He No Longer Wants My Wife

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This is a continuation of He wants my wife, gets me instead.

All characters are 18+.


Jessica’s life turned odd three weeks ago. It was all Philipe’s fault. Her husband changed completely after he spent a night in his friend’s place for work reasons. Before that, their sex life was almost dead. She even thought that the friend in question was going to be the one to help her with that, although, lately, he was playing hard to get.

“Don’t forget to send it” Philipe said. He walked to the bathroom. As he got away, he screamed so Sam would hear him. Sam was on the couch, with the laptop on his lap. Jessica envied the laptop. “Boss will kill both of us. He will.” Philipe kept screaming.

Apparently, they had fucked up somehow. She wasn’t interested in that at the moment and finished making some juice.

Philipe was small, he wore glasses since ten years old, white as snow and timid. His timidity had seemed very cute at first, but with the years its charm had worn out.

Until very recently, she was ready to sleep with Sam. If he had said no, she would find someone else.

But Philipe changed. The sex was better than never, he asserted himself and didn’t seem timid anymore. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I most certainly approved.

But no matter how perfect Philipe had gotten, curiosity was getting the best of her. The thoughts of infidelity kept coming. Every time Sam showed up in her home, a warmth washed her whole body. Just looking at him made her wet. She planned in her head the day she would create the courage to tell him how wet he made her. Sam looked like he was very good in bed.

Sam was a tall blond, he looked good in every way that her husband didn’t. And if Philipe changed suddenly, Sam had always been a god. And Jessica knew he wanted her. Every now and then he gave her these looks.

Unfortunately, these looks have not been very common lately. But she kept her hopes up.

She went to the living room, her movements very suggestive, but only because her husband was still in the bathroom.

Jessica gave Sam his cup of juice. She didn’t like that he didn’t even raised his head. Then, he gulped half of the juice and put the cup on the sofa.

“Don’t let it fall” she said, with a smooth voice. He smiled, raised his head and apologized. He put the cup on the table next to the sofa.

His smile was oh so pretty. But he again wasn’t paying attention to her, so she sighed soundly and sit cross legged on the opposite side.

“Is everything alright, baby?” Philipe asked me. Jessica startled, looking at him. She hoped she didn’t look half as guilty as she felt.

“Yes, I was just…”

“Is the juice ready?” he asked. He saw Sam’s half empty cup. “Where’s my cup?”

“You can drink me” Sam said. “My cup, I mean.”

Philipe blushed.

“No, I’ll get one.”

“I’ll do it, honey.” Jessica sensed she wasn’t welcome there at the moment.

She left them working. Sam was paying her no mind, but with Philipe his eyes even gleamed. She remembered when they played a forbidden game, giving naughty glances at each other, even when Philipe was in the same room.

Jessica was jealous of her husband’s friendship.

A few minutes later, they left. Alone in her house, all her thoughts belonged to her dark side. Cheating. Cheating. Cheating. How good would it be to feel another man inside of her? To suck a cock, different cocks. There are so many out there. She smiled.

She was so beautiful still. So much prettier than her husband. That was one of the reasons she loved marrying Philipe. People sometimes couldn’t believe they were together. But now Philipe only stopped her from knowing the world.

Trying to get her mind off those things, she begun cleaning the house, starting on the living room. At the center table, she saw Philipe’s cellphone and that he had forgotten it again. She rolled her eyes.

As she took the dust off the TV, she paused. Jessica had never, never looked into her husband’s phone. Not because she respected him, but because the interest never arose in her. He was kind of boring.

But now… He’s changed. What do I think I will find? She thought jokingly to herself.

She came back to the cleaning, but only for five seconds. Then, she was on the sofa, with her husbands’ phone on hand. The PIN was his birthday. He didn’t know that she knew.

She looked at the mainscreen for a moment not knowing what to look for. Then, just for starters, she looked into his gallery.

Jessica stayed paralyzed, her eyes locked and almost not blinking, as if her brain didn’t quite understand what she was looking at, but it was trying very hard, very hard to find a reasonable excuse to why his husband had so many cock pictures.

“It’s his own cock” she thought. Or rather, her brain told poker oyna her, because she was in that state of shock.

But then her brain corrected himself. “I know his cock” he said. “It’s not his.”

