harry potter revisited 4,5,6

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The Wedding

Harry awoke the next day feeling refreshed and excited. There was no help feeling excited because the house was filled with it. The wedding was in full swing by the time Harry got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed his wand and shoved his cloak into his back pocket. He went down stairs and the scene was the same as if they were setting off to school.

Everyone was running around and stopping shortly just to ask others if they knew where something was. A few people stopped and welcomed Harry before moving on to what ever they were doing. There were doughnuts on the table so Harry grabbed one on his way to look for Ginny. He found her in the bride’s room helping Gabrielle, Molly and Hermione get Fleur’s wedding dress on. The dress was a beautiful pure white with laces and a 50-foot train attached.

Harry walked in and Molly attacked him “Harry why aren’t you in your dress robes the wedding starts in half and hour.”

She followed him upstarts while trying to comb his hair down which was not working at all. Harry removed his shirt and pulled on his white dress shirt followed by his black dress coat. He then turned his back to Molly and removed his pants and tried to pull on his dress pants but it seams that in the three years since he wore them last he out grew them.

“Mrs. Weasley I think I out grew these pants.” Harry told her.

His shirt covered his naked dick so he was not worried about her seeing it. She came over and bent over to look at the pants. Harry looked at her and he noticed he could see right down her dress at her huge breasts. He could see her dark red nipples sitting there.

“Damn, everything is red in this family. I never took notice before.” Harry thought to himself.

“I can fix this,” Molly said as she pulled out her wand from what seemed like her cleavage, “now hold still.”

She pointed her wand at Harry’s pants and muttered something and then grabbed Harry’s pants and started pulling them up. When she got to his dick, she stopped and noticed his erection.

“Now we can’t have this can we you’ll stick out more than the bride.” she told him while grabbing his cock.

She took his cock into her and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. Harry laid his hands on the back of her head and face fucked her. Molly enjoyed being forced to suck cock. Harry could hear slurping sounds throughout the room. Harry Grabbed her head tight and shoved his cock as far down her throat as he could before letting his juices flow. After cleaning up, Harry followed Molly down stairs where someone was waiting.

“What took you two so long.?” someone who Harry did not know asked.

Molly just told her that Harry outgrew his clothes and she had to fix him. Harry caught the “him” part but he did not think the girl did. They all went out into the yard and sat down. Harry sat next to Hermione and Ron. Just then, music came out of nowhere and everyone turned to look down the aisle. The brides maids were first with a best man attached to her arm followed by, Harry’s mouth dropped, Ginny and Gabrielle. They both looked beautiful to Harry, which just brought back memories of the past few weeks. Both Ginny and Gabrielle gave Harry a little smile as they walked by.

Hermione pinched Harry and said, “Why was Gabrielle smiling at you?” Harry just told her it was probably because he saved her life. Next followed the ring boys, Fred and George, and then the music changed into the wedding march. Fleur showed up at the end of the aisle with her father on her arm. Harry had met him during the tournament. He led Fleur down the aisle one-step at a time to Bill.

Everyone was crying during the ceremony. It was a long and drawn out ceremony that ended with Bill and Fleur entangled in a long and drawn out kiss. Harry could have sworn he saw tongues darting out of their mouths. Afterwards they walked down the aisle together hand in had as everyone magiked rice on them.

During the ceremony, everyone had to dance with the bride and groom. After dancing with Fleur he switched to Gabrielle, Hermione and then Ginny who was pissed he chose her last. Harry told her he just wanted to get them out of the way so they could have the rest of the party to themselves. After a while, Ginny wanted to sit down at one of the benches that were there. Ron and Hermione came over and sat down next to them holding hands.

Ron whispered to Harry, “She had better not want to get married after this.”

They all talked about the wedding and what it would be like to be married. Every chance Harry and Ron got they tried to change the subject but the girls were persistent. It was still light out but the sun was slowly sinking into the sunset leaving a reddish orange glow in the sky.

Everyone seemed to want to meet the “chosen one” and after a while, Harry got sick of it and asked Ginny to walk with him. They walked toward the edge of the woods, away from the crowd of people.

“Harry, I want to sleep with you tonight. I want you to be my first. I think I am ready finally.” Ginny just blurted out which left Harry in shock.

Harry just looked at her with shock and all he could do was nod his head. Ginny gave him a little chuckle before laying her head on his arm as they walked. The sun had mostly set by not and it was getting dark so they decided to head back to the house. As they approached, Harry could see a huge bonfire in the distance and figured everyone was getting a real party started.

As they approached Harry could see people running around, izmir escort bayan he was to far away to hear anything but they looked like they were having fun. As Harry got closer though he started to hear screams and they started running. Harry reached inside his robes and withdrew his wand as they ran. Harry froze in his steps at the site.

