How could this happen to me part 3

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It had been nearly an hour since Debbie’s blackmailing abusers had left and she was still in the foetal position. She knew she had to pull herself together for the sake of her son and later her husband.
Mrs Wilson pulled herself to her feet with the support of the sofa, wincing with pain if she moved awkwardly.

Her bum cheeks and anus felt intensely painful as she hobbled naked and very slowly to the foot of the stairs.
Very gingerly she started her accent. She was careful to bring both feet on the same step as she shuffled up one step at a time.
Five minutes later and she was at the top and headed for the bathroom.

Debbie cleaned her teeth three times then ran the bath as hot as she could bare, added some lotions and carefully got in.
She completely submerged herself for as long as she was able to hold her breath, then with just her head showing let the hot water soothe her battered body.

As Debbie’s body responded to the hot bath water her mind was in turmoil , she was unable to stop the images of the past two days ordeal replaying over and over.
Mrs Wilson started to sob again and asked no one in particular. “How could this happen to me “.

She recalled the amount of times the bastards had ejeculated into her unprotected vagina, they even tormented about getting her pregnant .
Debbie knew that she didn’t believe in abortion, thanks mostly to the catholic girls school she had attended, the mainly nun teachers filling their heads with a life in hell for such sins.

Mrs Wilson could be regarded as a lapsed catholic, hardly ever going to church since leaving school. How would she explain a pregnancy to her husband.
He would demand to know who the father was, what possible explanation could she come up with that would allow their marriage to continue.

Debbie hoped that she wouldn’t get pregnant, she would go and see her new doctor on Monday and go on the pill.
If only she knew it would be a futile gesture, her fertile body had produced an egg that was breached by one of Tony’s sperm in the early hours of this morning, its cells were dividing inside her womb already.

An hour had past and still her mind was racing as she tried to make sense of it all.
Debbie’s life had always been happy and reasonably uncomplicated, she was popular and never bullied at school. Throughout her life she only had to flash her beautiful smile and people warmed to her.
Debbie thought about her friends and family she had left behind and the happy social life she had enjoyed so much.

They had no option but to relocate, if Martin had lost his job they would have lost their house and most of the other good things they had worked so hard for.
Again Debbie cursed their bloody forced relocation, none of this would have happened back in lovely Shropshire, again the tears flowed.
Debbie felt like she could have filled the bath with the amount of tears those bastards had caused her to spill.

Mrs Wilson became aware how cold she was and her skin was all wrinkled, she knew she had to make the effort to get dressed and hide any evidence of her ordeal. She would have to put on a brave face and front it out as best she could until she could figure a way of resolving the nightmare situation she had found herself in.

Debbie slowly exited the bath tub and found she could move a little easier, once dry she managed to squeeze half a tube of savlon up her painful rectum, once in, the cold cream was really soothing.

Debbie dressed in a loose tee shirt with no bra, luckily they had not paid much attention to her breasts or nipples but they were still a little sore from the previous days rough treatment.
A pair of loose cotton panties and yoga bottoms completed the most comfortable and practical outfit she could think of.
Luckily Debbie’s natural beauty meant she didn’t need to wear makeup if she didn’t want to and she was certainly in no mood to apply any now.

Back downstairs Debbie cleaned away the evidence of the sexual assault, although some stains on the sofa would always be a reminder.
She removed the dvd disc and set about destroying it with a large pair of strong scissors, hiding the remains at the bottom of the rubbish bin.
Knowing they could make many more copies filled her with dread.
Debbie deleted the video nasty from her phone and checked the time.
She just had time for a cup of strong coffee before Brian would return from school and a semblance of normal family life could continue until Monday when she would have to face her nightmare again.

Debbie heard the front door open and Brian shout out. “Hi mum”.

“Hi love, i’m in the kitchen “. Answered Debbie in need of a loved ones company.
Her happiness was short lived as she saw Dave and Tony following her son into the kitchen.

“Hi Mrs Wilson, lovely to see you again, it’s always nice to see your happy smiling face”. Dave greeted her smiling.

