Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 11

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Before going to dinner, we took off on a trail that cut through a meadow; we watched birds flit through the prairie flora and a quick peck on her lips became an intense make-out session.

Well, it escalated, “You got me all wet, sweetie,” and her grin exploded. We were miles from anyone, so we were uninhibited, and Megan got that familiar lusty smile. Before flinging her panties aside, she held them up to my face, “Check out your work.” I pressed them into my face and inhaled the arousal; her subtle musk was intoxicating. If I wasn’t rock hard before, I was after that.

I laid my shirt down and she carefully laid back on a bench. Basking in the comforting glow of the sun, she tipped her head way back and flexed her back, thrusting her breasts higher. The warm sunlight found the sensuous curves and swells of her feminine form (I remember it vividly, yet today and always wished I had a photo). I buried my face in the abundant flesh of her breasts…they were perfection. Her nips were hard, and I went back and forth, suckling each, while my fingers dug deep into the fleshy mounds…D-cup ecstasy!

When she spread her legs, I knew what she wanted, but we didn’t have lube. To loosen her up some, I flicked my tongue up and down over the moist lips and she groaned softly, “Yeah, sweetie…more…mmmm…more…lick me more.”

My tongue lapped harder over the soft, pulsing flesh. Her clit was out already, and I teased it to ripeness. It quickly overwhelmed her with a need for more and she demanded, “Rob…Rob…oh god, lick it…lick my clit…lick it…mmmm…lick it!”

My tongue darted back and forth, and she groaned with pleasure. I knew it felt damned good, so I kept going, rapidly flicking for a moment, backing off occasionally to work my tongue inside.

“Oh Rob…don’t stop,” she moaned, “don’t stop…don’t fucking stop…yeah…yeah…yeah, do my clit, baby…do my clit!”

Wanting to continue the teasing, I laughed, but she grabbed for the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. Getting the message, I thrust my tongue just a few more times, before going back to what she really needed. I started finger-fucking her, while working the bud; it was rock-hard, at that point. She was grinding and I could barely breathe, but I pondered that it might be a pleasant way to go…suffocation by cunnilingus.

She humped into my face and I worked my hand down from her waist, until her butt cheek overwhelmed it. I gave it a squeeze, digging in with my fingers, while grinding my tongue over her throbbing clit. Servicing her with all I had, with my fingers, lips and tongue, I had her shuddering with pleasure.

Wildly slurping, sucking and pumping my fingers, the sound of sloppy, wet arousal and redwing blackbirds melded with her moans. Megan wasn’t a squirter, but she could get crazy wet sometimes; and when she really started bucking her hips, I thought she might squirt…or explode. “That’s it…that’s it…oh Rob…Rob…keep…keep it up …yeah…yeah…yeah…make me…make me cum…oh god make me cummmm!”

Her hips bucked forward, and she smothered my face with wet pussy. “Ohhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh god…oh god! Rrrrobbbb…Rrrrobbbbb…fuck…fuck…fuckkk…fuckkkkkkk!”

She laid back in a quivering heap to catch her breath; my fingers were soaked, but I continued, slowly pumping into the tight embrace of her sated pussy. With my face moist with sex, I raised up to kiss her, fucking her mouth with my tongue, in the same steady pace.

When I looked into her eyes, the sexy, lustful grin was telling and I whispered, “I gotta have more of that pussy, baby…I didn’t get enough…but I’ll go easy…easy on your clit.”

She grinned, “Sweetie, I’m so horny…you can have anything you want! I know we’re supposed to meet Becca at 7, but I’m fine canceling; I know she’d understand,” she giggled.

I gave her another lingering kiss, before sliding down over her sculpted, feminine curves. I looked up from the tasty reward, between her legs, “No, we can still make it…just ten…maybe fifteen minutes…promise.” I dove back in, aggressively fucking my tongue into her pussy and delicately teasing the bud. My fingers pumped back inside, and I flicked my tongue around her clit…barely touching it…just teasing it. It wasn’t long before it was throbbing…and she was begging, again. I pulled my fingers out to suck off the pussy, while she watched; I was confident and grinned, “I got this, sweetie!”

After my display of cocky arrogance, I went back down on her and kicked things up, wildly working her clit. She moaned, almost uncontrollably, grinding into my face. Racing the clock…sort of…I knew she was in the final stretch and continued until it overwhelmed her; her butt bucked up off the bench and she screamed. “Fuckkkk! Fuck Rob…cumming…I’m cumming…cumming…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah…yeahhhhh!”

