Holly in my Pants


“Please?” Begged Linda the sexy Christmas party organizer. “No one else is willing to do it!”

Linda was asking me to be the office Santa.

“No one?” I asked.

“Well no one who fits the bill!” Linda said sheepishly.

“What do you mean?” I probed. “I’m not fat.” Actually I am pretty fit. No excessive fat.

“Well I hate to be discriminatory, but no one who is good looking enough for people… girls to want to sit on your lap.” Said Linda. “I can’t believe I said that, especially being the Director of HR.”

Now I was a bit embarrassed. I’m not ugly, but I did think I was that good looking that women would want to sit on my lap.

“You’re the right height and the suit has padding for girth.” Linda explained. “And as Director of HR I’m pulling rank and directing you to do it. I’ll make sure it will be worth your while!”

“Like?” I questioned.

“Free booze!” She responded.

“Okay, I’ll do it!” I answered without thinking. “Hey! Wait a sec! It’s an open bar!”

“Too late!” Linda giggled. “Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find a reward appropriate to fully show my appreciation.”

The party was still a while to go. I guess Linda let it “slip” that I was “Santa.” A number of the women in the firm certainly let me know they couldn’t wait to sit on my lap or asked if I would deliver presents personally.

Even some of the guys teased me. Fucking gays!

On the big day, Linda came into my office.

“Ready to get ready?”

She entered followed by Holly.

“You know Holly from accounting don’t you?” Linda said rather than asked. “She’s agreed to be your elf for today.”

Holly was a cute 5 foot tall doll with long flowing, blond hair, big blue eyes and red painted lips. Kind of a Taylor Swift look alike.

Holly wore a tight fitting green outfit. The skirt was well above her knees. I could tell her black fishnets were held up with garter straps. Her high heel strappy, stilettos made her 5’5″ tall.

“Here’s the Santa outfit.” Linda placed it on the couch and left the office. “Holly will help you with the suit.”

I stood there slightly stunned by being dumped on to Holly. Not that I minded. Holly was definitely doable.

“I’m sorry you got stuck with this.” I said. “What incentive did Linda bribe you with?”

“I volunteered when I found out you were going to be Father Christmas.” Holly coyly smiled. “Let’s get you ready.”

The body was an adjustable halter type padding that tied in the back. There was no way I was going to wear my dress shirt underneath so I took off my jacket, tie and shirt. I slipped my head through the harness. Holly hooked me up in the back.

“Uh-oh!” Holly said picking up Santa’s pants

“What is it?” I asked. “I’m not putting it on if it’s dirty!”

“Umm… No…” Holly hesitated. “They are kind of …. Well I don’t think they are made to have a pair of pants underneath.”

I took a look. I would have sweated to death if I wore my dress pants even if I could wear them underneath.

“Okay, I’ve gone this far.” I reluctantly admitted. “Turn around and I’ll take off my pants.”

“Oooh! Okay.” Holly said with bit of surprise.

I reached down to undo my pants but my “Jelly Belly” Beylikdüzü escort prevented me from doing so.

“Er…. Holly….” I started. “I need your help. I can undo my pants!”

Holly turned and chuckled. “What’s a matter fatty, need to lose some weight?”

“Har! Har!” I answered. “Sorry about this. If you want, I can take the belly off and put the pants on.”

“No! That’s why your elf is here!” Holly said cheerfully. Almost too cheerfully. “Here Daddy! Let me help you.”

“Did you just call me Daddy?” I asked.

“Of course!” Holly confirmed. “After all you are Father Christmas. Now just stand there.”

Holly knelt in front of me. She unbuckled my belt. I felt blood start to rush to my groin. She popped the button. I was getting hard. And she seductively and slowly pull down my zipper one tooth at a time. By the time she was finished I was sporting a fully fledged flag pole!

Holly grabbed the pant waist with both hands and quickly pulled down my pants. Unfortunately she also hooked her thumbs into my underwear. As they descended below my crotch, my stiff popped up and smacked her in the face.

“Oooo! Did I do that?” Holly said.

“Sorry Holly.” I tried to apologize.

“No, I’m not sorry.” Holly said. “But you’re not going to get your pants on with that hard thing. Shame to let it go to waste though.”

For my belly, I could not see below. I felt my cock enter something warm and wet. I felt Holly closed her lips around my shaft. She reached around and grabbed handfuls of my ass and pulled me to her. She sucked in all of my thick 8-incher. I felt her nose press into me.

Holding me still, Holly rocked her head back and forth, almost allowing my cock to pop out but taking it back in before it could do so.

Holly started massaging my balls. Squeezing and rolling them in her hands. Then I felt something run under my sack and between my cheeks. Holly scratched her long finger nail along my crack.

I parted my feet as wide as my pants around my ankles would allow and relaxed my ass as much as I could.

Holly pulled one cheek away and started to wiggle a probing digit firmer into me. I felt her nail tip find my back entrance. Slowly she pushed and fingered it deeper into me until I felt her fist against my ass.

Holly continued to suck me off while finger fucking me. I’m usually pretty good controlling my excitement, but Holly was doing an exceptional job.

With my cock deep down her throat and her finger deep in my ass, I could feel my sperm boiling over.

Holly started pressing against my prostrate from the outside as well as from the inside. Try as I could, I couldn’t hold back any more. My groin started contracting and spasming.

“..U..C..K!!” was all I could muster before shooting my white cream directly into her belly.

Her throat milked me while her fingers still massaged my gland. I’ve never come so hard.

Finally she slowed down and extracted her finger from my ass.

Feeling a little weak, I leaned my hands against my desk for support.

Holly rose up from her knees. I heard her scrabbling around, I assumed to clean up. Instead I felt her press against me from behind.

