How I And My Friends Became Call Girls – Part I

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I am 25 year old widow now a full time whore fucking multiple dicks. Let me relate how I have become a call girl for past 8 years. I was happily married to Vijay. Ours was a love marriage and his parents rejected me as I was whoring even before and during marriage. My parents were dead in my c***dhood and my mami who take care of me is also no more. I had lost my property to my greedy uncles who put me in girls convent along with my mami(maid)

In the school and college I befriended my current co whore friends Leena and shalini. Both Leena and Shalini had come from up class houses and money was not a problem. We all had great sexy bodies and great curves, Good boobs, asses and great cunts. It was in my college that I met Arun. Leena was always sexy and had many boyfriends in the college.

I was 19 when it all started one day I went to college library to pick few books up and as I was walking to the library I heard few moaning sounds in the classroom. I went to check if anybody was crying. I was shocked when I found Leena with two boys. Arun was one of them. Arun and Rajan were fucking her in her two holes. Arun was on top of her and his dick in her ass while rajan was in the cunt. They were pushing hard and hard and she was splitting expletives..fuck meeeeemeeeharddddeeer ..and I stood looking at them. When I touched my pajama, it was wet. I mistakenly said hai raam what has happened to me. Much to my astonishment, all turned around and saw me I was shocked..Leena said..bring her here, we will fuck her too Arun ran and caught hold of me..i said nooooo pleaseeee and before I could say anything he caught my hair and put his dick in my mouth. I tried resisting, Leena said now you know our secret and my dear Leela I am a whore of this college and I am going to make you one she said.

I said please I am not that type of girl ..Please please Arun said ok..if you allow us to fuck you now we will not share you with others. Only me and rajan ok what u say said Arun please..Please..he did not listen, and removed his camera and said I am going to take pics of you naked and then you know what will happened..i cursed myself and said ok.

Leena made me totally naked and said..are u a virgin..i said yes. She asked whom do you want to take your cherry out replied Arun bcoz I already had tasted his dick. Rajan laughed and said ok time to fuck you alone. Arun said don’t worry rajan..we shall share our girls whenever we want and kept on fucking my mouth. He asked me to rub my cunt vigorously and after a while I had the first cum of my life. Meanwhile Arun lay me on my back and pushed his dick into my cunt. I cried ohhhhmaaaaait is paining. Leena was taking pics of our fucking..We lied Leena, we will make u a whore like me. I saidok now that I have to fuck two dicks I will fuck more and asked Arun to pump me more.. iwas feeling in pain . Aah noooo blood gushed out and Arun shouted with satisfaction..he had broken my hymen. Please leave me..its paining..i cried. Arun did not listen. He said…one more push darling you will feel heave…soon after I felt my cunt muscles relaxed. I was in seventh heaven now,. Arun continued to was very painful. After sometimes, my cunt muscles started expanding and in half hour I was having full satisfaction and soon he cumed inside me. Loads and loads of cum went inside me. I had two orgasms by then. I was frightened..what if I become pregnant.

Leena said do not worry dear..take i-pill.

It was now turn of Rajan. He made me stand in doggy style and fucked my cunt. Arun was fucking Leena vigously in her mouth and soon her cummed in her mouth. Rajan was now fucking my cunt..i shouted ..fuckk me me me fuck me you bastard..motherchod. chal is randi to chod, every one was surprised. Leena said…that is the hall mark of a are now a whore of the college. Arun said no..She is my girlfriend now and she will be fucked by rajan and me only..Leena said..i want her to be a call girl..We will make money from her virgin cunt. Rajan looked at us. Leena and I accepted with a condition..we will continue to be a call girls. We cant be satisfied with one or two dicks. Rajan and Arun will be our pimps. Arun agreed sometimes I will also bring few men outside the college for Leela. I was happy to be a call girl.

