His Dark Knight Ch. 03


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Rei couldn’t remember the last time he had as much fun. While the morning meeting with his mother had been more than a little unpleasant, the shopping trip with Zander that had followed had been something to cherish. Zander had lead him to store after store, telling different clerks and assistants exactly what he was looking for. Rei hadn’t done much in the beginning except for sitting back and letting Zander do the shopping. Yet try as he may, he couldn’t seem to control his facial expressions when Zander held up an article of clothing he didn’t like.

It started off with a shirt much like the one he was wearing. It was black and baggy and covered Rei like a dress. While he didn’t mind the color of it at all, he felt swallowed by the length of material. He didn’t want to complain though, not after all Zander had done for him. So instead, he just smiled, diligently walking back to the dressing room to try it on.

Zander must have caught on at some point, because soon enough, the selections turned to more of what he would have picked for himself in a different life. Tight shirts that hugged his body soon draped over his arms as he walked into the dressing room. Instead of feeling suffocated by the collar around his throat, the V-neck allowed him to breath. He began to dance as he modeled the clothing in front of Zander, happier each time he saw the man’s smile grace his face. Martin too seemed to be having fun, standing back slightly as if guarding them from the other customers in the store. Rei had wondered about Martin’s actions, but once again he let his shyness get the better of him.

After the bags were packed into the car, they decided a quaint little sandwich shop would be their lunch. Rei was tired, but he refused to miss out on any of the events. He found his seat on the inside the booth, next to Zander. The closeness had caused a blush to come up over his cheeks, remembering what had take place in the car a few hours before. Being touched by another man was something that Rei never thought to experience. It had made him feel different while at the same time, the touch had felt almost amazing after his initial bout of shyness. Even when Zander had grabbed him. It had hurt, a lot, but then that changed too. Rei found himself wanting to run away from the pain while also wondering what more would feel like.

He hadn’t ever really touched himself besides to go to the bathroom. And while he was naïve, he knew people did things like that in order to gain pleasure from another. But with Zander, he wondered what it meant. Wondered why Zander had touched him in such a way. Yes, he said he would do anything to be able to pay Zander back for the kindness he had shown. But this…

A little wiggle from him drew up the side of Zander’s mouth in an amused smile. With his hand sitting on the table, Rei easily caught the sight of that impressive but peculiar ring on his finger. It was like no other ring he had ever seen. With its small size, it was clear that this ring was meant for a woman. While he was sure most would prefer to wear gold, this ring was silver. The ruby was small, the size of a pea where it sat in the middle of an ornate swirling design. Rei’s examination of the ring quickly ended as shame washed over him for a second time at the thought of being with a married man. His father had been notorious about sleeping around. Rei believed that was where part of his mother’s anger came from. The thought of the person you loved and devoted your entire life to being with another was enough to send anyone over the edge.

Zander could see the clouds of memories pass over the boy’s eyes. His little one was finally relaxing, his shoulders no longer seeming like the world rested atop them. He wanted to see more of this carefree side of him.

Zander knew he had pushed Rei too far in the car, now that the heat of the moment had died down. It didn’t matter that he had kept his cock in his pants. Seeing the disapproving look on Martin’s usually expressionless face had told him just exactly how much he had overstepped the line. He had seen the panic on Rei’s face about needing to repay him, and as much as it turned his stomach to suggest repaying with his body like…

Zander gave himself an inner shake, not letting his own memories come over him. Instead, he turned to Rei once their drinks had been delivered and smiled. “So Rei, why don’t you tell us about yourself a little?”

Rei choked a little on his drink, staring back at Zander like he had suddenly grown two heads. This man wanted to talk about himself. Rei couldn’t help but roll his eyes after the initial shock wore down. ‘What a useless conversation this will be.’ The thought crossed his mind as he let out a soft sigh.

Rei sat back in his seat a little more, pulling his legs up so that his knees showed just over the table. “There isn’t much to tell. I mean I’m not that interesting. I turned eighteen a few months ago. Um…I just graduated Bahçeşehir Escort high school.” Rei bit gently to his bottom lip, trying to think of anything that was of interest but coming up completely blank.