“So Beyoğlu escort bayan I think you enjoyed that.” Holly whispered into my ear. “I’ve wanted to do that to you since I first saw you.”

I started to speak, but was interrupted.

“Shush!” Holly ordered. “Stay there! Just like that.”

She pulled away slightly and pushed me more forward over my desk. Again she knelt down. Her fingers grabbed my fleshy checks and pulled them apart. Holly leaned forward and pushed her long pointed tongue into my freshly finger fucked back hole.

I could feel her curve her tongue tip upwards. I felt soaked by her saliva.

Holly withdrew her oral probe. “Don’t move!”

I stood there bent forward with my hands on my desk and feet spread.

“Oh fuck!” I felt something cold and hard pushed into my asshole. It felt smooth and about thrice the girth of her finger but was only two or three inches long.

“Okay, we need to get you finished dressing.” Holly said rising up from the floor.

She helped me off with my shoes and the pulled off my pants and underwear. The latter she stuck in her pursue. “You won’t be needing these anymore.”

Whatever so stuff into my ass was staying there, but I felt a string or something dangle downwards.

When prodded, I lifted one foot then the other as Holly helped me with the red Santa pants. She wrapped the big wide belt around my belly and shoved my feet into the big black boots.

“Uh Holly?” I asked with trepidation. “What did you put in my ass?”

“Well that Santa baby, is my “make sire you stay in line” device.” She answered. “Anytime I see your eyes or hands roam towards other women…”

Holly showed me some sort of fob. She pushed the button with her long nail. Instantly there was a vibration deep in my bowel.

“That is a low setting.” Holly explained. “Let me turn it up to a quarter.”

The gentle vibration increased in intensity. My whole body reacted almost in a spasm. My knees buckled.

“So be a good Daddy Christmas for me won’t you?” Holly turned off the control.

“Knock! Knock!” Linda opened the door. “Ready?”

Linda looked at me quizzically.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You look a little flush.”

I felt a warning tingle in my ass.

“No, no!” I replied quickly. “I’m fine!”

If she only knew. I donned my beard and hat.

“How do I look?”

“Great! Okay, let’s go!” Linda led the way.

In the reception area, Linda had set up a fancy chair decked with every Christmas ornament you could think of. Beside it was a bag of presents. Staff would sit on my lap, while Holly would find the appropriate gift for me to give them.

John Anders the company president was first. With no hesitation, he plopped himself on my lap.

Holly found his present on top if the pile and handed it to me to give to John. He calmly and neatly unwrapped the gift and showed everyone what he got, a riding crop.

“Well somebody knows you John!” Someone called out. Everyone laughed.

John actually rode horses a lot.

More staff came up for their gift. Some sat on my lap, some didn’t. Definitely more women sat on me than men. But each time a female Escort Bomonti staff member sat down, Holly would zap me a little reminder of who was in control.

Then Leah came up and sat on my lap. Leah was super hot. Big bosom, blond hair, killer body, luscious long legs. She wore a short, tight skirt which got shorter as she sat down.

I felt the start of my reminder to behave. Unfortunately, when Leah sat on me, my cock had shifted and was right under her ass.

She squirmed her bum a bit. I’m sure she felt what she was sitting on.

The buzz in my ass got a little stronger. I felt pre-cum starting to wet my thigh.

Holly handed me Leah’s gift which I gave to Leah with trembling hands.

“Oh! Thank you Santa!” Then Leah leaned close to my ear and whispered “I’d rather have this as my present.” She wiggled her bum more. “Maybe you can give it to me later.”

Leah started to unwrap her present. She purposely gyrated and dry hump me at the same time.

The gifts were mostly gag gifts: some borderline risqué. Leah’s fell into the latter category. Although I was playing the Santa giving out the gifts, we all picked out names to be a secret Santa, so no one knew who really gave them the gift.

Leah tore off the wrapping paper. The box was from Frederick’s of Hollywood. She opened the box and tissue to a black corset and crotchless panties.

“Ooo! Thank you Santa!” Leah kissed me full on the lips. “Just what I asked for.” Then again whispered in my ear, “I’ll model these for you after and really show my appreciation.”

Holly turned it up another notch. My piss hole was free pouring pre-cum down my leg. My balls were tingling. I was so hard I could pierce a steel plate!

My hips started microscopic thrusts into Leah’s back end.

Leah continued to be excited (or at least did a great job pretending she was). She hugged and kissed me and was squirming hard against my swollen dick.

Holly turned it up another notch. I could feel my body totally vibrate.

Finally Leah got off me, but not before sneaking in a hand to squeeze my throbbing hardness.

“Okay Santa!” Linda called out. “Everyone has their gift. I know you need to go back to your pole (tongue in cheek). Thanks for you visit.”

Holly backed the intensity to low, but I was still barely able to stand let alone walk.

“Here Santa! Let me help you.” Holly leapt to my assistance and helped me back to my office. She carried the empty Santa bag and held it in front of me to hide my tent.

Once back in the office, Holly closed and locked my office door. Then, I’m not sure how she did it, but she knocked my feet and threw me to the floor. My belly prevented me from easily getting up.

With in seconds, Holly had pulled down my pants and had mounted me. Her cunt was absolutely soaked, she slammed my cock deep inside in one shot.

Holly bounced on top of me. In her hand was the remote fob. Each thrust equaled another intensity notch higher. I felt my body at the edge.

Holly pushed the red button. It was like an explosion!

My body went into total spasmic convulsions as I started exploding my load into Holly’s unprotected womb: Blast after blast until my balls were empty of cum.

Holly had turned off my anal control and laid exhaust atop my Santa belly; cock still deeply buried inside her.

I laid on the floor unable and unwanting to move until Holly stirred. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

Deck my balls with bowels of Holly!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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