High Heels and a Pretty Smile Ch. 02


Arrival and Preparation

Masters home was a gated, single-story property on the edge of an affluent district. It wasn’t far from the ocean. Poppy had spotted that from the main Highway on the drive.

Not that it mattered. She was heading towards a year’s voluntary containment inside the boundaries of his home. The ocean was one of many things she’d not see for some time.

The gates swung open automatically as they approached, closing behind them just as silently and smoothly after they passed through. Ahead, the house was as expensive and luxurious as Maria’s journals had suggested. It was as perfect as Masters suit and pristine grooming. And yes, after two hours of travelling, he was still Master. He’d chatted cordially enough. But every attempt at discovering a name or any detail of his life had been politely and expertly batted away.

Poppy had no more knowledge of who she was giving herself to than she had when first serving him coffee in the diner.

“I didn’t even bring a toothbrush.” She said looking around the plush building.

It was all concrete and glass. Underfoot the floors were marbled tiles. Modern, dark wood furniture complemented the structure.

“Everything you need is here.” He said watching her reaction to his home.

“I’ll make coffee. Then there’s the little matter of a contract, and then you can have access to your toothbrush.”

The next hour or so was a reminder to her that this was a business arrangement. Master was precise in his choice of words and explicit in his explanations as he went over the contract.

Poppy listened, asked questions and confirmed her understanding. It felt surreal. With Master’s quiet persona, she had the illusion of negotiation but when she held the pen in her shaking hand she understood that this was on his terms.

She looked at the screen on his laptop. Her reward was still there in full view as an appetiser and encouragement to put ink on the paper. One million dollars in a holding account. She wasn’t a financial expert and couldn’t actually confirm the legitimacy of what he was showing her. But two thoughts filled her head at that moment. That this was a life-changing opportunity. And that she trusted him, inexplicably as it was to explain. She signed.

“Is that it?”

“Yes.” He said simply.

Poppy sat waiting expectantly as he took the document and locked it away in his office. The fears he’d so successfully subdued came back as she questioned herself again. She expected him to change when he came back. People always changed when they had what they wanted. But Master didn’t. He was just as disarming and she relaxed again. Somehow, his mere presence did that.

It wasn’t until the evening that he moved to introduce poppy to her new life. Until then it’d been something avoided. Buried under harmless chat and a fine meal that seemed more like a first date.

Poppy felt herself blushing head to foot as she looked at the heels. A pair of black, crisscross bandage style shoes with a zipper up the back for quick release. A medium heel that she hoped wouldn’t be too awkward.

Just a few hours earlier and she’d been serving over-easy eggs and coffee. She even still wore her white waitressing uniform and soft pumps.

“It’s time you dressed for your new role.” Master said.

Right now she was faced with delivering on the very first requirement of her new contract. To strip naked and put on the only garment she would be permitted to wear for the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

She glanced at the waiting figure of her… what was he? Employer?

“You haven’t told me. Do you have a name? I mean other than Master?”

She knew she was delaying.


Not so informative.

“And… are you going to tell me what it is?”


He crossed his legs and waited. He looked hot. He still wore the dark trousers and white shirt of earlier. It set off his toned body and subtle tan. Poppy reminded herself that she had been more than willing to get her kit off for him in the diner restroom had he wanted her to, long before the bizarre contract had been presented.

“So Master it is then I guess.”

She flapped her arms at her side in frustrated acceptance.

She looked at the waiting shoes again, stifling a nervous laugh.


Unsteady fingers began undoing the buttons on her outfit. She couldn’t avoid it forever.

Master sat comfortably watching his latest acquisition, his pleasure hostess, as she undressed.

The uniform parted a little more with each button popped. All the way to her waist, giving him a view of just a little flesh on her belly. Poppy was very slow as she lifted the shoulders away and the material fell around her waist. Only a small bra held her tits. They heaved with nervous breaths.

With a push, the uniform fell to her feet and she stepped out of it. Master could see her shape now. Pale skin, nice legs that rose to a rounded butt. Arms as shapely as her legs and small pert tits.

Poppy took a breath and unclipped the bra. Instinct Anadolu Yakası Escort told her to hold it in place, to cover herself but she fought the urge. It was only delaying the inevitable. The bra came away and released her tits.

