Housewife Horror

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It was a bright summer afternoon, me and my husband kunal were going on a small vacation up the t#@## hill station to spend a little quality time together.Our own personal time.
As we were driving our way through the hills I casually looked at my husband. His eyes were kind of dull with the dark circles more prominent .

He has been working too hard, it’s been 3 years to our marriage and he is completely into his work and his work alone. He never gets time to spend it with me , his dear wife with whom he made so many promises of being together forever.

Sadly.He hasn’t even seen me in that way for more than a year now.

The idea of this vacation came up because of a recent fight we had. He has been ignoring my needs for too long now, every wife needs to be satisfied hence I forced him into this little honeymoon.

Yes I feel bad about it to make him leave his work but at the same time I know if this went on for too long I wouldn’t be able to handle my desires any longer. I also think this little kinky trip might get his stress off too, so it’s a win win for both of us.

” we are here” he mumbled monotonously
I peered through my window to see where we stopped our car , it was a huge mansion. The structure looked old , probably a 100 years old and the surroundings were as quiet as space itself.

I was excited.
Me, my husband.Alone in a mansion for 3days. This experience would be heavenly

The mansion was the property of my husbands friend. Since this trip was kind of sudden and in a hurry we couldn’t find a hotel to accustom ourselves so we took the help of our friend.

It was quite strange though since he was a bit hesitant to give us the key to this mansion at first saying couples like us shouldn’t visit such an isolated place. However my husband deemed certain to stay here .

We carried ourselves with our luggage inside the mansion. As soon as we opened the door we could sense the odour of old polished wood and carpet, a sign of a clean home. The mansion was maintained and taken care of by a butler of this friend’s family. However he seemed to be off from his duty as soon as he heard we were arriving.

We were all by ourselves in this mansion. Even though it was quite exciting. It gave off a feeling as if we were being watched.

“I love it” he said
“Yea this place looks like it was made for couples to have sex all day ” I stared at him gleefully

He smiled back but didn’t reply anything. I was quite disappointed by his mood.

We walked ourselves to the bedroom. The bed was a huge king sized bed. There were four wooden pillars by the sides with curtains around it. It was a work of art

“I think we might as well start having fun ” I said to him , getting turned on minute by minute

“Yea maybe we should” this time he replied instantly and gleefully . He was horny now

I held him by his waist and threw him on the bed , while climbing his lap and slowly swirling my hands on his chest to down on his pants . I slowly placed my palm between his legs and gave him a gentle squeeze there.

“Aaaaah” he closed his eyes while moaning

He was definitely turned on now .

I removed my top and my bra in an instant revealing my firm and fair breasts right in front of his face. He stared at them for barely a few seconds and he started sucking on them desperately.

“Aaahhh. More.Do some more” I let out a gasp as he sucked my boobs.

I shoved his face between my tits while my hand wandered down on his crotch giving his dick a good squeeze and stroke.

I saw his face, he was licking my breasts and sucking my nipples so desperately and passionately . My nipples were hard and I could feel waves of ecstasy flowing through my body down to my special place.

I lifted myself up from his face and turned around to face his pants. We were now in a 69 position with his face towards my crotch and my face towards his. I was lying on top of him. Our breaths were fast and heavy.We desperately wanted to have sex at this moment . And personally doing this after a year felt so goooooood.

We pulled our pants down spontaneously. His dick was right there in front of my face in its fully erect form while my pussy(which was already wet) was facing down to his face .

Without a moment of hesitation he pushed his tongue deep withing my vagina and his lips started playing with my clitoris .

“Aahhhhhhh yesss baby moreee .Lick my pussy ” I screamed in pleasure

I shoved his dick deep withing my mouth and started performing oral sex on him . His dick was already leaking precum as it was shoving down my throat while I could feel my pussy juices leaving my pussy and entering his mouth .

This was pure heaven.

I could suddenly feel something warm coming out of my his dick as I was giving him a blowjob.

“Ahhhhhh” he moaned while ejaculating

Wait, he came so quickly? What?

I looked back at him. He stopped licking me and was asleep.

“He must have been tired but.This was so disappointing.

I got up from the bed and let him sleep there. I was frustrated. I was horny and I was frustrated with my husband. After all this while we have sex and the first thing he does is falls asleep while tongue-fucking me.