“Maybe it’s not his phone?”

“He doing some kind of research for his company.”

“Some stupid friend is pranking him with these pictures.”

That last one gave her a shake, a hopeful shake, her chest could stop weighting so much. A smile grew on her face. What? What is wrong with me? She wanted to laugh at her incredible stupidity.

But now she was afraid to roll down the pictures. Maybe I should just let it go… Respect his privacy.

Respect his privacy.

That was funny.

Her fingers shook slightly as she rolled up the pictures.

More cocks.

Or, the same cock.

Then, she saw Philipe’s face, smiling like an angel, he seemed so happy, with a chunk of cum in his face and a cock very closer to his rosy cheek, the same cock of the other pictures.

She put a hand to her mouth. Closed the gallery and put the phone back. She let out a sound of disgust and hate, then cried, still with her hand in her mouth. She went to her room and kept crying. She didn’t know still what to think, she only knew that she felt betrayed.

She also fate hate and anger. Why? How? I know that man, he doesn’t… He is not gay. He doesn’t like men.

Those pictures told differently. But what about all of those nights, recently even, when he made her orgasm.

Why did it hurt so much? He is boring, and I want to leave him anyway.

No, a part of her said. He is security, and stability, and you can’t leave him.

After she stopped crying, which took half an hour, she came running back to the living room and opened the gallery of his phone again.

The man who was sending dick pictures to her husband was Sam.

Her mouth hung open. She wanted for so long to see him naked, but not in her husband’s phone! Definitely not this way. She recognized Philipe’s ass, it had red marks of a hand on both asscheeks, and his anus was opened and exposed and leaking cum.

“Oh my god, Philipe!” She said, crying more. She looked more photos. Philipe naked, on all fours, up in a bed. Philipe sucking cock. Sam and Philipe kissing.

She wondered why he left his phone full of incriminating laying here like that.

Did he wanted her to found out but was too coward to say anything?

She saw Sam, gorgeous Sam naked and with an erect cock, laying in bed, laughing. So much pictures.

By the end of the awful and revolting pictures that were dated two weeks ago, she was breathless.



Sam stopped the car in front of my house. It had been a long day at work. I was tired, but…

I can still work a little more, I thought, as I looked at Sam.

“Don’t take too long,” he said.

“You don’t think me going to your place so many times is going to raise any questions?” I said, nervously.

Sam shrugged. He didn’t much care about those things.

“I can’t see how. Even if you look gay, I don’t.” He smiled. He joked at moments like these to make me feel comfortable. Three weeks now, that I was fucking a hot blond. First, he was a man. Second, I started to think of him as a hot blond.

“Come on, man. I’m anxious.” He said, grabbing his pants, still smiling.

Right. I opened the door, but he stopped me.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sam said. He raised a finger to his lips. I smiled disconcertedly.

“What? You want me to kiss you?” My smile died down when I realized he was serious.

“Why not?” he said. And then, his finger tapped his lips slowly. I came back, closing the door, and awkwardly kissed him on the lips. My face went hot. He had kissed Sam before this, but never like this. This felt more intimate than anything else they had done.

Sam persisted. I could see his excitement building, as his tongue entered my mouth. Hmmm. I touched his face, his beard needed to be done again. My thoughts were irracional, dreamy. Our lips parted.

“Please go, or I won’t let you get out of the car.”


The house was dark. The first thing I did was turn on the lights, and jumped when I saw the figure of Jessica standing in the doorway of our room. Her eyes were red. She smiled. I shivered.

“Jessica, honey. Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said. “You?”

“Hmmm. I… I’m great. Listen, I just… I’m…”

“You’re going to Sam’s place today. More work to do?” she said. “You’ve been working very hard lately.”

“Yes. Oh, it’s good that you understand.” I smiled.

“Don’t go today. Stay. I want… you” she said. And the small robe she wore fell down on her feet. Her naked body was glorious. I didn’t feel anything. Jessica was, truth canlı poker oyna be told, scaring me.

“Oh, baby. You’re killing me. But seriously… I have to go. But tomorrow I’m going to… make you… happy.”

I turned.

Sam stood on the doorway to the house. He smiled, but then stopped, and turned around.