“You look as beautiful as ever Mrs Wilson”. Added a grinning Tony.

Poor Debbie knew she had to pretend to be friendly otherwise Brian would wonder what was up. “Hello boys, would you like a drink?”.

“Not for me mum i’m fine”. Said Brian.
“I’m fine too Mrs Wilson”. Said Tony.
“Would love a coffee, thank you Mrs Wilson”. Grinned Dave. “You two play the first game, i’ll come up and play the winner after i’ve had my coffee “. Added Dave winking at Tony.

Debbie felt like she’d been kicked in the stomach as she watched her son and Tony leave the kitchen and head upstairs. She hobbled towards the kettle praying Dave only wanted a coffee like he asked for.

“You look like you’ve got a bit of back door trouble going on there dirty Debora”. Mocked Dave.
He followed her to the kettle and turned her around to face him saying. “I think we’re good enough friends to greet each other with a kiss now, don’t you?”.

Debbie knew this nightmare was not going to end anytime soon. “Please don’t, not with my son upstairs, i’m begging you, come back Monday when i’m alone like you said earlier, please “.

“I’m feeling horny now, you must remember what teenage hormones are like. Now kiss me like you mean it and i won’t have to text Brian”. Demanded Dave.

Debbie knew resistance was futile and offered her lips to Dave, she kissed him as passionately as she could, afraid of the consequences if she didn’t satisfy him. As their tongues intertwined she felt Dave’s hands slide up under her top until he found her bra less tits.

Dave broke the kiss telling her. ” Who’s a bra less slut then, are you sure you wasn’t hoping we’d come back with Brian so you could get more cock. You smell nice and fresh too, not like the sweaty well fucked whore we left earlier. Now arms up, let’s lose the top”.

Debbie lifted her arms and let Dave remove her tee shirt, she was terrified her son could walk in and find her naked, having sex with Dave.
Dave resumed kissing her while playing with her tits, he tweaked her nipples firmly but not in the horrible way they had treated them yesterday as she remembered the film and how sore they were izmir escort bayan afterwards.
Debbie thought how horny she would be if it was her husband treating her like this. Again Dave broke the passionate kiss and licked his way down to her beautiful tits, he kissed nibbled, licked and sucked as his hands gently fondled them.

Debbie’s reflexes took over and she clutched his head firmly to her breasts. One of Dave’s hands ventured south slipping inside her loose waistband and equally loose panties, his fingers finding her surprisingly wet pussy. At the same time he heard a soft moan escape her lips.
Dave slid in two fingers and slowly pleasured her responding cunt.

Debbie couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this, after the pairs brutal treatment of her earlier she must be reacting involuntarily to the gentleness as some sort of compensation effect.
Whatever it was she hated the fact she was getting turned on by the pleasure she was receiving from her blackmailer.

Dave used his other hand to ease her bottoms and panties down, Debbie stepped out of them rendering herself naked in her own kitchen with her son upstairs.
“Now take my clothes off “. Dave ordered.
The relief Debbie felt when he stopped fingering her was tinged with disappointment because of the pleasure her body was receiving, again she felt flushed with guilt.

Mrs Wilson new better than to try and protest, her bruised and throbbing bum cheeks a stark reminder of the consequences. Soon Dave was buck naked and sporting a rock hard erection.

There was a small two seater couch adjacent to the patio doors. Dave went and sat in the middle of it and beckoned Debbie to join him. “First i want you on your knees sucking my cock, then you’re gonna give me a tit wank and only if i think you’ve done a good job will i let you sit on my cock and make us both cum”.

Doing as instructed Debbie knelt uneasily between Dave’s legs and suddenly became aware of just how exposed the small sofa was too a couple of neighbouring houses. “What if my neighbors see us”.

“Tough shit, you’ll just have to hope they’ve got better things to do than watch the beautiful sexy milf fuck her sons schoolboy friend “. Dave told her waving his cock in her face.

