Her Fiancé’s Father Ch. 02


It was to be a long night for Isabelle. After some brandy, Martin was very keen to retire. ‘Very tired,’ he said, yawning, ‘Very long day.’ He held out his hand. ‘Coming, Isabelle?’

She smiled dutifully. ‘Of course,’ she said, rising. They walked up the staircase, hand in hand. ‘Such a beautiful girl,’ said Carmen to Jack after they were our of earshot, ‘I think she really loves Martin.’

‘Yes, yes, beautiful…’ Jack murmured.

On the landing, Martin’s arm went around her slender waist and Isabelle knew without a doubt what was on his mind. She also knew that she had to get to the bathroom first. Jack’s copious outpouring was still smeared over her crotch, lower belly and upper thighs. Some had dried, but in the warmth of her cunt, it was still wet and viscous. She had to wash.

‘I’m going to freshen up a bit.’ she said as they entered their bedroom.

‘I’ll come and help you,’ Martin said mischievously.

‘No.’ she said firmly, ‘I need a little privacy. Otherwise what will you have to look forward to after the wedding?’

She was happy to note Martin’s submissiveness. Once in the en suite, she quickly stripped off her panties and rinsed them in the sink. Then she straddled the bidet and washed Jack off her. As his semen washed off, she could smell its strong musky scent and was surprised that no one had noticed it downstairs. The smell went to her head and she knew wanted him again just then. But Jack was not waiting outside, Martin was. She sighed.

She slid out of her dress and stripped off her garter-belt and stockings. Then, clad in just her pearl choker and white high-heels, she stepped out of the en suite into the bedroom. Martin gasped. ‘God, you’re sexy,’ he breathed.

Martin had not been idle. He was lying on the bed, naked. He was not a bad figure of a man. Shorter than Jack and not as muscular, he was submissive in bed and let her dominate. This suited her sometimes, but most of the time, she wanted him to be assertive. He groped and fumbled and grew too excited, too soon. It was always the same.

She lay down next to him in the bed and he timidly began to fondle her magnificent breasts. She closed her eyes and thought of Jack, his huge dick pistoning her on the couch. Her nipples puckered and hardened. Martin rolled on to her. She reached down and found his hard cock. She guided him to her. She was moist from the wash. His erection was of modest dimensions and he sank into her quickly. He began thrusting into her jerkily, crying out as he did so. He came almost immediately, in a small rush and pulled out of her. He clutched her in his arms. Then, after a short pause, he said, ‘I’m sorry I came so soon, dear. But it was wonderful. Was it good for you?’

‘Wonderful.’ she said seriously, without a hint of irony. ‘Its always good when you love someone.’

He smiled happily and was asleep within a few minutes. She lay awake for what seemed hours. Finally, she made up her mind. She slipped out of bed and drew on her baby-doll nightie from the night-stand. She found her slippers and padded out of the bedroom, down the hall to the master suites. She knew that Jack and Carmen had adjoining suites. She went to Jack’s door and opened it a crack. It was smooth and well-oiled and opened without sound. She heard the sound of voices. ‘Damn,’ she thought, recognizing Carmen’s voice. She put her eye to the crack. The bedside lamp was on.

Jack was sitting up against the pillows and Carmen lay beside him, her back to the door. They were both naked. Jack’s manhood was rampant in Carmen’s hands.

‘If you think I’m going to swallow that monster, you better think again,’ Carmen was saying, coquettishly, ‘Get one of your young hussies to do that.’ She jacked his huge cock, drawing some weeping pre-ejaculate. She massaged this into his foreskin, giving it a sheen. Her hands were now shiny in the lamplight.

Still holding him with one hand, she straddled him with the expertise of long practice. Her back was directly to Isabelle now and she marvelled that this was Martin’s mother. There was not a hint of fat on her. The line of her back was straight and strong. Her hips and buttocks were rounded and firm. And unlike Martin’s timid approaches, she was decisive. Jack was so long and thick that Isabelle was could see him between Carmen’s thighs, as she raised herself above him. Holding him firmly, she hovered above him and then, with a sigh that quickly turned to a moan, she impaled herself on him. At first she only took in about four inches. Steadying herself with her hands on his shoulders, she worked up a rhythm, taking in more and more of him, until she had engulfed him unbelievable izle completely. She was bouncing on him now, and wordless cries came from her.

