Hot Summers Evening


It’s been a great day, talking and laughing with friends, good food, good wine, good company. We’ve sat out on the balcony over looking the beach all afternoon and everyone is looking somewhat red, affected by the hot rays of the sun, all very relaxed, listening to music, idle chatter flowing freely.

I stand to refill my glass, walk behind you sitting in the chair next to me, placing my hands on your shoulders, ask if you would like another, you say yes.

Standing at the kitchen window, I look out over the water, a magnificent sunset now in progress, water shimmering beneath it like strands of silver. I feel relaxed and warm from the sunburn on my face and chest. Drinks refilled, I walk back outside to the group, your laughing animatedly at the stories being told, Its sooo good to see you laugh. I hand you your drink, smile and give you quick kiss.

I turn and walk away, over to the ballasdtrading away from the group. I just want to watch the sunset for a while.

Something about the water affects me deeply, makes me feel at peace, I’ve always been this way. I stare out over the water, mesmerized, feeling very happy. I close my eyes and just listen to the water pounding on the beach. I feel warm arms wrap around my waste and I know its you, lean my head back on your shoulder. Kissing my cheek you ask If id like to go for a walk along the beach, you know how much I love it.

We walk hand in hand down onto the sand, toward the water, a gentle breeze flowing over us. Our feet cool in the shallows, we just walk in silence your arm now around my waist, my head resting on your shoulder as we go. You don’t say anything, you know how much I love it here and just allow me to enjoy the feeling of the water on my feet, the warm breeze, the sounds of the waves.

We approach a group of rocks, gathered at the base of a cliff, the house from which we’ve walked, now far off into the distance. You take my hand and help Escort bayan me maneuver over the rocks, the waves flowing onto them.

As you help me I look up to my right and see a ledge, large enough for us to sit. I suggest we climb up and watch the sunset from there, you agree.

We carefully climb the rock face, the ledge is only a few meters high but the rocks are slippery beneath our feet. You are close behind me, ready to protect me if I should fall, as you always seem to be.:) Finally we make it and I move over to the side so you can come up and sit with me.

We face into the sun now low in the sky and its warmth stings a little on our sun burnt skin. What is it about the water that makes me feel so dreamy, I’ve never figured it out and don’t really want to, It just does and I feel so now. I reach across and take your hand, kiss the back of it and place it in my lap. I caress the back of it with my fingers as it rests there. My eye lids feeling heavy, I stare out over the ocean its beauty quietly comforting.

I feel your arm go around my shoulder, saying” lie down baby take a nap you look tired”. Your back against the rock face, I lie on my side legs curled up, my head on your thigh. Within seconds my eyes close and I drift into sleep.

I’m vaguely aware of your hands running through my hair as I sleep, your fingers scratching my scalp softly. I shift and move to face you, lie across your body, my face to your chest, arms around your waste. You lie back a little so I do not slide. Again I’m lured into sleep the sound of your heart resonating in my ear.

In my sleep haze. I feel your fingers caressing my cheek, running over my lips, around my eyes and through my hair, feels sooo tender, sooo nice. Even in my sleep I know how lucky I am to have you here. You kiss the top of my head, smell my hair, I smile within.

The breeze off the water is soo soothing, I feel it running over the Bayan Escort backs of my thighs, lifting the corners of my dress, a small gust of wind blowing it up over my underwear to rest around my waist. Too sleepy to care I enjoy the breeze flowing over my butt.

I sense you looking at me, even in my sleep I always know what your thinking, It never alarms me, I love your thoughts. You run your fingers up and down my arm, run circles on the back of my hand. I like that, feels so tender. My legs feel a little cramped and I extend my right leg, my foot hanging over the edge. You rest your hand on my outer thigh.

After a few moments I feel your fingers feather over my side, just stroking softly, playing over my leg, You lift my dress higher run your fingers up and down my back, sighing I shift just a little, I never tire of the way you touch me its sooo beautiful.

You move your fingers over my side and push me away from you a little so you can lift my dress up above my chest. You tuck it in between our bodies. Softly start to caress my stomach, then move your hand to cup my right breast, rolling your thumb around my nipple, I lay my head back exposing my neck in pleasure, eyes still closed. You lower your face and kiss me, so lightly I barely feel it.

Easing my bra straps down my arms a little, you gently expose my right breast, I’m aware of you looking and my nipple hardens further. You caress it, pull on it a little, circle your palm over it to feel its hardness on you hand. Gently you put your lips down and start to suck gently, teasing with your tongue, soo sweet you are to me, so loving. I feel warmth build between my legs.

After minutes of this, you run your hand down my stomach and slide your hand in side my pants, I shiver in anticipation. Slowly you part my legs a little, which I do willingly and you slide two fingers into me, kissing me softly again at the same time.How did I ever deserve Escort such tenderness?

Your fingers slide back and forward easily, moving over my clit then deep inside me, slowly at first. You bury your face in the curve of my neck and kiss it passionately. I go to move to find your hardness, you say” no”, I want to please you too, but you insist, your selflessness touches me deeply.

You continue to stroke me faster now and I cant help but raise my leg a little higher, giving you more access. I’m sooo aroused I feel a second heart beat from in between my legs, pounding in time with the rhythm of your fingers as they slide over me.

Breathing fast and shallow, I gasp as you ease three fingers deep inside me and slide these back and forward over and again over my clit then within. My pleasure building by the second, its almost impossible to lie still any longer.

Faster and faster, smooth and tender, you continue. Lowering your face to me again, you kiss me passionately now, tongues probing. My hands gripping your clothes tightly.

Removing your fingers from me you begin to caress my clit feverishly, my hips moving involuntarily with you. My pleasure so intense it verges on pain and I’m urged to pull away but I don’t.

Gripping you sooo tightly I risk tearing your shirt, I whimper into your chest, I hear you whisper, “Cum baby let your self go, you can relax your with me, your safe”. As a surge of emotion wells up inside me at the meaning of those few words I start to contract, over and over your fingers sliding into me as I do. You want to feel my orgasm with your fingers. After moments my spasms subside and I sink to you chest. You pull your hand free from my now soaked underwear and put your arm around me to hold me tight.

Sometimes I feel I may never comprehend your selflessness, towards me, and I’m overwhelmed, feeling selfish that I’ve not been able to bring you pleasure too. And like the man that you are, you’ve read my mind, taking my chin in your hands you turn my face to you and say “Baby you being happy makes me happy, and I am now.”

And with these words caressing my heart, I fall asleep again so safe in those arms, so safe.

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