Everyone was running around naked; it looked like a drunken orgy to Harry. All Harry could see though were Fleur’s family. The Weasleys could not be seen anywhere so Harry and Ginny stepped inside the house. The Weasley Family, most of them, was sitting around the table. Hermione and Ron seemed to of already went up stairs so Harry and Ginny bid everyone a goodnight and set off to bed.

As they reached Ginny’s room they looked around to make sure no one was looking and they sneaked inside. Harry sat down on the bed and Ginny sat on his lap facing him with a leg on each side. Harry grabbed hold of her head and brought her into a long deep kiss.

He stroked her hair out of her face and away from her ears bringing it all to the back of her head. Harry slowly moved his hands up underneath her shirt feeling on her pure skin back. Harry grabbed the bottom her shirt to try to pull it off. Ginny broke apart their kiss and removed it herself.

She then pushed Harry down onto the bed in a fierce movement. She then put her hands underneath his shirt and slowly pushed it up as she kissed his body. She started at his stomach in which she slid her tongue into his bellybutton to give it a quick lick. She then liked up his chest and took one of his nipples into her mouth.

Harry really enjoyed this and once the shirt was up to his neck he quickly pulled it up over and off his head. Ginny sat up on Harry’s pelvis and he reached his hands up and took a breast in each palm. Harry gave each of them a squeeze and a pull on the nipples to make them hard.

Ginny laid her chest on Harry so he took each hand and slid them down the back of her jeans feeling on each cheek. Ginny reached down and slid her pants down past her ass. Harry pushed them down as far as he could before getting his feet involved.

Ginny was now lying on top of Harry naked and he was in his pants, which seemed to disappear quickly. Ginny reached down between their bodies and grabbed a hold of his dick. She placed it at the entrance of her hole and slowly slid down toward it.

Ginny was tight being her first time it was not a shock to Harry. His cock slowly entered her pussy half way until Ginny stopped with her eyes squinting. Harry could only guess that he had hit her cherry. She closed her eyes and pushed down as hard and as fast as she could with a little help from Harry.

Ginny lay on Harry’s chest to catch her breath before sitting straight up. Ginny slowly raised and lowered her body. After a few plunges she started getting use to the cock being inside her and she bend forward sticking her hands on Harry’s chest.

Ginny bounced up and down on his cock while giving out little moans and groans. Harry grabbed Ginny and spun her around so she was lying on the bed and Harry was on top. Harry slowly and lovingly slid his cock in and out of her pussy while sucking on her breasts. This was not working for her though and she started bucking her hips.

“Would you fuck my brains out like Gabrielle and Hermione damn it?” Ginny yelled at him.

Harry froze in mid stroke and looked at her in shock. She smiled at him, which he took as she did not mind, and he continued his stoke quickly. He decided to pick up speed before he was yelled at again and he pressed in and out as hard and fast as his hips would allow.

Harry took one last plunge into her and released his juices as deep inside as he could. Ginny came as she felt his hot cum touch her insides. Harry and Ginny fell asleep with his dick still inside of her.

Platform orgy
Harry awoke the next morning to Hermione apparating into the room. She hurried him up and out before Mrs. Weasley decided to come up there. Harry jumped up with a little “plop” when his dick left Ginny’s pussy. He grabbed his clothes and apparated back up stairs to Ron getting dressed. Harry threw his clothes on and packed his trunk. He made sure his cloak was in his back pocket, grabbed his trunk and Hedwig. He followed Ron down the stairs and the scene this morning was calmer. Only Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione were setting out for Hogwarts. A ministry car pulled up outside the house and they all piled in and were off for the train.

They arrived at the platform with a few minutes to spare. After stowing their luggage in the last compartment they came back to say their goodbyes to Mrs. Weasley. A few hugs and kisses later they were back on the train. They decided to get dressed now rather than later in their robes. Since they were used to seeing each other naked they just stripped down together.

They sat down and waited for the lunch trolley to come by. Harry bought them all snacks and after eating their chocolate frogs (Ron still has not finished his collection) and cauldron cakes they cuddled onto the two benches. Harry and Ginny started making out followed by Ron and Hermione. Harry reached over and pulled the blinds to the compartment closed so they could have more privacy.

Harry opened up her robes to expose her hard, erect nipples. He took a breast into each hand and fondled them while Ron and Hermione watched. Hermione grabbed at her robes then, in one swift movement, removed them.

She grabbed a hold of Ron’s buca escort hands and forced them to her breasts. Harry bent over and took one of Ginny’s breasts and sucked on it. Ron just had to follow suit and took one of Hermione’s nipples in between his teeth. After Harry reached his hand down between Ginny’s legs, Ron followed.

