Her Ghosts Pt. 04

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Chloe has lost her husband and suffered emotional/mental breakdowns. She believes she sees him and his parents around her. Chloe tried to have a new relationships and that hasn’t gone well. She doesn’t seem to be able to turn loose of her dead husband completely. Then she met Cynthia. We left off with everyone explaining why they were at Chloe’s house.


I was going to try to end this in this part, but, I couldn’t seem to find the right closure. I will try in the next part to conclude it. There is a surprise twist coming for Chloe.

All mistakes and errors are mine and mine alone, sorry you will be subjected to that. It is what it is, amateur writing for my enjoyment and maybe yours.

I hope you enjoy the story.


Chapter 10

After picking Cynthia up off the floor and getting her back in her chair, seeing she was alright. They all decided carry-out would be best and talked about what some one would go pick up for breakfast, if delivery wasn’t available.

Delivery was going to be thirty minutes so they sat and idly chatted. Cynthia explained to John and Chloe how her laptop device worked. How the keys were a bit over sized and braille had been put on the keys. That the screen had been built backwards so people could see her text easily. Cynthia even stated that her friend who built it was an eccentric kind of genius.

Chloe began thinking about last night again and asked if other people had been there.

“I’m a lot hazy on what all went on in the house last night. I keep thinking there were other people here.” Chloe said. “Were there?”

“Yes, there was.” John spoke matter-of-factly.

Then the delivery showed up.They all got quite as they enjoyed their breakfast, except for some casual comments. Breakfast clean up was done and Pat stated her and Cynthia needed to leave. Cynthia balked at the idea.

“Can I stay longer momma?” Cynthia signed.

“No, dear you can not stay, we and every one else have things to do.” Pat replied out.

Pat gathered up there things and headed for the door. Pat gave Chloe a special tight hug and thanked her for the breakfast. Cynthia gave Chloe a very tight long hug and smiled, then they were out the door.

Liz, John, and Chloe returned to the kitchen and refilled on their drinks. Then they went to the den to lounge more comfortably. John took a chair sitting adjacent to a love seat sofa, as Liz and Chloe to the love seat. Chloe thought this a bit strange and felt an uneasiness around John.

Chloe posed her question again about other people being there. Liz told her yes, EMT’s had been called. While they were checking her, she told one of the EMT’s she wanted to go back to Bobbie. She was dreaming a very vivid dream.

“Well, we hadn’t found you yet and with the information we had and not being able to contact you, Dr. Stone told me to call 911. I was preparing to do that anyway.” John injected in.

“I am so sorry I put all of you through that, especially you John, after some of the things you have helped me through.” Chloe said with humility.

“While they were hooking you up and taking vitals you told them you wanted to go back to your dream. Why is that Chloe?” John interrogated in a accusing voice.

Chloe saw him bristle up and tried to soothe him. Liz took notice of that too.

“I.. I..don’t know, I..I don’t remember that.” she said replaying her memories. ” I remember a woman’s voice.”

Liz jumped in the conversation. “You were in a very deep sleep state, whether it was the extra pill you took or the combination of wine and meds. You were pretty much out of it. It’s not surprising you can’t recall every detail.”

John then, in that accusing voice, broke in almost snarling.

“I guess you don’t remember that big cum spot you left in the bed either, hmm, while calling out your dead husbands name.”

“John!!” Liz yelled out in authority. “Enough already! it was a dream for crying out loud.”

“Ya..right. I guess I know where I stand now!” John snarled with a raged look in his eyes.

Then Liz spoke again with a lowered more determined authority.

“You should leave. Now!” As she picked up her phone saying clearly in a threatening tone.

Chloe was totally stunned. She put her hands to her face to hide it.

“John don’t go.I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Chloe spoke through her tears.

“No! he is leaving and right now!” Liz commanded standing up and pressing the speed dial.

Chloe watched in disbelief as John glared and then literally snarled at her, not Liz. She had never seen John act this way before.

Liz answered the voice on the phone.

“Yes, This is Dr. Stone. Could you please send an officer to this address.” giving the address and a short explanation.

Chloe was a sobbing mess by now, not understanding anything at this point. Chloe felt something had changed, in her, in John, and in her relationship with him. All of a sudden there was this wide chasm.

The police arrived and took statements. Liz pulled the officer to the side and spoke with poker oyna him in a hushed voice. The officer returned to Chloe. He advised some one should be with Chloe for the rest of the day. He also said to reset the codes to the house and they would have extra patrols come around. Liz told the officer it would be done and Chloe immediately called the house protection service to come out and reset all the codes. They even installed new locks.

