Hawaii Aloha!! – A meeting of friends

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Hawaii Aloha: A meeting of friends

We hear Santana and play with friends after!

This is a continuation of previous Hawaii Aloha!! stories and is best understood by reading the previous installments.

In the next days, I replayed that day with Mary like an old movie that is a personal favorite. You laugh at the jokes and thrill at the excitement, even though you know the ending; in fact, can recite the dialogue line by line.

Thursday ultimately came and I got back into the car to go and pick up Mary. On arrival she popped out of her place and cavorted over to the car with a big grin on her face. She was wearing a sleeveless floral blouse, white skirt and sandals and her braids were flying about only partly contained by a bandana that matched her blouse. I rolled down the window and she reached in and gave me a passionate kiss.

“Ready for some SANTANA!” she exulted and spun around in the grass.

I had to smile. Unlike 99% of the world, music is not really my thing and I had seriously considered begging out of the commitment. Now I was glad that I agreed to go to the concert with her. She skipped around the boot of the car and on sitting down reached across and gave me another kiss and a grin.

I backed out and for the next few moments had to make sure I knew the way to the concert hall. Mary was chatting animatedly about previous concerts and how Santana lived on Maui and so was sort of a favorite son of the island.

We ultimately arrived at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center where the concert was to be held in their open-air amphitheater. Because we were late to book the concert we were relegated to the standing room only part of the grassy amphitheater and were milling around with the other concertgoers. Mary was in her element and was chatting up every one about us. She was a force of nature and I just stood back and watched her operate.

Soon enough the concert began and I found myself standing behind Mary, my hands on her hips swaying to the music. We heard Santana and his band sing “Cloud Nine” and “Love is You Love Me” but the audience came alive with “Mandotai Black Magic Womani Gypsi Queen”. Somewhere along the way Mary began to grind her ass into my crotch with the resultant rise of my cock to full staff. I “heard” very little of the remaining concert. My total attention was in dry humping Mary. Occasionally, I would brush across her tits or feel her up under her dress. At one point, I managed to get my fingers over her pussy which I found moist and steamy!

At the conclusion of the concert we were both at advanced stages of arousal and on the verge of tearing each other’s cloths off there on the grounds of the Maui Cultural Center. But as we were exiting Mary ran into two of her many friends, Sarah and her husband Marc. Sara was a dirty blond hippie child with wavy light brown hair. Marc was short, 5ft 6 and dark with a devilish goatee and a small pot belly and wore one of those loose floral “Hawaii” shirts that look so tacky on fat pale vacationers but seems to be the only natural attire of a tanned native male.

“Hey Mary! Wats up?” Marc called out when he saw us (really her).

Mary bounced over to the couple replying, “O hey Marc! I’m just groovin’ and lovin’ the scene!”

Sara gave a little scream and ran to embrace Mary. “Weren’t they fantastic!”

“Yeah!, Santana is the best!”

I stood on the edge of our group of four, smiling at the energy of Mary and noting the irritated looks of the other concertgoers as they swirled around the obstruction that our little group created in the rush to parking lot.

“Guys, this is my friend Sam. Sam, this is Sarah and Marc.”

I put out my hand which was shunted aside as Sara gave me a big hug. In the process, Marc gave me a pat on the back saying “Hey bro!”

Sara’s embrace was a full contact affair and treated me to feel of the firm softness of her pendulous breasts through the thin material of her tank top and floor-length skirt. Little Sammie was happy to rub up against Sara’s pillowy belly and as we separated, she gave my boner a squeeze, saying, “I see Mary is up to her old tricks!”

I smiled a sheepishly back at her, saying, “yeah, Mary is certainly a handful!” As I did so, Mary possessively embraced my left arm, “He’s, the best Sara” and in a stage whisper leaned toward her friend and said “… and he’s got a big cock!”

The two women began to peel with laughter, further annoying the remaining concert goers who just wanted to get to their cars.

We chatted for a few minutes more when Sara said to Mary, “Want to come back to our place for some drinks?”

“Mary replied, sounds like fun!” and I thought “Damn. More like fun delayed!” but smiled at the two women and followed them out to the cars.

“See you soon!”

“Be there in a minute” and we separated for the privacy of our cars.

Mary turned to me as we buckled up, saying, ” I hope this is OK, Sam. It will be great! You’ll see! Sara and Marc are a lot of fun to be with.”

