He Made Me Ch. 10

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Jeri is 18 and wants to become a famous porn star, she wants to be the erotic fantasy of thousands of people and she’s willing to do anything to achieve her goals. However, she soon realizes that she needs help and when it comes in the form of Michelangelo, “Mikey”, a much older, unattractive and yet well endowed man, who claims that he can mold her into a star, she accepts it against all reason, embarking herself on a quest to transform into a (erotic) dream version of herself, Jules Sperme, a girl whose passion for anal made her get a tattoo of a giant octopus spreading its tentacles from her asshole, where its mouth is depicted, to her buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Can dreams coexist with reality though?

In this chapter:

Jules gets creative, but so does destiny.

Fetishes and WARNING:

Anal, tattoos, piercings, smoking, drugs (very little), old man/young girl, exhibitionism, silly shenanigans

This story is not meant to give a realistic or accurate portrait of the internal workings of the sex industry, it’s just a fantasy.


He made me

10. A storm is camming

“This summer…” said an offscreen female voice struggling to sound as deep as possible, exactly when a 3D text reading “THIS SUMMER” appeared on the otherwise black screen playing the video.

Fade to a closeup sequence of an ass with a gigantic octopus tattoo emerging from the water, while on the background a deep wailing sound played as the mouth of the creature, in correspondence of the asshole, came out of the water and the ass was shaken so that it seemed that the creature was roaring as it thrashed around.

Fade to black. Again the voice and the text announced the same thing: “A creature has been set free…”

Fade to a new sequence zooming on the same ass, this time twerking in slow motion in front of a pole, its owner hidden by the framing. A filter had been used to tinge the whole picture in blue hues, so that the shaking thighs and buttocks made it look like the octopus was swimming fast underwater towards the camera.

Fade to black. A new announcement: “And it’s hungry…”

Fade to a closeup of the ass, now gaping and moving around, emitting the same wail as before, again with a blue filter.

Fade to black. The voice again: “Oh so very hungry…”

Fade to a closeup of a dildo shaped like a toy submarine, oddly entering the asshole as it gaped open, penetrating it up to its tower, clearly a sequence played in reverse of the toy being expelled. A feminine gasp could be heard in the background.

Fade to black. The voice again: “Follow its adventures on julessperme dot xxx” and again “Performed by Jules Sperme”.

Fade to a shot of a young girl with turquoise hair staring at the camera in a seductive and yet dorky way, a smiley piercing shining at the center of her big grin.

Fade to black.

“Winner of several popular awards…”

On the black screen started to appear some screenshots of the comment section of several free porn websites, saying things like “She my ultimate dream fuck girl”, “that sluts a keeper!”, “I’m in love with her ass”, “With an asshole that pretty my face would be between her asscheeks at least 2 hours a day”.

Fade to black.

“Based on a true story… Sorta…”

Fade to the girl again, who promised happily: “It’s going to get only weirder from here on!”

Finally, there was a transition to a closeup of the girl’s chest and the girl’s voice said solemnly: “All proceedings will be devolved to a boobjob, which will guarantee these boobs a bigger and firmer future.”

As the video on Mikey’s tablet ended, I asked anxiously: “So? What d’ya think? It’s like a trailer for my porn career… To post on my profiles for my followers…”

Mikey frowned.

“You made this by yourself?”

“Well, Lotus held the camera… But the rest is me, even the impression of the trailer guy, you know, the one with a deep voice. I thought it would be funny.”

Mikey stroked his chin. My confidence was a thing of the past now. However, he said: “This might just work, but still I want you to publish the video in which you just announce to your followers that you are going to start camming, just to be on the safe side.”

“So you like it?”

“I love it! I can’t believe you made this by yourself!”

I squealed and kissed my mentor as I hugged him.

In the span of a couple of weeks, my life was about to become much more interesting. Mikey had managed to get the papers for changing my legal name approved in record time (I suspected by some kind of bribery, even though the fact that I was merely adding a second name had played an important role). Now I was officially (and very proudly) Jeri Jules Brooks. Moreover, he had landed me my first contract with a porn production company. It was a classic casting couch video, for a series called “eXXXploited wannabes” and I was super-excited about illegal bahis it. Mikey had chosen it for several reasons: it would be good to promote my story and perhaps gather some fan; it was easier from the technical point of view; and finally it was perfect for amateurs, because it was literally about a beginner starting to shoot porn. After that I would begin camming.

