Hateful Step-brother


Stacey was busy admiring herself in the bathroom mirror when the sound of loud knocking disturbed her. Simply from the tone she could tell it was not her father or step mother. Darrel, knock it off, I’m busy!” she shouted.

“You’ve been in there for hours!” he shouted back.

Stacey continued to eye herself up and down instead of responding right away. She used one hand to wipe steam off the mirror while sweeping her wet dark brown hair out of her eyes with the other hand. When Daryl knocked again she finally responded. “Use the downstairs bathroom.”

“I’m not waiting to pee, I have to shower too.”

“There’s a shower downstairs,” she argued.

“And my bedroom is upstairs,” he countered.

Finally she jerked open the door, forgetting she was only wearing a towel. Daryl was waiting just outside and his eyes traveled down her cleavage immediately. “I’m telling Mom,” she announced proudly.

“Not this again,” he groaned.

“Yes this again, you’ve been peeking at me since we were young. It used to be cute when you blushed and turned away but now you just leer at me.” She brushed past him, leaving a wet hand print on his shoulder. Daryl rolled his eyes but did not pursue the argument.

After getting dressed in pajama shorts and a sweater, Stacey trotted down the stairs to the kitchen where her step mother was loading the dish washer before bed. “Daryl tried to peek at me naked again,” she complained.

“Really?” Lauren was not all that concerned, or perhaps she was not convinced.

“You don’t believe me?” Stacey crossed her arms. “What if I get Dad to kick him out?”

“Why are you doing this?” Lauren groaned. “Even if he was looking at you, he’s not going to do anything. You two hate each other. You’re the last girl he wants to get it on with.”

“Ew, language, Mom,” Stacey was surprised how open Lauren was.

“Oh please, you are old enough to know about sex. I’m sure if you’re not having it already you will be by next year. I don’t care who you date, even your step brother. It’s not like you’re related. Just don’t tell you’re father about it.”

“Ew-ew-ew.” Stacey shook violently, trying to shed the ideas Lauren had just put in her head.

“What is it about my genes you hate so much?” Lauren frowned at her.

Stacey’s eyes widened in concern. “I didn’t mean it that way. It’s not you that I don’t like about Daryl, it’s him.”

“He looks just like me.” Lauren placed her hands on her hips. While it was true that Daryl had medium length stringy blonde hair just like his mother, a slender face and slightly reddish tan skin, the main difference, their gender, was all Stacey had against Daryl. She was not worried about Lauren peeking at her in the shower only boys.

“This is why I can’t leave you two alone. I’m sure the house will be destroyed when we get back,” Lauren grumbled.

“Oh no, please don’t tell me you’re thinking of canceling your anniversary trip with Dad because of us!” Stacey gasped.

“Not at the moment, but you have a month to change my mind if you really want to push it.”

Stacey was panicking. She did not want to be responsible for canceling her parents planned trip. She needed to change the subject and fast. Glancing back into the living room she saw something shiny sitting on the window sill. “Is that a new vase?” she asked.

“Oh, you actually noticed,” Lauren was surprised. “Yes, that was a gift from your father. He rendered it in a 3D computer program and then sent the specs to this company that makes it out of actual clay then turns it into a ceramic.”

“Dad is interested in vases?” Stacey was confused.

“He’s interested in 3D modeling. I am interested in vases. It’s so thoughtful of him to combine our interests like this.”

“I thought you only liked antique vases because they are expensive.”

“You think this vase was cheap? They added another ten dollars for every curve in the 3D model. Dan had the whole thing designed before he realized he could remake it to look the same without as many curves and it would be much cheaper.”

Stacey nodded to pretend to show interest. She was just glad to have successfully changed the subject. She and Daryl had never been left alone for more than a day since their parents got married. This was their chance to prove they were mature enough to handle it. Not only that, they both genuinely wanted their parents to have a good time.


