Her Panty Play

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(note: this is the third and final part of a story about Jennifer and Joe. Titles of the previous parts are: “Her Panties and a Wet Spot” and “Her Thong Workout” in the “Toys and Masturbation” section.)

email from: Jennifer —
to: Joe —
date: 27 July 201-
subject: thanks and need your help

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for your kindness this morning at the gym and for showing me around and letting me use your guest pass. I am amazed at what happened in the pool and the effect I apparently had on you. It is very flattering. After that incident, I went back to the locker room to shower. I just want to let you know that you had the same effect on me although it isn’t as anatomically visible. I enjoyed some alone time in a hot shower…I enjoyed it three times and probably would have a fourth if not for my solitude being interrupted.

I was embarrassed by how visible your effect was on me earlier in the week. That’s why I…behaved…the way I did this morning: I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Perhaps it was a little unfair…but I hope you didn’t mind.

Anyway, since it’s Friday, I wanted to ask a favor of you: I have a couple of things around my place that need to be done and I could use the help of somebody “big and strong.” Would you be willing to come over tomorrow morning around 6am and give me a hand?


Jennifer paused for a few seconds as her mind wandered back over the morning and what happened at the gym. Her pussy still felt sensitive and she loved how things had turned out; she loved feeling attractive to Joe, feeling as though she had some special power over him, but this email that she’d just typed was a step toward a plan that would test this new sexual relationship even further and she felt nervous about it. She remembered the feeling of Joe’s erection between the cheeks of her bottom, she remembered turning around to watch him ejaculate, apparently out of control, in his swimming trunks, and she remembered the feel of his warm, slick semen on her fingers. She hit the send button and watched the message go out.

She leaned back in her office chair and sighed. How long would it take Joe to see the message and respond? She pushed her chair back and stood up. “Coffee.” She thought. She crossed her work group office area and left through the side door towards the kitchen area.

A few minutes later she came back through the door and headed toward her cubicle with her cup of coffee. She noticed Joe near her cubicle and her heart jumped. He was apparently looking for her. When he didn’t find her at her desk, he turned and their eyes met. He smiled and Jennifer’s nerves settled down a bit.

As she approached, he spoke, “Hi. I was just looking for you.”

“Well, here I am.” She replied. He moved aside and she stepped into her cube, setting the coffee on her desk. “What’s up? Did you get my message?” She sat down, trying to act calm but fearing that she didn’t look calm.

“I did and that’s why I’m here.” Joe said. He looked around quickly. The cube next to Jennifer’s was currently empty but the other cubes around her were occupied. He looked back at her and then stepped into her cube and pulled the guest chair closer, sitting down on it. He leaned forward and whispered, “I, uh….” He stopped, looking down at his feet.

Jennifer’s nerves jolted and she felt her heart racing. “What?” She asked.

He looked at her and his face started the blush, “This morning…at the gym…I, uh, well, wanted to explain…” He paused again, looking blankly at her desk.

Jennifer waited. He almost spoke but then he stopped again. The silence was unbearable and Jennifer leaned forward and whispered, “Joe, I’m sorry. I knew what I was doing, dressing like that. I did it on purpose. I’m sorry.”

Joe quickly shook his head and put his hand casually, without apparent thought, on her knee. She felt the touch with a shock of energy. His eyes went wider and he pulled his hand away and spoke quickly, “Jennifer, I don’t know what to say. Obviously, I’m…,” he lowered his voice further, “You know, attracted to you.”

He stopped and a blank smile crossed his face as if he were lost on thought. Jennifer waited. He shook his head, “I mean, yeah, I’m definitely attracted to you. How couldn’t I be? You are beautiful…all of you, and I mean…all…” He emphasized the word, “of you.” He paused again and frowned, “Ugh, that sounded really bad.”

“No it didn’t.” Jennifer smiled at him.

“I just don’t want to portray this as just a sexual thing for me. I like you as a person, too, and well, I guess that’s the dilemma. I’m your boss. We can’t have this relationship, if that’s what it is that is happening. My head is still spinning.”

Jennifer sighed. She knew this was going to come up sooner or later. She spoke quietly, “I was thinking about finding a different job.”

“What?” Joe asked, clearly surprised.

“Just thinking. No concrete plans, yet.”