Zander’s smile though never seemed to waver. To have this boy think of himself as uninteresting while Zander was completely enthralled with him was just short of blasphemy. Zander could see the strength from the little creature beside him. Something about the boy called to him.

He wanted to protect him, to nurture him. He could easily admit to himself that his darker half wanted Rei as well. His pale skin just begged to carry his mark. However, that wasn’t something he could openly say at this point to Rei. His little one had just lived a life of hell that would have broken most.

Zander has had several boys in the past. All had their own special quirks that had originally drew him in. Though it seemed things never worked out as they should have. Most turned greedy, no longer acting out of submission, but instead believing the more they pleased him, the more they would get out of him. While he didn’t have a problem with spoiling what he considered his, their actions had come to taint the relationships as a whole.

They left the shop soon after, Rei’s smile returning to his face as the attention was pulled away from himself. As they walked down the sidewalk, Rei remained mostly quiet, listening in as Zander and Martin spoke of a meeting that had apparently been missed. From the sound of it, the meeting had been an important one.

“Christmas is next weekend. With all the final meetings for the year, we won’t be able to schedule it until after the holiday or even the New Year.”

Rei let the words trail from his mind, his eyes catching a brightly lit window. It took a moment for him to realize the window lead into the toy shop he had always watched. He usually only visited the shop after closing hours had long since pass. Apparently in the afternoon, this energetic shop was among the busiest. He stopped, looking into the window. Kids of all ages ran around the shop, bright smiles on their faces. Some of them held up toys for different parents to see, while others simply held them close. He watched as one little girl showed her mother a truly precious looking doll. The little girl’s eyes shone in joy as the toy was handed over to the clerk. A few moments passed before the girl was handed back a festively wrapped box. Some lucky child would open that gift with a smile on their face.

The thought brought his eyes back to the wintery display that took up the front window. Some of the pieces, he noticed, were missing from the cheery scene. The bears that had been exchanging gifts just the night before were now more than likely gifts themselves. The train that circled around the bunch had even been replaced with a newer one. Now looking, he could see that the doll the little girl had wrapped, was the same doll that usually stood in the corner among the rest of the holiday dressed party-goers. A small panic overtook Rei, his eyes searching desperately for the little white fox. It no longer sat curled underneath the tree.

Disappointment flooded through him. He was happy that someone had taken the little animal home, but at the same time, he wanted to spend more time with the creature. Slowly, he stepped away from the scene, his eyes dropping down. It was then that he saw what he was looking for. The little fox now sat on its hind legs, looking straight out the window.

Rei let out a small giggle of glee. The fox sat as if to say hello to him, its black eyes staring straight at Rei and no one else. Slowly, as if not to spook away the creature, Rei brought his hand up and pushed it against the glass. To most, the fox was nothing more than a stuffed toy. He continued to smile brightly at the creature, his hand stroking the glass as if to pet it.

Zander stood a few feet away, Martin close by his side. Seeing Rei in such a little state pulled at Zander’s heart. The stuffed animal was something that Rei obviously longed for, though he already knew that Rei would never ask for it. He watched as the boy continued to giggle with the animal that was so real to him in this moment. The smile he had was one Zander wanted to always see on his face. He knew well that Rei was an adult and most would look down on him for his current state.

To Zander though, it was heartwarming. This was Rei without his guarding walls up. This was the relaxed and carefree Rei that didn’t have to worry about where his next meal was coming from or when the next strike would happen. This was the Rei that wanted out so badly, but was forced inside for his own protection. They watched as Rei said goodbye to the little animal, giving it a slow wave. Wanting to prolong Rei’s sense of peace, Zander acted as if he and Martin had just shown up, looking up and down the sidewalk as if to search for the boy. Rei could feel the blush on his Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan cheeks as he walked over to the two men.

“There you are, little one. Ready to head home?” Zander’s smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. With a small nod, the trio walked back towards their car, Rei resisting the urge to look back over his shoulder.


