His Fantasy

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I recently had my 23rd birthday, and we had been married for almost 2 years now. You have always been so open to my fantasies, and were willing to do anything for me during sex, even if you weren’t so into it. Recently you had brought up your favorite fantasy again… you asked me if I would be willing to fulfill it. Ever since you mentioned it the first time when I was 19, I had thought about it. I had also had fantasies about it, but unlike you, it wasn’t something I actually wanted to do. I was all too nervous about it actually… but you kept asking. I suppose I could have stopped your persistence if I had simply said ‘no’ in the beginning. But the problem was, I wasn’t sure myself if ‘no’ would be the permanent answer. You had always had fantasies about me with other men, and now it seemed you really wanted your fantasy to become reality…

Dinner was finished and I was cleaning up in the kitchen, when once again you brought up the fantasy you had so often shared with me. You came up behind me as I was rinsing a pot and put your arms around my waist.
“Have you thought about it?” you asked. I sighed; you had brought it up the day before.
“Yes, I have… and I still haven’t decided.” I could tell you were getting a little frustrated. I knew you would never FORCE me to do something, but you sure would bug me about it. You had been thinking about it more than usual, probably because I had recently begun to give in. I wanted to do it for you… but at the same time I was still unsure about how I felt about it.

That night you reached over and pulled me to you. You lay behind me and whispered your fantasy to me again. I have to admit, it did turn me on. Your hands moved up and down my stomach as you spoke, and I moaned quietly as you continued your fantasy. Your left hand moved to my breasts, while your right moved in the opposite direction. I pushed myself back into your body, trying to get as close as possible. Your hand moved slowly over my panties, as you told me what was in your mind. Your fingers slowly stroked me through the thin fabric, and I groaned and pushed back into you again. Your other hand was still busy massaging my breasts, and you continued whispering.

“I am watching while he fucks you, then I get up, and turn you over… then we are both fucking you…. I’m in your pussy while he is in your ass…” your words are getting quieter and you are breathing more between sentences…. You then put your hand inside my underwear, and become more vigorous with your strokes. Finally you stop talking, and begin to kiss my neck and shoulder. You remove you hand and turn my head to kiss you. Your hand moves back down and you slide off my panties. I moan in anticipation.

You pull on my waist and lay me on my back. Climbing on top of me you grind against me and kiss me passionately. You hands are massaging my breasts, and your mouth moves down to meet them. You begin to lick and suck on my nipples while your hands caress my sides, stomach, and ass. I am thrusting my hips up to you, wanting you inside me while you continue to tease me. Again you move downward, kissing and caressing my stomach as you do so. Your hands move down, and rest on my hips, you look up at me and grin as you continue downward and spread my legs. I feel hot, and I am starting to blush. You put your mouth on me and I moan and move my hips to you. Your tongue slides across my clit slowly, teasing me, while your hands pull my hips to you. I anticipate your every move, I moan and wiggle, begging for more.

“Tom….” I gasp when you suddenly put two fingers inside me. You look at me for a moment when I say your name…then you return your full attention to the task at hand. My face is hot, I always blush when you do this…. I am gripping the bed sheets and arching my back, wanting you so much. Your fingers move inside me, stroking me intensely while your tongue continues teasing me wildly. Finally, after what seemed like forever you stop, and remove your fingers. I groan in objection, and thrust my hips. My eyes are closed tightly when I feel you move up and kiss me. My heart is pounding as you lift my hips from the bed and position yourself in between my legs. You are having too much fun teasing me… you grin while you slowly stroke me with your dick. I groan and thrust my hips at you, I’m beginning to get frustrated, I want you so much. Finally you push yourself inside me and I moan with relief. You thrust into me hard and fast, I can’t keep up with you. After a few minuets you lay down on top of me, and I put my arms around you, griping your skin and moaning. You are moving slower, so I am able to return your thrusts. You put your mouth on mine, and you kiss me deeply. I suck on your tongue, I soon loose my breath, and have to break the kiss. I gasp for air and hold you tighter.

You pull me over, and before I know what you are doing, I am on top of you. You sit me up and grab my breasts while I ride you. I am moaning as I sit further back so your dick hits my cervix. I eventually lean forward and lay on top of you, gripping your sides and kissing your neck. I move more slowly, keeping a certain pace. Your hands are moving all over my body… izmir escort bayan along my back, sides, and ass. You grip my hips and pull me further… I feel you pushing deeper into me. I groan and your hands venture across my ass, massaging my skin and trying not to grip me too hard.

