Holly’s Story

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Holly was good at what she did, and she knew it. She made more money than any of her friends but she didn’t flaunt it, not in public anyway. Behind the safety of her four walls things were different. Her flat looked like something a top supermodel or pop star would have. The living area had a white leather sofa, fifty inch plasma television on the wall, the latest games console and other top of the range items. Her bedroom wasn’t much different with a computer that she had paid two thousand pounds, in cash, for as well as fully fitted wardrobes surrounding the room and a massive four poster bed as the centrepiece. With her caution, and money, it wasn’t too surprising to find that she had another flat in a different part of town. This one was the one she made out to her friends was her only home, and the one where she did most of her entertaining. Only when she trusted someone enough did she let them see the real truth, and as she had only known the people she called friends for a few months none of them had seen her special place, as she liked to call it.

She glanced at the clock, it was six pm, and she knew that in three hours she would be sitting at some boring opera or theatre performance with yet another middle aged businessman. The thing with Holly was she was an escort girl, but she was unlike some of the other girls. For one thing Holly knew how to hold a conversation on a wide variety of subjects. She also wouldn’t have sex with all her clients, she actually had to connect with them in a way only she knew before she would go that far, and the agency knew it. If Holly told the agency that there was no sex then that was final, no matter how much the client begged or how much money they offered. In fact Holly never charged any more for any extras that she gave to a client, if she went that far it was because she wanted to and nothing more. Sometimes she thought that was why she got so much business and a lot of the business she got were repeat clients that she had said no to, hoping that they would get luckier next time.

Tonight’s client was a forty-six year old sales representative only in town for a couple of nights. He had specifically asked for Holly as one of his friends had booked her once before but like the vast majority of her clients he had gone home alone, without sex but with a stiff cock. She wasn’t holding out much hope for tonight either. Out of all the jobs she did she hated opera the most, followed by the theatre, and until her driver picked her up she wouldn’t know güvenilir bahis which the client had booked. She decided that she had better start to get herself ready if she was ever going to be on time. Sometimes she thought that the actual getting ready was more enjoyable than the jobs and she always got ready at the better of her two flats, it made her feel more alive that way.

Letting her silk gown fall to the floor, leaving her in just a white thong and bra, she entered the en-suite bathroom and turned on the bath taps adding a generous supply of bubble bath. While the bath was filling she went back into the bedroom and started to look through her wardrobes. All she knew about the client and what he wanted her to look like, apart from all the usual checks that the agency did, was that she wasn’t allowed to wear black. That pleased her as she hated wearing black and would only do so for a funeral. Flicking through the clothes she found the perfect things. Taking out a deep red skirt that hugged her figure perfectly and came to just above her knees and a matching blouse she hung them on the back of the wardrobe door ready and went to her underwear drawer, glancing at the bath as she passed the door, and started to search for her favourite red lingerie, laying that on the foot of her bed.

With everything ready she went and turned the taps off, removed her underwear and climbed into the bath. She slid down into the bubbles slowly making sure she didn’t get her long brunette hair that she had tied up wet. With two and a half hours until she had to meet the client she knew she hadn’t got time to wash her hair, dry it and get it looking right again as well as everything else that she needed to do. Lying back she let her head rest against the end of the bath and began to rub the bubbles over her body. She loved bathing and she had been known to spend hours in one, occasionally letting some water out before topping it up again with just hot water, but tonight she knew she only had about an hour and a half.