Harry figured he was just trying to pick up some pointers from him, Ron just did not want to feel left behind. Harry inserted his fingers into Ginny’s soft, wet pussy and moved them in and out in circles. Her breathing started to pick up.

“Were not disturbing you guys are we?” Harry heard a dreamy voice coming from the door of the compartment.

Luna and Neville were standing there holding hands. Neville just stood with a little red tint to his face while staring at Ginny’s breasts.

“When did you two start going out?” Harry asked them.

Luna grabbed a hold of Neville’s robes and opened them up.

“Since I found out his dick is 9 inches long.” Luna told them.

Neville just went beat red. Ginny and Hermione just stared at it with their jaws on the floor. Harry gave Ginny a little playful slap on the ass and she came back to reality. She just looked at Harry and smiled. Ginny continued to bounce on Harry’s dick as Luna and Neville sat down next to them.

Neville’s cock was still sticking out as he sat down. Luna grabbed a hold of his large sized dick and positioned it toward her pussy. As she sat down his dick seemed to bend as she tried pushing it in her. Neville grabbed his cock with both hands to keep it as straight as he could. With a few grunts from Luna, the head finally plopped in.

Harry looked over as he fucked Ginny and saw Luna’s pussy stretch so much he thought it was going to rip in half. Neville reached over and took one of Ginny’s breasts into his hand and messaged it. Neither girl seemed to mind so Harry took his hand and cris-crossed it with Neville’s and grabbed a hold on Luna’s breast.

Harry had forgotten Ron and Hermione was there until he heard loud moans emitting from Hermione. Harry looked over and she was on all fours getting stuffed by Ron from behind. Ron was pounding in and out of her almost smacking her head on the wall but she had her hand up to prevent it.

Harry grabbed a hold of Ginny’s hips and moved her up and down on his hips. He reached around and brushed her ass hole slightly which sent her over the edge and she came on his cock. It was just what Harry needed and he came deep inside her pussy. Ginny collapsed on top of Harry from exhaustion. It didn’t take much longer for Neville and Ron to finish up.

They got up, dressed and cleaned right as the voice over head announced that Hogwarts was coming up shortly. As the train came to a stop everyone filed out into the halls waiting to get off. Harry saw Crabbe and Goyle standing ahead of them looking so lonely without Malfoy.

After piling out of the train they climbed into a carriage to set off up to the castle. Harry stared out the window to look at the Thestrals remembering he now seen two people die in front of his eyes. First Cedric at the hands of Voldemort and then last year with Dumbledore at the hands of Snape.

Bathroom Fun

The carriages pulled up to the castle and Harry looked out at it. It seemed a little dark and lonesome, perhaps since Dumbledore was no longer there. They climbed out of their rides and headed into the castle. When they hit the entrance hall, Peeves was flying around underneath the girls robes. It was not until Prof. McGonagall came in and yelled at him did her stop.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione set off to sit together at Gryffindor table. Harry looked around as the other students filed in and Harry noticed there seemed to only be about half as many students as usual. He then glanced up at the staff table to see what changes in staff there were.

Hagrid was still gone leading the first years across the lake. Prof. McGonagall was sitting in the head chair where Dumbledore used to sit. Next to her sat Professor Slughorn again, he decided to stay another year to help out. The transfiguration chair was occupied by some gangly looking guy.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts chair was taken up by a strikingly beautiful woman. She had stood up to situate herself a little and Harry got to see her full figure. Her robe clung to her. She had a nice bulging chest and a plump little ass.

“Are you even listening to me?’ she questioned him.

Harry snapped back to reality with a, “Huh, what?

“Well I said I am going to miss you when you leave.” Ginny repeated with a little sadness in her voice.

“Well I’m going to miss you to. I’ll write you every chance I get and send Hedwig so I don’t have to carry her around to.” Harry told her while holding her hand.

Just then Hagrid came in and sat down. A few seconds later, the front doors opened and Prof. Sprout came in followed by the first years. Harry figured she became deputy headmistress when McGonagall became headmistress. She led them up to the front of the room and told them to wait, while she went and got the stool and hat. Harry was now in a deep conversation with Ginny, he explained that they would come back to Hogsmeade whenever they could; giving Ginny had her visit at the same time.

The sorting ceremony had ended as soon as it started, Harry was to busy chatting to notice. A buffet of food showed up in front of them. Harry grabbed a little of everything because he knew that he would be leaving the next day izmir escort and had no idea when he would be getting another decent meal.

