Hell, Yes!


This story is a direct sequel to The Earl’s “Do Anything For You?”. I’d like to dedicate this story to tolyk, who’s been such a sport about letting us use him as a character in our stories.

“Do anything for you?”

I looked at him. He smiled at me, a dirty, provocative smile. Do anything for me? He had just fulfilled my dream of seeing two men together. Do anything for me? In front of my very own eyes, 2 handsome men had kissed and stripped and acted out a scene that could have fitted in a professional porno movie! DO ANYTHING FOR ME???

I rose from my chair and slid my hands in under my skirt. I eased my knickers off, let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. When I held them up, both of them could see the dark fabric where my excitement had left a damp mark.

“That much, eh?” he said.

I sat down again, imitating Sharon Stone’s famous scene in Basic Instinct.

“Shame on you,” I said reproachfully. “Getting a girl all hot and horny like this – now what are you going to do about it?”

He still grinned, and came up to me. He kneeled before me, lifted my skirt up, and parted my legs. He leaned in, and I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes when I felt his tongue between my lips. I slid further down in the armchair to give him better access, and I took a playful grip on his hair to show him who was in charge here. I opened my eyes and saw our friend sit up in bed and watch us intently. He licked his lips thoughtfully, met escort my eyes and smiled.

“Can I play, too?” he said.

“Ask the lady,” said my `slave´. “I’m not sure she can handle the 2 of us at once..?”

Oooh, do I have a fetish for accents! And here I had a Brit and a Canuck, both tickling my fancy – audibly and visually!

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “OF COURSE I can handle both of you at once!”

To prove it, I pulled my slave back to his position, and reached for the other one. He stepped up to me, and I took his dick in my mouth. I sucked my cheeks in to make the cavity tighter, and bobbed my head up and down, sucking him hard. Then they switched places, and I got to enjoy my Canadian friend’s marvelous tongue work. The position I was sitting in wasn’t very comfortable, though, so I suggested to my playmates that we should move over to the bed. The Canadian was instructed to lie down on his back, so I could stand on all four and suck him. This left me in the perfect position for a game of “hide-the-bone”, aka “doggystyle”. We all got in position, and I moaned happily when I felt my pussy being stretched out by the hard little Union Jack – not that he was LITTLE, in any way!

The pounding from behind, accompanied by some squeezing of my butt, distracted me a little from my own pleasant work, but I pulled myself together. I’d told them I could do both at once; I had to defend my honor here! I alternated between deepthroating the dick in my mouth and pulling it out to lick its head and nibble on the owner’s balls. A coy look every now and then told me he was enjoying the treatment.

Then I lost my concentration for a bit , when the sensations in my eagerly stimulated pussy grew to the level where I couldn’t ignore them anymore. I jerked off the dick I was working my magic on to keep it hard, pushed back against the attacks from behind, and let out a growl when I had my first orgasm for that night.

“What was that?” my rider chuckled. “Mating call of the Swedes?” my `lollipop´ teased me.

“You linguistic schmucks!” I said. “That’s Swedish for `one more, please´.”

“Move over,” said the Canadian. “I want to learn some Swedish, too.”

The men switched places again, and I licked my own fluids off the cock that had been so thoroughly coated in them. This one was slightly shorter than the other, which enabled me to take all of it in, down to the root. The curly hair tickled my nose. He moaned happily and pulled my hair back so he could watch his cock disappear into my mouth. Meanwhile, my pussy was opened up by another handsome visitor, and I purred when the big tool moved in and out, pushing me forward for each thrust. I got a sudden vision of what this must look like – one guy thrusting into me, pushing me face down over the other one until I’d gotten all that cock in, then we pulled back, and forward we’d go again, like a machine.

“The lean, mean, multi-national sex machine!” I thought, and chuckled.

“Having fun, are you?” they said.

“Uhm-hmm,” I said, and licked on the cock in my hand like it had been an ice cream. “Come on!” I called over my shoulder. “Faster! Harder!”

He obeyed willingly, and pretty soon I had to abandon my sucking toy to be able to cry out.

“Yes! Just a little more… yes! Yes! Like that! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygooooooooood… if you stop now, I’ll KILL you!”

They laughed at this, but I got my 2:nd orgasm, and so did my Canadian rider. He collapsed next to us, panting. With my lust thus temporarily satisfied, I could concentrate on the blowjob I was performing. I pulled the skin down tight, held the cock steady by the base, and used my free hand to form a circle that I slid up and down the shaft. I let the tip of my tongue tickle that sensitive string between the head and the shaft. He groaned and threw his head back into the pillows.

“Bloody hell!” he grunted.

“That good, eh?” our friend teased him.

He didn’t get a coherent answer, because my continued attacks against this magic spot – men’s equivalent to the clit – made me victim thrash on and off, moaning and whining. The Canadian watched us with amusement. When I finally decided to stop torturing my fellow European, I let his dick glide deep into my mouth. He moaned wildly, arched his back off the bed, and his cum welled down my throat and made me cough.

I stretched out between my friends, tired but happy. They wrapped their arms around me, and we dozed off.

Do anything for me?

HELL, yes!

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