Okay. No different to being on a beach she told herself. Next, she quickly pulled down her panties and straightening up, accepted that Master was going to study her naked form.

She blushed bright red.

It would have been easier to just have sex she concluded. At least clothes came away in a frenzy when fucking a guy. His in equal measure. There was no time during fucking to think or fixate on body parts she didn’t think were perfect. Then it was all about getting hands on a masculine chest or taking hold of a hot cock while savouring the pleasure of being caressed.

This was different. She felt more like an artwork. Something picturesque on display. Sure, she knew she would fuck him soon, but it wasn’t going to be an immediate thing. Not before he’d looked her over like no lover before. Every inch of her.

Okay. Time for the shoes. She knelt and slipped them on, zipping them into place. Again she felt displayed like a prize. She’d thought that kneeling would at least cover her a little. Instead, her tits hung as she leaned forward to secure the shoes and she felt even more exposed.

Poppy stood up, balancing on heels she was unaccustomed to. She felt unsteady.

“I’ve never worn heels before. Just flats. Trainers or pumps are the only things I own.”

Master’s eyes were running up and down her body. She’d could feel them on her pussy. An invisible zipper of a slit on a puffy pink vulva. It responded with growing dampness and her nipples hardened around the tiny silver bars piercing them.

“Walk up and down.” Master instructed.

She felt self-conscious but started down the room while he watched every subtle flex of her muscles, the jiggle of her pert little tits and the wiggle of her butt. She wobbled on the heels but avoided the embarrassment of falling over. Poppy turned at the end of the room and made the walk back.

She blushed when she met his gaze. Red checks and patches that reached over her shoulders and down to the tops of her tits. In her mind, blotches that she feared he’d find unattractive.

So that was it. She would be naked from now on. A whole year in which he could look at her tits, or pussy, or butt. Everything, as he wished. A year in which, according to the contract she’d signed he could not only look but touch and use her body as he saw fit.

For a moment she questioned what madness had gripped her to agree to such a thing with a man she hadn’t even met twelve hours earlier. Certainly one million dollars had been a sweetener, but the craziness went deeper than that.

“Very nice.”

Master stood up.

“Let me give you a tour of the house. You can get used to walking in heels.”

The house was large. All on one floor bar a step up into the living area. Four well sized bedrooms with en-suite, a separate bathroom as big as her trailer on its own, and a kitchen straight out of a TV cookery programme. The whole place was awesome.

To her horror, he opened the bi-fold glass doors to the outside and beckoned her to follow him.



Poppy stood at the threshold glancing about, again feeling the urge to cover herself.

“It’s private.” He said.

“Just you and me.”

Master’s disarming smile brought back that inexplicable trust and she stepped out.

They walked past the large pool and down onto the grass. The heels sunk into the soil and she tried to keep to paths where she could.

The gardens wrapped around the house. She hardly took in the planted beds and palm trees, her eyes remaining constantly on the borders. Walls that only just reached head height. Walls that one slightly misplaced neighbouring house could easily overlook. Thankfully she didn’t find one. There was still the risk that someone could easily lift themselves up and look over. What if the neighbourhood teens knew what went on here? What if it was a right of passage for them to sneak a look?

Poppy desperately wanted to be back inside. That she’d agreed he could look at her naked was bad enough. That she might find herself on public display under the glare of bright floodlights was positively terrifying.

She breathed a sigh of relief when they were back in the safety of his living area. She sat on the couch next to him as he lay back, relaxing with his hands stretched out along the backrest.

When he didn’t put an arm around her she asked.

“So. Are we gonna do it?”


She looked surprised.

“I don’t understand?”

“Your year starts tomorrow. So do your duties. I expect to be serviced at breakfast. But not now.”

Poppy briefly covered her tits. It felt to her like rejection, or a clinical decision. But then she reminded herself. This was clinical. Not a casual hookup. It was a contract with rules and conditions.

“You sleep on your own Avrupa Yakası Escort tonight. Rise at six. I’ll be through as the coffee is readying.”

“Yeah. I’m good at coffee.” She muttered at the image of the diner in her head.

