Leah had captured his heart. Totally and completely. Each of them had acknowledged to the other one that it had never been better. The way she looked at him when they got together still made his insides flip-flop.

She fed his sexual fantasies.

He loved the way she opened up and received him; the way she responded in bed; how she talked while they were engaged in intercourse. She loved his touch. His lovemaking was long, slow, and deep – plus, he loved to use his mouth on her pubic area.

He was hooked on her, and they both knew it.

Leah came to like the spanking games that he bashfully suggested early on. She spanked harder than he expected, and her response was that if she was going to spank, by golly, she would spank. He accepted that, because the sex afterward was so satisfying.

When she paddled him, it was with a ping-pong paddle. She always gave in multiples of ten swats. She used a leather belt for strapping him, and gave several sets of hard strokes while he gritted his teeth and choked out exclamations of pain.

This time, she had a surprise for him. She had cast off her panties and hiked up her skirt, and he gave her pleasure with his mouth. After her orgasm, when he was about to get undressed, she told him something that caused him to startle, and he asked her, “What?!”

“You heard me,” she replied. “First I’m going to whip you with a switch. Then you can fuck me. It’s going to be that way from now on.”

Then, with one hand on her hip, she pointed to the back yard and directed, “Go out there and bring back a good switch.”

A flurry of thoughts raced through his mind as he went out to the willow tree. ‘Did she really mean that I’ll get spanked EVERY TIME before sex? Even if we have sex ten times in a week, does that mean I’ll get ten spankings? What If it’s too much? What if I’m too sore for a spanking? And she spanks so hard, how am I going to deal with that?’ With trembling hands, he cut a willow switch. Then he brought it in to her.

She Betist had taken off her skirt, and was clad only in a tight T-shirt, white socks, and sandals. In spite of his trepidation, he could not keep from being aroused at the sight of her.

“Clothes off, my love,” she directed in a sweet voice.

He shed his clothes. She led him to the bedroom and directed him to lie face down.

“Keep your hands in front of you,” she admonished, “and don’t wiggle TOO much,” she added with a giggle.

He steeled himself for what was to come, since he had never experienced the switch before.

“I’ll only give you ten with the switch this time,” she told him. “Unless you wiggle too much, and then I’ll just have to give you more. Here goes…”

Leah put her usual energy into administering the switching. The first stroke briskly swiped across both sides of his buttocks and produced an immediate crimson welt.

“AAAAAAAAAH!” he shouted, and involuntarily squirmed. Scarcely a second later, Leah delivered the next stroke.








“Just five more to go, honey,” she said. “And then you can fuck me!” She placed her free hand firmly on the small of his back to keep him in place while she continued.

He wondered if it was going to be worth it, after all. The biting pain of the switch burst into his consciousness like an explosion each time Leah swiped it across his naked bottom. He kicked his legs, shouted, and writhed.

“You didn’t do too badly,” she stated as she put the switch on the bed. “Next time I’d like you not to squirm so much.”

Leah was seeting with desire after giving the switching. Her pussy profusely lubricated as she gazed upon the red streaks the switch left on her boyfriend’s buttocks. With the switch strategically on the bed in plain view, she lay next to him and over Betist Giriş the next several minutes coaxed his member to a hard and erect state. He noticed that she was particularly responsive during intercourse.

A few days later he tested Leah by attempting to have sex with her. She interrupted his overtures (after getting him excitedly aroused) and told him he’d have to go cut a switch if he wanted to fuck her. Reluctantly, he complied, and went through a ten-stroke energetic switching, with much the same reaction as from the first one. She decided to give him three extra swipes for excessive squirming. Then, like the seductress that she was becoming, she got him erect, and drained him dry.

Over the next several weeks, he tested her resolve by refusing to cut a switch in a few cases, only to be turned down for the night. On more than one occasion he gave in and went out to the willow tree late at night with a flashlight and cut a switch so that he could have relief from his arousal. He had to have her, no matter that his bare buttocks would be striated with welts before he got relief. Leah’s reaction was intoxicating when they were engaged in lovemaking – her open-mouthed moans, the phrases she used, her creaminess – all of those ensured that he endured her willow switch.

For her part, Leah consistently made sure that the used switch was in plain view on the bed. A few weeks into the adventure, she bought a hard, firm cushion that he lay on while receiving the switch. Doing so presented his buttocks all the more enticingly for her. She extended the switchings, giving fifteen strokes for several episodes, then twenty, and then twenty five.

She played sexual games during the switchings. When she felt like doing so, after every five strokes she got him erect and teased him mercilessly. She took him in her mouth, stroked his member with her hands, told him how she was anxious for him to pump her full of cum, and so on.

After a few months he could not keep from developing an erection from seeing a willow tree, or any tree that could produce a good switch. Often he sustained a firm erection during the switching, even as he furiously pumped his hips against the firm cushion as Leah switched with ever-increasing numbers of swipes. By doing so, he always earned extra, which Leah was delighted to provide.

He began to cut several switches at a time, and soak them in salt water to extend their life by several days. He accepted the idea that receiving a switching was the avenue to intense pleasure.

Leah’s dream came true one day.

She brought him to an erect state and teased him mercilessly before his switching. He kicked and pumped wildly as she delivered the strokes, which increased Leah’s arousal. She reacted by interspersing the switch strokes with comments. She told him that she couldn’t wait to feel his hardness inside her, that she wanted him to fill her with his cum, that she was itching to be fucked savagely. She was on the second switch, having worn out the first one. As that session was well underway, he pumped his hips more vigorously, until he ejaculated.

“Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Ohhhh-ohhhhh! Mmmmmmf!,” he exclaimed as he writhed and spurted, and his load shot forth from him. Leah kept switching, as he was converting the pain to direct pleasure during his ejaculation. Only when he stopped squirming did she cease her relentless administering of the switch, and placed it on the bed, as usual.

Leah had been profusely lubricating, and she had him pleasure her with his mouth. She climaxed almost immediately, and again a few minutes later. Then she nursed him to an aroused state, and enjoyed a lengthy session of intercourse as his hardness plowed and pumped her sloppily wet vagina.

After he released inside Leah, they drifted to sleep for a couple of hours. Because of the severity of the switching, Leah let him inside her the following day without the usual prerequisite whipping.

The next weekend, they repeated the performance. Leah switched, and switched, and switched, until he freely spurted forth, after which he serviced her with his mouth, followed by prolonged intercourse.

Yes, he was hooked.

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