Harry Potter – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Plan is in Full Effect

The next morning, Ginny did not come down to eat breakfast as she usually did. Sensing that something was wrong, Ron hurriedly ate his breakfast and went upstairs to check on Ginny. Ginny was not in the common room either meaning that she was still in bed. Ron sneaked into the girls’ dormitory and searched around till he found Ginny curled up under her sheets with her hands covering her face. Ron was about to go back when he heard sobbing from Ginny’s direction. Upon closer inspection, Ron discovered that Ginny was crying under her sheets. Ron went up to her bed and sat down next to her. Curiously, Ginny poked her head from underneath the sheets to see who was there. Ginny’s eyes were swollen red from the crying and her face was wet with tears. “What do you want Ron? You came to loan me to another one of your friends?” “I came to check up on you. You were not at breakfast so I decided to see how you were doing.” “Now you care about me. Where were you when my pussy was getting ravaged by Harry? Where were you when my innocence was being stolen from me? You could care less. Do you know that Harry took my virginity?” “Yes, I know. I was the one who gave him permission to do it.” “WHAT?! You gave him permission? You are a monster. I hate you. Get out of here.” “Before I go I want to tell you my reasoning. You are a very stunning girl Ginny. A lot of boys have or will start thinking about you. If I, your brother could not resist you, how will other guys react to your beauty and personality. Your body is changing and soon, your hormones will go haywire. In this crazy period, you will get urges, sexual urges and you will end up giving your virginity to a random guy in a one night stand. And you will regret that for the rest of your life. Instead of losing your virginity to someone who you will later regret, I told Harry to do take it instead. I could not take it so the next best option was Harry. You have known him for years and even like him, making him the best choice for your first time. You might hate him and me now but you will understand that this was for your own benefit. When you look back on your first time, you will not have any regrets because you like him and I know that he cares for you as well.” Everything now made sense to Ginny. Harry had even asked for approval before they began and she had approved. Harry and Ron care about her more than she previously thought. Her spirits soon rose as she gave Ron a giant hug. “Ron, you are the most caring brother in our family.” Ron gave a smile and took out something from his robes. “Here is some pumpkin splice and a cinnamon sprinkled cappuccino. Your favorite. I had to sneak it out of the Great Hall. Eat up and get ready for classes. I have to get going. My class starts in ten minutes and it’s on the other side of the castle.” With that, Ron dashed out of the girls’ dormitory and headed to class.

Meanwhile, Harry was walking to his class alone as Ron had abandoned him during breakfast. On his way up the long winding stairs of the tower, he met Cho who was walking down the stairs alone. It was unlike Cho to go anywhere without her group of friends so Harry questioned her about it. “Hey Cho, how are you doing? Why are you walking alone, what happened to your friend circle that always surrounds you?” “I am doing well. My friends already left for class. I had forgotten my book so I had to go back and get it. How come you are alone, where is Ron and Hermione?” Hermione quit Divination a while back and Ron disappeared during breakfast.” “Oh. Good luck with you class. Bye.” Harry yelled bye as Cho turned around and began descending down the stairs. An idea suddenly popped into Harry’s head as he turned around, aimed his wand at Cho’s back and yelled “IMPERIO!” Cho froze in mid step. Harry walked down a couple of stairs till he was next to Cho and whispered in her year. “Follow me quietly.” Cho turned around and began to follow Harry up the stairs. At the first landing, they got off the stairs and went down a small corridor. There was a door on the right which Harry unlocked using the knife Sirius had given him. After Cho had entered the room, Harry locked the door behind her.

“Take off your clothes,” Harry ordered. Cho, instantly, began to undress; she started by unbuttoning her robe. Throwing her robe to the ground, she revealed her beautiful, slender body. A yellow, pale color skin covered her entire body and two clothing items, a bra and a g-string covered her skin. Her navy blue bra pushed up on her breasts making şişli bayan escort them seem more fruitful. A similar colored g-string covered her crotch area. Cho unclipped her bra, revealing her petite 32B breasts. Her small breasts had tiny, brown nipples that extruded far out from her breast, giving a look of a thumb tack. Finally, Cho slipped off her g-string revealing a hairy pussy. Harry was taken aback by the sight of her pussy but realized that she must have stopped taking care of herself after Cedric died.