It was strange going to bed that night. Embarrassed beyond belief. Still shocked at the unexpected change in her circumstances in the space of a few hours. And frustrated by his failure to fuck her as she’d been expecting him to for most of the day.

She slipped under the covers realising this was the last and only time she wouldn’t be on display to him. This would be the final time for what seemed an eternity that she would have any privacy.

“Fuck. What have I done?”

First Morning

Poppy’s eyes flickered open at the alarm and her hand reached out smacking down on the source of the infuriating noise. Somehow it silenced.

For a moment she lay in the unfamiliar bed trying to form coherent thoughts and figure out where she was.


It came flooding back in an instant and she sat up sharply. She glanced around for a dressing gown before remembering there wasn’t one. Only the black heels.

Her heart raced at the realisation of what was expected. What she’d signed to say she would do. In the moment it felt sordid and she considered running.

How would she do that? Where was her uniform? Where was anything clothes-wise? She imagined herself naked in the affluent street outside. An object of ridicule and every voyeur’s dream as she ran aimlessly along the sidewalk.


Her head settled and she reached for the only thing she was permitted to wear. The shoes.


Let’s do this.” She said to herself.

She did feel kind of sexy walking in the heels. They kept her upright with careful balance and good poise as she nervously navigated Masters house to find the kitchen while trying to avoid falling. She felt a little like a catwalk model. One in an alternative universe where clothes were banned and flesh was on display.

Her eyes went nervously to the glass that seemed to be all the building was made from. Floor-to-ceiling panels. A goldfish bowl that just added to her exposure.

Outside, automatic sprinklers, tiny pop-up poles in the lawns and planted areas sprayed water over the thirsty plants to see them through the hot day ahead. Yet another reminder of the wealth Master processed. A wealth that bought him whatever he wanted. Including her. Her heart pounded.

Poppy figured out the barista-style machine and tried to relax as she was rewarded with the sound of grinding beans.

Her legs trembled as she waited, thinking through the writings of Maria. Yesterday, reading her words had been kinda kinky. Now it was an instruction manual for her. It set out what she would do in just a few minutes.

Master came through in a fluffy white dressing gown as the jug filled with steaming hot fresh coffee. He looked pleased to see her waiting.

“Coffee’s ready.”

Poppy lifted the jug and carefully poured it into the waiting cup. Not a mug. A fancy cup, on a saucer.

“I should have dressed like this in the diner.” She joked.

“Custom would have been up.”

Master reached out and slid the coffee across to himself, breathing in the rich aroma.

“You wouldn’t have kept up with serving coffee and serving the clients.”

He smiled as he opened his gown to encourage her inwards.

“Much better to have one special customer.”

Christ. Maria’s writings hadn’t been an exaggeration. His cock really was beautiful. A sculptured work of art.

Poppy was fixated for a moment. Staring at him. Strong thighs and a muscular belly. And that cock pointed out towards her like a giant accusing finger. It gave tiny uncontrolled jerks as he waited.

Yes, what she was doing was sordid. It verged on prostitution. But it also came with benefits. This cock for one. She reminded herself it’d been a good month since she’d had sex. That had been a hurried fuck against the restroom wall between customers. This would be very different.

Poppy took a shuddering breath and stepped closer, forcing herself to look Master in the eye. He was waiting. Expectant. But there was patience and kindness in those eyes as well.

“None of my clients ever looked as enticing as you.”

She knelt and put her hands to his thighs. He spread them as her fingers felt over his muscles, supercharging the quiver taking hold of her body. With a watering mouth, she leaned in and kissed the very tip of his crown.

Oh, this was going to be very different to a trucker in the restroom.

Poppy controlled her urge to devour him. Instead, She followed Maria’s written guidance. She took her time, licking his richly purple-coloured head. She enjoyed its heat, flicking it with her tongue to make it dance.

The soft groans drifting down to her ears were her guide. Then she moved to his shaft, licking along its length and kissing it. She went down to his balls, rolling them against his groin. She sucked his İstanbul Escort bag between her lips and playfully tugged the loose skin. Then it was back up along the underside of his shaft. So manly. Clean and fresh. His musk excited her sense of taste and smell.