Getting a handful of bubbles she blew them across the bathroom. She ran her hands over her body gasping as she brushed over her nipples, causing them to stiffen. Gently she massaged her 36D tits, occasionally pinching her nipples. Starting to feel horny Holly shut her eyes and let her right hand travel down her body reaching for her completely shaved pussy. Gently, and ever so slowly, she rubbed herself under the water while circling her nipples with her other hand. Her breathing started türkçe bahis getting quicker as she slid her middle finger deep into her pussy and started to masturbate herself, slowly getting quicker, before sliding a second finger in. Feeling herself getting closer to orgasm Holly used her free hand and lifted one of her tits out of the bath, flicking her tongue across the nipple quickly, before biting it gently. She continued to lick and suck her nipple as her masturbating became more frenzied. Holly started to thrash wildly, spilling water over the floor, as her orgasm tore through her body causing her to scream out in ecstasy. As her orgasm ended Holly let herself fall back into the bath, not caring about the water that went over the sides, and started trying to compose herself. She was still as horny as hell but knew that she ought to get out, clean up the spillage and get dressed as she hadn’t got a clue as to how long she had been in the bath.

Holly pulled the plug and reached for her towel before she stood up, wrapping the towel around her body. Stepping out of the bath carefully, so she didn’t slip on all the water she had spilt, Holly walked back into her bedroom and began to get dried. Glancing at the clock as she dried herself Holly noticed that she had only been in there for about twenty-five minutes and she cursed herself for not taking longer. Quickly calculating her timings she realised that she could have spent at least another forty-five minutes in there, more than enough time to satiate herself sexually as she desperately wanted to orgasm again more now than she had in a long time. She continued to dry herself wondering how she was going to fill those extra minutes. Reaching between her legs her pussy tingled as she began to dry there. As soon as she felt the tingling Holly dropped the towel and dropped onto her bed.

Reaching into the second drawer of her bedside cabinet Holly rummaged around before finally pulling out what she was looking for, her eight inch vibrator. Switching it on Holly sucked on her middle finger before starting to rub her pussy for the second time that night. She hadn’t felt this horny for a long time and she didn’t understand what had come over her. Normally before a job she would just get herself ready and only if she didn’t have sex would she go home and masturbate, never before the job though, but tonight she just couldn’t help herself. Letting the vibrator lightly cross her nipples Holly pushed two fingers into her pussy, desperate to get wet enough güvenilir bahis siteleri for the vibrator to slide in easily. It took less than a minute of furious masturbation before Holly came again, her juices flooding over her fingers. Removing her fingers, and replacing them with her vibrator, she sucked her juices from them greedily.

Slowly Holly moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy, making sure she ran it over her swollen clit as she did, before twisting the base and turning it on. As soon as the vibration started inside her waves of pleasure ran through her body as she came yet again. Holly desperately plunged the vibrator deeper into her soaking pussy, juices leaking out of her onto the bed, before turning it up to the max vibrations. Screaming out she came again and again as the vibrator worked its magic on her. Holly switched the vibrator off and slowly started to remove it from her pussy, which was aching from the abuse she had given it, her juices flooding from her and down between her ass cheeks onto the bed. Sucking the vibrator clean of her juices she glanced over at the clock and saw that she had been masturbating furiously for half an hour. That gave her a few minutes to get herself clean up before she had to get ready so she climbed off her bed, and noticing how much she had cum over the sheets, stripped it and took the sheets into the bathroom where she dropped them as she filled the basin before cleaning her hands and pussy of her juices. Gently dabbing her pussy dry, she hadn’t got time to get herself worked up again, she went back into the bedroom and started to get ready like she meant to straight after her bath.

Picking up the tiny red g-string she stepped into them, enjoying the feel of the satin against her skin, pulling them up slowly before picking up the matching satin corset. Holly had left the laces at the back tied just how she liked them and zipped the front up, squeezing her tits against the material. Looking in the mirror she was pleased that she had decided to wear this underwear set, even if nothing came out of the night. Turning around she checked the g-string and ran her finger down the thin piece of material nestling between her ass cheeks before sitting on the bed and rolling her black stockings up and clipping them to the attached suspenders. Holly knew that if, by some small chance, she did actually fancy the client he was going to be in for a real treat when he removed her skirt and blouse. Quickly she finished dressing and looked, once more, into the mirror. Perfect. Holly thought to herself and after making sure everywhere was locked up she put on her small summer jacket and went out into the warm night air to wait for her driver to pick her up and take her to meet the client.

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