Harry carried on his conversation as he ate his meal. Ginny did not seem to hungry although she did take a bite or two here and there. She seemed really depressed and kept trying to convince him to stay with her and not to go off risking his life. Harry sat his utensils down and waited for the pies and ice cream to show up.

After getting well stuffed they set off to their dorm rooms. Ginny and Harry were taking up the rear of the line so they could hold their talking more private. Ginny grabbed Harry’s hand and lead him down a different corridor. They stopped in front of the prefects bathroom, Harry had forgotten to deny the Quidditch captain spot so he still knew the password.

They steeped inside the deserted room and Ginny went over and turned the faucets on. It took no time at all to fill the tub with pink and blue, cloudy bubbles. Ginny stripped down quickly and Harry just stood there and watched her. She looked beautiful as she bend over and showed Harry her ass and the inner folds of her pussy lips. As she got into the tub Harry quickly removed his clothes and joined her.

Harry dove in and quickly swam up to Ginny gently rubbing her breasts as he surfaced. When his head was clear of the water her wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into a tight and loving embrace. He gently pressed his lips to hers tasting the strawberry lip gloss she had on. Harry felt his cock get harder and straighten up and pussy up against Ginny’s pussy lips.

She started rocking her hips back and forth along her lips, letting the head just slightly pussy against her hole without entering. Ginny closed her eyes and moaned into Harry’s ear which made him decide to fuck her now. He walked her backwards as they kissed and stopped just short of the end of the bath tub. Harry broke apart their kiss and gently pushed her back so she was laying flat on top of the water.

Harry took his cock into his hand and pointed it toward her opening. With a little shove and a moan from Ginny Harry was buried all the way inside. Harry rocked his hips back and forth, in and out of her hot pussy. Harry was really getting a rhythm down when..

“oh that looks like fun. Wish I had sex before I dies.” moaning Myrtle said from above them.

Harry looked up at her and yelled, “Get out of here Myrtle. This is private

Just then Ginny looked up as Myrtle flew inside her body. Ginny was not Ginny anymore, she slowly started looking more and more like Myrtle. Harry could feel her pussy shrinking on his cock and it felt so tight. Harry decided to go with the flow and gently pulled his cock out until just the head was sitting inside of her.

Harry pushed and pulled slowly at first but once Myrtle started moaning Harry picked up his speed. Harry pushed and pulled so hard her head moved at least a foot each time. She felt so tight around his cock but yet it felt so good. Harry grabbed her hips and plunged in as he felt his balls swelling. He let his cum flow into her like a river.

Myrtle slowly lifted out of Ginny’s body with a “thanks” before she dove into the toilet. Ginny came around and looked puzzled at Harry. He bent over and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. They climbed out of the tub together and got dressed. Heading back to the dorm the saw no one but peeves, drawing words on the wall, so Harry took her thru one of the hidden passages.

“Twinkle toes” Harry told the fat lady to climb inside.

Hermione and Ron were still up and were the only people in the common room when they walked in. They were in the dark corner and froze at the sound of someone entering. When they saw that it was Harry and Ginny they continued their action. Harry and Ginny walked closer and saw Hermione sitting on top of Ron bouncing up and down.

Her robes were covering her ass but Harry could tell what they were doing and grabbed a hold of Ginny’s hand and led her over to another chair and sat down. Ginny got in between his legs and pulled his cock into her mouth. Harry was still limp from the sex earlier and was slowly growing harder.

Harry’s cock started inflating like a small, well not that small, balloon in her mouth. When she was pleased with the size she stood up and impaled herself onto his cock. It slowly entered as Ginny leaned her head back far enough to almost fall over. Harry grabbed her hips and held her still as she sank down. When he hit bottom, Ginny moved her hips back and forth in a rocking motion.

“oh yeah, that’s the spot” moaned Ginny, “Fuck me harder.”

Harry grabbed her hips and motioned for her to start bouncing on him. Next to them it looked like Ron and Hermione finished and started watching them. Harry didn’t care though, he just liked the feeling of Ginny’s pussy wrapped around his cock. Ginny lifted up and down on his cock and with every down stroke he pushed hard up into her for more pleasure. She bent over and wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. She made small moaning noises into Harry’s ear and froze. Harry knew she had just cum on his cock because he felt a warm sensation roll down his cock.

Harry could not take much move and felt his balls loading up. He grabbed her ass and pulled tight into him. He exploded his cum deep into her pussy and felt some of it rush out down his balls. Ginny laid her head upon his chest, panting really hard, and fell asleep. Harry must have closed his eyes and fell asleep to because he was standing in a long, dark hallway leading to a door at the other end with a light on. He slowly walked to the door and slowly turned the handle.

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