He Shouldn’t Have!


He shouldn’t have!

She woke to the sound of her alarm going off. Strange, although She set the dimly lit alarm clock in case of emergency She never had cause to actually wake to it as Paul, Her house servant always woke Her with a cup of tea. The alarm being switched off before it reached the 7.30 deadline.

The alarm wasn’t going to switch off itself so She opened her eyes felt for the off switch. Turning it off She looked towards the windows and through the closed curtains She could see the sun shining. Throwing back the covers She went to step into her bedroom slippers, which weren’t there. Her robe wasn’t there either. Shaking Her head in bewilderment She went to where she took Her slippers and robe off the night before and and shrugged into them.

Without Her first cup of tea She felt half asleep and as She padded her way downstairs there was no noise. No quiet chink of breakfast being made. No hushed song being sung as the housework was done. It wasn’t always like this. Just so you don’t think She was a lazy mare who can’t look after Herself. She knew every step of doing the housework She now allocated to someone else. She knew the temperatures of different laundry loads. Her baking was legendary and on occasion still baked for the excuse it settled Her mind and She DID enjoy it. She knew how to clean the expensive rugs, careful of the different fibres and what could be cleaned and what couldn’t.

As She entered the kitchen She gasped as last nights dishes were scattered around the kitchen. The cooker was dressed in last nights meal. Her bewilderment changed to simmering anger as She took in the full amount of mess which surrounded Her. If she chose to enter the kitchen to make Herself a drink even at an early hour, the kitchen was always immaculate. Not a cup or a splodge of food out of place.

She filled and clicked the on switch on the kettle and walked through to the living room, expecting it again to be clean and tidy ready for Her. But, instead of Her expectations being met, the only thing She met was cans on the floor, a takeaway menu and cartons on the coffee table and what amazed Her the most was the sight of Her ‘dutiful’ man servant asleep on Her sofa. HER sofa, the one on which only She sat.

The small kitten heel on Her slippers made a thump noise as it connected with Pauls shin. The contact woke him immediately and as he opened his eyes to the sight of his Mistress standing over him his eyes took on a look of pure fear. He physically shrank into himself, becoming smaller in every way.

His Mistress never said a word as She turned from him and walked back into the kitchen to finish making Her drink. He could hear Her slamming the fridge door shut, then the chink of a spoon hard hitting the sides of a china cup. He knew right at that very moment he was in trouble. He knew that unless he could calm Her well known temper his behind would be smarting for weeks. In fact his whole existence would be made worthless for the immediate future.

By the time She walked in to the room he was on the floor. His nose pressed into the deep pile of the luxurious carpet. His knees tucked under him, his hands outreached in a classic pose of submission. The sight of this did nothing to placate Her. Her heels stood full weight on his outstretched hands. His intake of breath quiet as he felt his fingers break. A noise from him he knew would earn him more punishment so he did not make a noise or move as She removed Herself and sat down.

She continued to sit in silence as She took in Her hot tea. A cigarette releasing curls of smoke in to the heavy air. Paul knew the longer She was silent the worse it was going to be for him. As standard there was a heavy crop within arms reach wherever She would sit and this morning was no exception. As Her favourite seat there was Her favourite discipline crop at Her side.

At least this hadn’t been disturbed. She reached for it and Her fingers lovingly curled round the leather bound handle. She raised it above his head and brought it down hard within millimeters of his bare behind. He flinched as the air whooshed over his skin and knew his Mistress was playing with his fear. Increasing the adrenalin which coursed through him from the first stroke of the crop. Now, after the first few air breaking strokes the crop made contact with his skin. Hard and with intent it caused an almost immediate red welt to form.