I feel you deep inside me as you pull me down. You lift me so I am grinding into your abdomen, as you move your hand across my back, then slowly down to my ass you whisper to me “Do you want me to put my finger in your ass?” I blush, and I continue to grind as I quietly answer yes. You sit up slightly and tell me to turn around. I turn so that I am facing your feet. You put your hands on my hips and guide me slowly. You pull out of me suddenly and I groan. You slowly put your thumb inside me, and it takes me a moment realize why you did that. You put yourself back in me and thrust against me again. Suddenly I feel your thumb against my ass, now lubricated with my juices, and you slowly push it in. I groan wildly and begin to move faster. You smile and moan for me, it turns me on even more. I am leaning forward as I fuck you harder… I can barely control myself. You push your thumb deeper, and I moan loudly as my muscles spasm. My heart is pounding and I am exhausted. You remove your thumb and quickly flip me over. You begin thrusting in to me hard and fast, you groan as you grip my hips hard. You thrust into me so hard I start to ache… I love it. You lay down on me and I moan in your ear and tell you to cum. You thrust harder, and finally you rest on top of me.

I smile and hold you as you lay on me breathing heavily. I put my hand behind your head and I lean down to kiss you. You caress me, and I put my arms underneath yours and hold you tightly. You slowly get up and walk to the bathroom. I lay on the bed not wanting to move. You return a few minuets later, and put your arms around me. I smile and kiss you. “I love you…” you whisper to me. “I love you too.” I slowly drift off to sleep while you hold me. I feel you kiss my forehead lightly, right before I start to dream.

When I woke the next morning, you had already gotten up. I sighed and rolled over and cuddled the warm covers for a few minuets before getting up. I sat up and got out of bed while I yawned, and thought about the night before. I smiled while I replayed the night in my head. I put on my pajama pants, shirt and slippers. My feet were cold. I went to the bathroom, got cleaned up and came into the living room, where I saw you sitting on the couch watching TV. You looked up at me and smiled.

“Morning.” I said as I yawned. You corrected me,
“You mean afternoon?” I looked at the clock on the microwave… yup its was 12:36. “Wow, I didn’t realize I slept that late” you laughed and said I must have been tired out. I just grinned as you winked at me. I went to the kitchen to make some coffee and a bagel.

“So, have you decided yet?” you asked yet again. I groaned,
“Just drop it… I’ll tell you when I have, you don’t need to ask every day”
“Sure I do. If I don’t you will forget” you smiled. I just rolled my eyes. Annoyingly enough you were right. After a while I would just hope you forgot about it, so I never had to answer. But you never let that happen. I knew I would have to make a decision about it eventually… but I was torn between wanting to do something for you, and my own fears.

‘Tomorrow is Sunday… ‘ I began thinking “alright,” I said “give me until Monday, and I will have your answer by then. If not, then you can assume it’s a no.”
“Alright,” you replied, “I don’t want to rush you or anything”
“Uh huh… sure.” I said mockingly. I thought about it all day… and had a hard time sleeping that night. Sunday you had to go run some errands, so I was left mostly to myself and my thoughts.

Monday morning came faster than I had hoped. And when your alarm went off you turned and kissed me.
“Well?” you asked. I sighed and stated rudely “I never said what TIME on Monday I would make a decision.” You just laughed and got out of bed. I groaned and turned over as I heard the shower water start running. That day I thought about all the pros and cons…and weighed my options. When you got home you gave me a look that asked me if I had come to a conclusion yet. I glared at you…and you smiled and turned away. After a very quiet dinner you went to watch the nightly news. I sat next to you, sipping some tea. Every once in while you would look at me questioningly, I never made eye contact, and pretended to watch the news.

That night when we went to bed, you curled up behind me and kissed my ear, neck, then lips. I remained silent. You said, “It’s getting late….” I sighed and replied
“I know…..”
“and you have yet to answer me”
“I know…..” it was silent for a few minuets. I wondered if you felt like you were pressuring me. Before I wondered for too long, you interrupted my thoughts.
“You know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. And you don’t have to make a decision right away. I love you, honey. I don’t want you to feel like you’d be disappointing me if you said no.”