A month later, Lauren and Dan finally went on their anniversary trip, leaving Stacey and Daryl alone to prove how responsible they could possibly be. Unlike when their parents were home, the two of them did not bother eating breakfast together. In fact, on the second day they did not leave their rooms at all before noon.

Stacey was the first to come downstairs, as she had gotten hungry. After examining everything that was in the fridge she took some of the yogurt that Daryl bought with his own money and brought it to the living room with a spoon.

She sat on the sill of the window that overlooked the back yard and stared at the twisted vase her father had gifted her step mother. She did not understand Lauren’s interest in decorative things and was somewhat annoyed that her father was now trying to match that interest at the expense of his own personality.

She did not dislike Lauren as a mother or a spouse for her father, but she still missed the days when she was the most important person in his life. “If only you didn’t have a stupid pervert son of your own, you’d be the perfect woman,” she muttered as she glanced out the window.

“Do you still have a problem with me?” Daryl’s loud voice startled her. She had not heard him leave his room or descend the stairs at all. “Is that my yogurt?” he asked.

“No!” she stood up while hiding the cup behind her back. As her leg swept off the sill, it bumped the vase and sent it crashing to the floor. Daryl shook his head disappointedly, like he expected no better of his idiot sister. She stared at him in stunned shock as he walked over. He stepped over the broken shards of pottery without much effort and took back his half eaten yogurt cup while she was unable to react.

He was halfway to the kitchen when she finally managed to speak. “Help me!” she pleaded.

“Help you what; hide Dad’s vase?”

“Can it be put back together?” she suggested.

Daryl looked down at the remnants and shook his head. “You’ll have to order a new one.”

“I don’t have the money for that. You’ve got to lend me some.”

“Why?” he scoffed.

“Do you want Mom and Dad to be sad on their anniversary?”

“Technically their anniversary was last month. Also, I don’t care if they are sad as long as they know it wasn’t me.”

“What if I tell them it was you?” Stacey suggested.

“It’ll be your word against mine and when they find out it really was you, they will be even more angry at you for lying.”

“Please, gaziantep rus escort can’t you help me at all?” she begged.

Daryl took a moment to eye her up and down. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top, typical summer wear for a teenaged girl. “Stop looking at my cleavage!” Stacey was in no mood to be ogled by her perverted step brother.

“Fine, I’ll help you,” Daryl relented.

“You’ll lend me money for a new vase?”

“I’ll take the blame for breaking it,” Daryl offered an alternative.

“Why would you do that?” Stacey was immediately suspicious.

“You’ll have to do me a favor too,” he explained.

“I just told you I don’t have any money. Do you want me to do your choirs for a month or something?”

“Great, you’ve already got an idea on what it means to pimp yourself out.” Daryl smiled.

“Pimp?” Stacey did not like the words he was using.

Daryl walked over to the living room couch and sat down. He then set the yogurt cup on the coffee table and patted the spot next to himself. “Come here and take off your shorts,” he ordered her.

“Why?” she was immediately on guard.

“So I can see your pussy of course,” he explained calmly.

“Why would I let you?” she was appalled.

“It would take more than a few months to pay off your debt to me in chores. You’re better off just selling me your virginity,” he answered.

“You want to have sex with me?”

“Of course.” He shrugged.

“Since when?”

“Since we met. Haven’t you been complaining about me peeking at you constantly?”

“I was exaggerating,” she argued.

“Not by much.”

“So you really want to have sex with your sister?”

“I’ve never once thought of you that way,” he explained.

“Exactly. You hate me. Why would you want to date someone you hate?”

“I don’t want to date you. I want to bend you over and take out five years of anger on your ass.” Stacey’s cheeks turned red as she covered her butt with her hands instinctively. “What’s wrong with you? Do you want to date me?” Daryl was suspicious.

“No, but having to have sex with a boy who dislikes me sounds a little kinky actually.”

“Want to try it?” Daryl smirked.

“Maybe one day, but I don’t really want my first time to be like that.”