“It is going to be all right Chloe.” Liz soothed and held her for a moment. Then she stroked her cheek gently, lovingly as they sat on the loveseat. Chloe nuzzled her hand wanting to believe this as Liz kissed her, on the cheek, rubbing Chloe’s back.

“You okay now sweetie?” Liz asked. “Do you feel safe here in your house?”

“Yes, I’m okay I think, But what the hell just happened.” Chloe spoke in a sad tone.

“Chloe I have to leave. I have to catch a flight in a couple hours and will be back Monday. I have someone coming to stay with you for next couple of days, okay. I have set up speed dial to the police on your phone, use it if that asshole comes around.” Liz told her as she set Chloe’s phone.

“What the hell is wrong with John, why did he act like that?” asked Chloe.

“I will tell you that when I get back Chloe, I don’t have time now. I can only say John has some serious issues. As for as who is coming here..” Liz was saying when the door bell rang.

Liz got up to answer the door and walked back in the den with Pat and Cynthia. Chloe’s mood brightened.

“I have to rush, but you’re in good hands Chloe. Trust me.” Liz said grabbing her things and heading for the door with Pat following.

Chloe was close enough now to the door to see them converse and she noticed Pat reached in front of herself with both hands. Chloe thought she was showing something to Liz.

“I haven’t missed yet.” Chloe barely heard Pat say as Liz patted her shoulder.

“Good.” Liz said as she exited the door way and left.

Chapter 11

Once Dr. Stone had left Pat seemed to take control of the house. She began by locking the house down and turning on and off strategic lighting in the main living areas.

Pat then moved through the rest of Chloe’s home checking all entry ways. She then closed drapes and blinds though out the house.

Chloe hadn’t really paid much attention to Pat at first then she followed her into a bedroom.

“Pat, what the hell are you doing?” Chloe asked in a hushed voice. “You are scaring me, Pat”

Pat took Chloe by the hand and sat her on the bed taking Chloe’s hand placing it between both her hands.

“Chloe, dear, I was called over here to protect you.” Pat hesitated then finished. “From John.”

“What are you talking about?” Chloe asked.

“I can’t and won’t tell you what I think I know, Dr.Stone will explain everything when she gets back. Just trusts us on this, all of us. Okay dear.” Pat soothingly spoke as a mother would.

“Now I need a nap, this day has worn me down a bit, if you don’t object dear. If anyone comes to the door, do not open it, you come get me first. Understand.” Pat commanded.

“Yes, alright.” Chloe said. Concern and anxiety was building in her now.

Chloe left Pat to nap and went back to the kitchen to look for a meal, as the evening night came on. Finding everything she needed Chloe prepared a quick spaghetti dinner for the three of them.

While preparing dinner Chloe’s mind was trying to make sense of John and what was going on now. Her and John, she thought, had a better relationship, than what came about today. It was like he was extremely over the top jealous. But why? Liz said she would explain everything, Chloe hoped she could, at least make sense of this mess.

She told Cynthia dinner was ready and to come eat. Chatting to her as to what they they were eating. Cynthia and her had ate their meal and sipped on some wine. Then Cynthia texted to Chloe, she needed a shower.

” I do too.” Chloe said chuckling. “But I will let you get yours first.

I have a walk-in shower in my bedroom Cynthia, sweetie. Let me show where everything is at.”

With Cynthia leading the way down the hall with her cane and laptop Chloe followed her still amazed at how she navigated spaces. Chloe closed her eyes about half way down the hall, experimenting. Then she bumped in to Cynthia who had stopped to turn in to the bedroom.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry.” Chloe said as Cynthia made her soundless giggle.

Once in the room Cynthia opened her device and texted

‘Not so easy is it’ and did her laugh then reached for Chloe to hug her.

“No” Chloe told her with her face turning a flaming red.

Chloe led her in to the bath and retrieved towels and things off the shelves. She walked Cynthia around the oversized ensuite bath showing her where everything was located. Cynthia took quick use of the privacy toilet leaving the door open. Chloe smiled and turned to get a nice fluffy white robe for her from her closet, returning to a lower half naked Cynthia.

Cynthia removed her pull canlı poker oyna over top and her bra and Chloe led her to the double size shower. Chloe let her step in and to gather her bearings. Once inside, Chloe slid the glass door closed and waited to see how Cynthia would get along.