“Oh, god, Jess… Sorry.”

Jessica put the robe on again and seemed to get normal. “I was making Philipe a surprise.”

“I’m sorry,” Sam said again.

Jessica looked at me, and I looked at Sam. To be honest, I was starting to get a little terrified.

“Don’t worry, honey. Sam is like a brother to me,” I said. Jesus, he was talking too fast. My face was hot again, this time for shame. “I was just telling her that I had to work in your place. I mean, we have work to do.”

“Can I turn around?” Sam didn’t wait for an answer. He looked at me and realized my hard time. “Yeah, Jess. We have a lot of work. Can you borrow him again?”

My hard time passed. My shame dissipated. I walked to Sam, but Jessica interrupted me. Sam’s face assumed an expression that I had never seen in all my time with him, for years.

“What?” I turned to Jessica. “Can you repeat that?”

“I’m pregnant.”



Sam felt a tightening in his body that he couldn’t quite place. He didn’t know if it was in his throat, in his chest or in his head. Maybe all of the above.

“What? Are you serious?” Philipe turned away from Sam and hugged his wife. “Honey! What great news! I thought you weren’t ready, you told me you always took the pills.”

Jessica gave a serious look to Sam that almost made him back away a step. Then, she smiled like she always did.

“I know, I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, you sure did!” Philipe said. And laughed. When he let her go a few minutes later, he seemed to realized that Sam was still there, standing in the doorway, like a doormat.

“Oh, Sam.”

“I guess you won’t be working tonight,” Sam said. He gave one of his special smiles that assured Philipe whenever he was acting crazy, so he wouldn’t freak out, and hugged Jessica. She hugged him back, but seemed colder than usual.

As Sam left the house, Philipe came too and closed the door behind him. His gave a sorry look to Sam, which definitely made him feel like a vermin. Damn. How did this happen?

It was supposed to be just for fun, Samuel.

“So… see you later?” said Sam.

“Of course.”

Philipe avoided Sam completely for three weeks.

And so it was that Sam sat still on his couch, thinking, just thinking about his life and decisions he made. He regretted some, but found that Philipe had been something very special, and he couldn’t think of him as anything else.

Sam was leaving. He offered his resignation yesterday, because he couldn’t really stay at that place, and risk being a block on Philipe’s life. He had been here first anyway. Sam planned to come back to his hometown, a little town by the sea.

It would be good for him too, because everytime he closed his eyes, he remembered nasty things. Mostly, how good they were. He had used Philipe in every way. Explored his friend’s body, pushing him to the limit, and it felt absolutely fucking brilliant. Now that Philipe was going to have a baby and avoided Sam at all costs, the best thing to do was to realize that this one he had lost.

Sam would feel extremely ashamed, if he was someone who gave a damn about such things, at the way he jumped to his phone when it ringed. It was him. Philipe. The son of a bitch expected Sam to answer him?After all this time that he had ignored Sam like a vermin.

“Hello,” said Sam, ignoring his own thoughts.

“Sam. Oh god, Sam.” Philipe was crying. “It’s good to hear your voice.”

Shit. Sam sit down on the couch again, his legs trembled all of a sudden.


“I can’t do this.”

Sam made a fist with his hand and shook wildly around him.

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

“Can I go to your place?” Philipe asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Sam was feeling great, amazing, marvelous. “Are you sure, though? I wouldn’t want you to feel any worse.”

“You’re the only one who can make me feel good” Philipe said. Sam was astounded, because Philipe had never been the type to say things like that. He was always very careful with everything, even words.

Sam expected some awkwardness when Philipe arrived at his door, but they hugged instantly. For a long time, they were in that position, exchanging heat, enjoying each other’s breathing. Sam wasn’t used to feeling so good holding a man. But he, again, didn’t mind much. He took pride in being known as a ‘cool guy’, because he really thought he was.

The hug ended. Philipe looked around.

“You were really leaving?”

“Yeah. Kinda. The day internet casino after tomorrow” said Sam.

Philipe looked at Sam. Damn, but Philipe was cute. He kind of grew on you. Who knew that someone so serious could be so sensitive underneath, and hot, when you pushed the right buttons. That was what Sam wanted to do right now.