By the time she was back to his crown, it was naturally lubricated with a slick, saline-tasting fluid.

Poppy’s thighs clenched to ease the ache in her pussy. Her own juices flooded to leave her wet and wanting.

Master took hold of her hair, twisting it tightly around his fingers until he held her head firmly. Guided and controlled, she sucked his cock.

Not the first by a long way. But the first she’d put such concentration into. The first where her concern for his pleasure outweighed her need to treat it as a mere prerequisite to get herself a good fucking. In the past, it had been just a blowjob. Something she did to keep the man happy. To get him hard and ready to fuck her. With Master, it was artistry. She was creating a mood. Delivering a service. It was a demonstration of commitment.

Long, slow, full strokes back and forth along his shaft that left her lips aching. Careful, teasing swirls of her tongue heated his cock.

Poppy was aroused, her pussy oozing out onto her thighs. Her nipples hurt with a need to be squeezed.

Then finally he was groaning with the primitive desire of a wild animal. Muscles twitched, his legs stretched.

With a pulsation, he thrust into her mouth and held her head in place. Poppy went wide-eyed at the sudden inability to breathe properly. Cum filled her mouth and throat. Above her Master gasped loudly, then relaxed.

Poppy swallowed several times to clear her throat of his creamy seed, then proceeded to lick him free of any residue.

“Very good.” Master said approvingly as she sat back on her thighs.

She felt pleased. Like a child that had just aced an exam.

“Shower?” She asked to be sure she had the routine right.

Master nodded. It felt easier as she stood and headed for the bathroom. Less embarrassing to be naked. More pleasing to know his eyes were on her butt.

The shower room was everything she expected. Large, light, with a big wall of glass bifold doors just like the ones in the living area. A colossal tub sat in the centre where Master could relax looking out into the open air of his secluded gardens.

It was the shower she was here for. Large taps turned on a powerful flow that poured down like rain from the double faucet waterfall panel. Gentle LED lighting illuminated the droplets and the whole cubicle became a dreamlike world. Poppy had never seen such opulence.

She removed her shoes and stepped in. It felt wondrous to be immersed in water rather than the narrow, pressure-less spray she was used to.

“Oh, how the other half live.” She gasped.

Poppy waited patiently, fighting to contain the need engulfing her. Fingers toyed at her slit to ease the wanton ache. It was coming. She just had to learn patience.

Master joined her and they began a sensuous mutual washing of each other. Her knees went weak as he smoothed soapy water over her pussy. Enough of a touch to send her wild. Not enough to press between her snatch.


She worked his cock in return, wrapping her legs around his thigh to rub her pussy against his soapy body. Master caressed her tits, lathering them with slow moving hands.

Poppy was quivering with nearly uncontrollable need by the time Master turned her to face away and pushed himself up against her. His cock pressed into her butt crack as strong masterful hands held and caressed her tits. They toyed with her piercings leaving her quivering. His lips caressed her shoulders and neck in the cascading water.


A hand pressed between her shoulder blades and she bent forward, gripping the solid frame for support. At last. The desperate cry of her pussy was answered. His cock just eased into her hole, now so wet with her juices that even the soapy water hadn’t managed to wash away her natural lubricants.

“Aw fuck.”

Master did. He fucked her. Powerful hips rocking back and forth. His cock drove into her again and again.

“Oh, my god.”

He slapped her butt cheeks just enough to add a sting to the feelings rising through her torso and down her thighs.

Harder and harder. His groin slapped into her butt and sent ripples riding over her ass.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum.”

Her groin felt like a pressure cooker just before it exploded. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to hang on to the moment for just a thrust or two longer. Joy raced up her spine and took the strength from her legs.

“Fuck. I’m cuming.”

It was unlikely Master would have missed it even without her announcement. She shuddered, almost losing her footing as her head scrambled thoughts into a fog.

His load came just as she eased back into useful consciousness, filling her pussy with a warmth that left her feeling so happy.

After the shower, Poppy’s thoughts about parading naked had changed yet again. From fear and reticence, through acceptance, she now felt proud. It was good, exciting to be naked and admired. Not something she has even been able to do with previous lovers. They had all been rushing to get back on the road while she dressed and went back to serving customers.

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