Holiday Living at the Beach

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The phone rang as Keith just finished telling me he loved me. It was Susie.

“Hi, Nancy,” said Susie. “How’s it going?”

“Fine,” I replied smiling at Keith while pointing to a picture of Susie and me in a framed picture.

“Are you dating anyone, Nancy? Bill has this great friend I’d like to set you up with,” stated Susie.

“Oh, that’s so nice of you, Susie,” I replied imagining what kind of bore her set-up would be. “But, I’m really busy at work and traveling a lot which wouldn’t be fair to Bill’s friend right now. Maybe another time.”

“You’re not still chasing younger men, are you?” asked Susie in her cagey tone.

“I’ve got to go, Susie. Someone is at the door.” I quickly ended the interrogation.

I WAS BUSY making love to my younger man!!!


Keith and I had a night of great sex. When I woke up the next morning, I wondered if Keith remembered to use a condom with all the spewing whip cream and strawberries in bed.

Oh well, now wasn’t the time to worry about it.

Keith and I continued seeing each other regularly. He quit seeing his other young gals and I was dating him solely. He was wonderful and he was all I wanted. I was pretty sure he felt the same way.

A few weeks went by, and I kept trying to remember the whipped cream night together but it was a blur.

Keith didn’t remember much of the night either so I waited patiently to see what the future may bring.


When I was sure after a few more weeks, I tried to break the news to Keith but never quite got the words out. As he walked in the door, I told him I needed to talk to him again. I told him I had a surprise for him.

“There’s plenty of time to chat,” he responded as he threw me on the bed. “I have about an 8 inch surprise for you as we made love again until sunrise.”

As we awoke, I kissed Keith and told him I had a surprise for him. Actually, I had two surprises for him. I wasn’t sure how he would handle the news.

I was shocked I was pregnant at my age. As Keith looked up at me with a serious look on my face, I began. “Keith, I don’t know how you’re going to handle this news. I need to tell you that I’m….”

*** As time progressed, I continued to see my twenty something man. Keith was exactly the man I expected him to be and that’s why I loved him. So what if I was pregnant in my forties. We casino siteleri could raise our child together till death do us part.

It was the Holiday season now and the months had flown by. Keith came over to help me decorate for Christmas celebrations. We put up a tree with old fashioned lights from my parents; decorated the gifts; and, then started to make love under the tree near the fireplace with the romance of white lights titillating the atmosphere.

“Do you think we should?” Keith asked.

“Just because I’m pregnant, it doesn’t mean we can’t have sex, Keith.”

“But you’re really showing now,” replied Keith.

“Are you repulsed?” I asked, as Keith grabbed me by the shoulders and started kissing me passionately.

“Nancy, we’re going to get married. Of course not!” he reassured me.


When I first met Keith, I expected our May-December romance to end as a fling. But it didn’t turn out that way. I loved Keith and he loved me. The pregnancy was an accident, if an accident is what you call it.

So, Keith was in his twenties and I was in my forties. Our baby would be grown before I turned old and ugly, although Keith said he would never picture that happening because I was so beautiful to him.

Keith was idealistic. I loved him for that. I loved his youth, his spontaneity, his responsiveness, his humor, and always keeping me enlightened and amused. Was that so horrible and selfish?


“But, Keith, we’re getting married New Year’s Eve. Don’t you think we should save ourselves till then?” I asked.

“ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT!” he said, as Keith ravished my chubby tummy.

“Well, you wouldn’t be so anxious if the baby came before our wedding,” I said.

“It would be a nativity scene and it would be wonderful, Nancy. Any objections?” Keith asked.

We made love that night and it was so beautiful. The Southern California beaches were frisky and there was even talk about snow which happens in Los Angeles only about every ten years. The hail storm last week was enough winter for most Southern Californians. And then, UCLA won today, and that probably ruined USC’s chances for the Rose Bowl Football Game when everyone sees our blue skies and decides to move to California.


Well, the holidays were here. Thanksgiving and the Christmas parties were all wonderful. I was about to prepare slot oyna a big feast for our two families tomorrow. I had a great big turkey, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, Polish sauerkraut, cranberry sauce, green beans, salads and desserts planned and prepared to finish making tomorrow.

