He Gets Into Her Panties

For Women

I met my new girlfriend Cass at her apartment and right away I was getting turned on. She opened the door wearing a tight black t-shirt and an equally tight pair of skimpy black shorts. I couldn’t help but gawk at her backside as I followed her in and the clearly visible panty lines under the shorts. I made a few pointed comments on how sexy she looked while wrapping my arms around her and coping a few feels on that rear end. It wasn’t long before we were having a hot and heavy make out session.

We moved into her bedroom with me hungrily pawing at her back side. She batted my hand away as she made for her dresser and opened the top drawer. I got a couple more feels before she turned around with a pair of panties in her hand. They were white cotton hip-hugger panties with little flowers printed on them and bright pink lacy leg and waistbands on them.

“Do you like these panties?” she asked in a coy voice. I imagined her wearing the panties and got more excited, so I said yes. She then handed me the panties and asked if I liked how they felt. The cotton was really soft, so again I said yes. I also noticed they had a scrunched seam in the back designed to slip between the wearer’s cheeks. “You really like those don’t you,” I heard her say as I continued my examination. “Oh baby these are hot,” I told her looking back at her. She then gave me a wicked grin and said, “I’m glad you like them because they’re going to look really good on you.”

I was shocked and said, “You want me to wear girl’s underwear?!” She gave me a sultry look and said, “It’ll be really hot.” I was still dumbfounded and tried to argue, “Oh come on I can’t wear these they won’t even fit.” She gave me a peck on the lips and said, “Sure they will baby, and It’ll be super sexy,” giving me a pouty look. I felt my resolve starting to give way when she reached down and unzipped my jeans and felt my erection pressing against my white briefs and said, “It looks like someone likes the idea.” With that my resistance completely collapsed and I agreed. We were still somewhat shy about being completely naked in front of each other so she said I could strip behind the privacy screen in her room. Plus, the idea of stripping behind the screen seemed Tuzla Escort to give it a bit of a, kinky, sexy, striptease vibe.

I stepped behind the privacy screen and let my loosened pants drop and stepped out of them. As I did, I heard her say, “Throw me your clothes as you take them off,” so I threw them around the screen. Next came my shirt, socks, and finally undies (refreshingly freeing my erection) leaving nothing but her panties with me.

I slowly stepped into the panties wondering what I had gotten myself into. As I pulled the panties up around my waist, I felt the scrunched seam pull between my cheeks, which definitely felt odd. The hip-hugger cut was, thankfully, larger in the front so my erection did fit but it was close pushing into the lacy waistband. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they actually were. The soft cotton felt really good, and the lacy elastic was just tight enough to hold all my junk inside.

All this filtered through my mind in the seconds after I got the panties all the way up. I had almost forgotten she was there until I heard her say, “Come on out baby I’m dying to see what you look like.” I tentatively stepped out and saw her wearing the same wicked grin that upon seeing me turned to glee as she said, “Oh my god you are so sexy!”

She was on me in a second and we kissed a few times, and she said looking down, “Looks like your wiener likes wearing panties.” I felt myself flush as I couldn’t really deny it. She grinned at me and said, “Don’t worry baby I won’t tell anyone,” and after a pause and a glint of the wicked smile added, “If you’re a good boy.” This did nothing to stem the nervousness and embarrassment but didn’t do anything to my erection either.

A few more kisses and she looked at my erection and seeing the pre-cum leaking cupped her hand around it and began to rub. It felt absolutely amazing. Her rubbing/stroking was gentle yet firm enough to greatly increase my arousal. My cock throbbed a couple of times in her hand, and I saw more pre-cum push its way into the lacy waistband. She then stepped around me while continuing her stroking and I felt a finger run up the seam between my cheeks. Then I heard her whisper Gebze Escort in my ear, “Good boys don’t cream their panties.”

I was in a completely foreign area now. Though we hadn’t been dating long Cass always seemed like a sweet innocent girl, but now I was discovering she had a mischievous and dominant streak in her. I had never been with a girl like this, and I was quite surprised. I was even more surprised that I (and my erection) was actually liking it.

I quickly decided that while I liked this turn of events, I didn’t want to be a complete pushover, so I turned around a pulled her in for another kiss. At the same time, I pushed my hand down the front of her shorts and felt that the front of her panties was moist. I took advantage of this and pressed my fingers deeper into her panty covered mound. I felt her body shudder as I whispered in her ear, “Who’s a naughty girl then” and continued to rub her pussy through her panties.

This only halfway worked as after a few moans and shudders from her she quickly grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed and took control of my cock again saying “At least I don’t have a woody in girls’ underwear” and continued to rub my hardon. After a few strokes bringing my arousal back to peak level she then lifted the lacy waistband up and began and brushed it across the head of my dick several times. This felt unreal tickling it and causing it to leak even more that it already had.

I laid there absolutely still as she stopped brushing my head and went back to stroking my cock. After a few minutes of this my cock began to twitch uncontrollably and I couldn’t help but squirm under her teasing. She let up a little bit but was still bringing me to boiling point and when I knew I couldn’t hold it in anymore I told her “I’m going to cum I can’t hold it much more.”

With that she let up completely off my cock and got up and moved back to her dresser. As she moved, she said, “Don’t move pantyboy.” With this I suddenly felt the pressure that was ready to burst press back into my balls creating a slightly unpleasant sensation. I knew full on blue balls were coming if I didn’t get some relief soon and hoped it was coming.

She went into Aydınlı Escort her top drawer again for a few seconds giving me a good look at her ass in those shorts again. She turned and came back with a pair of silky pink panties in her hand. She said nothing as she moved over top of me again. She then pulled down the panties I was wearing before wrapping the silky pink panties around my aching cock and began to stroke. It wasn’t long before my cock was throbbing again uncontrollably and again, I told her I was about to burst.

This time she slowed down a little just to whisper in my ear, “Fill these with your load pantyboy” That was all it took and suddenly my cock was exploding shooting jets of hot gooey cum all inside the panties that were wrapped around it. She pulled and pulled until every drop was drained from my balls and the panties and her hands were completely soaked. She then held up the cum soaked panties in front of me saying, “Looks like my panties have an effect on you” I couldn’t deny it as I began to lay back further into the mattress feeling completely tuckered from the orgasm.

She wasn’t having it though saying, “Oh no you don’t. You’ve had your pleasure now I want mine.” She then guided my hand into her shorts again where I noticed her panties were even wetter than before. I plunged my fingers in again and it wasn’t long before she was quivering and moaning. She pressed my hand in further as her orgasm soaked her panties and my fingers. “I guess pantyboys make good pussy teasers” she told me as her body calmed down from the orgasm.

After I made her cum she laid down next to me and we cuddled up together. I was ready for a nap after the mind-blowing orgasm she had given me, and I knew she would want to cuddle so I pulled her up to me and wrapped my arms around her. I realized laying there that while I was wearing nothing but a pair of her undies, she never took a single piece of her clothes off.

We both ended up falling asleep for who knows how long before waking up hungry and deciding to go and eat something. As I picked up my clothes that she had piled nearby I didn’t see my underwear with them. “Where’s my underwear?” I asked. She looked at me coyly and said, “I’ll find your undies later, until then you can keep those panties you’ve got on” I knew then that I’d been had but with little choice I put my clothes back on with her snickering as I pulled my jeans up over her panties. I still haven’t got that pair of briefs back.

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