Observing her slim tight figure with perky breasts and firm buttocks. All this beauty topped by a curly mop of red hair, set with an angelic face. Chloe thought to herself, all this gorgeous beauty and no young man may ever see her, such a pity.

Cynthia seemed to be unable to find things and the controls, even knocking a bottle to the floor. That took Chloe out of her trance like thoughts.

“I’m going to use the other bath Cynthia.” Chloe spoke out. “Can you manage on your own?”

Cynthia shrugged shoulders then circled her hand over her head and spread her arms out. She was suggesting it was a big shower.

Chloe laughed a little saying “Yes it is. Do you need my help sweetie?”

Cynthia nodded a yes.

“Would you like for me to join you?”

Cynthia smiled and nodded, then gave a pleading gesture that Chloe had seen before.

Chloe was facing the mirror has she stripped her clothes, looking at her thirty year old body. Thinking to herself, Chloe mused.

‘Not quite as tight or firm as little miss sexpot, but still very nice to look at and almost the same size, except for the bosom’.

Chloe chuckled at herself, feeling slightly shy, then sliding the door open.

“Coming in sweetie” Chloe spoke to her as she stepped in.

The reply from Cynthia would have been. ‘Will you step into my parlor’?.. the spider said to the fly as Cynthia smiled, to her fly.

Chloe turned the water and shower controls on, that were mounted on the center wall. The shower heads at each end of the enclosure came on over the tiled bench seats that were at the end walls.

With both of them bathed in the water’s warmth Chloe reached for the shampoo to place some in Cynthia’s hand, but instead asked.

“Could I shampoo that beautiful red hair of yours?” Chloe asked.

She had this crazy desire to run her fingers through that red mop of shoulder length curls for some reason.

Cynthia shrugged her shoulders and nodded yes. Chloe almost squealed out.

“Okay just stay there moment.” Chloe said turning around and grabbing a cushion off one of the tile benches. She turned back and placed the cushion on the shower floor. Then taking Cynthia’s hands asked her to kneel down.

Chloe turned the pressure down on the shower heads so it was more like a gentle rain barely reaching Cynthia. She then applied the shampoo to those sumptuous red curls.

Pat had awakened from her nap right on time for her vigil and checked to see where her charges were. Pat heard the a shower running in Chloe’s room and decided to check in on her first.

Pat looked in the ensuite and smiled at the two nude beauties bathing. She remembered doing that for Cynthia, it seemed like only yesterday. ‘My how the years have past since then’. Pat’s thoughts ran.

She took one last look observing how Cynthia had her hands on Chloe’s hips for balance and the caring, shampooing Chloe was delivering, gazing at the curly red mop. Pat slipped back out and left the bedroom closing the door.

She checked all entry ways then went to the kitchen. There she found the dinner and helped herself. Noticing the wine setting on the counter and passing over it for water.

Mean while in the shower Chloe was gently running her fingers through those red curls. The both of them not knowing they had been observed.

Chloe was gently shampooing Cynthia’s head and hair, gazing down at that up turned face. There seemed to be almost an angelic look on Cynthia’s face, when out of know where Chloe spoke softly, almost inaudible.

“I would die for you.”

What ever just happened then a bond between these two was set. Cynthia rose just a bit wrapping her arms about Chloe and holding her as one holds to life itself. Cynthia hadn’t really heard what was spoken, but knew the ‘Force’ had just moved.

Chloe kept running her fingers through her hair, bent and kissed Cynthia on the forehead gently and with endearing love like a mother would her child.

The moment passed, but, they both realized they were connected now, somehow.

Chloe reached for a hand held shower head to rinse away the shampoo. She turned it on, not realizing it was on pulse mode. The water shot across Cynthia’s breasts and nipples then quickly went to her crotch, then turned back back off.

That sent tingling feelings all through Cynthia and she gasped. She then began her laughing, thinking of how Chloe might feel about that.

“Oh, oh, oh. I’m sorry sweetie. I., I didn’t mean for that to happen.” Chloe apologized in an embarrassed voice. “I didn’t check the settings.”

Cynthia pointed to nowhere in particular and gave her, okay, sign. She also was thinking, ‘what else can that thing do’ as she grinned.

“Okay let’s try this again, on a more gentle stream” internet casino Chloe chuckled. “Tilt your head back for me.”

With that said Cynthia sat back on her legs and feet. She arched her back,her face turned up, causing Chloe to have to step in close in order to get the back part of her hair. She also had to bend down and her breasts and nipples were inches from Cynthia’s lips, swaying back and forth.