Mikey had sold me a nice setup: a good computer, high definition webcam, quality microphone and lights. We also made some changes to my room. In order to have a better sound quality, we moved the bed to the corner of the room and we put on the adjacent walls some acoustic wall foam panels to absorb unwanted sounds and echos. When Mikey suggested it, at first I was skeptical, because I didn’t want my room to look like a professional studio, but as soon as I browsed the internet I found some that actually looked like some sort of beautiful modern wall art, with the foam shaped like waves. After spray painting them in shades of indigo with Lotus, they became a really nice décor.

In those days I also found out that Mikey had actually been working for me, besides leeching sex and money off me. He had bought several internet domains, basically all those you could conceive for a porn star named Jules Sperme, and had set up both a personal website and social media accounts. Right now my pages were mostly empty, apart from the two videos with my “ex-boyfriend” I had already posted, but soon they would have links to my clips on sale, announcements of my camming sessions, photos of me and so on, all perfectly synchronized.

Mikey’s services and, most importantly, the gear cost a lot of money, that now I owed him, but considering how much I had made only by stripping in just a month I wasn’t worried at all.

“Now, camming is not something that can be improvised. I’ll give you homework, girlie, and I’ll teach you how to do it,” Mikey had said, when we finished reorganizing my room.

By then I had a very precise idea of how much his tips had helped me with stripping, because Lotus had told me that it had taken her months before becoming as good with customers as I was from the very beginning at the club. Of course, like any job, you had to learn on the field, but contrarily to most, neither stripping nor camming usually had any kind of in-house training whatsoever. Most strippers learned the tricks of the trade by talking to others or on the web and that required time. And time is money. So, even if before moving to L.A. I had done my research on webcam modeling, I decided to be humble and follow Mikey’s lead.

Wisest decision ever, because, as it turned out, doing research by browsing the “cam porn” section of free porn websites had given me a very distorted idea of what it was all about. In hindsight what I should’ve done was obvious: my mentor just asked me to see what successful camgirls did from the point of view of their customers by becoming one of them. He even provided me with a list of those I should study!

“It’s not that different from our job, you know?” Lotus was saying, as she was finishing to apply cream on my face for my beauty mask, one of those that Barbie had recommended. “Good, now you look like an alien too! For how long do we have to keep these things on our faces?”

“What d’you mean?” I asked, ignoring her question.

She was watching a cam show with me because she was curious and, to quote her, she had fun being my “partner in crime”. Shooting my trailer had indeed got her uncharacteristically excited.

“Well, stripping is not really about getting naked… There’s all the talking and shit. Here’s the same.”

That was very true. Some successful camgirls didn’t even strip. The service they provided was actually best described as “pleasant company” or perhaps “the girlfriend experience”. We had watched some just chatting their way through a session about random non-controversial stuff, or venturing in the seemingly ubiquitous ASMR fad, playing silly games and so on.

“No, there’s a big difference! When you strip you have to talk only to hook up with the customer, but after that it’s mostly them opening up. Some of these gals jabber non-stop!”


“So I liked the sexual part of the thing! The idea of making a customized porn movie, of them controlling me like a puppet with their money…”

Lotus laughed, in her own strange squirrely way.

“You must be the only girl approaching this kind of job complaining that it’s not sexual enough!”

“It’s just that… I don’t have hobbies to talk about, and for sure I’m not here to make friends with strangers…” I sulked.

“But you are not, it’s all pretend,” Lotus tried to reassure me.

“Is it? Everyone seems to think that you can’t get more intimate with a person on camera than being naked and masturbating in front of them, but you know what? For me it is more intimate being dressed and talking about how you chose the name of your cat! illegal bahis siteleri And frankly it scares me!”

Lotus leaned back on the pillow she had propped against wall, sinking deeper into it, as she took her cigarettes and lit one up.

“That’s some deep shit, Jules,” she said, exhaling a monstrous cloud of smoke.

I imitated her with a disheartened groan.

