay tonight and sleep with us and perhaps Greg can satisfy us both in the morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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