Finally, he began to arch his back and push into her. Isabelle felt an ache in her cunt as she watched Jack thoroughly fuck his wife. Carmen writhed on him and came once and then again after a prolonged bout of threshing, during which he roughly kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples till he was sure he would leave bruises.

Isabelle’s cunt was now completely soaked and she was breathing heavily. She could not watch any more. To her ears, Carmen’s cries of passion sounded triumphant and they were too much for her to bear. She silently shut the door and retreated to her own bedroom. Martin was still fast asleep. She stole into the en suite again and locked the door. Then she drew her trusty vibrator out of her toilet bag. Switching it on, she quickly began to stimulate her clitoris. She put a towel in her mouth to stifle her cries. She closed her eyes and played out Carmen impaling herself on Jack’s huge manhood. Within seconds she was biting down hard on the towel and grunting. She pushed the vibrator into her cunt and pistoned herself savagely. She immediately began to come. The bathroom whirled around her and stars exploded in front of her eyes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Isabelle tossed and turned and only fell asleep in the early morning hours. Martin slept like a log and the bed was big enough that her restless stirrings did not wake him. Finally, she could take it no longer. She rose and went back to Jack’s door. Opening it a crack again, she saw that it was dark, though moonlight streamed into the room through an undraped window. She could not believe her luck – Carmen was gone.

She entered swiftly and silently. She shed her robe and pulled back the sheets with one motion. Jack was still asleep when she fell on him, her mouth engulfing his sleeping cock. She began sucking quickly, breathlessly and greedily.

Jack was awake in an instant, in more ways than one. His manhood grew rapidly in her mouth and his hands sank into her hair, pistoning himself into her mouth. He was huge and she had to arch her neck to deep throat him when he thrust and regiment her breathing to avoid choking. Skilled as she was, she could only manage to swallow about two-thirds of his enormous length.

Soon, he released her and she crawled up on him, letting her firm breasts and hard nipples run along his belly and chest. ‘I’m one of your young hussies,’ she whispered, ‘I’ll give you head any time you want.’

Like Carmen earlier in the night, she raised herself, steadying herself with her hands on his shoulders. Then, as he guided his cock to her sopping vulva, she sank on to him with a groan. He did not push into her, but let her bounce rapidly up and down, setting the tempo. She was crying out now, and came in a gut-wrenching orgasm, and collapsed against him.

He pushed her back until she was on her back, still with him deep inside her. Now he began to piston her, quickly working up to jackhammer pace, causing her to lose all semblance of control. She was crying, begging, pleading for her release and then got it, ascending to another higher and wilder orgasm. Her contractions were now so tight, that against his will, Jack exploded, pumping another load of semen into her in a series of spasmodic thrusts.

* * * * * * * * * *

When she finally awoke, she was back with in Martin’s room and sunlight was streaming into the room. The drapes and curtains had been opened. Martin was gone. She shook her head to clear it and found she had a dull headache. When her glance fell on the bedside clock, she saw that it was nearly noon!

This would never do! She knew that Carmen was planning a big pool-side brunch and had invited some neighbours over. She quickly brushed her teeth and pulled on her floral bikini. She inspected herself in the long bathroom mirror. The hip straps were very high cut and the brassiere was strapless and only just covered her dark red aureoles. Her thick nipples constantly threatened to escape. She usually wore this suit when she planned to go topless, so it did not matter. Today however,… No pool games, she thought.

She put on some Roman-thong slippers with block heels and perched her sunglasses in her hair. She draped a towel around her shoulders and descended the stairs. The first person she met was Carmen. She looked radiant, her blonde hair gleaming, her skin virtually flawless. She wore a yellow one-piece swimsuit with blue flashes on it. It had a low cut front and Isabelle uncoupled izle thought she could edges of bruises on her breasts. Jack must have mauled her nipples last night, she thought.

Carmen hastened to Isabelle and took her hand. ‘How are you, dear?’ she asked, ‘Martin said that you did not sleep very well. I slept like a log!’ She giggled.