Rei and Zander returned home as the sun was setting behind the snow filled clouds. For the most part, the car ride back had been as uneventful as the one before. Rei had fallen asleep and slowly woke to the sight of far too many cars and trucks. Most of them had different company logos on them, and this sent Rei’s mind racing. Rei climbed from the vehicle and waited for Zander to walk beside him.

“Looks like the decorators arrived while we were out. Let’s go see what they have done with the place.”

Rei followed slowly being the man, only to arrive into a mad dash of chaos. There were people everywhere, moving from one place to another. A single woman stood in the middle, a stern look on her face. She was dressed in a form fitting skirt that screamed business and power. Rei found himself hiding more behind Zander, suddenly very intimidated by the woman. When she noticed their presence, a radiant smile lit her face.

“Zander, darling! I wasn’t expecting to see you home for at least a few more hours. Done with work already today?” She walked over to him, reaching over to touch him in an overly familiar way. Rei’s eyes widened as he spotted the ruby ring on the woman’s slender finger. While it was rather ordinary compared to Zander’s, it still sent Rei’s mind reeling.

‘So this is the woman who Zander is with.’ Rei felt as if he had taken a punch to his stomach, his eyes dropping down to the floor. Part of him had wanted to be wrong about Zander being claimed by another. But this was an eye opener for him.

With his eyes down, Rei didn’t see Zander move himself in order to avoid the woman’s touch. Margery Locke had made her advances very clear over the years. Zander had told her several times in the past that nothing would ever happen between them, yet Margery persisted. He saw the flash of her ring and had to bite back the growl that threatened to voice itself. The first time he had seen the piece of jewelry, he had known what it meant. He had taken her aside and requested that she didn’t wear it at any of his events. She had seemed so apologetic and claimed that it meant nothing. She had taken it off right then.

Zander pasted on his casual smile that he usually used with his business associates. The one he saved for those that he wished he didn’t have to deal with. “Margery, I’m surprised to see you here. I thought your assistant said you would be going on holiday with your family starting this week.”

The woman gave an airy laugh, acting as if she hadn’t just been brushed off. “Well, when I saw you down on the schedule, I made some arraignments so that I could handle this myself. I couldn’t just leave this project to anyone.”

Zander slowly nodded. “Well, thank you for your services.” Zander turned to look over his shoulder, seeing Rei’s head down. He would have to handle his little one gently around new people. “Rei,” Zander turned completely, giving his back to the woman as he spoke to the little one. He waited for the soft green eyes to meet his, his real smile coming to his face once their views locked together. “Rei, this is Margery Locke. She owns a decorating company. She is helping set up for the party we are having this weekend.”

Rei tried the best smile he could as he slowly nodded his head. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Locke. My name is Rei Reynolds.”

The woman turned to look at him and he caught the raise of her brow. She quickly masked herself, once again returning a false smile. “Hello there. It is nice to meet you.” She held out her ruby ringed hand, taking Rei’s colder one tightly. A dash of shame had Rei quiet. This was Zander’s wife. This was the person he loved and should be doing those kinds of things with. Rei let his hand fall to the side, as Zander watched the change curiously. Not wasting time, Zander turned his head back towards Margery, taking ahold of the the fragile and slumped shoulders beside him.

“Thank you again Margery, for your hard work. Please, tell your husband I said hello and I’m sorry about your holiday plans.” Zander gave the woman a cool smile before turning and guiding the wide-eyed Rei to the stairs. He heard the quick click of Margery’s heels on the hardwood floor as she scurried away.

They made their way up the stairs and into Zander’s office, the man’s arm never leaving from around the boy’s shoulders. Once inside, Zander shut the door behind them tightly.

“I’m sorry.” Before he had even realized he spoke, the words were leaving Rei’s mouth on a rushed breath.

“What are you sorry for, little one?” Zander Escort Bahçeşehir looked at him curiously. He had a feeling he knew what the little one was apologizing for, but knew it would be better to have his little one speak his thoughts.

