How Humiliating


Our sex life had been on the fritz for years. Children and work can do that to a couple. With Nancy and Tra both out of the house, I’ve been after Becky to rekindle the spark. She’s been open to suggestions about tarting up her wardrobe and some mild public flashing, but she has firmly stomped on any ideas of swinging. (She had a few boyfriends before me, but I’ve only been with her and often fantasize about other women.) As a substitute, I guess, I’ve begun to have daydreams about watching her fucking other men. The idea obviously turns my wife on when we talk about it—she loves me to pretend I’m someone else when we fuck now—but Becky claims she could never do it.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable making love to someone else while you watched, darling. It would be too awkward, and I would always be thinking how humiliating it would be watching another man taking your wife. Could you really handle having me screaming another guy’s name while he drives his dick into my pussy?”

Though I assured her that I could, and that it would be a turn-on for me, she kept insisting for months that we just keep it a fantasy. Finally, she came home from work and told me she had thought of a test to see how willing I was to be humiliated. She wanted me to jerk off in front of her and a few of her friends! She had mentioned to her friend Pamela that I liked to masturbate. Pamela replied that she had never watched a guy beat off before, and had always wondered what it was like. Becky had offered my services; she promised that if I “satisfied” her friends this way, then she would make my fantasy come true. My immediate instinct was to reply “no way!”, but I had to admit the idea turned me on. I had never jerked off in front of anyone but Becky. In the end, I agreed to my wife’s proposal.

Less than a month later, I found myself sitting anxiously, naked and blindfolded, in chair by our pool, a bottle of massage oil on the table beside me. I knew my wife was inside with her friends, drinking, partying, and generally getting prepared for the afternoon’s main event. They could see me but I couldn’t see them. Becky wanted it to be a surprise, so she wanted all the women to be gathered up before I saw any of them. Sweating and nervous, I was actually relieved when I heard the sliding door open, followed by the sounds of laughter and voices.

“Here he is, ladies. The world’s biggest jerk-off! Well, maybe big isn’t the right word!” As Becky was saying this, she pulled the blindfold off, and I got my first look at the women. I was shocked! There were seven women besides my wife! More surprising than the number were their identities. Besides Pamela, who was holding a camcorder, there were three of her close friends. This I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was the two women from the neighborhood who I saw almost everyday. Even worse was recognizing Megan, who worked with me at my office. Worst of all was seeing the smirking face of my younger sister Lori, with whom I’ve always had a strained relationship. I didn’t see how I was even going to get hard, much less cum.

I was wrong. My wife squirted some oil on my dick and began to play with it, while the ladies giggled and Pamela filmed. As I began to get hard, Becky replaced her hand with mine, saying, “This is as close to pussy, besides mine, that Ricky has ever been. Sometimes I think his hand is his favorite lover.” I couldn’t disagree. My cock felt fantastic as I stroked it slowly in front of eight pairs of eyes (and boobs! and legs!). It was humiliating but a turn-on at the same time. I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t want it to stop.

It was Lori that brought it all to a stop, or at least a pause. After about 5 minutes of stroking, and with me already getting ready to blow, she laughingly recalled “this reminds me of when he was spying on me in my bedroom.” Anadolu Yakası Escort When the others prodded her for more details, she told them how her “perverted older brother” used to peep in her window and jerk off while she was getting undressed at night or when she was playing around with her boyfriends. “He never had any girlfriends of his own, so he got his rocks off watching me. Our parents thought he was a little weird, just walking around at night alone, but I knew he was watching me, and beating his meat. I see he’s still a pervert; the only difference is back then he had no hair on his balls.”

This caused gales of laughter, while I turned red with embarrassment, and felt my willie start to wilt. It was true, I had masturbated while watching her scores of times growing up. She had been sexy looking from the time she was 13. I had no idea that she knew, however. I had never been so humiliated! I was ready to stop when Megan said “Why don’t we shave him then? Then he’ll look just like he did when he beat off outside your window. Hell, it doesn’t look like his dick’s gotten any bigger since then.”

I protested this idea, and tried to rise, but the women prevented my moving. My wife disappeared into our house to get the necessary utensils while the others held me down. Within 20 minutes, the deed was done. My cock and balls were as nude as that of a newborn baby’s. Becky insisted she liked the new me. “Honey, your dick definitely looks bigger. Well, a little bit anyway.” The others agreed, and recommended my wife keep me looking like this. Then, as one of the women said, it was time to “get back to business.”