Resigned to her exposed predicament Mrs Wilson lent in and did her best to please her tormenter. As she licked and sucked his penis Debbie was aware she was seeing a much gentler side to Dave, he was allowing her to dictate the pace and do all the work, unlike previous oral sex where he had gripped her hair and painfully forced his penis as deep as it would go making her gag.

“You’re doing a great job Debs, we’ll make a slutty cocksucker out of you yet, if you carry on like that i’m gonna spunk in your mouth and i want to enjoy your sexy body a lot longer. Time for a tit wank beautiful “.

Debbie was finding herself liking the gentleness and Dave’s compliments, her body responding in ways she didn’t expect or want.
She had never given a tit wank before, she had been fucked between her tits on many occasions by her husband but she was always flat on her back and Martin had been astride her chest, he’d be the one cupping her breasts as he fucked her cleavage.

“Spit in your cleavage babes, i want those great tits of yours nice and slippery “.

Debbie obliged and cupping her breasts she proceeded to wrap them round his straining erection and move her body to and fro tit wanking his encased penis.
She felt unexpectedly empowered being the one in charge for the first time since her ordeal had started, she was shocked by the fact she was enjoying the experience, she’d even spat a couple of more times onto his bellend to make her tit tunnel as slippery as she could.

Her nipples were rock hard and very sensitive as she found herself rubbing them into his pubic hair and hard stomach muscles.
Debbie could tell Dave was getting close to ejeculating, she hoped he would cum on her breasts and not in her vagina.
Again she was disappointed as he pushed her shoulders, telling her.”Time to climb on gorgeous, i want to feel that sexy wet cunt of yours snugly around my boner”.

Brian’s mum did just that, straddling his lap she gripped his throbbing shaft and lodged his purple helmet into her vagina, then gripped Dave’s shoulders and despite her extremely sore anus, throbbing bum cheeks and the fear of getting pregnant slowly lowered her wet quim down the length of his engorged penis.

Dave cupped her tits, lent in and sucked on her nipple as Debbie started to fuck him. Dave knew he probably wouldn’t be able to last much longer with dirty Debora’s wet silky cunt picking up speed but he was determined to hold out for as long as possible.

Mrs Wilson was into a steady rhythm, despite her sore rectum and her raw bum cheeks smarting every time they bottomed out on Dave’s thighs she found herself getting more and more aroused. ‘Oh god, how is this possible, i hate him and his bastard, sadistic mate, how could my body betray me and my husband like this?’. Thought Mrs Wilson.

Despite her frantic efforts to hold back her feelings Debbie couldn’t contain them and felt herself building to an unasked for orgasm.

Dave was frantically trying to hold off his impending orgasm himself but for completely different reasons, he was loving the feeling of being properly fucked by a beautiful, mature, experienced woman with a stunning body. The fact he had done so much fucking these past couple of days, plus his determination, helped him hold out for a full seven minutes, a new personal best for him.

Brian’s mum quickly lost her personal battle as all thoughts of pregnancy, her son upstairs, her guilt for betraying her husband and her raw bum cheeks smashing into Dave’s thighs went out the window.
As her impending climax built Debbie was lost in her own need for fulfilment, seeking out Dave’s lips she began to kiss him passionately, moaning and screaming into his mouth as she furiously rode his cock to her overwhelming orgasm.
Breaking the kiss long enough to scream. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuk”. loud enough to be heard by Tony upstairs, fortunately for her Brian was too engrossed in his game to notice.
This all proved too much for Dave and he exploded into his own furious release firing several ropes of spunk into her spasming

Dave was quite stunned by the passion and intensity of Debbie’s orgasm.

As she stopped shaking and came down from the wonderful high Mrs Wilson was consumed with shame.
How could she have acted that way, she had literally fucked him for her own pleasure and not just to appease him, she fucked him with blatant disregard of her marriage vows and love of her husband, she had fucked him and cried out loudly in pleasure in the full knowledge her son was just upstairs and could have heard her.

Debbie started to sob again as the reality of situation started to sink in.
Dave told her. “Why are you crying, you should be proud of yourself, that was the best fuck i’ve ever had. However, you have made a fucking mess of my lap, it’s soaking, i never buca escort knew women could squirt out that much fanny juice when they cum, looks more like you’ve pissed yourself”.