Time and time again it connected. Her anger came through each time. She took a deep breath each time She raised the crop and used the breath to enforce the stroke with added purpose. She did not bother to count the strokes. As per the contract She held with him, punishment or discipline was unlimited and She could give him one stroke or one hundred. Now in quick succession She bore down kuşadası escort on his naked flesh. Stroke after stroke after stroke showed him Her anger and displeasure. He tried not to move from the unrestrained position he was in but the ferociousness of Her strokes bent his body, his breath ragged from trying to breath through the intense pain.

After an hour of Her attention She was still raining the strokes down on him. A sudden stop of the strokes made him look to his side to try and see the reason but that low down and in the position he was he could see nothing but Her painted toes. He dared not move his head so he closed his eyes and sighed, grateful for the respite of what maybe a few seconds or a few minutes before, if She chose to, resume the crop upon him.

He heard the click of Her lighter as he he presumed she was having a cigarette. She moved and rested her feet on his burning skin. He winced as the pain was intense. She ground the tip of Her heel into a particularly deep welt and his weight dropped to the floor. He couldn’t hold himself as the pain became mental as well as physical. He was exhausted, almost broken. When she picked up the crop and brought it down upon him with added severity he tried to raise himself but it was no good he couldn’t. The collar which he wore around his neck 24/7 was pulled tight as She tried to pull him up. He started to choke as the tightness increased and he knew if he didn’t resume position he would soon be unconscious as She didn’t care about his existence only his service to Her.

He tried again to rise but it wasn’t until She kicked him did he resume the position. The blow winded him and as quickly as he could bent himself into the position She demanded of him. The collar was released and his lungs took in the life giving air he desperately needed.

Finishing Her cigarette, She stubbed it out on his back. The burn melted into the pain from the welts and he did not flinch. In Her eyes this was normal behaviour. If there was no ashtray available he became it. The ash was strewn on the floor and now the crushed nub was dropped onto the floor to join the ash. The burns were very few as he nearly always made sure there was a tray at the side of Her wherever She chose to sit.

She curled Her feet beneath her and ordered him to run Her morning bath. She would be receiving company this morning and She needed to look her best. He crawled upstairs never once walking unless She said he could. He hated Her but the hate was in a loving way. She may beat him nearly every day for something or another but Her punishment and discipline was enforced for him to better himself. To make him the best, as only the best would be allowed to stay with Her. He had only been in Her service for just over 5 months but he learnt quickly, he had to!

Rumour was that once of Her previous servants ended up in a mental institution. He had not learnt Her ways and standards. His service sloppy and without pride. She had broken him completely within a matter of months and now he was nothing but a gibbering mess. Unable to care for himself or even speak coherently he was in a supervised house where his every need was tended to from feeding him to wiping his ass. It disgusted Her, weakness was a sin and he knew She would not tolerate weakness.

Once Her bath was prepared for her he crawled back downstairs stopped at Her feet in the position and informed Her, Her bath was ready. As She rose from the sofa Her feet once again stood on his what must be already broken hands and he involuntarily gasped a deep breath as the pain drove the breath from him. She neither cared or paused in thought for his pain. He expected nothing else from Her.

Once he knew She was safely upstairs he began clearing the mess he had stupidly created and left for Her to see. His Mistress could be upstairs for a few minutes or up to an hour. The more he cleaned and tidied the more he hoped She would go easy on him. The reality of it though was that She had seen it and no amount of begging or cleaning would appease Her. The crime had already been committed and the punishment would be delivered whatever.

The living room was immaculate by the time She returned downstairs. Hair, make-up and attire was perfect. Before She prepared herself She was attractive, after, well that’s another story. She walks into a room with the grace and poise of a seasoned ballet dancer or true English lady. Her dress is immaculate without a stitch out of place.

He was in the kitchen when She called for him. Back down to his hands and knees he came to Her feet and pressed his nose to the floor a hairs width away from Her peep toed shoes. He didn’t notice the crop already in Her hand and as he came to a stop the vicious crop bore down on him. The first kuşadası escort bayan stroke opened the recent burn mark and he howled. He was immediately instructed to fetch the gag She used when he could not be silent. Crawling away from Her he was tempted to up and run. Even though he was naked, the thought of being free from Her was appealing. He paused before sense kicked in. He wouldn’t get far. She would walk out of her front door and simply call him back. He would come, he was trained well enough now to obey a single word from her, no matter how detrimental to him that word would be.