Arun stripped me completely naked and asked rajan to fuck me again. Now rajan and Arun both fucked me in all my holes. Both cummed in my pussy, ass and mouth. Both me and Leena were fucked alternately..Leena proposed lesbian act..i refused..i said I loved to be fucked by men only. Leena made a nice video of me and said…we will create a website and post my video…I said not videos but photos with face covered please. Leena said okay and winked at rajan…

It was almost 3..0 am in morning, went to my house and was afraid mami will be angry towards me but when I went inside saw mami fucking our doodhwala. Mami was a widow and when she saw me..she was terrified. i pretend and shouted at mami..

she said please Leela I am also a woman..i also need some to fulfill my desires. I asked her..i will keep quiet if you allow me fuck the doodhwala and told her my experiences last night. She was u are not anymore a virgin I said no. can I have the doodhwala now ..she said ok are like your mother..she too slept with many men without your father’s knowledge and I was a true randi’s daughter..

i said’ mami I want to fuck like my mother, will she help me. Mami said beti get married settle down and then I will help to fuck many men. Catch hold of an idiot and marry him..u can fuck during the day when he goes to work. In mean time the doodhwala said to me..chal randi tereoko aaj my choodtha hoon . I said haan haan, kyon nahi is randi ko bhaqvan ne baya chod ne ke liye. He grabbed hold of my dress like a hungry cat and jumped on me. I said..kya jaldi…raat bhar choodo muje….mami was happy. From her cellphone she took pics of me and doodhwala fucking. Doodhwala sucked my breast and started kneading it…I moned aaahhhhh……slowly I rubbed his cock and sat down took his cock in my mouth…I started sucking his dick..he grabbed my hair and fucked me faster in mouth. I was fucked like a true whore. Kya randi hain mami…asli pro kit rah kaam kar rahi hain…mami smiled and ki maa bhi ek randi thi….kya chudwathi . ek saath 6-7 mardon ke saath chudwati thi….i was getting horny now and pulled doodhwala on to me…I said…please fuck me now….no no don’t use condom just fuck me..he shoved his raw 7’’ dick inside me and pumped me…he had lot of stamina…he came inside me after 30 minutes.. mami clapped and said…isko our chodo..kie a hungry tiger our doodhwala fucked me and mami that night at least 5 times.

We woke up at 10 in the morning..with doodhwala’s dick inside me….mami got up naked and us love birds to fuck further. My cunt was sore with last night fucking….i said please no…but I was horny and doodhwala know that and soon fucked me again. After a while he put his loads of white semen inside me… he said I have to go and deliver milk and tonight I will fuck you more. I said please bring your friends also. to this mami said if u fuck like this whole mohalla will know. If u want, we hire a independent house and u can do your business there. Mami was making me a whore. I said if iam going to be a should you..

she also agreed to fuck. I will sell you to rich client not althu falthu like our doodhwala.. I said ok . That afternoon I selpt a lot..i had fucked three men for six hours now. I was very hot.
I called Rajan and Arun to come to my house and fuck me. Both came to my house I introduced them to mami. Mami was also sexy and hot. Rajan whispered can I fuck your mami too. I like mature women..

i said go ahead..then Arun took me into my bedroom..stripped me and fucked me like hell..he cam e almost 5 times in two hours. After some time..Rajan came into my room fully satisfied and said..your mami is great,,,,now open your legs..i wanna fuck you now.

I said please rajan. Arun just finished I am tired. he said no I want to fuck your ass and mouth now.

Arun then commanded me and said..dear fuck my best friend and always obey him whenever he wants you. now kneel bitch..rajan then fucked me in my mouth and ass. Arun fucked my mami in front of me. After an hourI asked rajan to join Arunn and fuck mami.. darl you are a total randi like your mother. So are you mami..she smiled. I was always a randi..your mother actually made me a randi and I loved it. I was a servant in your house and was married to the watchman. The fuck went on for two hours and they left.

Around nine in the evening after having good chicken and mutton meal.. then doodhwala came he came with his friend an autowala.

ok randiyon, hum doono tumko choodengeI said to doodhwala..abhi nahin.. as I have to go to friend’s party. Auto wala I have paid doodhwalal 1000 rs to fuck you leela. I was shocked and said arre doodhwala u r not our pimp now go fuck mami..Doodhwala caught hold of my wrist and said..hey randi..chal auto wala ko chod..

mami said beti u r a randi now..go fuck the auto guy. I resigned to my situation. Four more men came. Mami said..i called them. They paid mami 10000 ruppees to fuck me, mami said this is a lot of money. I said ok and fucked the whole night. 6 men fucked my wholes and it was repeated atleast 4 times. All my holes were sore now. I selpt the entire night. Next day Arun called on my cell and asked why are u not coming. I s aid Arun I am sick and hence cannot come. He said ok no problem darlu take rest.. we are going to farm house to fuck Leena. We are to **** shalini your friend and make her a whore too.

