Holiday at the Beach Ch. 01

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It was a glorious sunny day as we drove along the road next to the seaside. It had been a long drive from our home, which was well inland, and I was looking forward to reaching the cottage that we had rented for the summer holidays.

I was really looking forward to this holiday. My daughter Samantha would soon be going away to start college, and this would be our last time together as a family for several months. She had been busy studying hard for her high school finals for the last few weeks, and I hadn’t been able to spend much time with her during that time.

There was another reason that I was looking forward to this holiday so much. Things between my wife Lynne and myself had been a little strained lately. Especially in the bedroom department. I guess that might be expected after twenty years of marriage, but I was hoping that the warm weather and the relaxed lifestyle might give her some inspiration.

We drove through the seaside town of Sandy Bay and continued along the road. The scenery was mostly bush, with houses set amongst the trees. Finally we came to the address given to us by the rental agency. There were two small but attractive cottages next to each other nestled between the trees.

I noticed that there was a car in the driveway of the other cottage. Looks like we have some neighbours, I thought. Then as we started to unload the car I heard a woman’s voice say, “Hello there!”

I looked up, and there was an attractive woman with a teenage girl. “Hello, I’m Jayne,” said the woman. “And this is my daughter Paige.”

We introduced ourselves, and Jayne asked if we would like to come into her house for a cup of coffee before we unpacked. It had been a long drive and we accepted her offer gratefully.

As we drank our coffee, Jayne told us that her husband had been killed in a motor accident a few months ago. Her daughter Paige had been away at college at the time, and suddenly Jayne had found herself alone. She and Paige had taken this holiday to try to get their lives back together. Well, I thought, I shouldn’t get wrapped up too much in my problems. Some people have bigger problems than I have.

We finished our coffee, thanked Jayne for her hospitality, and continued unpacking the car. By the time that we had finished it was getting dark. We ate dinner, and as we were all tired we went to bed early.

The next morning there was a knock on the door, and it was Paige. “Good morning,” she said. “I thought that Sam might like to go to the beach with me.”

“Oh yes, thanks,” said Sam. “I’ll get my things.”

After they had left, Lynne settled down on the deck with a book. So I thought that I might as well go and check out the beach myself. I walked through the bushes along the track that connected our two cottages to the beach. As I neared the end, I heard Sam and Paige talking. I was just about to call out to them when suddenly I stopped in my tracks. Through the bushes I saw the two girls. They were standing behind a tree near the end of the track, gaziantep escortları and they were changing into their swimsuits.

I watched fascinated as they pulled off their T-shirts. Sam’s shirt came off first. She had cute little tits, not yet properly developed, but full of promise. Then Paige took off her shirt. Her tits were superb! They were beautifully shaped, like two ripe pears that were ready for plucking, with big pink nipples.

Then the girls took off their shorts and panties. Sam had a nice little patch of dark pussy hair, but Paige was fully shaved. Her pussy lips stood out proudly.

I saw Sam checking out Paige. “Your pussy looks so nice shaved, Paige,” she said. “Do you think that I should shave mine?”

“Absolutely!” said Paige. “It feels so nice when my boyfriend eats me out.”

“You let boys eat your pussy?” asked Sam.

“Oh yes,” said Paige. “And girls, too, sometimes. Don’t you?”

“No,” said Sam. Then she added softly, “I’m still a virgin.”

“Wow, an eighteen year old virgin!” said Paige. “That’s rare.” And then she added, “We will have to do something about that, won’t we? After all, that’s what summer holidays are all about.”

Both girls giggled. Then they put on their swimsuits and ran laughing down the beach and into the water.

Of course the sight of these two beautiful naked women had had a serious effect on my cock. It didn’t seem to remember that one of them was my daughter! So I had to wait in the bushes for a few minutes until I recovered.

When I walked down to the beach I saw the girls in the water, so I dropped my towel next to their things and ran into the surf. I had grown up near the beach and I loved to surf when I was young. I hadn’t body surfed for many years but I soon remembered how much fun it is.

When the girls saw me body surfing, they asked me to teach them how to do it. A few quick lessons, which included me holding their beautiful bikini-clad bodies while I showed them what to do, and soon they were catching waves like experts.

After we tired ourselves out in the surf, we returned to the beach and lay in the sun. Sam and Paige rubbed each other with sun screen lotion. As I watched, I wished that it was me who was doing the rubbing, smearing the lotion lovingly all over their tight young bodies. I had to lie on my stomach while I watched, so that they wouldn’t see my erection.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but I spent a lot of time thinking about Paige’s lovely body.

The next day, Lynne and Sam went into the town to do some shopping. As there wasn’t much else to do, I was watching the porn channel on the TV. There was a knock at the door, and I heard Paige’s voice call out, “Hello! Anyone home?”

I switched off the TV and answered the door. “Hi Paige,” I said. “Sam’s not here. She’s gone shopping with her mother.”

“Oh,” said Paige. “I was going to ask her to go swimming with me. I don’t like to swim by myself.” Then after a pause she said, “I don’t suppose that you would like to go for a swim with me?”