He fetched the gag and head lowered once he reached her, offered the gag. She took it gently with no need of force. He positioned himself to receive the gag and soon it was in place. She pointed to the floor and he instantly resumed the position. Again the crop quickly connected with his flesh and because She had had to stop her ministrations before She brought it down full force to show him that She was not to be interrupted. Over a hundred strokes later she ceased her movements.

She commanded him to make her a drink and a slice of toast. Her exertions had made Her peckish and She needed nourishment before Her company arrived. Which after glancing at the clock She realised would be soon. The drink and toast replenished Her. After clearing Her dishes Paul asked to be excused, which was granted and as She sat on the sofa and read Paul began cleaning the kitchen. He felt guilty for letting his Mistress See such a mess which was down to him. He knew he had let her down and for that he knew he still could be punished further.

The doorbell rang and Paul quickly walked to answer it. Her rule was for the door to be answered within 20 seconds of the first ring of the bell. No matter where he was or what he was doing, his Mistress and her company came first. Each time and every time.

He opened the door to a face that familiar to him. Mistresses pride and joy. Her submissive of 7 years. He closed the door and announced the visitor to his Mistress. She smile when She saw him. As she stood She offered Her hand and his bowed to kiss the offered hand. Paul asked if the visitor would like a drink and he replied ‘Coffee, without.’

No please or thank you was required. Paul was the lowest of the low. Even another submissive or slave was ranked above him. He asked his Mistress is She would like a drink and she replied with a simple ‘Juice.’

Returning a few minutes later with the drinks he came to see the submissive sat at his Mistresses feet. They were talking about something they had seen on the news at some point. They did not acknowledge him or offer him a thank you when the drinks were placed on the low table. He bowed and walked away, not turning his back to them until he was out of sight.

He continued to hear them talk and occasionally laugh as he cleaned. It was a Friday and the kitchen was due its weekly deep clean. He knew from experience that a deep clean included everything from the tops of the cupboards being cleaned to the floor being cleaned with a toothbrush so every inch was cleaned. The Mistress called for him and he attended Her within a few seconds. She informed him that She was going out for a couple of hours. No need for him to know where, he quickly fetched Her shoes (which he knew matched the outfit She was wearing) and Her long coat which was required as though it was spring the air still had a chill to it.

Ready to leave, he opened the door for Her and Her visitor and they left the house, with no acknowledgement apart from his Mistresses saying quietly to him ‘this house will be done by the time I return. If it is not you know the consequences.’

It sounded like a question but he knew it was everything else but. It was a promised threat, one he knew She would carry out if he did not reach her expectations.

He watched them leave and he was tempted to make himself a drink and relax for a few minutes. Then Her parting statement came back to him and he decided against it. Work now, relax later. That’s if She would allow it. Nearly 3 hours later the kitchen was gleaming. Doning his own white gloves he tested different areas of the kitchen. Not a trace of dust or dirt anywhere. Now he would have a quick drink and then resume on the rest of the house.

He wondered what his Mistress was doing, something relaxing and pleasurable he could be sure. He was envious of her submissive. Taking Her out, spending time with the goddess they both revered. These thoughts haunted him as he worked. Her bedding changed every day, Her dressing table cleaned and organised so She could ready herself without fuss. Her wardrobes tidied so at a glance She could see what She wanted to wear that day.

Even the bathroom would escort kuşadası be reorganised each day. Her toiletries put in a particular order. The expensive bottles refilled, the bath cleaned to a sparkling finish and the floor, cleaned and waxed. the real wood needing to be protected against any water. Once he got in the head space of his cleaning duties he worked well, Late afternoon came and all he had left to do before preparing dinner for his Mistress was to walk the dogs. 2 dogs with enough energy to wear him out 3 times over.