Once again, I began to masturbate. It was slower going now; I had lost a great deal of enthusiasm. The women didn’t mind. The early evening was beautiful, the wine was flowing, and they had a man under their control. They alternated between making encouraging and belittling comments as they watched me stroke my hardening cock. They laughed at my contortions and efforts, and as I began to pump in earnest, they cheered my efforts. I heard my sister shouting “Beat it, Little brother. Beat it like you did watching me making out with Johnny Ricter! Beat off that hairless wienie of yours!” Eventually, when I finally climaxed, I was rewarded with a round of applause and cries of “Way to go, Ricky!”

As I lay back in the chair, exhausted, thinking it was over, I heard Becky proclaiming, “That was a great show, dear, but you’re not quite done. You have to show them you swallow as well.” I was stunned. Despite all that had just happened, this seemed too much. “Come on, Ricky. If you want me to be making love to other guys, you’d better start getting used to cleaning up. It should be easy to do since there’s no hair to make a mess on. Let’s see you lick up that cum; there’s not that much of it.”

I don’t know if it was because of my shock that she was openly telling others of our plans to bring other men into our sex lives or the inertia of the moment, but I found myself wiping the semen off my stomach and groin and licking my fingers to the squeals of delight of my wife, my sister, and the others. As they commented on what a jerk-off I was and what a great little cum-swallower I would be, I tried to think of how this humiliating experience would pay off in the long run. Becky would now have to fulfill her promise of making love to another guy in front of me!

Less than two weeks later, Becky called from her office. She told me she would be bringing a guy home tonight after work. She wanted me to clean the house before she got home and be sure to change the sheets on the bed. I could hear Pamela laughing in the background while she told me what she wanted done before she came home with her lover, but I didn’t even mind when my wife told me I would have Avrupa Yakası Escort to watch from outside the house as she didn’t want to scare her lover off. Who cares if she told him I’m going to be out of town? It was actually going to happen tonight!

They didn’t arrive until after nine o’clock, giving me plenty of time to set out a comfortable spot outside the bedroom, with the blinds wide open and the door cracked enough to let in fresh air and let out sexy sounds. By the time the two of them entered the room, Becky already had her breasts exposed and his shirt was wide open. I didn’t know the guy at all, but that didn’t matter. I just focused the camera in on them, and watched him push her gently down on the bed that prior to tonight only I had enjoyed with her. She started work on his pants, and before three minutes had passed since the time they arrived, my wife had a strange cock deep in her mouth. As it grew harder, it was plain to see it was quite a large specimen of cock as well.

After getting the guy nice and hard, my wife finished undressing except for her bra and what turned out to be crotchless panties. (I wondered if she had been wearing them at the office all day!) The guy stripped as well, laying back on the bed as Becky played with herself a little while, teasing him. Then she joined him on the bed, planting her pussy on his face while she swung into a 69. I focused in on her face as she sucked him, and I could see her looking out the window to where she knew I was. Damn, she looked turned-on, and I think I was as turned on as she was! I played with myself a little bit while trying to keep the camera steady.

All too soon, Becky stopped sucking. My disappointment faded, however, when she got astride him in a reverse cowgirl position. As she slowly lowered herself down onto his throbbing cock, she smiled in my direction. I was sure she was using this position to show off for me, and as she moaned and played with her tits as she bounced on top of him, I became certain of it. She kept calling out his name, “Brad! Oh, Brad!”, and yelling at him how full he made her feel, but she almost never took her eyes away from the patio door. I don’t know if she was trying to make me jealous or turn me on, but it didn’t matter. It was doing both!

She must have ridden him like that for 10 minutes or so before he flipped her over and mounted her from above. It was obvious that he was wanting to cum because he pile-drove her with reckless abandon as soon as he had her on her back. Her screams became louder than ever, and I envisioned having to tell some of our neighbors that my middle name was Brad. Her cries of “I love your big cock!” “God, I’m going to cum again!” were reaching far into the night, not just my microphone. I had never seen her anywhere near so wild.