Ten minutes bayan escort later we arrived at their place, one of those one story compact bungalows typical of much of Maui. So, we parked the car on the curb and walked across the grass entering the screened but otherwise open front door.

Marc was standing to the side of their comfortable living room and greeted us, “You’re here! Fantastic! Come in.”

The room was lined with bookshelves and baubles were scattered about the room accenting a pair of mismatched sofas facing each other across a small round coffee table.

“What can I get you? We have wine, beer … Sara’s mixing some sangria …”

“Beer sounds good to me”, I replied.

Mary piped in, “I’ll have some sangria!” and we sat down together in one of the sofas.

A minute or two later, Sara entered with a bowl of tortilla chips and a tinkling pitcher filled with ice, fruit and a dark red wine, setting them down on the coffee table.

Marc handed me an open bottle of Corona and we clinked bottles together as he turned to flop into the adjacent couch. Sara handed Mary a glass of sangria and then cuddled up next to her husband with her legs curled up underneath her flowing skirt.

We chatted about the concert and the recent election of the other Hawaii native son, Obama. Soon enough, a bong was out and we were taking hits of weed in addition to the alcohol. So, we were pretty waisted when the couples began to nuzzle each other in earnest. Marc had his hand down the front of Sara’s tank top and was openly tweaking her left nipple as the right one pointed the front of her shirt on the other side. Sara was running her hand up and down the surface of his left thigh dangerously close to the swelling in his crotch.

Mary was cuddled in my arms and so when our eyes met, I gave her an open-mouthed kiss. She was wet and warm and her tongue danced between my lips and so I responded by sticking my tongue back. All of a sudden, the passion that had been lapping at the surface of our consciousness burst over the damn made by the conventions of polite society and I found myself in a full make out session with Mary. She embraced me and I began to fondle her breasts through the surface of her blouse. She was bra-less and I could feel the soft pillows of them through the thin material. Her hands were all over my back and torso and our tongues were doing a kind of wet wrestling match. I started to undo the buttons of her shirt when I felt her hands caressing the surface of my crotch.

My cock had stiffened awkwardly down one pant leg and so I reached down the front of my shorts to reposition little Sam into a more comfortable position. In the process I look across at the other couch to find Marc and Sara in a tight embrace with their mouths glued together.

Mary’s hand had somehow followed mine down the front of my shorts and began to stroke my now rigid cock. So, I reached under her skirt and between her legs rub over the surface of her panty clad pussy. The material was quite moist and I could hear Mary begin to pant. I was so aroused by the hours-long foreplay at the concert that I was in no mood for the niceties and so I rudely pushed the panties aside to find her pussy sopping wet. My fingers had free access to all corners of her labia and vagina and I caressed the slippery surfaces to be rewarded by a gasp of pleasure, “aaaAAAhhh” that escaped from Mary’s lips.

It was wet on the bottom and wet on the top as our tongues explored the recesses of each other’s mouth. Soon enough I could feel Mary fumbling with the button and zipper to my shorts. With a little bit of effort my dick was free and standing. Mary jumped up and wrestled my shorts to my ankles and then kneeled between my knees.

“AAAAHHhhhhh…” I grunted as she wrapped my cock in her mouth.

“Ahhhhhh……….. aaAHhhhh” as she began to bob her head up and down deep throating me!!

My eyes were glazing over, but in the process, I happened to look across the coffee table. Marc and Sara, the voyeurs, were sitting back and watching us! Marc shorts were rumpled on the floor with his legs spread and Sara’s hand pumping his cock. Her tank top was pushed up above the big pillows of her pendulous breasts. She had large silver dollar sized, brown areolas and her nipples were pointed with excitement. Her skirt was rumpled about her waist and Marc’s left hand was planted between her out-stretched thighs.

Mary exclaimed, “FUCK ME!” and as I turned back to her she was stripping her skirt and nickers to the floor. She then turned to kneel on the sofa presenting the round dome of her ass to me.

With her ass practically in my face, I had to take a quick sniff of the earthy aroma emanating from her pussy. Her lips were pink and swollen with excitement and a whitish cream accented the coffee colored skin at the margins of cunt. I kicked off my shorts and turned to position my cock at the entrance of her pussy and then drove it home in one slick thrust.

“OOOhhhhh!” Mary cried and we began to buck against each other in a wild abandon. I grabbed her hips and pounded with as much force as I could muster. She was so aroused that her cream began to drip over the surface of my scrotum. The heat of her pussy and the cooling of her juices on my sack was driving me crazy! I fingered along the join between my thrusting cock and her slick pussy and smeared some of the cream over the surface of her ass-hole, probing at the surface.

