Hawaiian Vacation

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It is a beautiful spring night in May. The air is warm as are the passions of our characters that we will call Karen & Frank. Karen is wearing a lightweight Muumuu in interest of comfort while Frank is wearing a silk shirt and white cotton slacks. They are at a lakeside cottage that is one of several, but alone in its setting.

Having had a good dinner in the resort dining room, both were in anticipation of the evenings activities. While walking back to the cottage, Frank let his arm fall below Karen’s waist and started rubbing her round butt. Karen put her head on Frank’s shoulder and started purring almost like a kitten. Karen’s ample tits started to stand out, showing their nipples to best advantage in the light fabric of the muumuu.

As they approached the cottage, Karen turned her head to Frank and said, “Kiss me now.” Not being a complete fool, Frank did just that, passionately and long which stirred more passion in both since Karen was now pushing her body against him. Franks hands were now holding both sides of Karen’s butt tightly against him so that Karen could feel the growth of his cock.

The kisses became lengthier and more deeply felt. Karen was on one foot, the other bent at a right angle while her arms were around Frank’s neck. In one sweeping action, Frank picked Karen up and took her in the cottage where he shut sivas escort the door with one foot and put Karen on a couch. Grasping the bottom of Karen’s muumuu, Frank pulled the front up to where he could see her ample tits and bald pussy. Karen flinched at that action but said nothing immediately. Frank laid Karen back on the couch and crawling close, spread her legs as far as they would go and went face first into that pussy.

Using his educated tongue, Frank licked Karen to a big orgasm in about three minutes. While not gushing, she still gave Frank a face full of cum. Frank started then to nibble on Karen’s clit. This soon started Karen to squirm and yell that she was cumming. However, Frank was not going to let that happen soon. He would get her to the brink of a cum and stop short. This was driving Karen wild and she was thrashing around on the couch as much as she could with Frank holding her in place.

After about an hour of dining at Karen’s pussy Frank rose and said, “now it’s your turn.” Frank’s cock was as hard as it had ever been so it was not easy for Karen to get his pants and shorts off. When she did, she saw a cock nine and a half inches long and too big around for her to close her hand around. It popped out of his shorts right into her face. She jumped back a bit upon seeing that çorum escort tool but bravely started to slurp the head in her mouth.

She spit on it and pumped it with both hands. Frank held back his cum as long as he could, but soon he reached for Karen’s head, grabbed it and forced his cock clear to the back of her throat and came in her mouth with grunts of satisfaction.

After a few minutes of rest, Frank removed Karen’s muumuu exposing her massive tits, which were capped with extended nipples. Laying Karen back down on the couch and got them in a working 69 position. Karen took as much of Frank’s cock as she could, while Frank was nibbling on her clit again. Inserting two fingers in Karen’s pussy really told him how tight it was and it brought a groan of pleasure from Karen.

Expertly Frank manipulated his fingers in Karen’s pussy until she was shivering with delight and going rapidly up and down his cock. As Frank got close to his cum, he turned around and put Karen’s knees on her chest, rubbed his cock on her pussy a few times to lube it and shoved it straight in her pussy as far as it would go. Karen’s eyes got wide and so did her mouth. She let out a yell that could have been heard a block away. It took almost no time until Karen was fucking Frank’s cock just as much as Frank was denizli escort fucking her pussy.

Karen clamped her pussy muscles as tight as she could and to Frank it was heaven. They fucked for quite a while this way before trading positions for a doggie ride with her face in the sheet and her ass in the air, her legs spread wide for better balance. Frank reached to a table beside the couch, grabbed a digital camera, and started taking pictures of the action. Half a dozen of the doggie fuck, then repositioned themselves for other pictures.

He got shots of Karen’s bare pussy from every angle he and she could think of and lots of her nude, full frontal bent backward as well as bent forward with her tits showing between her legs. It was a workout, and they had not finished their fuck. After the photo session, they again arranged themselves for their final fuck. This time Karen was riding Frank’s cock cowgirl style, grunting at every up thrust of Frank’s cock which he was burying every time to the hilt. Frank grabbed Karen’s waist and held her down on his cock while he pumped her vagina full.

Karen had never had that much cum in her pussy before. She could not hold her labia tight enough to keep it from running out and down her ass crack. She clamped a hand over her pussy and waddled to the bathroom to drain and clean up. Karen had not really cum yet, so as Karen was showering, Frank got in the shower with her and while the warm water coursed over their bodies, he fucked her to her explosive cum. Then he washed her from top to foot, taking special care with her special pussy. After toweling off, they went to bed for a good long sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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