Brad came inside her with a roar, and my wife grabbed his ass and tried to pull him deeper into her. He collapsed on top of her, exhausted, and all I could see of her was some of her hair, and the bottom half of her left leg. I was hoping to Becky would chase him away soon, so I could get my first shot at sloppy seconds, but I had a surprise coming. After laying atop her for a few minutes, I could see Brad starting moving his hips in a circular motion. A low moan escaped from my wife as the motion became even more pronounced. Shit, the guy was still hard!

He started moving up and down again, but after just a few strokes, my wife stopped him. She told him she wanted it doggy-style, ‘my favorite position. I want to feel what is like with a cock that can really stretch me out!’ She got on her hands and knees facing me once again, telling him ‘I want to be fucked like I was in college!’ When he asked what she meant, she replied, “Long, hard, and well.” She looked out the glass right at me and repeated İstanbul Escort it loudly, “Long, hard, and well, damn it!”

Brad certainly complied to the best of his ability. Though he started nice and slow, with a variety of depth and stirring motions, he soon gave in to her cries of ‘fuck me harder’. For well over 15 minutes he fucked her like a piston, making her collapse face forward three times, and forcing her to beg him to stop once. Sweat was pouring off both of them and Becky’s boobs were flying around like Superballs. I didn’t see how he could keep it up, and I didn’t believe I was watching my wife take that kind of punishment. She was reveling in it. She came at least 3 time during the session, and told him over and over again that he ‘can fuck me whenever you want! I’ll be your slut whenever you want me to!’ I don’t think she was saying that just to drive me nuts; it looked as if she was lost in an alternate reality consisting of nothing but rampaging sex organs. By the time he finally came in her for the second time, she was reduced to moaning “YES! YES! YES!”

He dressed quickly, saying he’d better get going before ‘your husband gets home’. Becky just muttered “Who?”, making Brad laugh, and spank her upturned ass. “You are a bad girl!”

“Mmmmm, hmmm. I’ll be even badder next time, believe me!”

“I’ll make you keep that promise, Becs.” He actually used the same nickname for her that I did. For some reason that stung a little bit. “We’ll see just how bad you can be now that you’re my slut!” He gave her a kiss on the cheek and let himself out.

I was in the bedroom as soon as his car pulled away. Becky was still laying face down, so I lay on top of her and began to insert my cock into her sloppy cunt.

“Not now, honey, Brad exhausted me. Damn, what a lover! I take it you liked what you saw.”

“Damn right I did! I can’t believe how sexy you were!” My cock was sliding into her easily, despite her protests. Shit, she was soaking wet, and her lips were so puffed up it was impossible to miss her opening. “I’ve got to have some of the sweet pussy you gave to Brad!”

My wife continued to insist she was too tired to be any good to me, and couldn’t we wait until morning, but I was too far gone to listen. After maybe 10-12 strokes, I was already blasting my load into her, adding my cum to Brad’s. With a small groan, I collapsed on Becs and kissed the back of the neck.

“Oh, my god Ricky, I didn’t even know you were inside me! I thought you were still trying to find the opening. Jesus, and you came already? I guess I’m not too tired for that! I guess you really were turned on by watching a real man fuck me!”

“I sure was, though you don’t have to keep making comments like that anymore. He’s gone, you know.”

“Oh, you think I was saying those things about how good he was just to tease you, honey? How cute! No, Ricky, Brad really is that much better than you. I’m so glad you pushed me into living this fantasy out, because now I can finally enjoy sex. And believe me, I plan on enjoying it a lot, with Brad, and whatever other hunks I can find. But don’t worry honey, I’ll always let you watch and jerk off. Or at the very least, I’ll bring their cum home for you to enjoy. Speaking of cum, don’t you think it’s time for you to get down there and clean my pussy out? I mean, I know you probably didn’t leave much of a mess, but it felt like Brad had some full balls he dumped into me.”

My wife rolled onto her back, and tried to push me down between her thighs. When I backed away from the assignment, she looked at me sternly and said, “If you don’t clean me up so I can go to sleep, you’ll never watch me with another guy again! And that video of you jerking off, well, it just might . . .”

I was between her legs before she could finish her sentence. It was my own fault anyway. It was my fantasy, after all, and now I would have to live with the consequences. It’s not so bad, I thought, until I made out my wife’s voice sweetly muttering “That’s my good little cum-eater. I think I’m going to enjoy feeding you lots and lots of loads from my lovers.”

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