Dave’s words only adding to her guilt and shame. She had only ever cum that powerfully and squirted once before. It was on her honeymoon, having had a few too many cocktails and being extremely horny, she had got Martin to fuck her in the hotel lift on the way back to their hotel room.

Debbie had pulled down her husbands shorts and started sucking his cock the second the lift doors had closed, he was rock hard in seconds, she had stood up, removed her thong from under her short, loose summery dress and ordered him. “Pick me up, impail me on your beautiful big cock and fuck me stupid”.

Debbie remembered how he’d done just that and how she clung round his neck as she rode him as furiously as she’d just rode Dave, the danger that the lift could have stopped on any one of the eighteen floors it passed on its journey had given her the biggest orgasm of her life up until just now.

Poor Debbie wished she could escape her living hell and go back to that perfect honeymoon with all her hopes and dreams of a perfect life to look forward to.

Mrs Wilson was snapped back to reality by Dave. ” I need cleaning up you cheating slut, your pussy juice is everywhere, it’s even soaked my arse crack, so get on your knees and do what you do best, or should i say second best after that awesome performance you dirty unfaithful slapper “.

Debbie backed off Dave’s lap to kneel on the carpet, her vacated vagina playing a tune as all the air she had pumped up it escaped along with a flood of their combined fluids. She set about sucking him clean, it would take as long as the time it took to make the mess.
Once she had taken care of his now flaccid penis, Dave knelt on on the sofa , bent forward and pulled his arse cheeks apart exposing his wet bum crack and arsehole.

Mrs Wilson lent in knowing she deserved to be degraded in this way, it was the least she deserved. Dave’s words were right, she was a cheating slut, she was a dirty unfaithful slapper.
Debbie made sure she got at least an inch of her tongue inside his sphincter as her penance was diligently carried out.

Dave stood up and pointed to the sofa. “Your gonna have trouble cleaning all that spunk and your cum juice off of that. Still it will be a nice reminder of the great fuck we had every time you see your mug of a husband sitting on it “.

Dave’s words cut deep, she couldn’t deny it was a great fuck no matter what the circumstances of how it came about.
Lowering her head in shame she felt herself being led by her hand back to where their discarded clothes were.
Dave started to get dressed and as a more mobile Debbie bent down to pick up her cloths and do likewise she was stopped by Dave. “Not you, that will have to wait till later “.

Debbie knew better than to argue the point and wondered what the cruel bastard had in store for her now.
She was soon to find out, once Dave was dressed he led Debbie out of the kitchen towards the stairs. Her eyes grew wide with fear as a naked Debbie was told. “Up you go, i’ll be right behind you watching that gorgeous fucking arse of yours “.

Debbie was trembling as she made her way up the stairs a lot easier then the last time. At the top only a few feet away from her sons half open bedroom door Dave gave Debbie a sush sign and tapped a message into his phone.
Thirty seconds after sending it they both heard a phone alert come from Brian’s bedroom.

Dave pushed Debbie forward until she was standing in the gap between the door and the doorframe, panic stricken she found herself naked and looking into her sons room, Brian had his back to her concentrating on his latest playstation game, Tony was sitting side on and was looking straight at her grinning.

Debbie was feeling totally humiliated as Dave’s hands slipped under her armpits and started to juggle her tits.
Dave whispered into her ear. “Tell Tony you want to fuck him”.

Her heart sunk and her stomach felt like it was about to lose its contents as she looked Tony in the eyes and silently mouthed. “I want to fuck you”.

Tony looked at her blankly pretending he didn’t understand. Three times he made her repeat it before he smiled and nodded his head.

Much to her relief Dave eased her a few feet further up the landing and whispering in her ear told her. “Wait here”.

Dave disappeared into her sons bedroom and she heard him say. “Sorry i took so long, i was being entertained by your mum and boy can she entertain”.

Debbie heard her son tell him. “Sorry about that, since our move she hasn’t had any friends to talk too, it can’t be easy for her being old and lonely. She needs to find a hobby or join a gym, needs something to burn up up all that unused energy then she wouldn’t bug us”.

