His Gift


It was after midnight when He finally made it home. Opening the door to their room light spilled in chasing away the shadows and illuminating her small form on the bed. His eyes drift over the sight before Him: she lay curled into a small ball, her crimson curls splayed across the white satin sheets. He stared at her thinking she looked so young and untouched by the world as she slept, once again He marveled that she choose Him to give her most precious of gifts. He settles onto the edge of the bed and instinctively she curls herself nearer to Him. Her movements causing her nightgown to creep up exposing her ivory thighs and the gentle curve of her ass; He lightly brushes the back of His hand over her cheek. Feeling His touch her eyes flutter open to the sight of Him smiling lovingly down at her… A soft smile curling over her lips. “Evening Master,” she murmurs sleepily as she stretches out across their bed. Leaning down He kisses her inviting lips.

“Evening my pet, I missed you today and I have a surprise for you… a present.” Her emerald eyes sparkle in the dying light of the room moving closer to Him her nails running up His chest.

“Oooooooo gimmie Master!!”

“Hmmm what a greedy little pet I seem to have on my hands… perhaps I should keep My gift.” He chuckles softly as He hears her breath catch in her throat. He snaps His fingers and points to the floor beside the bed. Instantly she slides off their bed directly onto her knees beside His feet her silken nightgown puddling around her, vibrant crimson tendrils brushing over the top of her breasts. Her creamy white thighs parted to reveal to Him what was His… her silky smooth pussy, kuşadası escort which was already, starting to glisten in her undying need for His touch. Her back arched pushing her breasts up to Him as they rise and fall gently with each breath she takes. Her sparkling eyes which He loved so much cast to the floor; He reaches down and lifts her chin with a single finger to look deep into her eyes “I love you My pet.”

Her soft southern accent fills the room, “You’re my heart Master, I love You too.” Running His fingers through her hair He leaves her beside the bed as He goes over to there toy chest and removes a few things careful to not let her see them. Walking back towards her He tells her to get onto the bed and lay spread eagle in the center of it. She pushes herself off her heels and crawls into the bed. Lowering herself onto her back she slides her legs apart and stretches her arms over her head. He ties the ropes to each corner of their four poster bed, then He wraps the soft red leather cuffs first around her ankles then around her delicate wrists. Slipping the rope through the metal loops attached to the cuffs He pulls the rope taunt and ties it, leaving her totally exposed to Him. Slipping His black silk tie off from around His neck, He folds it in half and slips it over her eyes and ties it behind her head. He notices her panic slightly as her sight is taken from her, He kisses her softly to reassure her.

“Trust me pet, I’d never harm you.” She sighs softly knowing His words are true. Taking deep breaths she lets her body relax one tense muscle at a time. He runs His fingers lightly over her skin, goosebumps popping kuşadası escort bayan up in the wake of His touch. Flicking her belly button ring as He passes by it He continues to drag His fingers down her body. He slides one finger between her pussy lips, His finger pressing down on her already hard clit. A devilish grin appears on His lips, “mmm it seems My little one is excited to be played with this evening.” She strains against the ropes, trying to get His fingers to push harder against her sensitive clit.

“Master I’m always excited for Your attention, for Your every touch thrills me,” she whispers softly almost to herself. He pulls his finger off her clit, after a few moments of silence she hears the soft and all too familiar whirring of her vibrator. He runs it over her clit a few times till she’s pulling against the ropes. Then He starts to slowly slide the vibrator into her, moving it in and out of her. He feels His own desire growing as her moans rise against the silence of the room. She arches up to meet each of His movements trying to force the toy further into her. Sliding His thumb up her pussy lips He presses it against her clit and begins to rub it gently. She starts to beg for release, her pussy lips coated with her sweetness. Knowing her He knows she can’t hold out much longer, so He slowly removes the vibe from her. She whimpers softly but doesn’t question why He stopped all of the sudden instead she just sinks her teeth into her lower lip and tried to calm herself. He reaches up and removes the ropes from the loops on her cuffs but leaves the red leather wrapped around her wrists and ankles. He takes her hand and escort kuşadası pulls her up to a sitting position.

“You’ve done well little one, its time for your gift.” He helps her off the bed steadying her shaky legs and guides her to kneel before Him. She hears Him walk over to the other side of their room and listens as he rummages inside of something. Reaching her He leans down and brushes His lips over her neck and whispers into her ear, “I’m going to remove the blindfold love, but you must keep Your eyes shut until I tell you to open them.”

“Yes Master.” She forces herself to stay still, trying to contain her excitement. He unties the blindfold and lets it fall into her lap. Moving around to the front of her He crouches down to be eye level with her.

“Open your eyes.” Seeing what is in His hands her eyes light up and she glances quickly between His blue gray eyes and the present He holds. “Be mine forever pet, I love you.” She sits speechless for a moment looking over the collar He was offering her. It was her dream collar, the one she had told him about when they first met. Her eyes slowly passed over the wide silver choker, tears welled up, she tried to blink them away as she looked down at the single rose made from blue topaz hanging from the center of the collar.

“I cant believe You remembered” she managed to choke out. Then she noticed there was something engraved into the silver at the back of the collar, she peers closer and makes out the words ‘His forever’ and the tears start to roll down her cheeks. He chuckles and wipes the tears from her flushed cheeks with the back of His hand.

“I do hope that means yes.”

“Yes… always and forever Yours Master. I love You.” He snaps the collar around her neck and scoops her up into His arms, holding her tight to His chest. Laying her down on the bed He curls up with her, running His fingers though her silky curls.

“Yes forever Mine My love.”

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