Hot night on the town


It still shocks me how I end up being pressed up against the bathroom door at the club almost every time I go.

Maybe it isn’t as shocking as I think.. Especially since I come onto the first somewhat decent looking man I see, am I desperate? Probably.

Tonight at the club, I was just dancing with my girls as I usually start out the night with. I was wearing a pink top with a jean skirt on, already a few drinks down when I see a handsome man standing off to the side, a beer in hand, watching everyone dancing. I continued to keep my gaze on him as I danced with my girls, waiting for the moment he made eye contact with me.

When he finally made eye contact with me, I bit my lip, grabbing onto my friend, I turned myself around and started grinding on her, not breaking eye contact with the handsome man. He chuckles upon seeing my teasing to him as my friend started grabbing onto my hips as we danced.

It didn’t take long for my friend to get tired and decided to go get another drink, that’s when my confidence rose and I walked over to the man. He raised a brow as I stood in front of him, my alcohol clearly talking for me as I said, “Hey handsome, looking for some fun?”

Like I said, shocking how I end up against the bathroom door.

We had locked ourselves in the bathroom, he had me pushed against the door as his lips pressed roughly against mine, we panted into each other’s mouth as our kiss got more desperate, our hands started to explore each other’s body, my hand sneaking beyoğlu escort down above his crotch, gently pressing some pressure against it, causing him to moan softly into my mouth.

I chuckled in response, continuing to rub against his clothed cock as his hands fell onto my clothed breasts, he squeezed them as we kissed, our hands extra grabby, making sure to feel each other well.

I broke the kiss to reach down, pushing my panties down from my skirt, then reached for the mans jeans, quickly unzipping them and reaching into his boxers, he gasped from the sudden touch of my hand, his cock ached hardly in my hand, he twitched when I started jerking him off inside his boxers.

I went back to kissing him, panting into his mouth, “Do you have a condom..?”

He nodded, reaching into his back pocket he pulled out the rubber package, I quickly pulled his cock out of his boxers, then retrieved the condom from him. Gently I tore it open, he watched with curious eyes as I rolled the condom onto his aching cock. He panted with each touch I gave, I loved a sensitive man. I loved a responsive man.

I made sure the condom was on well then gently guided my leg up, latching it around his side. He swallowed as I reached down and grabbed onto his hard cock before guiding it to my wet pussy. We both moaned as I pressed his tip against my heat, before gently allowing him to push it in.

I grabbed my hands onto his shoulder as he continued to push in until he bottomed out inside of me, sarıyer escort we both moaned in pleasure when his cock was balls deep inside of my hot pussy. Wrapping my arms around him as I encouraged, “Go ahead.. Fuck my sweet pussy, I know you want too.”

“God knows I want to, pretty girl,” his deep voice replied as he grabbed onto my hips and gently started to pull in and out of my pussy, his cock slid well against my walls. I moaned, throwing my head back as his speed slowly picked up.

His cock was larger than I usually had, so his cock hit my g-spot nicely as he seemingly knew exactly how to use his cock to pleasure a woman.

Suddenly, I moaned loudly as he started to slam his cock deep into my tight pussy, my walls tightening around his cock more and more with each thrust, his cock felt amazing, I could feel every vein on his cock as my pussy lubed up his thrusts even more.

He moaned along with me, he leaned in, his mouth going for my neck, kissing it roughly as he continued to pound into my tight pussy. I could feel him gently biting on my neck as his thrusts continued to abuse my pussy, but I was too shocked from his cock to even care about him leaving a small mark on my neck, and it felt great. My neck was always sensitive, so feeling him gently nibble on it caused me to have even more pleasure.

His instincts had completely taken over and he clearly enjoyed himself in me, I squeezed him, pulling him as close to me as possible as my pussy swallowed his cock with each maslak escort thrust he gave, he moaned when my walls started to get impossibly tight around his cock, “A-Ah.. Are you close? You just got so fucking tight!” he moaned out, his thrusts not showing any sign of slowing down.

I nodded quickly before moaning, suddenly cumming on his cock, his eyes went wide as I came all over his thick cock, panting wildly as I came down from my high, realizing that he had stopped thrusting and was just watching me with shock.

“What?” I asked.

“God you’re fucking amazing. Can I continue?” he asked suddenly, his cock still inside of my pussy.

I shrugged, “You’re a pretty good lay.. Why don’t you cum in me, hm? Cum in that condom.”

“Fuck yes,” he moaned as he wrapped grabbed onto my thigh, keeping me held against him as he started to pound into my pussy, using me completely for his own pleasure. I had to admit that I loved being treated that way, especially after his cock hit so deep inside of me that it hit my g-spot with every thrust.

His thrusts started to get sloppy, his moans were all over the place as he thrusted more into me.

Suddenly, his grip on me tightened as he suddenly stopped moving, I could feel his cock twitching inside of my pussy and it became a whole lot hotter down there as his cock filled up the condom with his cum. We both moaned as he finished, coming down from his orgasm, he gently pulled out, quickly pulling the condom off and throwing it into the trash.

I smirked as I watched him put himself back together, putting himself back into his boxers, fixing his jeans. He noticed me smiling at him and smiled back before his eyes went wide, “Wait. What’s your name?”

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