Hidden Attraction

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I was 18 and it was summer. I had just got back from a long vacation and couldn’t wait to finally relax at home. Those plans would be foiled; however, because I was asked to go help someone move. It turns out last Saturday a friend of mine, Pepper, was moving and needed help. She and her family got most of their things moved to their new house but still needed a few more things brought over. It was Tuesday, the day after I came back from vacation, and I received a phone call from Pepper. Her husband was at work, her older children were staying with friends, and she needed someone to help her move things since her younger kids wouldn’t be any help. I hesitantly agreed, knowing I had no excuse and nothing else I needed to do. She offered to pick me up and take me to her old house so we could move the last few items together and not waste my gas.

I obliged and she came over soon after she called. I didn’t really care to do any work today but that soon changed when Pepper came over. Pepper was a gorgeous blonde, about 6 foot, thin but not skinny, fair skin, B cup, and a fairly round butt. She had a little bit of a gut but that was due to giving birth to 4 children (almost in a row) and lack of exercise. She was a stay at home mom and didn’t do much or really have a hobby so she loved to talk with people. So when I opened the door and saw her standing there I couldn’t help but get a little nervous. I hopped in the car and we drove off. She was really talkative and kept going on about how she’s been so exhausted lately and how she hasn’t had much time alone due to a cluttered house and having to fix up all the kids rooms.

I was trying to listen and I would respond every so often but I just couldn’t help but stare. For whatever reason she was wearing a tight gray tank top, a black bra, and a short pair of tight güvenilir bahis white pants. It seems like she was wearing clothes she bought back in college but I wasn’t complaining. Before I knew it we were at her house. The place was practically empty, save a few boxes, a couple chairs, and a bed. We packed up all the boxes, loaded all the chairs except one, and were ready to work on the bed. By this time we were both sweating like crazy. Her air conditioner had broken down Saturday night so that’s why they stopped packing.

Taking apart the chairs was very tedious and took a while and all the boxes were empty and needed all to be filled with all the closet stuff. Pepper and I were both hot and sweaty and were trying to cool down by a fan near the bed. Pepper’s tank top was dark with sweat around her chest and she had it pulled up above her stomach. Her body was glistening and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I on the other hand had a wet chest, back, and armpits. My hair was a mess and I think we were both a little miserable. Even though she wasn’t comfortable she was still talking.

“I’m sorry Josh, I didn’t know it’d be so hot. I look like a mess and got us both all sweaty.” She said apologetically.

“It’s not a problem”, I said, “I didn’t have much else to do today and I couldn’t have you do all this work alone.”

“Well, thank you. It was nice of you to help me out. I don’t know how I would’ve got this done without you. I probably would’ve done it all naked since it’s so hot.”

After she said this I couldn’t help but think about it. I could feel myself getting hard and found myself staring at Pepper.

“What is it?” She said as she caught my gaze.

“…I’m sorry I, uh, was just thinking.” I responded nervously.

“I noticed you’ve been looking at me a lot türkçe bahis lately. So why do you do it? Or is it just by accident or something?”

“It’s just you’re really pretty and it’s not easy to find attractive people everywhere so when I do I can’t help but look. Sorry.” I got caught. I mean I can’t help it; she’s so gorgeous.

She was blushing now but seemed a little taken back by what I said. “I’ve known you since you were a baby Josh, I watched you grow up and all this time I never knew you thought of me like that. I’m married you know and I love my family very much. So I’d like it if you’d not think of me this way anymore.”

I was surprised by this because for whatever reason I thought she might be okay with the way I felt or at least flattered. “I’m sorry. I just think you’re so beautiful and I’ve never had a girlfriend or had a girl who I was really close with.”

“No, I’m sorry Josh. If I would’ve known I wouldn’t have invited you over or dressed like this.” She said as she pulled down her shirt.

For a while it was awkwardly quiet. We kinda just sat there; a little bit surprised and embarrassed.

“So what else did you like about me? Or did you just think I was pretty?” Pepper asked, breaking the silence.

“Uh, well, I liked your laugh. It’s cute and a bit dorky and makes me smile when I hear it.”

She started blushing again and smiled a bit when I said this.

“m, hm, m” she chuckled quietly, “What else do you like?” She asked curiously.

“You’re pretty funny, nice, a good at listening, a great singer, and a nice dresser.” I started saying as I watched her hand begin to move down slowly.

“What else? What do you like about my body?” She prodded as her hand moved to her crotch almost involuntarily.

“I think you have a beautiful face.”

“Yeah.” güvenilir bahis siteleri She began to move her hand up and down on her crotch.

“You have a nice curved nose and beautiful blue eyes.”

“You think so?” She began talking quieter, lowered her head a bit, and began to stroke her crotch deeply to where I could faintly make out her vagina lips.

“Yeah, and I love your gorgeous, long legs and your lovely, fair skin.”

She then slipped her hand into her pants and began to stroke furiously. She seemed to get turned on by my attraction for her and didn’t really know that she was playing with herself.

“Keep going. What else do you like?”

She said as she started breathing heavily.

“You’re lush blonde hair and your heart melting smile.”

“uh, Uh, UH, UH, tell me, UH, more. Uh, don’t stop, UH.” She barely managed as she began to buckle under the pleasure of her furious masturbation.

“You have a nice round butt and a nice, firm pair of perfectly sized boobs.” I said,more assertive, as she neared completion.

“UH, UH, UH, UH, AHHH, AHHHHH, JOSH! UHHHHHHHHH!” She exclaimed as she quickly pulled down her pants and squirted all over the floor came. Her eyes rolled back and she slowly leaned back on the bed as she was lost in pleasure. I saw this as the perfect opportunity and climbed onto her bed to lick her still sensitive pussy. She immediately grabbed my head and started buckling uncontrollably again. I licked her clit furiously and stroked it with my hand. Her head moved back and forth as she pulled on my hair trying to contain herself. I the stopped pulled out my cock and penetrated her pussy. My eyes widened and I instantly came inside her as I felt a warm vagina for the first time. I didn’t even know what I was doing but it must’ve been good because I felt Pepper cum again. We both lay there tired, hot, sweaty, and lost in pleasure.

“I just came inside a gorgeous married woman” I thought, “I just had sex for the first time and I loved it. It was short, but I loved it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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