“I just don’t understand why I’m so empty…”

“What?” asked immediately Lotus, frowning.

“It’s like… I’m a poorly written character in a porn movie. Sex is all I am. For people out there sex is just a tiny part of their world, they do and like so many other things, like these dudes who enjoy talking about cats. And when they can’t get them from me, they just toss me away,” I confessed with a broken voice.


“Think about it! My parents wanted me to be some kind of… I don’t even know, someone successful, normal, and when I couldn’t, I found myself out of my house. All those boyfriends I left… As horny and hormonal as they were, sex was a secondary thing for them and sure, I got bored first, but they would have too, given time. Stupid Patrick didn’t even want to date me because he knew that after having sex with me, there’s not much more to me!”

“I don’t think that you are a shallow boring person,” Lotus replied calmly.

“Yeah, let’s talk about that, shall we? I have sex with you, all the time. And with Mikey. And with Barbie! Haven’t you noticed that I fuck all my real friends? All the people who seem to like me, the real me, Jules? There’s something wrong with me! I have so much sex that it’s meaningless and it’s all I have!”

And Lotus stayed silent. I was right, I knew it! As much as I wanted to cry, scream in agony, this was not that kind of pain. This was not an emotional wound that could heal in a few days, it felt like an incurable disease, ready to swallow my whole life, slowly milking my desperation in the form of quiet tears and a faint ache in my throat.

“Back when I was Jeri, I just pretended to be a real person, but you’ll see… They will all go away as soon as I reveal myself. I can already see Amy’s face when she finds out… You’ll see…” I whined.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t get stop thinking about it: what’s with you and cats? And cat people? I like cats: they are lazy, selfish, cuddly psychopaths. They got life right!” Lotus protested. “Huh, I think I want a cat. Let’s go get a cat!”

In all my sorrow, I couldn’t help but smile a little at Lotus’ nonsense.

“I don’t want to become a crazy cat lady, though. Sure, in your old age throwing cats is good exercise, but…” she mused, very seriously. “Anyway, see what just happened?”

I just raised my eyebrows, biting a snide remark as I took a drag from my shaking cigarette.

“You filled me,” she replied emphatically. “Look, I really am an empty person, so I feel like I have quite an expertise and I tell you that you are not empty. Otherwise, how come you manage to fill me so often? And I’m not talking about that dildo of yours.”

She stole another sniffling smile.

“Thanks, Lotus, that’s sweet…”

“I’m being serious! Don’t you see how serious I’m looking at you?”

Of course, her expression hadn’t changed a bit all day.

“I think that your problem is that you keep reasoning like a prude. How come that cats can be a legitimate passion and sex can’t? I mean, it’s all Sheryl, a friend of my mom’s, talks about! She’s so fucking annoying…”

“Yeah, but…”

“For most people it’s not such a big chunk of life as it is for you, right? Well, no shit, all hobbies are like that. Take, I don’t know, writing. Everyone writes stuff all day. Sometimes they enjoy it, like when they send a particularly fun text to their friends, but it’s not something important to them, is it? And yet there are writers who make it the center of their life!”

Perhaps Lotus was onto something. She continued:

“I say that you could be like an artist of sex and that’s why you spend your time honing your craft, sharing it with an audience and with the ones you love. And as you said, intimacy is not necessarily about the amount of skin you touch and show. Perhaps sex to you is just a way to show your affection, like hugs for other people.”

It made sense. Of course, it did! All of a sudden all my preoccupation seemed so silly… Sex for me was about being creative, that’s why I spent so much time getting better at dancing naked, why I created outfits and scripted silly porn clips like my trailer.

“You are right! Thanks, Lotus, you are the best friend in the world!” I said, hugging her tight.

All of a sudden I felt horny, but not guilty about it anymore.

“Hey, would you like to really help me assimilate this important life revelation by having sex with me?” I asked moving up and down my eyebrows with a naughty expression.

“Really? Do I turn you on even if I look like an alien?” she replied canlı bahis siteleri seductively, exhaling tiny milky clouds of smoke with each word, her mouth very close to mine. Too close.

“A very sexy alien!”

“Mmmh, now I kinda… Want to probe… You anally…” Lotus gasped in those rare moments in which our mouths parted. “You know, like aliens do all the time.”