“I know, Tom…. It’s not so much that. I mean, buca escort I know its something I would enjoy, and I know how much you want it. And I want to do it for you… but at the same time I’m scared about how I will feel about it after its all said and done… and besides that, you know me… you know how far you can go with me and you know what not to do. I trust you because I know you. I have told you what is ok, what isn’t, and how to do certain things without hurting me. Someone else…. Wouldn’t know that. I mean if it was another you then hell yeah…” I continued as I laughed nervously “ but how do I know ‘someone else’ wouldn’t do something stupid? Or what if they are only concerned about themselves, and don’t care if they hurt me? I don’t want to walk into something that ends up feeling more like I’m being raped than anything else.” You were quiet…. “I know I would like it if they were just like you, but what if they aren’t? I don’t want to start something I feel like I have to finish, then feel like a miserable whore afterwards.”
“Honey, if anything happened that upset you at all, you don’t have to keep going. If you get upset or hurt then you can just stop.”
“I don’t know… I don’t know if I could handle something like that happening… And if it did I wouldn’t feel right just getting up and saying ‘sorry, I changed my mind’”
“I promise, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens ok? And if it does just let me know and I’ll stop it”
I was quiet for a few minuets while I thought things through. You kissed me just below my ear, and I sighed “alright…. “
“Your sure its ok?” I smiled weakly… I was scared.
“Yeah…” I said. You kissed me gently and promised me once again nothing bad would happen. For the next few hours we discussed how it would be done. I decided I would rather have you pick someone that I didn’t know… just in case I never wanted to see them again. I told you I would be too nervous to do anything at first… and as the night went on we worked out the best ways for me to feel comfortable.

A week went by, and everything seemed normal. I almost started to think you’d changed your mind. But Friday morning when your alarm went off, you kissed me, and said “I have a surprise for you, but it will have to wait until I get home” I looked at you questioningly, and wasn’t entirely sure by what you meant. I considered what we had talked about… but wasn’t sure if it might be that or something else. I was anxious all day, wondering what it was, and if you had actually been talking about what I was worried you were….

At 5:00 you walked through the door. I smiled at you, and you walked over and picked me up off the couch. I was really beginning to wonder now… you took me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Before I could even ask, my question was answered. You took off my shirt, and tied my hands to the headboard. I suddenly felt a wave of fear wash over me. ‘Oh god…’ I thought as you put a blindfold over my eyes. I started shaking, and wondering if it was too late to take it back. I lay there quivering, and you leaned over me and kissed me “It’s ok…” you whispered reassuringly. I was scared out of my mind, but I just lay there quietly… I didn’t want to take it back now…

I heard you leave the bedroom; you shut the door behind you. I lay there in the silence, terrible thoughts running rampant through my head. I heard you open the front door, and I heard your voice… then someone else’s. I couldn’t make out what you were saying. Suddenly you quieted a bit, your voice was low and serious. I wished I knew what you were saying. Suddenly I heard the bedroom door open, I heard two sets of footsteps… I froze. I was too scared to move.

I felt someone’s hands on my hips, straightening me out. I didn’t know if it was you… or the other person. This was part of the plan. Blindfolded I wouldn’t know who was where or what exactly was going on. I didn’t have to see his eyes or him… I never had to know who he was. The most I could figure was that it was a friend from work… that didn’t matter. I never met any of your work friends anyway.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my pants being undone, and pulled off. I couldn’t tell if it was you… and no one said a word. I felt someone straddle my stomach… they still had their pants on. I felt the denim fabric against my bare stomach. I was laying in only my bra and underwear in front of you and a total stranger. I was still too terrified to move. Someone else straddled my legs… whoever was nearest to my face undid my bra and removed the straps…OH… it must have been you… how would anyone else have known the straps on this bra were removable? I felt relief for a second, knowing that you were closest to me… but that relief suddenly left when I realized a stranger was rubbing my crotch, while you massaged my breasts. I whimpered slightly… I couldn’t help it. You bent down, kissed me, and whispered, “Are you ok?” I couldn’t change my mind now…. I swallowed hard and nodded.