“You’re right, your virginity is valuable. You could save it for the first fuckboy that convinces you he’s worth it, or you could get maximum value for it right now. Or you could go find a real pimp and sell it for five-hundred dollars so you could buy a new vase on your own.”

“You think I’m worth five-hundred?” She blushed again.

“Every teenaged girl can get at least that much if she’s not ugly.”

Stacey rolled her eyes. “You already admitted you wanted to fuck me. Can’t you at least call me pretty?”

“Fine, I want to fuck your pretty ass, so get over hear already.” Stacey grabbed the hem of her shorts as she contemplated the request. “The offer is going fast. If I lose my nerve then I’m gonna have to blackmail you to keep your mouth shut forever.”

“Goddamn it!” She shouted as she yanked her shorts down, revealing her bare round hips and her maroon panties. Her tank top was hiding her waist but just from how loosely it was hanging it was obvious it was much thinner than her hips or chest. She had quite the hourglass figure and as an active participant in school sports she was quite fit as well.

Daryl took his time admiring his step sister’s lower half. It was not the first time he had seen her without pants of any kind, but it was the first time he had all the time in the world to look without getting yelled at or slapped.

Stacey crossed her arms and turned her head, still blushing feverishly. She wanted to cover her crotch instead but she knew that was against the rules. She waited for her next order but was instead surprised when Daryl stood to approach her.

He hovered over her, being half a head taller. She began to lean backward away from him when he leaned down to meet her. He had to hold her still by the shoulders to keep her from escaping while he planted a kiss on her lips.

“I don’t get it. Are you trying to be romantic?” she sputtered in confusion.

“I just want to taste every part of you.” He grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it up over her head. She lifted her arms to let him. She was soon left standing in nothing but her panties. She had chosen not to wear a bra that day. It was not really necessary for her as her breasts were perky and firm.

“You look like a deer in on coming traffic,” Daryl laughed at his sister’s wide eyes. She looked like she wanted to keep hiding her breasts but was holding back. He touched each of her perfect nipples, causing her to gasp and them to stiffen. He then placed his thumbs in the waist of her panties.

She took a deep breath, which only served to puff out her chest even more, and clenched her eyes shut. She made sure her hands did not get in the way as Daryl slid her panties down her slender legs, revealing the dark hair above her cunt. She kept her legs pressed close together, so he could barely see it.

He did not complain and instead stepped back and took out his phone. “What are you doing? You never said anything about taking pictures!” she was horrified.

“I said I would blackmail you, didn’t I?” he reminded her. “I just need some sort of leverage so you won’t tell Mom and Dad that I raped you.”

Stacey bit her lip and tried not to look annoyed. As he took picture after picture she got tired of standing still and began to turn her torso so he could capture different angles of her bare midriff and back and the sides of her breasts. She even squatted down so her legs were apart. She covered her crotch with her hand after the first picture though.

“Do you really have anything to hide now?” he asked coyly.

“It’s my one commodity. I at least want you to work for it,” she explained.

Daryl put down his phone and marched back up to her. She yelped when he pulled her to her feet by the wrist and spun her toward the coffee table. She fell so her butt was sticking out, facing him. He gave it a hard smack, leaving a pink handprint. “I could make this quick and unpleasant if you want to play around,” he warned her.

“It’s my first time. Can’t I at least pretend we like each other?” she complained.

“I thought you were turned on by getting played with,” he reminded her while spanking her again.

“You kissed me. You touched my chest. It feels nice, not bad like I thought. I just…”

Daryl jabbed a finger against her cunt from behind, causing her to gasp and stop talking. “You may want to pretend this is your fantasy, but let me remind you, I don’t like you. I don’t really want you to enjoy this.”

“Um… sorry,” she did not know what else to say.

“I’m finally getting to punish the girl who has made me miserable for years. I’m not just going to hit you though.” He spanked her again. “I get to actually beat you up from the inside.” He pushed another finger into her cunt.