“aaaaAAAHHHhhhh!” she exclaimed and I could feel her cunt clench around my rigid cock.

In the process of the pounding and the probing and the grunting and the gasping, I turned once more to see what Marc and Sara were up to. But they were still there, bobbing cock in hand and finger spread pussy watching Mary and I perform! So, I thought, “What the hell!” and grasping Mary’s hips to keep us joined together and sat back in the couch drawing Mary to sit on my lap, cock in pussy, reverse cowgirl style.

Mary look up and yelled, “What the fuck! You perverts!” but then began to bounce up and down in my lap.

I peeked around Mary and saw Marc mesmerized with a big smile on his face and Sara laughing. I then reached for the buttons of Mary’s blouse, finishing the process that I had started earlier and then opened Mary’s shirt for effect.

Marc gave a wolf whistle as I remove her shirt to make her completely naked before them.

“You like our show?” Mary exclaimed as she continued to piston up and down on my cock. She was streaming juices all over my balls and crotch and delivering electric shocks up my spine with each pump.

Marc responded, “Yeah Mary it’s a real turn on to watch that big white dick pump into the beautiful black pussy of yours!”

I reached around with my left hand and began to pinch Mary’s nipple on that side and with my right hand I diddled with her clit.

“AAAAAAAhhhhhh …FUCK Sam!… Keep doing that!”

Then I heard “OOOOOHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKkkkkkk…” and looking around Mary I saw a fountain of cum spurt, spurt, spurt in decreasing founts across Marc’s hairy chest as Sara continued to pump up and down along his cock.

Mary yelled, “Yeah, I knew you were enjoying our show!” and began to pound more insistently into my lap.

Marc collapsed back onto the couch, spent and Sara jumped up and ripped off what was left of her cloths. The next thing I knew, I was feeling Sara’s hands on my thighs as she knelt between my knees and then there was a tickle of her hair over my scrotum.

“OOOh FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…….” Mary exclaimed. I could feel Sara’s tongue lapping along my balls on its way to Mary’s clit.

Mary grabbed Sara’s head holding it against our crotch as Sara’s tongue flicked over us.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhh fuck….fuck…..FUCK!!!…….” Mary cried and I could feel her pussy pulsate around my clenched cock.

The sensation was too much for me and I cried, “OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!” spurting into her. Then “Ohhh” as Sara licked my balls and “Ohhh” as she did it again.

Mary collapsed back into me and I blacked out for a time in the post orgasm void that frequently happens.

As I returned to my senses, Mary was a warm soft presence in my arms. Then I noticed the slick, sticky wetness of our combined secretions flooding my groin as Mary turned to kiss me and my dick popped free. Sara had disappeared and now reappeared with a warm moist washcloth to help clean the mess.

Mary hopped down and scampered off toward the bathroom with the washcloth pressed at her crotch and Sara sat down to the right of me saying, “Wow! That was sexy!”

I turned toward Sara and reached between her thighs, replying, “Yeah, it was great! But I don’t think you got yours,” and then lightly brushed along the surface of her pussy.

She gave a little huff and turning toward me gave an open-mouthed kiss. We embraced with a lot of tongue and hands running along each other’s flanks.

Mary soon returned and in mock anger said, “What’s this! Stealing my man, Sara!”

Still firmly embracing me, Sara turned and replied, “Not stealing, just borrowing for a minute!”

I added, “Yeah Mary, we all got ours but Marc has left Sara high and dry” and nodded to the snoring heap that was Marc on the facing couch.

Sara turned back to me and we resumed kissing, probing each other’s mouths with our tongues. The couch shifted as Mary settled on to the other side of Sara and began to nuzzle her neck and stroke her back. So, I began to fondle Sara’s breasts and twist her nipples eliciting an “AAahhh!” from Sara.

Sara lay back onto the couch and huffed in pleasure so Mary leaned down and took Sara’s right nipple into her mouth causing another, “Aaahh!”

Rising, I spread Sara’s thighs and kneeled between them. She had a thick light brown-blond bush and her labia were gaping open and a glistening scarlet. She had a big fleshy clitoris that was semi-erect and engorged over the dark gash of the entrance to her vagina.

I reached out and ran my fingers over the slippery folds of her labia and into the entrance of her pussy. In and about I played with her pussy and then a circular diddle of her clit.