Her ungroomed pussy irritated Harry so he decided to fix it himself. He commanded her to lie on the desk. Cho lay down so that her back was on the table and her front was facing the ceiling. The table was only four feet long, which only supported her head down to her ass, leaving her legs dangling on the side. Harry approached her with Sirius’s knife in his hand. He walked between her legs and bent down to examine her crotch. A thick bush of hair covered her entire crotch, hiding her pussy lips underneath. With his left hand, he took a hold of her bush and with his right hand, he began cutting it. After a couple of cuts, her bush was considerably shorter allowing her pussy to be seen. With her pussy visible, Harry stopped cutting, leaving her bush uneven.

Harry then swept down and planted a long kiss on Cho’s lips. Just like last time, there was no passion exchanged from Cho’s side. Harry then moved to her nipples and began sucking on them. As there was no conscience effort needed on Cho’s part, she laid on the table with her breasts inside Harry’s mouth. As his tongue ran over her nipples, a small moan left Cho’s mouth. Although Harry was controlling her mind, her body was not under his control, which meant that it could react to the physical stimulus he was applying. This turned Harry on and he began to suck harder causing Cho to moan even louder. By this time, his dick was rock hard in his jean as it wanted some relief. Harry undid his pants, which fell to the floor. His dick now sprung free, pushing the fabric of his boxers outward. Harry pulled down his boxers and rammed his cock into Cho’s pussy. Unlike Ginny’s pussy, Cho’s pussy was looser and could easily accommodate his large pecker. For her pussy to be this loose, she must have had sex with Cedric on multiple occasions. No wonder she never has gotten over him. With his mouth still sucking on Cho’s tit, he began thrusting in and out of her with great force. He did not care about hurting her as she didn’t mean anything to him anymore. As he pounded her madly, she began to moan loudly. She even started screaming, “Oh Yes! Oh Yes!” Her tits jiggled in his mouth as he pounded harder and harder. As he climaxed within her, he accidently bit down on her nipples creating teeth marks on it. Cum shot out of his dick and filled her pussy and even leaked on the floor. He withdrew quickly and changed back into his clothes. He piled Cho’s clothes on the side and ignited them with his wand. He watched as her clothes burned into a pile of ashes before he left the room and inside it, Cho naked, spread eagled with cum in her pussy.

Harry ran upstairs to get to class. As he entered the class half way through the lecture the professor questioned him. “Professor, I saw the grim as I was coming up here and didn’t want to cross his paths so I went around the castle and took the long way here.” Feeling satisfied with his answer, she continued lecturing. Harry sat down next to Ron at the back of the classroom. Upon getting questioned on his late arrival by Ron, Harry explained everything that happened with Cho. Ron was astounded that the curse went so smoothly and so perfectly.