She groaned and rolled her eyes back slightly. Her own fingers felt nothing like his when she masturbated. “Hello? Are you awake?” Daryl snapped his fingers in front of her face. “It’s no fun if you pass out.”

“I’m not asleep, I’m just… basking,” she did not know how else to describe it.

“God you’re a slut. Would you get turned on if I really was raping you?”

She frowned but soon started gritting her teeth as she felt him working a third finger into her. “You get to brag about wanting to hate fuck me but I don’t get to even slightly enjoy getting hate fucked? It’s actually hilarious, that you hated me so much you wanted to fuck me. You have a really weird sense of punishment. Imagine if my dad thought the same way you did. Oops, Stacy didn’t do her homework again, bend over and grab your ankles, darling, Daddy’s got a six inch lesson to teach you.”

“Don’t put that image in my head,” Daryl groaned.

“What? You don’t want to imagine your precious target getting railed by anyone else?” she accused him.

“I love that you think you’re so special. You’re a hot girl I’ve wanted to fuck for a while, so what. I’ve dated girls hotter than you. I’m just single right now so I’ll take what I can get, including a bitch of a leach.”

“Glad you’re being honest what you actually think of me. Wait, isn’t my father the one that makes more money. Why am I the leach?”

“My mom always wanted a daughter and now she has one; one that goes whining to her weekly calling her actual son a pervert and she always takes your side.”

“She takes your side,” Stacey scoffed.

“She talks you down but then she scolds me, telling me I’m ruining her chance at happiness with Dan.”

“You admitted you’ve wanted to fuck me since we met. Your fingers are in my pussy right now!” Stacey argued.

Daryl swirled his fingers around to make her gasp and shut up. “You really don’t think you deserve this? You don’t think I’m owed a little something after years of being accused of it anyway.”

“You keep using the word accused but you proved that I was always right today with your actions. Face it; you’ll never live this down, Daryl. It was more important that you actually get to fuck me than to keep the moral high ground of not actually being a pervert no matter how much I called you one.”

“What an empty reward. I like this one better.” He moved his fingers again to make her moan and drop her butt to the floor. He may have been the one losing the moral argument but he could at least make her pay for every word. Even though she was sitting down he kept scraping her insides, refusing to let her concentrate on anything other than the feeling of being penetrated.

It took Stacey a while to recover enough to speak again. “You’re such a mama’s boy,” she teased him. The end of her sentence was punctuated by a yelp as he punished her for her insolence. “It wasn’t me getting fucked by my dad you didn’t want to imagine; you didn’t like the idea of Dad fucking anyone. It makes you think of the fact that he’s railing your mom right now.” Another yelp followed as Daryl both moved his fingers and slapped her butt extremely hard.

“Hey, it’s only fair. You’re humiliating his daughter right now so he gets to destroy your mom.”

Daryl yanked on Stacey’s hair, pulling her head back so he could see her face from behind. She blew her bangs out of her face so she could look at him too. “Are you going to kiss me again?” she taunted him.

He grabbed her tongue and pulled it out of her mouth, scrapping it against her teeth. “Ow, op id(stop it)” she complained as best she could.

She tried to follow his hand as he pulled on her tongue to lessen the scrapping. As a result her cunt pulled away from his other hand, which he did not like. He dug his fingers in and pulled her in opposite directions. At first she was whimpering but soon she began to breathe heavily and jolt.

Liquid squirted out around Daryl’s fingers as her eyes widened and she made a shrill noise due to not being able to close her mouth while moaning. “What a slut,” he insulted her.

She jerked her tongue free so she could respond. “I don’t care. You’re the one doing this to me so it’s all your fault.”

“You don’t have to enjoy biting your own tongue though. How much do you like being punished?”

“It feels so weird,” she admitted. “The thought that you really hate me is making everything tingle. It’s like I should resist but I can’t. When you pinch or slap yourself you always hold back, you basically flinch. When someone else does it, there is no flinching. It’s the same with a boyfriend. If you liked me, you’d be worried about hurting me during my first time but you aren’t.”