Joe looked at her for güvenilir bahis a while before speaking again, “Look, Jennifer. It’s obvious that I’m into you and I think you feel the same, but maybe we should just let this play out a little more, you know, go out to dinner, see a movie, go for a walk, that sort of thing. If it seems like we’re compatible, then we can talk about the work situation and it doesn’t necessarily have to be you getting a new job. It could be me, or we could transfer within the company, or whatever. My point is, let’s just not rush this, OK?”

Jennifer smiled at him and reached forward, taking his hand. He seemed surprised but didn’t pull his hand away. It felt kind of rough but large and warm and she liked the feel of it. “That sounds logical. Thanks for being patient with me.”

Joe laughed and then quieted himself immediately, leaning back to look around before turning back to her and saying, “You owe me one for what you did today. You drove me crazy.”

Jennifer grinned, “That’s why I’m asking you over tomorrow.”

“Helping you with chores about your place is paying me back?” He asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Jennifer replied mysteriously. She stared at him and then winked.

Joe’s smile faded slowly. “Oh my. You are, well, I don’t know how to say it, but I feel like putty in your hands.”

Jennifer let go of Joe’s hand, “Early? 6am then? Is that too early?”

Joe stood up and adjusted the front of his pants where a bulge was just starting to show. Jennifer glanced down at his crotch and then back up at his eyes. Joe said, “That’s not too early for me. I’m not sure I can wait.”

“You can.” Jennifer said and turned her chair back toward her computer.

Joe shook his head and walked toward his office.

Jennifer had a condo on the third floor of a nice building. Joe stood in front of her door and took a deep breath and rang the door bell. He waited. The day was going to be hot, already it felt warm even though it was only six in the morning. He wondered what Jennifer had in mind for him. He hoped it was something sexual, he assumed it would be, but she didn’t make anything clear at all. That was part of what was so maddeningly attractive about her. He heard nothing from beyond the door. He wondered if he should ring the doorbell again. Just as he was lifting his hand to do so, he heard the latch being undone.

Jennifer opened the door about a foot and smiled at him, keeping her body behind the door and out of view. “Good morning, Joe!”

“Hi Jennifer.” He smiled back.

She opened the door a little wider and leaned forward, looking left and right. “Nobody around?” She asked.

He turned to look, “Um, no.”

She pulled the door open wide and stepped into his view. “Good. Come in.”

Joe’s mouth dropped open. Jennifer stood in the wide open doorway wearing a very loose fitting tank top that left her smooth skinned mid-rift bare and a pair of bikini cut panties. Both the top and the panties were white. The panties had lace trim and a small red bow in the middle of the waist band above the gentle curve of her genital region.

“What?” Jennifer asked. “Aren’t you coming in?”

Joe realized he was staring at her crotch and jerked his eyes back up to her face. “Uh, yes…of course.”

He stepped over the threshold into her living room. His mind was racing. There was a subtle, clean and flowery fragrance in her condo and he immediately had a sense of stepping into an island resort or getaway with the feeling of a weekend escape and a beautiful woman. He sighed slowly feeling a tremendous sense of pleasure and anticipation. Her furnishings were nice and feminine. His eyes swept around the room. He started to say, “I love your place, it’s very….”

He stopped speaking. His words caught in his throat as he turned. She was closing the door and he realized, now, that the white panties were thong cut. Her broad, round bottom was amazingly sexy: full and smooth skinned and astoundingly wide. Her cheeks wiggled as she pushed he door shut. He felt his penis start to thicken. “Oh my….” slipped out of his mouth.

She turned and looked up at him. Her eyes were a warm, medium shade of brown, large and glistening. “I hope you don’t mind if I dress so casually. It’s warm today and I haven’t turned the air conditioner on. The windows are open. Sometimes I like the fresh breeze and warmth. Do you?”

He realized it felt just as warm in her place as it did outside. He tore his eyes away from her and looked across the living room to a large sliding glass door that was open onto a balcony. He felt a gentle stir of air flowing through the condo. “Um, yeah, it feels nice.”

“Do you like challenges?” She asked and turned to walk toward the kitchen area. His eyes dropped to her ass as she walked. The muscles in her bottom and legs flexed as she moved. Her feminine bottom jiggled. He felt his penis surging into a full erection and new it would be visible through his pants.