Half an hour later just as he had himself walked through the door, his Mistress arrived home. She was smiling and he thought that it bode well for him. She looked relaxed and as the submissive followed her indoors winked at him in a decidedly ‘I’m with her and you’re not’ kind of look. Paul ignored it as any comment no matter how valid would earn him another discipline session.

His Mistress and the sub entered the living room and this time as She sat on the sofa, the submissive sat at the other end of the sofa. Paul wondered briefly why he was giving the privilege of sitting at Her side esp as She had now turned, tucked one foot under Herself and was facing the sub. As they chatted Paul enquired if they would like any refreshments or food. His Mistress replied ‘White wine spritzer and a juice for him.’

So, he was on the sofa with his Mistress but he was still referred to as ‘him.’

The drinks quickly made, he delivered them to the table and asked if he was required for anything else. His Mistress dismissed him to the kitchen and instructed him to clean the kitchen floor.

‘But, Mistress. I cleaned the floor this morning, it is immaculate for your inspection?’

‘You dare to contradict Me?’


‘There is no buts in his house. Not unless you include your butt which is about to be cropped within an inch of your life.’

If the look of fear on Pauls face this morning when his Mistress woke him, the look now could kill instantly. Her eyes actually flared with anger. Her face set in an unmovable look and She picked up the crop which lay at Her side. ‘Assume position.’

Paul instantly assumed the position he knew She meant. Bending over, his hands touching his toes, he waited for the first stroke. What he did not anticipate that his Mistress would hand over the crop to the submissive who was now watching intently the scene unfolding before him.

‘Mistress?’ the sub enquired.

‘I am tired from the days activities. You know how to do it, so do so.’

Paul’s eyes flew open wide as this was as new to him as the days growth on his face.

The submissives eyes were open just as wide.


‘Nothing Mistress.’

And he stood, taking position to the side of Paul. With no hesitation he raised the crop, took aim and brought down with such a whoosh even his Mistress flinched at the guided power. It hit Pauls bare behind and the strength behind the stroke knocked him forwards. Losing his balance he fell, his face hitting the floor. His Mistress without restraint laughed heartily at the picture before her.

‘Get up you worthless piece of shit.’

‘Mistress, please?’

‘Drag him up, NOW!’ She spat out and the sub grabbed Paul by his neck and hauled him up.

‘Assume position.’

And he did, fingers touching toes he braced himself for another body moving stroke. This time the crop came down hard, but not hard enough to unbalance him. The sub continued to use strokes which hurt but did not unbalance. After nearly 45 minutes She told the sub to stop and at once he did. Both Paul and the sub stood upright, next to each other, waiting for their next instruction.

‘On your knees both of you.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ came the reply from them both.

Pauls Mistress offered her hand to the sub and he gently kissed the hand of his Goddess. Then without warning, with her foot, she kicked Paul backwards. He landed awkwardly and a stab of pain cursed through his ankle.

‘Whilst this little pet has pleased me today.’ She said as She looked towards the sub. ‘You have pushed me to the limit of wanting to lock you away somewhere very dark. Somewhere no one will ever find you.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ Paul replied.

The other sub looked pleased with himself and while he had right to, Mistress spoke harshly to him.

‘You may have pleased me today but do not get complacent. You could be right where he is now at the click of my fingers.’

The sub immediately lost his grin and lowered not just his eyes but his head too. Knowing that his Mistress would fulfil the threat with no further provocation.

Looking back at Paul, She commanded him back to his ‘home’ the place where when he was not required he would spend his time, thinking of how to please his Mistress better and how not to displease her. As he crawled towards his home his Mistress kicked him forwards and told him to hurry it up. As he arrived, he crawled forwards and once inside he heard the click which meant the metal crate was once again his to inhabit.

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