“And you like that?” Daryl was confused.

Stacey shrugged. “It definitely turns me on. Maybe getting treated well by a boyfriend would feel better but I have nothing to compare it to. At the very least, getting treated like a doll for my step brother’s revenge is more exciting than masturbating on my own.”

Daryl was both flattered and slightly annoyed. He liked that his sister found his touch stimulating but he also did not want her to enjoy it so much. He may not have had the guts to pin her down and rape her all these years but he somewhat wanted her to react as if that was what he was doing. It was his own fault for tricking her into this though. He did not want to commit a crime so he downplayed his own revenge to the point she was a willing participant.

Stacey could tell that Daryl was upset and she could also tell what was to come next. He lifted her up by the shoulders and let her fall so her chest was resting on the coffee table. Then he stood behind her butt and raised it to his waist. She felt his cock pressing her cunt through the cloth of his pants before he undid his fly.

In one swift motion her head was spinning, her tongue was hanging out, her hymen was broken and her brother’s cock was inside her wet cunt. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned while shifting to a slightly more comfortable position; one where her hard nipples weren’t pinned to the table beneath her breasts.

The pain in her cunt made it impossible to focus. She kept clenching and opening her eyes. Daryl did not know what to do with his hands. At first he gripped her butt, then he reached around her waist to tease her clit. When she jerked too much he moved up to her breasts where he played with and pinched her nipples. Finally he grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and yanked her up off the table.

She yelped as she was forced to stand at an angle while still getting pumped into from behind. Eventually they lost their balance and fell back onto the couch. Stacey winced and whined as Daryl’s cock was driven up into her painfully.

Daryl continued to use her hair to pull her a few more times but it soon proved pointless in their new position. Instead he let his hands fall to her lap and began to play with her clit again. She moaned and jerked but it was harder to get away now that she was fully sitting on top of him. When she tried to stand up to get away he wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her still and slapped the outside of her cunt with his other hand.

She let out a yelp that quickly devolved into whimpering. Her voice fluctuated with every slap of his hips hitting her butt as he continued to fuck her in his lap. He had another idea and began to slap at her cunt repeated in quick succession. She let out another long whine that was shaking with the rhythm of his slaps this time.

When he was sure she was thoroughly miserable, he finally smiled. “How do you feel?” he whispered in her ear coyly.

“Like a toy,” she answered in-between gasps. “I feel like you chose today to just take possession of me and do whatever you wanted.”

“Do you like it?” he continued to taunt her. She somewhat wanted to nod but she felt that would actually lesson her enjoyment. What she liked about this was how messed up it was. If she told him she liked it she would stop liking it.

Daryl took her silence as a reason to slap her cunt even harder and buck his hips up into her. She began to moan louder and shake. More liquid squirted out of her cunt and her body convulsed several times. Daryl could tell she was having trouble catching her breath in-between gasping and jolting. “Do you want to rest?” he asked.

She gritted her teeth. She really wished he would stop asking her. She did not want to feel like she was a willing participant in this. It lessened her excitement and it made her feel like a slut. She wanted to enjoy it without having to admit anything.

Suddenly her opinion of everything flipped when she felt something hot splashing inside her cunt. She tried to stand up to get away again only to be held in place by his arms around her waist. “No, let go,” she whined while scraping at his wrists with her fingernails.

“That’s more like it,” Daryl laughed. “Can’t stand the idea of getting pregnant? Don’t want to raise the bastard child of someone you hate? Could you love a child of mine at all? Would you hate your own kid if they looked like me?”

“I don’t hate the way you look,” Stacey admitted. “You’re actually quite attractive.”

“Flattery will not help you now.” Daryl slapped her cunt again at the same time he shot another glob of cum into her. She jolted more than ever before. “This is perfect. It finally feels like you’re getting punished.”

Stacey’s eyes widened for a moment. She had to agree with him. When the next shot of cum entered her, she moaned loudly, as if she was enjoying it again. She could not help it. The idea of him violating her womb with his seed was turning her on despite her dread.