The chance of another frolic in the surf with a bikini-clad Paige was too much to pass up. “Sure,” I said. “I was just watching TV. It’s too hot for that anyway.”

I changed into my swimmers and we set off down the path. Paige led the way, and I admired her bikini-clad ass as I followed her. When we reached the beach we stopped and put down our things. Then Paige took off her shirt, and I could see that her tiny bikini top was having a hard time containing her magnificent breasts.

“Race you to the water,” she said, and ran into the surf. I ran in after her. She asked me to teach her some more about surfing. I thought that she had done pretty well the day before, but I didn’t argue. Then while I was holding her, a large wave caught us off guard. It hit us from behind and sent us tumbling together towards the beach, and when we stopped I landed on top of Paige. Even with the shock of the wave, I was very aware of her tits pressing into my chest.

The wave receded, and we both stood up. “Are you all right, Paige?” I asked. “Sorry I landed on you.”

“Oh that’s OK,” she said. And she smiled at me.

There were a few more surfing lessons, and a couple of times her tits rubbed against my arm. I wondered briefly if that was an accident.

When we had had enough of the surf we returned to the beach and dried off. “Will you put some lotion on my back?” asked Paige. “I don’t want to get burned.”

Paige lay on her tummy and I started to rub lotion on her shoulders. Then she reached around and untied the strings to her bikini top. “I don’t like tan lines,” she said.

I rubbed the lotion on her back, and then her sides, going as close to her boobs as I dared. I so wanted to just keep rubbing, to slide my hands under her, and take her breasts in my palms. But that would have to remain a dream. So when I had finished, I lay on the sand, closed my eyes, and thought about Paige’s beautiful tits.

After about an hour we decided that we had had enough sun for one day, and we walked back up the track to the cottages. I asked Paige if she would like to come inside for a glass of lemonade, and she said yes.

I poured two glasses of lemonade and took them into the living room. Paige had turned on the TV, and it was still on the porn channel. “This is pretty hot,” she said. “Were you watching this when I came over earlier?”

“Yes,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh you are a naughty man, Steve,” she said impishly. “What would Lynne say about that?”

“She won’t say anything,” I said, “If we don’t tell her.”

I sat on the couch, and Paige came and sat next to me. We watched the movie in silence for a few minutes while we drank our lemonade. Then suddenly Paige said, “Do you like women with big titties?”

I was surprised by her question, but I said, “Well, yes, I think that most men do.”

“So do I,” said Paige. “I have a girlfriend at college who has lovely titties. I just love to squeeze and suck them.”

Wow! Was Paige coming on to me? There was only one way to find out, and so I ventured, “And do you like to have your titties sucked?”

“Oh yes, I love it,” she said. Then she looked down. “See,” she said, “My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it.”

Sure enough her nipples were thrusting out at her bikini top. “You have beautiful breasts,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said smiling. Then with big innocent eyes she said, “Would you like to see them?”

“I would like that very much,” I said breathlessly.

Paige smiled at me, and then she reached around her back and undid the string to her bikini top. The top fell away, revealing her superb tits to me once again.

I squeezed her tits, and then I kissed and sucked her nipples, rolling them around my tongue, and she held my head close to her. Then I slipped my hand down onto her thigh. She opened her legs and I put my hand on her mound. I could feel her pussy lips through her bikini.

Suddenly it was all too much for me to stand. I had to fuck her, and right now! I moved between her legs and slid down the bottom of her bikini. As soon as I had done that I pulled out my cock and slammed it into her pussy.

Paige gasped as my cock entered her, but then she immediately wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast. I was long past the point where I could respond to her needs, I just had to fuck her tight little pussy as hard as I could. Then suddenly she squealed with the joy of an orgasm, and her squeal made me shoot my load into her.

It took us both a few seconds to recover. “Oh wow!” gasped Paige. “I’ve never been fucked like that before. It was amazing!”

We lay together for a few minutes, and then I heard Jayne’s voice at the door. “Paige,” she called. “Are you in there?”

We scrambled for our clothes, and Paige called out, “Coming, mommy.” But before she had finished dressing, Jayne came into the room. She looked at Paige, and then at the porn movie that was still running on the TV. “What’s going on here?” she demanded. “Have you been fucking my daughter?”

“No!?” I said weakly.

“Paige, go back to our cottage,” ordered Jayne.

“But mommy…..” protested Paige.

“Go, young lady,” ordered Jayne. “I’ll deal with you later.”

Poor Paige said nothing and meekly went outside.

Jayne turned to me, but the look of anger had gone from her face. “Now Steve,” she purred. “I know that young girls can be pretty, but they aren’t experienced. If you wanted a good fuck, why didn’t you ask me?”

I was too shocked to say anything.

Jayne moved next to me, and before I could say anything, she had slipped her hand into my shorts. “Mmmm, nice cock,” she murmured. “No wonder Paige looked so pleased with herself. She’s used to fucking college boys with small dicks.”

My mind may have been confused by all this, but my cock certainly wasn’t. It started to respond to Jayne’s touch. And when she pulled down my shorts and took my cock in her mouth, I just switched off my brain and let my cock take charge of my body.

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