“Uh, sure. What türkçe bahis kind?”

“Would you like some orange juice? I just squeezed it this morning.” She asked.

He followed her into the kitchen. It was bright, clean and well organized.

“You squeezed it yourself?” He asked, feeling a little surprised. He rounded the corner to see her opening the fridge door. He couldn’t take his eyes off her bottom. His eyes widened as she bent forward and the thin strip of white material between her cheeks stretched and became visible. He had a brief glimpse of her pussy mound tightly covered by the thong.

He sighed again, “Jennifer, do you know what you’re doing to me?”

“Getting a drink for you?” She straightened, closed the fridge and set the glass pitcher on the counter.

“No, you’re….attire.” He glanced down at her panties and then back to her face.

Her eyes twinkled with an expression of delight. She turned and opened a cabinet, stretching as she took a glass out. His eyes were drawn to the open sides of the loose top. He saw a white, lacy bra encasing her full, rounded breast. “Wow.” He said.

She turned back to him with the glass in her hand and silently poured juice into the glass. She set the pitcher down and slid the glass across the counter to him.

“I want you to take my challenge.” She said.

He took the glass. “I thought you wanted help, like around the house or something.” He took a sip of the orange juice. It was sweet and fresh. “Mmmm…this is good. Thanks!”

“Yes, I want help but I want you to do it my way…a game if you will. Follow me.” She walked around the counter and led him down the hallway. He was more the glad to watch her thong clad ass as she walked. His penis was in full erection and he didn’t care any more.

At the end of the hallway there were three open doors. The one of the right appeared to be a bathroom. The one on the left opened into a large master bedroom. It was decorated in light colors with a large fluffy looking bed. He sighed, imagining laying in that bed with her. She led him through the third door into a smaller room.

She walked to the center of the room, which was currently empty, and turned around looking at the walls. “I just painted this room. I’ve been in this condo for a little over a year and haven’t used the extra room yet. I’m going to turn it into a study. Do you like the color?”

He looked at the walls which had a lavish, purple color. “I do. It’s unique, very stylish.”

She smiled at him. “Thank you. Well, I have a small storage room in the basement of the building. I’d like you to bring the boxes in storage up to this room. Some of them are heavy. Can you do that?”

“Certainly, no problem.”

“But here’s the challenge…” She lowered her face and her eye lids fluttered once. “With each load, I’d like you to remove one item of your clothing.”

He stared at her. She didn’t flinch. He took a drink of the orange juice, enjoying its flavor. Finally he said, “You mean, I bring a box up and then take something off, put it back on and go to get another box?”

“Not exactly,” She giggled. “You don’t put them back on.”

“You mean, like, I take off my shirt, and then go back down shirtless?”


His mind raced. He wouldn’t mind having fewer clothes on around her but he had an erection and he wasn’t sure she wanted to go beyond that, what if somebody saw him. “How many boxes are there?”

“That’s the fun part!” She giggled again, “I think there are enough boxes such that you’ll loose all of your clothing.” She clapped her hands and her breasts bounced.

He laughed at her apparent joy. “You planned this?”

“I suppose so. Will you accept the challenge?”

“What if I get caught?” He said.

“It’s very early and straight down the stairs. You’ll only pass a few other condos. I know my neighbors, they’re not up this early on Saturday and even if they were, they wouldn’t care if I explained.”

“You’re sure about that?”


Joe’s mind went blank except for an image of him carrying a box into her condo, completely naked. “But, you’ll see me…you know, exposed.”

“That’s the point,silly!” She stepped toward him and put a hand gently on his chest, “I want to see your….architecture.”

Jennifer’s heart was thumping in her chest. Joe had just walked out of her condo after the second load of boxes. He headed back down to her storage room in the basement and Jennifer stood by the open door, leaning against the frame and waiting. There was another condo directly across from hers. Sally, the owner, lived in that unit and never got up before 10 am, especially not on the weekend.

After the first load, Joe insisted on removing just one shoe. Jennifer put her foot down and said his shoes and socks counted as one trip. He resisted but with a well acted pout, Jennifer swayed him and he kicked his shoes and socks off. The load of boxes he carried up was always at least one more box than she güvenilir bahis siteleri had anticipated and she scolded him for carrying too much.