I got out of the room in frustration and decided to explore the other rooms. The mansion was quite an extraordinary place everything was old and yet it looked classical.
While I was wandering down the hall I came across a painting on the wall. This painting shook me to the core.

There was this so realistic looking man. Probably in his 30’s with a stubble beard and a ripped and jacked up body staring down with his hunting equipment in his hands. His eyes were painted sapphire blue and his hairs were black with a few streaks of white in front. His abs were quite prominent and somehow.I couldn’t keep my eyes off his crotch. There was a bulge painted on his pants in that painting.

Okay. I am too horny. I just got turned on by a hundred-year-old painting.

I decided to walk past the painting but the next thing that caught my attention was the room next to it. It had a magnificent door and was .Open.

I walked into it.Thinking it must have been left open by that butler.
But as soon as I walked inside.The door shut close hard.

I screamed in horror. I ran towards the door and tried to open it.But it wasn’t opening. It was bolted and somehow immoveable.

I was panicking now. I shouted my husband’s name but I couldn’t hear any response.
Damn him. And his sleep.

I looked back.Scared.

The room was empty but all the lights were glowing. The bed was even bigger here and there were ropes tied to each pillar on four sides.

I suddenly felt my voice being silenced. I could no longer hear my breath out loud. I felt calm. Horny.But calm. I looked at the end of the bed.

There was this man. Around in his 30’s .Staring at me with his sapphire blue eyes and touching himself down there while smiling at me.

” come here,” he said

My body moved on its own. I wasn’t in control of myself. I walked towards him as if I was hypnotised. He looked down at my legs and that’s when I realised I had walked out of that room without wearing my pants.I was completely naked in front of him.

He smiled while glaring at my pussy and he just whispered.
“It looks wet”

Immediately I felt my pussy gushing juices in large amounts.
“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned in pure ecstasy

“That’s good,” he said and brought me closer to his fragrant body.

I whimpered but I couldn’t resist him. My juices still leaked out of me as I came closer to him.

His abs were firm and ripped. His dick was bigger and longer. Gosh.He is so fucking handsome.

He made me lie down on the bed .My legs spread automatically without any command. Why do I want him so badly.Why

I opened my legs to him revealing my pussy. He stroked his cock in front of me and in an instant. He shoved it within my vagina.

I was salivating now. . I don’t know why but I was. My pussy was leaking juices ferociously while he was thrusting himself in and out.

I.Am. Being. Fucked by a ghost.
I thought to myself while enjoying the pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh.Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh.Ahhhhhh” I was moaning out loud. I wasn’t worried about anything now. I wanted sex and just sex. I was totally under his control. Hypnotised.

He moved his hands from my waist to my breasts and he said: ” I bet your husband didn’t make you feel this great ever.”

“Aaaaah ” I gasped. His voice was such a turn on. But then suddenly something happened. As his hands were touching my nipples I felt something ooze out of it.
I glared down and.It was milk.

“W-why is mi.Milk coming out of m.My. Breasts?” I whimpered while being fucked in pleasure.

“That’s because I want to drink your milk” he whispered in my ear

And that’s when I completely lost control of my mind and body
He started drinking my milk while fucking me non stop . My mouth was salivating and my eyes were rolling in pleasure. And somehow. I was smiling while being fucked.I was thoroughly enjoying being banged by this hot man who was a ghost.

He continued fucking me for an hour straight. I was so involved in sex by now I was riding him and he was lying down.

And then it hit me. I felt twitching of his dick in my pussy .He was about to cum.
And just as I felt the first drop of his cum shooting inside me I felt my pussy being squeezed around his cock and then.I knew I was cumming.

Waves of pleasure rolled down my body . It was like electric shocks running through me down to one point .My pussy.

I started cumming and he came with me

“Ahhhh I am cumming.I am cumming” I moaned in pleasure

“Cum for me.Cum for me.” he moaned out loud with me

I could feel his cum shooting inside me and my cum enclosing around his cock. We were cumming on each other.

We moaned for a few more minutes till we both stopped cumming.My pussy was leaking his juices and mine both combined.

I was so tired. I lied down.And slept immediately on his lap with his cock still inside me. I no longer cared.

Thank you for reading my story this far.

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