You caressed me gently and kissed me again. I couldn’t help but feel what the other man was doing, and I wriggled a little. I felt you start to get hard though your pants. I was happy you were izmir escort looking at my face, and not him. I was blushing, and I was still scared, but I felt better knowing you were watching me closely. I knew that if you saw me upset you would stop… so I relaxed a little. I was moving my hips… oh god I hadn’t even realized I was. You got harder, and you started licking my nipples. Suddenly I felt my underwear being pulled down. I froze again…. ‘Oh god oh god oh god oh god’ I kept thinking. You noticed how still I got, and kissed me gently, reassuring me everything was ok. You ran your hands up and down my sides and kissed me once more… my underwear was gone… I gasped as I felt a mouth on me…the first thought I had was “GOD he could have shaved….” That made me smile. For a moment I forgot about being scared and was able to laugh at something… even if I was only laughing in my head. Suddenly I felt you move, and I panicked. You kept a hand on my arm, so I knew where you were. When you didn’t move from there it occurred to me… you were watching. That thought both scared and turned me on. I felt you shifting on the bed.

For a while I tried not to react, but it was getting harder and harder not to. My hips started moving. After a few minuets I felt him move… you let go of my arm and you switched places… only the other man didn’t sit next to me… I wondered where he went. He may just be standing… you then put your fingers in me and jerked me away from my thoughts. I moaned… then I felt another pair of hands. The other man was massaging my breasts and playing with my nipples… I turned beat red. I then wondered if the lights were on or off… my internal debate was interrupted when you both moved again. I heard unzipping… once again I lost track of where you were. Someone climbed on top of me and put himself inside me. I wondered if it was you, or him. The body type was like yours, but then again I’d never seen the other man so I didn’t know how similar he was to you.

Suddenly I felt a kiss on my breasts… it was him! His face was scruffy… you were sitting somewhere watching… my face got hot and I suddenly became very self-conscious. I heard him grunting softly… I just lay there wondering where in the room you were. He felt good, I admit… but I was still scared. I heard something… the man moved and I felt you climb on top of me. I felt better now… well I felt better until I realized that you being on top of me meant he was now watching…. You kissed me and touched me, obviously more secure about doing so than he was. You must have told him to be careful about what he did. After all I was yours, not his. I felt you suddenly move out of me… the other man moved back, picked up my ass and started fucking me again. He was on his knees, and you moved forward. You put your dick in between my breasts and started rubbing against me. I heard you both groaning… you louder than him. He was supposed to be as quiet as possible like you and I discussed… I didn’t want to hear him talking.

I made a slight moan as he began to move faster. You pushed your dick closer to my face…. I got the idea. I opened my mouth and started licking you. You moaned and pushed forward more. I took you in my mouth and started sucking on your dick. You were moving slightly, trying to keep still. I licked your shaft, and then took your head in my mouth again. After a few more minuets you suddenly moved, and so did the other man.

You took my sides and rolled me to my right. I felt you lie down next to me and put yourself inside me. I suddenly felt the other man behind me… his hands on my waist as he moved closer to me… he moved again, doing something I was unsure of. You were slowly moving in and out of me, I huddled closer to you. The other man put his hands back on my waist, and I suddenly felt his dick against my ass. For a moment I froze again, and you kissed me and brushed my cheek with your hand. I felt the other man pushing slowly into me. I was scared… but despite that fact I could barely contain myself from moaning. God, it felt so good. I put my left leg over you, and felt his leg move over my right. He pushed into me more… I groaned. I couldn’t help it. You kept fucking me… a little faster now… I was gasping.

The man started slowly moving, and as he did so I began to grind my ass into him, and then my pussy onto you… oh god… this was insane. I started feeling dizzy. I heard you both moaning when I started reacting to both you and him. I wanted it now… I wasn’t scared anymore and I just wanted you to fuck me. I felt so full and warm inside… oh god I just wanted to cum. I started moaning. I wanted so much to hold you, but my hands were still tied above my head. I moved wildly against you both, gasping and moaning. I felt my climax building… and I came. A few moments later I stopped moving… I felt you cum… then him. I was so exhausted. You held onto me for a while as he got up. You kissed me, then you got up as well. I lay there… still blindfolded and tied to the bed. I heard a few words, the front door open, then close. Then I heard you come back. You untied me and took the blindfold off. You were smiling.

I smiled back at you, then closed my eyes while I huddled next to you. After a few minuets you spoke. “Well?” you asked me.
I laughed a little… and said, “Lets do that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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