There was a brief pause while we both caught our breath, but I said something stupid like, “I think we need to do more bird-watching. What do you think?”

She gaziantep escort reklamları laughed, “Bird-watching without panties…I’m in!”

We both started laughing when she struggled to put on her panties, tugging them over the flip-flops. I steadied her till she was mostly composed, and she took off, “Race you to the car!”

Once on the road, she pulled out a wipe and giggled, “Here sweetie, use this on your face…I don’t mind and I know you don’t, but I don’t think you should go to dinner with pussy on your face.”

We were only fifteen minutes away and made it to the restaurant just as Becca was arriving. I whispered, “See…two orgasms and we made it to dinner on time…I’m a keeper.”

“You are a keeper, sweetie…I’ve always known that.”


We parked on the deck with a beer and talked, after we got back to the cabin. “Sorry, I guess I should have warned you about the flirting; she’s always been like that when she drinks. I’m so proud of you, though…changing the topic and ignoring it all.”

My favorite line of the night has to be when she said, “I don’t always wear panties, because I like to surprise Jason and fuck him till my pussy hurts.” And then she even continued, I laughed, “You know, I love it when my pussy hurts!”

“I know…I know…that’s Becca with wine! I like that too, but I don’t announce it to someone I just met,” she grinned.

“Obviously he wasn’t there, tonight, but guys do like to watch a girlfriend teasing other guys. They see what I hottie they have and know they can go home and fuck…and some like to it go further and watch the girlfriend fuck other guys.” I grinned, “You know…like when I watch you and Darin.”

“I know sweetie, I like having you watch, and I love having two guys, sometimes…and I really like watching you and Darin fuck…it’s really hot.”

“So, does Jason like watching her tease…or does he watch her fuck? Or does she do other guys without him?”

“No…no, nothing like that. When she’s in a relationship, she’s all talk; she never screws other guys. Though, when we were roommates and she was single, I rescued her a few times. She was awful and really got herself into trouble…almost got herself assaulted by two guys from a bar.”

Shaking her head and grinning, “On that happy note, I wouldn’t mind jumping you…I think we need to pick up where we left off before dinner. After Becca’s teasing and what happened this afternoon, you have to be ready.”

“You can jump me…anytime…anywhere, sweetie!”

She caressed through my jeans, and I groaned, as she wrapped her fingers around it; giving it a lustful squeeze, she grinned, “Let me do you…let me suck it.”

I shucked my pants (and underwear) down and the straining cock went with them but flew back to slap over my belly. She gazed hungrily with eyes, hazy with cock-lust, “Oh yeah, that’s what I need,” and her hands slid up over my thighs. Arching upward from my pubes, the veiny erection was a big, stout and banana-like, throbbing with life…bobbing with each heartbeat.

Mmmm…cock-lust…it’s a look I’ve been familiar with since high school. For whatever reason (maybe the situation reminded me of a sexual encounter on her parent’s deck), I flashed back to Valerie, one of my very first girlfriends. She always looked hungry when a cock came out; she’d been with a good friend, the team’s running back, but they broke up and I stepped in.

I remember he said she always loved to play with his dick, but thought she wanted something bigger. I was only the second guy she’d been with, so she had no experience with what you might consider a big dick. She only knew I was bigger and that must be better.

Anyway, Valerie and Jason never got past the blowjob stage, and I remembered her parents were gone for the weekend and we tried to do it on the deck. It didn’t go well that first time; I had five condoms (yes five) but no lube and it would not go in. I was rock-fucking-hard, but she was just too tight. I got an amazing blowjob that night and I vividly recall that lusty look…or cock-lust. We tried a few weeks later with great success…she was still tight as fuck, but I licked her till she was ready, and I used way too much lube. She was my first and she was the first girl I ever ate out.

When Megan’s fingertips trailed over the hard flesh, the sensation made her pussy wet. She was mesmerized and her gaze never left the prize, as she pumped with both hands. The flared head, crowning the shaft, looked like a crimson plum, bobbing above her hands. She held the base and slowly stroked the top half with the other. Separating the flared head from the shaft, the corona formed a broad ridge. With Megan being petite, she worshipped that ridge when it raked over her pussy’s tight walls; it defined ecstasy for both of us.

Locking her eyes with mine, she dropped to her knees to take it in her mouth. The intensity of her blue eyes was breathtaking, while she swirled her tongue over the head. There wasn’t any yet, but precum drool wasn’t far off.