“Gosh, Nancy, everything looks great! But this is so much work for a pregnant engaged mom-to-be,” said Keith.

“I enjoy it, I love cooking and besides our ‘baby’ has to get used to my Holiday cooking,” I replied.

Keith laughed. “And then there’s the wedding New Year’s Day! Nancy, I think you’re overdoing it,” he warned.

“I’m fine. You worry too much for a younger man,” I retorted.

“Well, that’s my job now that I have an older fiancée,” responded Keith.

“Very funny, Keith. I thought we weren’t going to talk about ages anymore,” I jested.

“Old is a state of mind,” Keith reminded me.


Christmas dinner was superb, so everyone said. I couldn’t eat much because I was feeling a bit nauseous.

“Nancy, are you feeling okay?” asked Keith.

“Of course I am. Just feeling a little kicking, I think. Don’t worry young man. Grandma is just fine,” I said mockingly after Keith and I had had a night of exciting, arousing, youthful and passionate sex.

“Okay, I’ll stop before I sound like I’m the older of us two,” Keith said jesting back. “After all, you had no problem in bed last night. You were fantastic, as usual.”

“Stop it, you horney Elf. You just know how to get me excited,” I scorned.

“Yes, I do, and you know how to respond,” Keith bantered back.

“Men. You can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them,” I laughed.

I’ll give you another shot tonight, sweetheart. And, I don’t think you’ll be complaining but instead lining me up under the mistletoe and ravaging me.”

“We’ll see, Keith. But, really, I’m fine. Don’t worry. Just keep me laughing,” I encouraged.


I put out all of the desserts out for the conclusion of our Christmas meal — pumpkin pie, apple pie, minced pie, pumpkin bread, fruit salad, and champagne to end the celebration.

Everyone dug in as Keith reminded me and said, “No champagne for you, honey!”

“Oh, just a little!” I said and then I moaned a little more dropping my champagne glass. As I looked below on the floor, I realized my water had broken.

Everyone canlı casino siteleri looked at me in worry.

“Honey, let’s go,” Keith said.

“Keith, it’s too early,” I wept.

“Nancy, everything will be okay. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” as I passed out in Keith’s arms.


When I awoke in the emergency room, all our relatives were surrounding us.

“What happened?” I asked uncertainly.

Everyone looked at me with big grins on their faces. Then they looked at Keith.

“You delivered, Nancy,” said Keith.

“Is everything okay, Keith? What happened?” I asked apprehensively. “What happened? Oh, God, did I lose our baby?” I screamed out.

“I’ll be right back, honey. Hold on. I have two surprises for you and two gifts for you as your Christmas present.”

“Keith, please don’t leave,” I pleaded.

“For just a second, sweetheart. Don’t worry,” Keith promised.

I started to doze off and then I heard the sound of crying babies. I looked up and Keith was holding a newborn baby boy and a girl.

“Are those yours?” I asked in disbelief.

“No, Nancy, they are ours, until death does us part,” responded Keith.

“I can’t believe it. It was too early and you….” I blamed.

“They are completely healthy,” Keith informed me.

Nancy, I hope you don’t mind but we all named the babies. How does Christina Noel and Noel Jesus sound for your babies?” everyone asked.

“Perfect. Two angels made in Heaven with God’s love and a blessing. I can’t believe it Keith. I can’t believe it. My husband is a baby and now I have two new babies,” I joked.

“Well, you have three babies to take care of now and I have three babies to take care of, too,” Keith jested.

Everyone replied, “You guys are doing okay, so far. Keep up the good work.”


Well, I wasn’t quite fit for a New Year’s wedding, but the following Easter which was my 45th birthday, Keith and I were married. For Easter we reenacted the Nativity scene with both our twins as the babes of Bethlehem. They were getting chunky and Keith and I were happier than ever.

Gosh, I felt like the babe in Bethlehem. I was so blessed. A new man, a new baby girl and boy, and now I was a wife.

Susie was my matron of honor. She was shocked when I called her after the Christmas holidays. I hadn’t even told her that I was pregnant, let alone getting married. She adjusted just fine, I think!


To each of every one of my Literotica readers, “God Bless,” good sex, relationships and kinship for the holidays and New Year.

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