That’s because you had Jack fucking your brains out, while I had Martin who came before I knew he was in me, she thought nastily. But don’t worry, I slept late because your husband fucked my brains out.

‘Oh, I’m fine, Carmen,’ she said, ‘Really looking forward to the brunch.’ She gave her a hug and let her hands stray down from her bare back to her rounded buttocks, which she gave a tight squeeze, while letting her full breasts rub against Carmen’s. Carmen drew her breath in sharply, but before she could say anything, Isabelle had released her and gone out to the pool-side.

Her quick feel satisfied her. Carmen was in fine shape – muscled and firm. No wonder Jack still rang her bell when she came to him.

* * * * * * * * * *

As the pool party progressed, Isabelle found that she was enjoying herself. This was certainly more than she had expected. She had expected Carmen’s friends to be part of her boring county set and the talk to revolve around rugby and the stock market, both of which were closed books to her. However, the guests turned out to be rather interesting and ever interested in people, Isabelle found herself quite diverted merely lying back on her chaise lounge and observing, while Martin rubbed some suntan lotion on her from time to time.

The neighbours turned out to be a couple in their fifties, Colonel Sir Hugo Black and his wife Vivienne. However, they brought along their daughter and son-in-law. The son-in-law, Cameron Dexter-Smythe, was a hulking, blond rugby-playing city-type as she had feared. The daughter, Nora, was an altogether different kettle of fish. She was a vivacious, curvy and willowy girl with jet-black collar length hair and a china-blue eyes. She wore a bright red bikini; the high-cut panties had tassels at the hips and the bra had a halter strap.

Nora was everywhere. She flirted with Martin, who was abashed. She flirted with Jack, who laughed good-naturedly and managed to get his hands into her panties when no one was looking. She flirted with Carmen who engaged her in banter and pretended not to notice her discreet, darting hands on her bottom, breasts and once on her crotch, so quickly that even Isabelle, who was watching out of the corner of her eye, could not be sure that it had happened. Cameron was deep in the pages of a book and was not part of the scene.

Isabelle recognised Nora immediately. The tall, supermodel looks, the interest in Carmen and even in Kelly, whom she twice manhandled into the pool with much more physical contact than was necessary, the sly banter with the blushing Martin and the amenable Jack, all pointed to one thing. She was a lipstick lesbian, equally keen on the men and women present. Isabelle was sure of it. She was one herself.

‘This is getting very dull,’ said Nora, finding everyone settling into chaise lounges, ‘Let’s play pool rodeo. We’ve got to use the pool in a pool party.’

‘What’s pool rodeo?’ asked Kelly.

‘Each team consists of a boy and a girl. The girl rides on the boy’s shoulders and holds on to her while she tries to push the other girl into the water.’ She jumped up. ‘Come on! Cameron will be my mount. You can take Martin, Kelly.’

Cameron was game – he’d obviously done this before – Martin took some convincing, but eventually, he was talked into it. The men entered the pool. ‘You’ve got to get in shoulder- or neck-deep,’ said Nora, ‘Otherwise you’ll be carrying too much weight.’

She swam easily over to Cameron and smoothly mounted his shoulders. Kelly came up to Martin, but they were not very smooth at all. Kelly rode up on his shoulders, but Martin dropped her in the water twice before he was able to get a good grip on her shins and hold her upright.

‘Ready?’ asked Nora. Martin nodded and Kelly put her arms out preparing to tackle Nora. However, she did not even get a touch. Cameron moved in very suddenly around Martin’s back. Martin was disoriented and floundered about. Nora was now behind Kelly’s back and though she tried to twist around, it was hopeless. Nora caught her by the shoulders and pulled her backwards. Cameron backed away, increasing her leverage. Kelly held on to Martin’s head for dear life, blocking his sight. He let go of her legs to take her hands off his face and unpaused naya safar izle she plunged into the water.

‘Ha!’ cried Nora in triumph.

Kelly swam to the pool side laughing. Martin was still spluttering, when Carmen said, ‘That looks like fun! I’m next.’ and dived into the pool and came up to Martin. ‘Your next rider’s here.’ she said.

‘No, no,…’ Martin expostulated.

‘Come on, Martin, be a sport. I’m sure Carmen will do better. Kelly’s too light.’ said Nora.