Rei continued to look at his feet, an action he realized he had been doing much more lately. “I thought that you… um,” He bit gently to his bottom lip, embarrassment making his face shine brightly. “I thought, Mrs. Locke and you, were together.” His eyes looked over to where Zander sat on the edge of his desk, his strong hands curled around the lip. The dark mahogany wood and tan skin made the silver stand out.

“Rei. Eyes on me.” Zander’s voice held that same commanding tone that it had inside the car. Rei felt his head move without a thought. He met the dual-colored eyes of the man who had spoken to him. He expected to see anger, or even disappointment. Instead, he was met with understanding. The look of those eyes rocked him.

“Margery can be a very pushy woman. She has been pursuing me for a few years now and hasn’t made it any sort of secret. She and her husband go through an on and off type of marriage. Nothing has ever happened between her and I, little one.”

Rei could hear the honesty in Zander’s voice. It was so pure, letting him know that Zander had nothing to hide when it came to Margery Locke.

“But, the ring she wore…” His eyes looked down once more at Zander’s hand before snapping his eyes back.

Zander nodded, his hand gripping tighter to the side of his desk. “This ring, means a great deal to me. It was once my Mother’s.” Rei could have sworn he witnessed a deep pain flash across Zander’s face at the mention of his mother. Before he could make a comment, Zander continued on, no hint of anything amiss.

“Margery, like you, mistook it for a lover’s ring. This made her decided to start wearing one similar in order to gain my affection and make others believe that she and I are together. She has been told on several occasions not to wear it in my presence.”

Rei could only continue staring at the man. It made sense believing that ring to be his mother’s. It had obviously been resized in order to fit around Zander’s much larger finger, but the design remained feminine.

Rei heard himself speaking before he took the time to process his next statement. “So, you aren’t with anyone.” Rei quickly covered his mouth, his eyes wide as his cheeks darkened in embarrassment.

The gentle chuckle from across the room only added to the burn of his cheeks. “No, Rei. It’s been quite some time since my last relationship. What I look for is difficult to find, and even more so to uphold.”

With Rei, the only experience he had in relationships was seeing the toxic one that brewed between his mother and father. Curiosity burned at him. What kind of relationship did it take in order to be with Zander?

Zander studied Rei carefully. He could see the underlining question flittering across his eyes as he struggled with himself to ask it. He stepped away from his desk, walking over to Rei to gently take ahold of his small hand.

“Why don’t we sit down instead of shouting at each other across the room. Some might view that as being rude.” His smile grew on his face when he felt no resistance behind him. Rei sat, kicking his shoes off his feet as he pulled his knees up to his chest to rest his chin on. Zander knew he would have to speak clearly and slowly for his curious little one. He was already a little on edge thanks to Margery, and any word could send him bolting across the room and out of his door forever. Zander would let him go of course, he wasn’t looking to keep Rei as his hostage. In the back of his mind though, he knew it would be one of the hardest things he ever did.

Zander took his seat in the opposite corner of the dark brown leather couch, relaxing back against the arm with his own arm thrown over the back. He turned his body to face Rei, his ankle coming to rest over his thigh once more.

“Ask your question, Rei. I see how badly you want to.”

Rei took a moment to settle his thoughts. His fingers interlocked together. Zander’s eyes kept his glued. As much as his nerves wanted him to look away, he knew Zander wouldn’t let him. “What is it that you want?” Rei’s voice was soft, only heard due to the silence that seemed to fold the into their own little world.

Zander smiled, pleased that his little one had spoken what he wanted to say instead of dodging around it. “I’m not like most men, Rei. What I look for and find attractive, others are indifferent to. I don’t look for women who just want to be paraded around like one of my possessions. I don’t look for men who want to prove something to themselves or others.”

Zander stopped a moment, watching as Rei’s eyes widened at the mention of him looking for men. Zander was used to dealing with more experienced boys who understood what they were getting themselves into. From the reaction Rei had in the car to being touched, Zander knew that this boy was completely innocent. Part of that added to the allure that was Rei all together. The thought of being able to train Rei exactly how he wanted, knowing that he wouldn’t have to work past previous experiences, had his blood sizzling.

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