I looked up to see Mary kissing and sucking her way up Sara’s exposed throat and then turned to kiss and suck my way along the inner surfaces of Sara’s thighs. Sara stilled beneath me, holding her breath in anticipation. So being a tease, I waited … and waited … and then licked up across the surface of her pussy and over the top of her clit.


I smiled at her pleasure and then began to lick and suck her labia and clitoris.

“Oh God, Sam! That’s good! But I want that fat cock of yours in me!” and saying so, Sara pushed me back so I was laying on the carpet. My dick had partially revived and was semi erect when she grasped it and popped it into her mouth as she kneeled between my legs.

“Ohh,” I husked.

In the meantime, Mary had also kneeled beside me and began to suck at my nipples.


Mary’s pussy was less than an arm’s length away from me and so I reached between her thighs and began to play with her pussy. Sara was gargling below me as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Oh, that felt good! Mary started kissing her way down my torso and then she and Sara began sharing my cock between them, one mouth fucking me while the other licked my scrotum and then over my ass hole!


Mary was stretched out beside me and so I worked my way under her. Her bald pussy was swollen and slick from her own secretions and the remnants of mine and exuded the musky odor of a woman in heat. I began to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit and she rose up from my crotch and sinking hers on top of my face, nearly smothering me. At the same time, Sara straddled me, positioned my cock and sat driving little Sam deep into the warm liquid embrace of her pussy.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh!” Sara cried

“OoOohhh…!” I burbled through the folds of Mary’s pussy.

Sara began to bob up and down on my cock and Mary mashed her pussy into my face, with increasing grunts of pleasure from all three of us.

After, a time, Sara exclaimed, “Oh, fuck! I just can’t get off that way! Mary can you get up I need Sam to fuck me from behind.”

So, they rose off of me and I sat up. Sara had turned onto all fours with her curvaceous ass pointed at me her, breasts swaying between the columns of her arms. I kneeled behind her and rubbed my cock along the slippery gash of her pussy then thrusting it in.

“Oohhhhhh, that’s good Sam!”

I took hold of her hips and began to thrust, thrust, thrust into her to the slap, slap, slap of my balls against her clit.

Mary watched for a moment and then crawled beneath Sara and began to suckle her tits.

“Oh God, that’s nice Mary.”

Sara must have been very turned on because there was cream forming around the margins of her pussy as I penetrated her. Her vaginal muscles had a pulsating grip on my cock as it slid in and out of her and each thrust sent another shock of joy up my torso. I could hear Sara panting and grunting below me. There was a rustling below us.

“OOOOooohhh, MY GODddd!”

Mary had managed to lick Sara’s clit while I was pumping from behind.

“OOOhhhhhh, GOD!!” and Sara arched her head backward in ecstasy. She then dipped her head between Marys’ legs.

“Aaahhhh!” Mary responded.

So, the two women were doing 69 while I pumped from behind just as I had envisioned in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Occasionally, Mary would lick my testicles as they swung by, sending an additional euphoric shock through me.

The grunting and gasping picked up pace with each of us entering that euphoric zone of pre-orgasm. The sexual energy was super charged and reverberated from person to person in a crescendo of joy.

I was approaching orgasm and took some of the cream exuding from Sara’s pussy and painted it over her ass hole. I heard an extra sharp exhale from Sara and her pussy clamped tighter around my cock milking me for my cum. So, I pushed my thumb and it slipped part way into the ring of her ass.

Sara’s head reared backward, “oooOOOOOOooohhhhh!!’

I felt Mary’s head rise between my thighs as she began to suck on Sara’s clit.


Then I thrust with both my cock and thumb fully penetrating both orifices.

“OOOHHHHhhhhhhh, GOD!!!” and Sara began to tremble with ecstacy.

The velvet grip of Sara’s pussy spasmed with her orgasm, driving me over the edge and I responded, “AAAAHHHhhhh!!” and pump, pump, pumped my cum into her waiting pussy.

We collapsed in a heap, nearly smothering Mary below us.

Once again, I was lost in the post coital glow, only to wake few seconds or an eternity later, laying on my side with my arms cuddling Sara from behind.

Mary was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, smiling at us and said, “well Sara got hers now!”

Sara responded, “Mmmmm….” and snuggled back into me.

We lazed on the floor in a euphoric haze, slightly sweaty with cum oozing from our privates for a few more minutes when Sara sat up saying, “What time is it?”

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