Licking up one side, and down the other, she went all the way from the tip and down the shaft to the balls. Standing tall and gleaming with spit, it had a veiny girth that she treasured and she started fucking her lips

She held her lips tight, making soft, muffled moans and worshipping her man’s meaty cock. With her face bobbing rhythmically up and down the shaft, her cheeks puffed out each time it pushed back through her lips; she loved the way it filled her mouth…I loved the way it filled her mouth. Even if it was only half, going down on the veiny shaft made her pussy ache for its girth. The thought, of riding it or being fucked hard, had her sliding a hand into her panties…she ran her fingers through the warmth.

Slamming it against her throat, over and over, she made sexy gurgles; spit trickled from the underside of my dick and down over her lips. Pussy had coated her fingers and she slowly licked them, grinning and savoring her arousal. “Mmmm, I always taste so good…but look at this bad boy!”

She started jacking it with both hands, again, but she really needed more; she needed it splitting her pussy wide open…and plowing into her core. “Sweetie…I got some tight…very tight pussy for that dick…let me get lube.”

I bent her over the railing, spread her legs and pushed some lube inside with my fingers. With my fist tight around the base of my dick, I used the head to butter her pussy lips. I taunted her, “What do you want, baby? Tell me what you need…what you want.”

She looked back and said, “Mmmm, I want that beautiful dick in me…fucking me…put it in me and fuck me…I want to be fucked hard.”

Teasing her with it, I rubbed the head through the wet lips, and she begged, “Put it in, Rob…oh god, put it in me!”

Slowly, I pushed inside, and her body shuddered, as the head plowed into her cervix. She threw her head back and moaned into the woods when I bottomed out, “Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh yeah…fuckkkkk…that’s it…that’s it, baby!”

“Oh god, baby…ohhhh…ohhhh…that’s it…yeah, that’s it…pump deep…pump it deep…deep…yeah deep…I love it…yeah, love it!” It wasn’t long before she started fucking herself, bouncing back and shoving it deep into her pussy.

I kicked up the pace and pumped harder, to meet her rolling hips. We fucked hard over the railing and the pleasured moans, melded with the buzz of the crickets. I moved my hands up over her body, holding firm, but digging my fingers into her sumptuous curves. Pressing into the firmness of her breasts, my fingers explored perfection, defined by her puffy nipples.

Her pussy’s tight grip was almost too much, but I was able to hold off. To slow things down, I tipped her head way back to kiss her neck. “Oh Rob…Rob…Rob, that’s good…kiss me…kiss me…fill me full, with that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, fill me…yeah…yeah, stretch me,” she moaned.

I rubbed her clit, while she pretty much fucked herself, but when she started to slow, I took over. Fucking harder and slamming my body into hers, her moans grew choppy and I knew she was climbing towards orgasm. I just kept pounding…going hard…going as deep as I could. I could almost feel the ecstasy envelope her body and moaned, “Cum on my big dick, babe…do it…cum on it…cum on it!”

Her whole body tightened up and shuddered, while I slowed the thrusts, hoping to draw things out…and extend the pleasure. Still gently humping into her sated core, the pleasured contractions massaged every inch of my cock. I fucked her until she stopped quivering and caught her breath, “Rob…Rob, that was nothing but perfect…god, that was perfect.”

She grinned, “You’ve satisfied me all day…and now it’s your turn, baby. I bet you could use a titty-fuck!”

I grinned, “I know I can use a titty-fuck…but it’s not gonna last long,” as she dropped to her knees and went to work. My balls hung heavy, looking nice and full, and her fingertips traced them through the sack. She held my cock and the head was thick, throbbing and standing proud of her grip; even after the orgasm minutes ago, lust overwhelmed her.

She suckled the balls, before licking up over the shaft and working her tongue over the head. While staring straight into my eyes, her hand wrapped around the hot, hard shaft, again; she felt blood pulsing against her fingertips and its heat seemed to spread through her whole body…and build in her pussy.

She started stroking the shaft, “That’s it, Meg…mmmm…yeah…yeah, that’s it.” I watched her pleasure it, “That’s it, sweetie…yeah…yeah…fuck yeah, so good…mmmm…feels so good.”

My fingers trailed over her breasts, tweaking her nipples, and digging into the firm, fleshy mounds. The way I groped her tits had me craving even more…I needed that titty fuck…I had to satisfy myself between those tits.