The next day, Harry found Cho sitting, alone, by the lake with her head underneath her arms. Harry approached her and said, “You are alone once again. You forgot your book again?” Cho looked up and Harry could see the remains of tears on her face. “I chose to sit alone,” she cried. “I think you can use some company. Tell me what the matter is.” said Harry as he sat down next to her. “Yesterday, I blacked out while going to class and when I awoke, I found myself naked in an abandoned classroom. Hovering over me, Peeves was staring at my naked body. Looking at my own body, I found bite marks on my breasts and my pussy was filled with cum. I could not remember how I got there or who took me there but I think it was Peeves. As I didn’t have my clothes, I was forced to stay in that room, naked, till nightfall. Peeves stuck around and laughed at my misery. Knowing that I didn’t want to bring şişli escort attention to myself being nude, he took advantage of that and began sexually harassing me. He pushed me to a wall and stuck his filthy fingers inside my pussy. He finger fucked me till my pussy was soaking wet and then he took his massive eleven inch cock and ravaged my pussy. For a ghost, he was powerful as my pussy is still sore from that ordeal. As he was pounding me, he forced his lips on to mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth. His mouth had a foul smell and taste to it as he hadn’t brushed in hundreds of years. I tried to push away but he was too powerful. As a punishment for my efforts, he thrashed my breasts with his hands, over and over again until they were cherry red. Even if I wanted to scream I couldn’t with his mouth against mine. He held his mouth there until he came, shooting cum into my pussy. When he let go of me, I fell to the ground, too exhausted to move. As I lied there on the ground, Peeves hovered over me smiling. When nightfall came, I ran out to my common room, buck naked. On my way, I heard some male portraits whistle at my nude body. Even the portrait that guards my house stared at me for a couple of minutes before opening the door. In the common room, I met no one as they were asleep already allowing me to go up to my dormitory and change. I took a shower, which washed away all the cum from my pussy but I still had two red, sore breasts and a sore pussy. This is why I am crying. I got raped by Peeves twice, once when I was unconscious and once when I was conscience.” “Why don’t you tell the headmaster?” I queried. “I don’t want anyone to know. I would be the laughing stock of the school being the girls who got raped by a ghost. Promise me you won’t tell anyone, not even Hermione and Ron.” “I promise!”

As we sat there in silence, Cho spoke up once again. “I think its Karma that this happened. I was so caught up with the loss of Cedric that I never gave you anything when we had our relationship. No wonder it ended so badly.” “Those were tough times. There is nothing that can be done now,” I replied. “On the contrary, there are things that can be done. You are single and I am single…” I cut her off before she could finish the sentence, “I don’t want to be in a relationship. Sorry.” As I got up to leave, Cho grabbed my hand. “I understand why you wouldn’t want to be in one. Let me show you a good time and then you can decide. If you decide no then you can think of our good time as a way of redeeming me in terms of Karma and our bad relationship.” Harry couldn’t think of a point to argue about so he agreed.

Cho took Harry’s hand and led him around the lake and into the Forbidden Forest. No one ventured into the forest these days so it was very secluded. Five feet into the forest, Cho stopped and looked at Harry. She approached him causing Harry to back up nervously until he backed into a tree. With Harry pinned to a tree, Cho got close to him and pressed her lips against his. At first, Harry was shocked so he just stood there while her tongue was trying to penetrate his mouth. When he finally grasped the situation, he parted his lips and allowed her tongue to enter. Her tongue played with his tongue for a minute before Cho withdrew.

Cho gave Harry a large smile before she kneeled down and unzipped his jeans. Putting her hand through the zipper, she found Harry’s semi aroused dick and pulled it out. As her cold hand touched his dick, it started to stir getting harder. She held his dick in one hand and used the other one to rub and massage it. Before long, Harry’s dick was fully aroused standing out at eight inches. His dick had turned into a dark shade of red with all that blood being pumped into it. Without warning, Cho opened her mouth and swallowed all eight inches of his dick. Harry got startled and almost fell over. His dick was in heaven as Cho began to suck and slurp with incredible speed. She backed off to take a breath and then went back to suck on it some more. Unlike other girls who used their lips to move up and down a dick, Cho kept her lips closed around the base of Harry’s dick and used her tongue to move up and down his dick. With Harry’s dick reaching all the way down her throat, she had to back off his dick before she could breathe. In total, her mouth was around his dick for ten minutes, giving Harry ten minutes of total bliss.