As soon as she finished, I backed away suddenly stricken by inspiration: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Lotus stared at me blankly for a couple of seconds, before her face lighted up and she said: “You want to make a clip where an alien probes you anally?”

“YES!” I shouted, happy that she had just read my mind, “But in a funny way. Like role-play, with these silly beauty masks…”

My voice faded with these last few words, because what I had in mind implied that…

“Oh yeah, I could be the alien! To make it funny we could make the alien thing be a misunderstanding and… What? Why are you looking me that way?”

“Nothing is just that if we do this, you’d be in a porn movie…” I stammered, unsure about how to approach the matter without hurting Lotus feelings again.

“I’ve been in a porn movie,” she shrugged.

A deeply humiliating and dehumanizing one, that had her traumatized in a way that she wasn’t even willing to acknowledge!

“And at least of this one I could be proud,” she added, sounding for once artificially casual about it. That convinced me. Replace and repair, wasn’t that my strategy about her horrible experience after all?

Shooting even a short clip with the Go-Pro Mikey had forgotten I still had and my camming gear was not a walk in the park, but I and Lotus loved our idea so much that it just became an adventure. We did it all together, writing included. The end product, that saw the light only several days after, which we needed to learn how to use a video compositing software that Mikey had provided me, was weird and silly, clearly home-made and awesome.

It started with a shot of me and Lotus sunbathing topless on Mikey’s deck chairs beside his pool and continued as follows.

With the sound of a typewriter a text appears in the bottom left corner, letter by letter.

“Case No. 294”

“Somewhere. Afternoon. I think. Don’t remember really.”

Second shot: Lotus sensually putting sunscreen on her boobs, massaging them for the benefit of the camera as she spies on me. I wear fake, nerdy glasses, a prop that Mikey had given me for camming, pretending not to be aware of her and rolling a big fat (and fake) joint.

“She’s the sexiest stoner I’ve ever seen around here…” says Lotus’ voice offscreen. “If only she could deign me to look at me!”

I start smoking the joint, still seemingly unaware of her existence. Lotus, seemingly enthralled, apparently can’t resist and props herself against an elbow, while her hand sneaks inside her thong and she starts masturbating herself.

Transition to a shot showing me very high, letting my glasses slip from my fingers into the pool.

Evening, the scene is quite dark now. (And very complicated to shoot: we had to move Mikey’s garden lights in order to provide good lighting.) A text like the one at the beginning gradually appears.

“A lot of bean-flicking later…”

Lotus now is wearing a green beauty mask and her bathrobe, whereas it looks like I’m sleeping on my chair.

“She’s so pretty!” says Lotus offscreen.

Then she gets up and approaches me, apparently to see me up close. I wake up all of a sudden, frightening her and looking still very high. We stare at each other wide-eyed until she croaks “Hi there…”.

I squint, clearly not sure of what I see because I’ve lost my glasses and gasp, bringing my hands to my mouth.

“Oh my god, your skin is green…”

Close-up to my face. With my eyes widened and acting badly on purpose I finish: “You must be an alien!”

Back to the shot showing the both of us, Lotus squints shrewdly.

“Sure…” she says tentatively, as if she was hatching a plan on the spot. “Yes, yes, I’m very much an alien.”

“Are you going to kidnap me?” I reply faking worry in a sensually childish way.

“Well, you know us aliens… That’s what we do…” Lotus begins, finding inspiration a little later. “But it’s because we need your help! Our race is dying and you humans are the key to our salvation!”


“Yes… You have something very special inside, something we’ve lost…” Lotus continues, waving her hand in my direction with a mysterious voice.

“That’s what you look for with your anal probes?” I ask naively.

“Yes… Yes! Exactly! You know what they say: your anus is the mirror of your soul. Will you help us?”

I pretend to think hard and then answer: “Well, if it’s for the salvation of your race…”

“Great! Put this on and cover your eyes: the journey we are about to make could destroy your puny terrestrial mind,” Lotus says, throwing me a towel.

The camera shows her taking my hand and leading me offscreen, with my face hidden by the towel.

Transition to Mikey’s kitchen. I’m on a table, completely naked and Lotus is coming back with a tray of sex toys.

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