After the second load he pulled his shirt over his head. Jennifer loved his masculine chest, well muscled and covered with a thin amount of dark chest hair.

He asked, “You’re sure you want me to do this?”

“Of course.” She laughed. “Besides, have you seen anybody yet?”

“No.” He admitted.

“You see what underwear I have on. I want to see yours.” She smiled.

He sighed and undid his pants. He let them slide down his legs. Jennifer’s eyes widened as she stared at him. He was wearing a pair of white boxer briefs that were long, part way down his thick thighs, and tight all over. She could clearly see the bulging shape of his genitals: his full, large balls and his thick cock laying curved off to one side and twisted so she could see the outline of the under side of his penis head. She looked openly at his crotch for a silent moment.

He spoke, “What do you think?”

She looked up at his face and smiled and then back down at his manly crotch. She felt a tingling in her pussy. “You are, simply, amazing. It isn’t hard any more, is it?”

“Not really. Kind of nervous running up and down the stairs.”

“You’ve been working hard.” She said, noticing some sweat rolling down his neck onto his chest.

“It’s hot.” He replied.

“It is, isn’t it? And I haven’t been working like you have, but still, I feel hot, and to give you some motivation…” She turned, standing in front of a large mirror in the entry way. She glanced at his reflection in the mirror. He was staring at her bottom. She slowly pulled her tank top up and over her head. She shook her hair and dropped the top on the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her bra was white, lacy and see through. She could see her fair skin through the lace. Her large, light brown aureola and nipples were also quite visible. She slowly turned around and let him see her bra.

His eyes widened as he stared at her chest. A low voice rumbled from him, “So sexy….” She let him stare, slowly turning left and then right to show off the size of her breasts. She alternated between looking at his face and his crotch. Then she noticed that his penis was starting to grow again. Her mouth dropped open as she watched it slowly thicken and snake out toward one side, pushing toward his leg under his tight underwear.

She covered her breasts with her hands and said, “OK, big boy. Go get another load. If you make it, I’ll reward you by taking my bra off.”

He shook his head again and pulled the door open. He loped quickly down the stairs. She pushed the door mostly closed and waited, watching through the opening. He seemed to take a long time but her perception of duration was probably distorted. Finally she heard him coming up the stairs. He was carrying another huge stack of boxes and she sighed to herself. She didn’t want him to hurt himself.

He huffed through the door as she opened it wide for him. He stumbled a bit but caught his balance. “Oh!” She cried, “Be careful.”

“I will.” He huffed.

She closed the door and followed him down the hallway admiring his muscular, masculine rear as he moved.

He set the boxes down in the room next to the others and straightened. He crossed her arms over her chest and he looked at her cleavage, smiling, with sweat dripping slowly down his temples.

“I don’t want you to carry that many boxes up the next time.” She said.

“But if I’m, you know…naked, I want to make as few trips as possible.”

She stared at him and then smiled, “You’ve played along nicely. Get one more box…just one, mind you…and that’ll be enough for now.”

“Really? But what about the challenge?”

“You win with just one more trip.”

“You’re sure you want me to take these off?” He gestured at his underwear.

“Absolutely sure.”

“Really?” He persisted.

“Joe, I’m standing her in a thong and see-through bra. If I didn’t want it, you’d know.”

Joe smiled and slid his thumbs into his waistband.

“Slowly!” Jennifer whispered urgently. She’d fantasized about this moment many times, masturbated to that fantasy, and now it was coming true.

His hands started to push his underwear down. The hair over his abdomen became more visible and broadened. She wondered what his genitals would look like. She’d known him for so long and now she was about to see. He uncovered his pubic hair which was full an soft looking. She sighed. Then the band started sliding over his penis which was pushed down and she watched intently as the length of his thick shaft was slowly exposed. “Oh…my….gosh….” She moaned as it seemed to stretch on forever until finally the band slipped over the head and his genitals swung free. He pushed the underwear all he way down and stood up, stepping out of them.

His penis hung thick and heavy beneath his pubic hair. It was darker in color than the rest of his skin but was still lightly colored including the head. He had a darker line around the middle of the shaft where he had been circumcised. His head was blunt and rounded. His balls dangled low and full, symmetrically rounded, behind his big penis.

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