Martin acquiesced with bad grace and let Carmen clamber onto his shoulders. The scene was repeated. Cameron moved quickly to Martin’s rear, Carmen’s thighs gripped Martin’s neck and disoriented him and Nora soon had Carmen where she wanted her. Instead of quickly grabbing her shoulders, Nora’s arms went around her waist. Holding her tightly, her full breasts were pressed against Carmen’s bare back. Carmen twisted and tried to free herself from Nora’s grip, but in the process she just pushed Martin’s face underwater. Martin tried to re-surface and this weakened Carmen’s seat on his shoulders. She slipped to one side and Nora suddenly found that she had Carmen’s tits in her hands. She gave them a quick squeeze before letting gravity do its job and dump Carmen in the water.

Carmen was laughing uncontrollably, but Martin said, ‘I’ve had enough of this, thank you.’ and waded to poolside and heaved himself out.

‘Come on, Isabelle, why don’t you try,’ called Nora, gaily.

‘I think my mount is unwilling,’ Isabelle called back.

‘Oh, use Jack. I’m sure he’ll be happy to mount you,’ Nora returned, making sure no one missed the double entendre.

Isabelle turned to Jack. ‘Sure,’ he smiled.

Isabelle knew that her bikini brassiere was barely up to swimming a gentle breast stroke, let alone ‘pool rodeo’. She would be topless within the first minute of the contest. She considered stripping it off before getting into the pool, but she sensed that she had better Nora be the forward one. Who knew where this would lead?

Isabelle mounted Jack’s shoulders in the pool. Unlike Martin, Jack knew what he was doing. He gripped Isabelle’s thighs lightly, but firmly and moved purposefully in the water. As Cameron approached, he moved to face him and they circled each other warily. Each time Cameron made a sudden move, Jack was just as quick, facing him, so that Isabelle had her arms in front of her and Nora could get no advantage. Eventually, Cameron tired for feinting and moved forward. Jack stood his ground and the two teams were soon face to face. Nora reached forward to engage, but found herself caught by the right wrist, which Isabelle proceeded to twist. Cameron moved forward to relieve the pressue and Nora reached around Isabelle’s back to get a grip on her. She found her bra strap and as she caught it, the bra immediately slipped off.

Nora now drew Isabelle into a clinch and the two girls were soon writhing in each other’s arms. Neither could get a good enough advantage to unseat the other. As they struggled, Jack felt Isabelle’s crotch, tight against his neck. Each time she rocked back, he felt her thick nether lips. She felt his bony vertibrae against her clit and found it hard to concentrate on Nora’s advances. ‘She must be feeling Cameron on her clit as well’, she comforted herself, gritting her teeth.

It soon became clear that Nora was not interested in unseating Isabelle at all. She writhed and thrashed, but most of the time, she found ways to knead Isabelle’s naked breasts and pinch her nipples. ‘I’ll see you in your guest room in ten minutes’ she hissed and they were suddenly apart. Isabelle crossed her arms to cover her breasts and Jack gallantly dived across the pool to retrieve her bra.

‘I must go and get a T-shirt,’ she said as she fastened her bra on. Climbing the stairs, she made her way to guest suite, which was across from the room she now shared with Martin. She was barely in it, when Nora appeared, all smiles. She was not one to waste time. She drew Isabelle into her arms and whispered, ‘I wanted you as soon as I saw you, you beautiful thing.’

They fell on the wide guest bed and Isabelle soon lost her bra again. Nora was kneading her breasts again, but now she was kissing and sucking on her nipples. Then her kisses drifted lower, to Isabelle’s belly and then with practiced ease, she stripped off her panties. She sank her face into Isabelle’s crotch, her tongue darting into her vulva, and then teasing her clit. Isabelle began to moan with urgency as she expertly manipulated her clit with tongue and teeth. ‘Yes, yes, yes, …’ she was saying.

Then Nora stuck two fingers into her vagina and began pistoning her in time to her tongue work. Isabelle had been on a short fuse and it took just a little to raise her up and she began to come in a mild and gentle but long drawn out orgasm. Nora felt her drifting down and slowed her tempo, until Isabelle was just lying there, sexually fulfilled – for the moment!

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