‘Old’. thought Debbie. ‘Is that what he thinks about me ‘.

“Your mum’s not old. Now Dave’s here, he can try and beat you. I’ll go and keep your mum company, see if i can tell her a way to burn up all that unused energy and suggest a hobby “. Tony told Brian as he got up letting Dave have his seat.

“Whatever, once she gets her claws into you, you’ll never escape her”. Laughed Brian.

Mrs Wilson felt like a trapped rabbit as Tony came out of her sons room and gave her an evil grin. He took her by the hand and led her into her bedroom and onto her marital bed.

“Brian says you need to find a way to burn up all that unused energy, dirty Debora”. Leered Tony. “What do you suggest you do that takes up a lot of energy? You had better make it something really good……Well”. Tony showed Debbie the palm of his hand, suggesting a spanking would be coming her way if she didn’t impress him with her response.

Brian’s mum knew it would have to be good to save herself from his sadistic tendencies. She had to think quickly, it had to be something that didn’t involve her anus or risk being found out by her son.

“Let me take you into the middle of the back garden on the lawn, i’ll suck your cock, give you a tit wank, then i’ll ride your cock until your eyeballs roll in their sockets like a fruit machine “. Said Mrs Wilson safe in the knowledge it was the opposite side of the house to Brian’s bedroom and only one house had a limited view of the middle of the garden.

“I like the sound of that, my mum’s always telling me i should get out into the fresh air more”. Agreed Tony.

Debbie led Tony by the hand, trembling as she passed the half open door of her sons bedroom, once in the kitchen next to her discarded clothes Debbie told him. “Let me undress you and lead you out into the garden by your cock”.

Debbie found it hard to believe he had a mother. I wonder if she knows what an evil monster she had spawned.

Tony let Brian’s mum take control and soon she was leading him naked except for his phone out of the back door into the garden with a firm grip on his erect shaft. That’s where her safest option plan ended.

“I’ve got a better izmir escort idea, why don’t i lead you by your nipple to the front garden and fuck you there”. Offered Tony and did just that.

Debbie could have died with the fear and shock, it was very exposed too, at least four houses had a good view and anybody walking past on this side of the street would get a really good look at them.
Worst of all, Brian’s bedroom window was directly above with a perfect view of the whole front garden.

Debbie’s nipple was hurting from the walk round the side of the house. He really was a sadistic bastard, he took more pleasure in the rough and abusive way he treated her than the actual sex.

“On your knees bitch and swallow my cock, you don’t tell me what to do, i tell you”. Tony barked at her.

Debbie sunk to her knees and took his cock as deep into her mouth and throat as she could. ‘Why was this bastard so evil to me, what have i ever done to him?’. Thought Mrs Wilson as she was performing felatio, naked and terrified at the precarious situation she was in.

It wasn’t long before things started to take a turn for the worst. Tony used his phone to take a picture and added the text. ‘look out the window ‘. Then sent it to Dave.

“Look up you whore and wave to Dave”. Tony ordered her.

Debbie looked up towards her sons bedroom to see a grinning Dave, she did as told waving to him while praying her son didn’t wonder what he was looking at and join him at the window.
This coincided with Tony gripping a handful of her hair and face fucking her hard, she could just about see Dave waving back at her as she started to choke, her eyes blurring with the tears.

“Okay slut, now get on all fours so i can fuck you like the bitch you are “. Said Tony in an unfriendly and aggressive manor.

Debbie immediately complied, frightened by the nasty tone to his voice. Once again without a hint of fore play she was speared in her pussy by his rampant erection. If it wasn’t for the fact her vagina was still lubricated from the fucking she had received a short while ago it would have hurt like hell.

“How can someone as beautiful as you be such a dirty skank, letting yourself be fucked in such a public place, your son could look out of his window at any moment and see his cheating slag of a mother getting fucked like a dirty dog”. Mocked Tony.

Mrs Wilson hung her head in shame and humiliation.