He bit his lip and put both hands around Philipe, on his butt, which he loved to grab and hold.

Philipe accepted Sam, closed his eyes and put his head on Sam’s chest. Just like that, everything was alright between them. Philipe was his, and he needed to be shown that. So Sam kissed his mouth, obsessively, and pulled their bodies to the couch. His hands were professionals now at the task of taking off Philipe’s pants. Not long after, his sweet man was naked on top of him, who was fully clothed still; and his hands were now fully invested in the flesh of his lover’s ass, and an eventual tease on his asshole, a heavenly tight little hole. Now Sam was all crazy, and Philipe had already begun to moan and beg, which Sam liked very much. And he brought out his dick to the party. They rubbed their dicks together, hard and hot. Sam remembered how it all begun with his friend sucking him. After a few minutes of only teasing, he had to grab the lube quickly on his bedroom and came back and held Philipe’s back against his chest, both kneeling on the couch. One would think that Sam was used by now to his hard cock slipping inside Philipe’s tight ass, but he wasn’t. The sensation was very new and made him very insane. He bit Philipe’s back, neck, shoulders, then kissed him on those places too, all the while he thrusted inside Philipe and banged their bodies together. Sam liked to make noise, but not with his mouth. He liked to make noise with his whole body, and make Philipe moan and sometimes scream. This way he knew he wasn’t disappointing, Philipe deserved the best of him.

“Oh, god…” Philipe screamed, and his scream died down slowly, as he cummed on top of Sam’s couch. It was the biggest stream of cum he ever saw Philipe let out. He must have been holding back. “Sorry…” He said. “Oh, Jesus, I’m so sorry.”

Sam laughed. And hugged him.

“I loved seeing that” Sam said.

“Sam… I think I love you.”

Sam’s body shivered all over, he was sure Philipe noticed.

“What?” Sam said.

“What?” said Jessica. She was standing right there on the doorway, face aghast.

Understandably shocked.

“Shit,” Sam murmured.



I felt the one thing I would never even guess when Jessica caught me and Sam fucking… Relief. Right after sweet release. That last orgasm was like a light, shining through my life and showing me the way.

“I’m sorry you had to figure out this way, honey” I said.

I honestly was.

Jessica looked really shocked. Suddenly, he remembered that it was not just her anymore. That’s why he removed Sam off himself and put on his underwear. Jessica watched.

“How… How…” Jessica began. “HOW DARE YOU?”

It was a powerful scream. I didn’t remember ever having seen her so angry. Both I and Sam winced.

“I didn’t plan this…” I said.

“Oh, you didn’t plan this?” She cried. “Then everything is alright then.”

She cried loudly and turned around fast, leaving. Her blonde hair waving in the air for a moment.

Philipe embraced Sam. They started kissing again.

“Are you kidding me?”

Jessica had returned. This time I felt a bit ashamed. I moved away from Sam, trying to hide the big protuberance inside my underwear.


“You were supposed to come after me, Philipe!”

“I…” I bit my lip. Sam didn’t say anything, just looked at me. I saw the condom on the ground, it was empty. Sam had not cummed yet. “Jessica, I think you should leave. We’ll talk later, when you’re calmer. Right now, you have to take care… because of the baby.”

“What baby, you idiot. There is no baby.”

“What?” Sam spoke. Finally.

Jessica put her hands on her mouth, eyes wide. She looked like she was caught doing something nasty, and said something she shouldn’t have. Her beautiful face had lost its radiance, a bright red coloring all over her cheeks.

“What do you mean, Jessica?” Sam continued.

“There is no baby?” I said.

“She already knew…” Sam spoke quietly to himself. Then louder. “She knew. Philipe, that’s why she was weird. She is not pregnant.”

I looked at Jessica, stared right into her eyes and knew that Sam was telling the truth. Something build up inside my body, I felt it, welcomed it. It seemed like I was going to explode.

“Thank god!” I said. And I went after Sam, knelt in front of him, and put his delicious cock inside my mouth. Sam didn’t expect that. But he quickly adapted. Before long his hands were in my head, guiding me and pushing his cock deep into my throat. I felt it growing inside of my mouth, and relished the sensation, and the taste, and the smell. I had missed that fucking smell so much.

I never saw Jessica leave.

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