When she stopped, Harry pulled her up and undid her robe causing it to fall. Harry was shocked to see her pale body discolored with red marks over her breasts. As mecidiyeköy escort he went to touch them, Cho caught his hands. They are still sore so being gentle. Harry nodded and then placed his hands under her bra strap and moved it over her shoulders causing it to fall. Slowly, he closed his hands around her boobs, cupping them in his palms. Seeing her winch with pain, Harry let go of them and instead used his tongue. His tongue circled her breasts and worked its way to her nipples. The saliva left by his tongue cooled the breeze as it blew on her breasts causing her nipples to harden. With his hands free, he began rubbing her belly and worked his way down underneath her panties. Harry was puzzled as her pussy was totally smooth compared to the hairy pussy she had yesterday. He couldn’t question her without arousing suspicion so he forgot about it and began rubbing her pussy. In minutes, her pussy was wet and Harry inserted two fingers inside. His fingers were just an inch inside her when grabbed his hand and pulled it out of her panties. “My pussy is really raw from the pounding I got yesterday.” “You breasts are sore and your pussy is raw and you bring me here for a good time,” Harry yelled. “Don’t worry. I have a plan to satisfy you.” With that, Cho turned around, pulled her panties to her ankle and bent down, displaying her ass to Harry. “You can satisfy yourself with my ass. I have done this once with Cedric and he really enjoyed it, although it was mostly pain for me.”

Harry seemed reluctant at first but seeing no other option; he aimed his dick at her anus and pushed. Her ass was dry making it extremely difficult to enter. As Harry pushed in, Cho gave out a loud shriek as her ass started to burn. She had done this with Cedric so long ago that her ass became tight over the year. Her ass hole stretched to its limits to accommodate Harry’s thick cock. Harry was only an inch inside her but it felt that her entire ass was being stretched. Harry kept pushing and soon, half of his dick was inside her. Her ass felt as if it was being ripped and the pain made her scream but she had to endure. She was not going to leave Harry unsatisfied as she did when they were dating. With four inches inside of her, Harry started to enjoy the hot walls squeezing his dick from all sides. As he pushed deeper, it almost felt as if her ass was milking his dick. If he did not feel so much pleasure, the screaming from Cho would have made him stop and withdraw. Harry continued pushing, despite Cho’s screams getting louder and louder, until his entire dick was inside her. Harry let his dick enjoy the stimulation as Cho’s ass muscles squeezed and massaged his dick. Cho, on the other hand, was crying with pain as her ass was stretched beyond its limits to accommodate Hurry’s dick. He stood there with his dick inside her for a couple of minutes before he withdrew. Upon his withdrawal, Cho’s ass contracted, but not to its original size. Harry’s cock had stretched it beyond repair and therefore it couldn’t contract all the way. With Harry’s withdrawal, Cho assumed that he was done, so she started to get up. However, Harry was not finished yet. He pushed her back down until she was on all fours and rammed his cock in her ass. Pain shot through her as nothing she had ever felt before. Her insides were on fire. Again, her ass had to expand to fit his cock. When Harry’s dick was fully inserted, he withdrew and rammed it back in. In and out he moved, fucking her ass. As time went on he moved faster and faster till his balls were slamming against her ass. Meanwhile, Cho was in agony as her ass was being ripped. The faster Harry went, the more it hurt as there was no lubricant. Finally, after minutes of extreme pounding, Harry climaxed shooting shots of cum up her ass. With every shot, pleasure surged through Harry as he had never felt before. When his erection subsided, Harry pulled out of Cho, letting cum ooze out of her ass. Cho had a hard time standing up as her ass was raw and burning.

Harry looked at her and said, “That was the best experience I have ever had. This makes up for everything that happened before with our relationship. But, I don’t think I want to be in a relationship right now. Being single, I can enjoy the sexual aspect of life without dealing with the emotions and drama of a relationship. At this time, I cannot afford to get caught up in emotions as I have Voldemort on my tail. I hope you understand. If you ever need someone to help you relax or someone to satisfy you, I will be there but other than that, I cannot help.” Saying that, Harry pulled up his jeans and left the forest. As he was leaving he couldn’t help but feel bad for Cho as her ass, pussy, and breasts were in pain because of him.

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