Heather’s Toy Box

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Note to the reader: This story carries on from my previous story “My Fingers Do The Walking”, so I suggest that you read that first. Thanx, TheMorg.

Heather was bored. There was no doubt about it – she was bored. Even though it was term time at University, where she now studied, she simply had nothing to do. Her thoughts drifted back to the summer vacation, where her and some mates had had lots of fun together, but they had all gone to different universities, leaving Heather all alone.

She lay in her bed, under the covers, glaring at the rain that lashed the windows. Her hands lay on her stomach, idly drifting across her. Gently, more through unconscious rather then conscious thoughts, Heather’s hands floated to the waistband of her pyjama bottoms, and began stroking around her crotch. Heather smiled at these sensations, and closed her eyes to enjoy them. She could feel herself becoming aroused, as her thoughts turned more and more sexual.

She slipped off her top, and cast it across the room onto the back of a chair. She let the cold air brush across her naked torso for a moment, bringing her nipples to attention, before slipping back under the duvet. She sighed, and drew her hands up her legs, and circled them round her crotch, enjoying the warm, prickly sensations she felt. She moved her hands up to cup her breasts, and gently began rubbing the nipples. She sighed again, as she felt herself begin to get wet between her legs. She moved her right hand off of her nipple, and began to drag one finger in a figure of eight pattern – first encircling one tit and crossing her heart, and encircling the other. She forced herself to keep relaxed, and began breathing slowly and deeply.

This she continued for some time – gently encircling her tits, and stroking each nipple in turn with her other hand. After a few minutes or so she was very wet – she could feel the crotch of her pyjamas sticking to her legs.

Heather’s hands left her breasts, and travelled down güvenilir bahis her body to her pyjama bottoms. Heather sighed contentedly, and licked her lips as she thought about what she could do to herself. Her thumbs hooked themselves into the waistband, and slowly dragged the material down. Exposing her pussy to the air caused Heather to groan quietly. She didn’t pull her pyjamas all the way off, but instead left them around her ankles to provide a little bit of tension when she would open her legs. She gathered a little of her juice from between her legs, and stroked the skin between her thighs, using the juice as a lubricant. The hot, prickly feeling was all over her by now, and she had to restrain herself from stroking any faster.

She gently caressed all around her cunt, before she gave into temptation, and slowly slid a finger inside her. She moaned out loud, and gasped at the sensations in her pussy. Slowly, she began to stroke her finger in and out… in and out… in and out…

Keeping her eyes closed, she rolled over and stuck her ass high into the air. She began to stroke harder now, pushing deeper into her cunt, and brushing her clit with every stroke. With her free hand, she reached out and fumbled around underneath her bed until she found a small box.

With her sister’s help, Heather had bought a few toys from various web sites in the past few months, and had brought them to university – to ‘occupy’ her. She opened the box, and scrabbled around for a moment before her hand closed around a familiar object. This she brought out, and placed on the floor. A couple more moves into the box brought out a bottle of lubricant, and a narrow, plastic dildo.

Heather opened her eyes, and threw back the duvet onto the floor. Her fingers still worked back and forth in her cunt, causing Heather to breathe deeper and gasp on occasions where her hand brushed her clit – now painfully erect.

She picked up the dildo, and climbed up onto her ankles in a squatting türkçe bahis position. She pulled her hand away from her cunt, doing her best to ignore the feeling of emptiness she now had there. She sucked her fingers for a moment, savouring the sweet taste of her honey. Then she sucked the dildo, to coat it with her saliva/nectar mixture, and gently inserted it inside her. The solid plastic was a different feeling to the organic texture of her fingers, and her cunt clamped down on it with fresh gusto. Heather held the base of the dildo onto the top of her bed and, using her other hand to steady herself, began lightly bouncing up and down on it, as if she were having sex. The motion of moving cunt and stationary shaft was completely different to the reverse, and Heather threw her head back, tossed her long, brown hair over her shoulders and let out a long whimper of delight.

When she thought that she could bear it no longer, she rolled forward onto her front, and pulled the dildo from her aching cunt. Her hands were shaking due to being on the edge of orgasm, but she managed to get them under control. She held the dildo in her mouth for a minute whilst she reached for the other two items on the floor. She picked up the lubricant, and squeezed a large blob onto her ass. She quickly closed the bottle and dropped it back onto the floor, and spread the lube around so that it wouldn’t drip onto the bed. She then retrieved the last item from the floor – a jelly chain of ass beads, with each bead smaller than the last. She licked her lips as she took the first bead up to her hole, and coated it in lubricant. She placed it at her asshole, and began pushing.

She groaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain at trying to push in the fifty-pence-sized ball, but eventually it popped inside her with a slippery sucking sound. Heather gasped, and groaned loudly.

She relaxed for a minute, and tickled her cunt with her free hand whilst she regained her strength. Then, she took the rest of the chain güvenilir bahis siteleri and gradually fed them into her ass one ball at a time, until all five were buried inside of her.

Then, she pushed her legs apart as wide as they would go, put a cushion underneath her head to free up both her hands, and relaxed…

In her right hand, Heather picked up the dildo from where it had fallen from her mouth onto the bed, and was surprised to find it still warm and slippery. She gathered the rest of the lubricant from around her aching asshole, and slipped the dildo inside her cunt.

At first, Heather stroked the toy slowly inside her, but as she became more and more worked up, her strokes got faster and faster, and harder and harder. Her breathing became shallower, and she began to moan in time with the thrusts. Soon, she was groaning loudly as the dildo slid deep and hard into the depths of her pussy.

“Ohhh… ohhh… ohhh… ohhhhh… ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhh…” she moaned, as her cunt squeezed the plastic shaft for all of its worth.

She soon passed the ‘point of no return’ as she liked to call it – the point after which it is impossible to stop without an orgasm – and with her other hand, she reached behind her and grasped the cord on the bead chain. On the first pulse, she pulled gently, causing the smallest bead to pop out of her. This sent her over the edge. Her pussy contracted into an unbelievable orgasm when the dildo was at it’s deepest inside her. Heather shouted out loud in ecstasy, as she pulled the rest of the beads from her ass.

“Aahh… ‘pop’… AaaaHHH… ‘pop’… AAAAHHHHH … ‘pop’… OHH YES!! YES!! OH FUCK ME ‘pop’ YEEEEESSSSS!!”

She collapsed onto the bed, her pussy still spasming with the remains of the multiple orgasm. She dropped the beads onto the floor, and gently extracted the dildo from her red raw cunt. It brushed her clit again on the way out, causing her to squeal in delight at the mini-orgasm she gained from it. She sucked her juices from the dildo, and fell forwards onto the bed. She had just enough strength to pull the duvet back over her before she fell asleep, and began dreaming of what fun she could have next time she was bored…

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