Now, using both hands to stroke it, she leaned in to run her tongue, in every possible way, over the shaft. She probed the slit for the precum, yearning for more. Her lips enveloped the hard, pulsing flesh and slid further down the shaft. She stroked her lips up and down for just a second, before lubing it up and pressing it between her tits. Pushing them together, she gave me a sultry smile, “Fuck’m, sweetie…fuck my titties…give’m all that dick!”

I responded with a deep groan and started pumping; watching my dick fuck through her breasts, I’m sure my mouth was hanging open. Replacing her hands, I squeezed my dick tight with titty flesh and started banging away at her tits.

“Yeah, fuck’m…show’m whose boss…show them that alpha cock!”

Wildly humping her lush, pleasuring flesh and dragging my balls over her stomach, it wasn’t long before I was close. “Ohhhh fuck! Mmmm, those tits…those big tits…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, that’s good…uhhhh…ohhhh fuck!”

As if fucking her breasts wasn’t enough, when I pumped through to the top, she started running her tongue over the head. It was fucking awesome, but I didn’t last much longer. I felt it coming fast and yanked it out to stroke over her, “Fuck, baby girl…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah!”

My body shuddered with ecstasy, with my butt cheeks flexing and toes curling. Spilling over her tits, I pumped with long, satisfying strokes and grunted, as the shiny warmth streaked her tits.

While I caught my breath, she licked slowly, from the base to the very tip. Taking her time, she carefully skimmed her lips up and down the shaft and milked out the last drops.

I pressed the head into her warm breast, to plow through the seed and bring it up to her lips. Rolling my hips forward, I slowly fucked her mouth till she got it all and leaned back with a sexy grin. Still candied with cum, I licked her nips and pulled her from her knees to share it with a long, kiss.

After the Valerie-flashback, I remember talking about our firsts that night. After a couple beers, I shared all the details, good, bad and embarrassing. It was nice to share those things…I guess it was cleansing or it brought more intimacy to our relationship. We were already pretty tight, but I think it brought us even closer.


A day or so later, we were talking over morning coffee, before she reached over and massaged the soft, but expanding bulge. “Baby, I think you could use a little help with this guy.”

She grinned all sexy, “Can I have my way with you…please? I want to feel your dick in me…I wanna ride it…I wanna fuck myself!”

“Well, when you put it that way.” I grinned, “You can always have your way with me, baby…you know that.” I thought about our sexual needs; they seemed never-ending…it was mental, physical and so emotional. Our cravings were primal, where Megs needed cock to fill her pussy…and I needed pussy for my cock. You gotta love that in a woman, but especially when you share the same libido.

She jumped up and came back with lube. She put it in my hand and backed up to straddle me, while I smeared it on. She lowered herself to where her pussy was resting on the head. Wrapping my hand around my cock and rubbing the tip all over her outer lips, she slowly impaled herself…mounting me in a reverse cowgirl. Once the head slipped in, her head shot back and she moaned, “Oh Rob…Rob…fuck…fuck yeah!”

Even though she certainly knew how to handle it, I encouraged her, “Just go slow, sweetie…try to relax some…relax for me.”

The yearning to feel it, stretching and molding her insides had her begging, “Mmmm, I want that dick, baby…oh god…I need that big dick…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh yeah!”

Her pussy quickly swallowed the whole thing, and she started taking it as deep as it would go. With my cock splitting her wide open and giving her what she needed, it didn’t take long before she was wildly fucking herself and moaning. Doing a cowgirl dance, she loved to fuck this way…gyrating, twerking and rolling her hips. Her ass was amazing to watch…and I loved fucking this way, too.

Her hand was between her legs, working hard, “Oh my god…oh god…oh fuck…fuck…fuckin love it…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh yeah…oh fuckkkk!”

I groaned each time it passed back through her taut lips…going in or out. I dug my hands into her hips, pumping up into her body; I needed her to use it…use my cock…and drill that tight pussy. When I started humping up to meet her ass, my moans escalated, “Mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…how’s it feel…to make love, out here in the woods?”

She rode it hard and only nodded at first, but then she groaned, “Mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, sweetie…it’s am…azing! It…it feels awesome and…I’m going…uhhhh…uhhhh…going to cum…soon…I feel it…feel it!”

She kept at it but focusing more on her clit; her moans increased, and I could see her arm pumping faster. Intense pleasure rippled through her body each time she slammed back down, until I felt her stop. She shook with orgasm and ground herself into me, quivering atop my cock. Barely catching her breath, she started riding, again, “Honey, it’s your turn…I want you to cum…cum in me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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