She could not deny it anymore, getting punished turned her on. She did not feel she deserved to be punished. In fact, she felt Daryl was the one who deserved it more. However, she was the one with the holes that could be filled. She was the pretty girl who looked miserable getting pinned down and forced to accept her brother’s cock inside her. If she was watching a porno she would be ecstatic to see a girl getting treated like this. She had to admit it; she did not want to punish Daryl, she wanted to get punished by him.

The moment he loosened his grip on her waist, Stacey fell out of his lap and to the floor. She felt his eyes on her cunt as cum dripped down her leg and touched the floor. She tried not to look at him as she huddled up as if ashamed. She actually was. A pretty girl like her wasting her virginity like this was downright criminal. However that’s what turned her on.

Daryl was caught off guard when his moping sister bounced up onto her knees and brought her face to his lap. She wrapped her lips around his cock and slid down to the base, swirling her tongue around his shaft and lapping up all of the cum still clinging to it. He watched her throat twitching as she swallowed it and her saliva. He grabbed a fist full of her bangs and pulled her O shaped mouth off of him so he could check inside and make sure all traces of his cum were gone.

She panted while staring at him like a pet expecting praise. He wanted to ask what was wrong with her. Looking down at the cum dripping from her cunt and at the relaxed uncaring expression on her face as he used her own hair as a handle, he realized that she was broken. From then on he would have full access to her body whenever he wanted. He did not have to blackmail her or trick her by convincing her she deserved it. In fact, she probably would enjoy it more thinking she didn’t deserve it and he was just being cruel.

The longer he stared at her, the harder his cock became, despite having just cum. When he could not wait any longer he yanked her up into his lap. Their bodies collided and his hard cock spread her pussy but did not enter it. She jerked her head back and moaned as the tip run up her slit. He lifted her butt until he could angle the stiff member inside and then dropped her. She gasped as she slid down like she was being skewered on a pole. Her eyelids were fluttering.

He gripped her butt and lifted her up just to let her slide back down. He kept at it until she began to kick and bounce herself. Each time the tip of his cock pressed against her bladder she made a squeaking sound. Finally she just slammed her butt down with his cock pressing into it deeply. He felt warm liquid gushsing out over his cock as she pissed herself. Her eyes were rolled all the way back.

He slapped her in the chest as punishment. “Stupid slut. You’re cleaning this up.” She nodded while wagging her tongue. Then she pushed it into his mouth and wound it around his.

“Shouldn’t you be doing this with a boy you like?” he mumbled into her mouth.

She shook her head as she pulled back. “Never. I don’t want to fuck anyone else. Only you; only someone who hates me. If they like me they’ll be too gentle.”

“You want to belong to me?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t belong to you, but you’ll still take what you want. My opinion doesn’t matter.”

Daryl almost laughed. If she were more experienced in sex she might be able to get her kicks out of role playing with her lover as a rapist and their victim but for now she could only ask him to ignore her feelings and use her. One day she probably would understand though and he would lose her to an actual boyfriend.

However, if he could hold her to her words right now, perhaps when that day came he could have fun actually hate fucking her in front of her dear boyfriend as she really did cry miserably and beg him to stop. Apparently it would be a long time before he could have his actual revenge against her, but for now turning her into a slut was a good enough consolation prize.

Stacey shook in anticipation as Daryl reached out to her. She could not tell him where to touch her or it would be pointless. All she could do was trust that he would keep trying to punish her. When he grabbed both her breasts and pinched her areolas she practically screamed in pain. Soon he was twisting them and she was bouncing herself up and down on his cock while gushing from her pussy. He could not even understand what she was screaming. It was halfway between stop and please don’t stop.

“Don’t worry,” he thought to himself. “I never will.” From the moment she walked into his life, her chest bouncing and her butt shaking, he swore he would one day bend her over and pound her until she loved or hated him for it. Now he did not have to choose. She was his whether she would admit it or not.

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