Just when Debbie thought it couldn’t get any worse, with Tony fucking her as hard as he could she caught site of pair of trainers and jeans approaching her front door. Dave gathered the hair on the back of her head and pulled her head up to look straight into the eyes of the shocked young man.
He hadn’t noticed them until he was halfway up the path. He froze as he was confronted by the beautiful naked older woman getting roughly fucked from behind by a young lad.

“No need to post that through the letterbox just hand it to her”. Tony told him as he carried on shafting her cunt.

The young man that was no older than eighteen, nineteen was so stunned at the scene playing out in front of him that he walked over and handed Debbie the local paper he was delivering.

“She’s a right old scrubber, a great fuck, ain’t that right dirty Debs. Tell him you’d like to fuck him too”. Said Tony, as he spanked her already sore arse cheek not batting an eyelid at being discovered in mid fuck.

“I want to fuck you too”. Offered Debbie in fear of more spanking if she disobeyed Tony.

The poor paper boy made a hasty retreat, mumbling some feeble excuses about being late already.

“Well perhaps another time then, if ever you’re passing the offer still stands “. Said Tony and began laughing so much his cock slipped out of Debbie’s cunt.

The humiliation Debbie was feeling was matched by her terror of being seen by her new neighbors as Tony laid on his back and told her. “Come on then, you dirty old spunker, ride my cock until my eyes roll in their sockets like a fruit machine “.

Debbie’s own words had come back to haunt her, she mounted his hard cock and fucked him as hard as her body would allow.
The sight of her gorgeous tits bouncing uncontrollably and the feeling of her rampant cunt playing hide the sausage was all too much and he could only last a couple of minutes before blasting the contents of his bollocks into her pistoning pussy.

Debbie was relieved he had climaxed, although it was another load of sperm deposited in her fertile vagina, she prayed to god she wouldn’t be impregnated before she could go on the pill.

Tony ordered Debbie. “Suck it clean slut and i’ll let you get back indoors”.

A desperate Debs did as told, relieved his cum covered cock continued to go soft.

Tony pulled Brian’s mum off her knees by her other nipple and led her back to the kitchen.
“Get dressed and make us some dinner you dirty old spunker, all that fucking has made me peckish, i’ll go and tell the others you’re making something “. Said Tony leaving the kitchen once he was dressed.

Debbie could see no end to this nightmare, both her nipples were really sore and even the light tee shirt was chafing on them. Thankfully neither of them had sodomised her this time, her anus felt like it was full of broken glass and her bum cheeks were throbbing. Once dressed Debbie set about making three of them beans on toast.

” Your mum’s gonna make us something to eat, spending time with her really wears you out and makes you hungry, ain’t that right Dave?”. Said Tony laughing .

“Yeah, i feel fucked after spending time with your mum Brian”. Answered Dave, laughing along with Tony.

Again Brian had that private joke, left out feeling.

All three boys made their way to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar as Debbie finished off their food. Once finished Dave collected up the plates and took them to the sink on the other side of the breakfast bar.
Below the sight line of Brian, Debbie flinched as Dave grabbed an handful of her sore arse cheek and announced. “We’ve got to go now Mrs Wilson, it was a pleasure spending time with you. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see you again “.

Dave gave her arse cheek a final squeeze and walked away.

Tony added. “Yeah, you’re fun to be with Mrs Wilson, a boy could learn a lot spending time with an older woman like you “.

Debbie felt both cheapened and humiliated as both boys intimated at their sexual pleasure in the presence of her son,
relieved they had left but concerned by the fact she had no way of knowing when their inevitable next visit would occur.

Brian put the final nail in her coffin when he told her. “Mum, why do you bug my mates by making them spend time with you, why would you think they’d enjoy hanging out with someone who is old when they could be playing computer games “.

“Thanks a bunch “. Said Debbie and stormed off to her bedroom as fast as her sore body would take her. Once inside she locked her door, threw herself on her bed and burst into tears, she was unable to believe that after all the physical and verbal abuse she had been subjected too today, it would be her own sons heartless words that would upset her the most.


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