One nipple brushed across Cynthia’s lips and she let her lips part.

Chloe didn’t say a word, just took notice as she finished rinsing the shampoo from Cynthia’s hair.

“Okay ready for some conditioners?” Chloe asked looking at her while retrieving the bottle.

Cynthia nodded, and rose up straightening her back. She was close enough to Chloe and the position Chloe was in, her face went between the top of Chloe’s thighs. Her nose buried deep into Chloe’s cleft then drug upwards across her clitoris.

Chloe let out a small squeak and stepped back as Cynthia’s hands flew to her face. Chloe laughed and said.

“Sorry, I was standing to close, you didn’t know. OK, let me get this conditioner in so we can finish our shower.”

Chloe worked in some conditioner in and brought Cynthia to her feet. She moved under a shower head and quickly shampooed and conditioned her own brown hair.

Chloe grabbed a bath sponge and put a creamy body wash on it. She placed in Cynthia’s hand, as Cynthia took it she brought to her nose and inhaled.

Chloe saw her point at her and do a circle motion with her finger. Chloe could see what Cynthia wanted, and thought ‘Why not it has been a long while since someone has washed her back’. She pulled Cynthia to the end wall of the shower turning as Cynthia smiled. She guided Cynthia’s hands to her hips then faced the wall.

Cynthia took the sponge and started working across Chloe’s shoulders and neck as the shower trickled over the both of them. She began to slowly caress Chloe’s back from her shoulders down to her lower back using a circular motion. Cynthia placed an arm across the front of Chloe just below her breasts, then began gliding the sponge up and down. Slowly caressing up down and circular, working her hands down to Chloe’s butt cheeks and hips. Cynthia stepped behind Chloe and found the body wash and added some more.

Chloe was enjoying this attention and relaxed in it closing her eyes, not even noticing Cynthia’s movements of getting more body wash. Chloe now felt those hands stroking her butt and hips. She felt fingers glide between her cheeks, going deep and dragging across her anus. Chloe sucked in air sharply.

Those wonderful hands and fingers drawing out tension and stress from the day. They slid down to her legs, a hand inside of her leg, the other outside. One stroked up her hip as the other pushed through her legs to her mound. Chloe could feel the back of fingers glide across her outer labia, she parted her legs slightly.

Chloe was basking in this wonderful sensation of being bathed. The hands traveled lower down her legs to her ankles and back up to her butt cheeks, causing a warm glow with in her. She would have drifted away if she had been laying down.

The two hands massaged her buttocks as they stroked in a circular motion spreading her but cheeks slightly. Without warning a soapy thumb slid across her anus as the fingers massaged that cheek. Chloe let out an audible gasp as she shuddered. The thumb with drew to be replaced by the other thumb that caressed her just like the one before. Chloe shook slightly, her rosebud tingling, telling herself it was just a slip-up.

Cynthia smiled knowing she was pleasing Chloe. Cynthia knew Chloe was enjoying these warm soapy caresses.

Two hands glide over Chloe’s butt and to her front, the sponge floating across her mound and abdomen with the other hand following it. The sponge dipped once downward between her legs and Chloe gasped.

Those wonderful gentle hands then traveled to her stomach and upward to her breasts encircling them. The sponge dragged across her hard nipples, then those hands cupped her breasts and glided up over them. Moving across her nipples again and to her neck. Then a gentle kiss on each shoulder as her arms were tended too.

Cynthia reached and found the hand held shower head. Tapping Chloe on the shoulder bringing her back from her drifted mind. She was wanting to find the medium pulse spray. Chloe smiled as she set the shower head.

The pulsating head was turned on as Chloe faced the wall. Cynthia began at her neck and shoulders rinsing a way the body wash. Traveling down her back with a hand and pulsating water. Chloe stood there enjoying this.

Cynthia reached Chloe’s buttocks, sliding her hand deep and quickly through her butt cheeks. Cynthia’s finger dragged across Chloe’s rosebud again as a pulsating stream slammed in to it. Chloe twitched and squirmed a little but didn’t say anything.

The water sprayed through her legs across her labia and then traveled down the back of her legs. Cynthia reached around Chloe with the hand held and started at her breasts. The spray hit Chloe’s nipples sending more waves of pleasure through her, as it, and the hand traveled lower. Reaching her pubic mound the hand stroked her abdomen while the spray hit her cleft and then clitoris.

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