I was happy and told doodhwala..aaj raat bhar chodohe abhi chodo. He said nahin lifted me and took me outside into a waiting auto rickshaw and soon we were outside the city. I asked doodhwala where are you taking me. He said..just watch darlingyou you are about to b tested live in open ground. I cried no please no koi to dekh lega mujenahin. meri jaan koi nehi dekhe ga tumhari mami ko bhi laye. mami was also naked and tied. We were taken hand and legs bound naked on a road and Doodhwala made me stand on a road and covered me with a towel. Mami was being ****d in the autopoor things she was having a difficult time and she was crying..maaf kao beti. maine tumko kis musitabh me fas diya. Doodhwala wanted the truck drivers to fuck me. He wanted to make money out meI was terrified and seizing the opportunity, I ran with my two legs on the road. I ran senseless where my legs carried me. Doodhwala and the autowala followed me . mami was shouting baagh baagh beti bagh. aree o randi k**ar baagh li hain, shouted the doodhwala.

I ran and soon found light ahead in the darkness. It was from a farm house and rang the bell in the gate

To my surprise it was opened by Arun.. hey shouted baby what happened what are you runing from and what are you doing here. I explained my position and how my doodhwala ****d me and mami. He asked me to go inside and brought a gun from the house and came to the gate. The auotwala and doodhwala argued with Arun. He pointed his gun in their direction and said.. Kabhi bhi tum is ladki ke aas paas mandraye to main to mar dallonga. The autowala and doodhwala ran away. I an Arun went towards mami and found her inside the auto. She was in a pitiable condition. Arun took us inside and near the pool what was going on was a massive orgy. Arun please do not do this to me I requested. No problem darl go up and sleep. Mami was crying maaf karo beti . i said no problem mami agar hum ko is dhande mein rehana hain thoda adjust karna padega. I was feeling horny now my legs begun to twitch and water was flowing my cunt.

i wanted to fuck I felt guilty the chance of being fucked by the truck drivers. After some time..mami slept. I tiptoed towards the balcony and saw down what was going on in the pool side. Massive orgy around twenty men and 10 girls had gathered around. Leena was there, so was shalini..she was being fucked by three men..four more girls from our college, two Russian babes and two local high class call girls were there. Twenty men included Rajan, Arun, few of our college boys, few foreigners including blacks. Alcohol, d**gs were flowing around. I saw Arun fucking a Russian while two blacks were fucking Leena without a condom

I undressed myself completely nude and stood in the balcony and rubbing myself. I fingered myself with my cunt and shouted. I also want to join. everybody turned towards me. I was naked top to bottom. Leena ran and hugged me..welcome did u I said its along story ok come said Leena and introduced me to the group. Arun came towards me and whispered what happened baby u did not want this.i said pls Arun I am horny nowI want to fuck. he said ok welcome to our orgy party and made me stand on a pedestal. Then what he did was beyond my imagination.

He was bidding men to fuck me. the highest payer will fuck her first and can have her for four days to himself and the next highest payer for three days and rest for a minimum of three hours. She will be staying in this house. you can come and fuck her anytime. I said ‘cmon boys bid me me and fuck me’

One foreigner said I will pay 50% extra more than bid value if we can make her pregnant . Arun and rajan said for tha tyou will have to shell out 10 lacs. 5 for her and 5 for us. This is the extra amount. I was not consulted. I said, Arun..please not preg… please. Arun did not listen I am your master and you are my as I say or I am going to call the doodhwala was terrified and said ok . mami was standing in the balcony and smoking a cigarette. I will get you aborted Leela don’t worry.the Russian replied I want to fuck her during pregnancy also and willing to pay 5 lacs .

Arun said ok..Lets bid. Bidding started. Minimum bid value was 50k.

two Russians and two arabs bid me 1 lac, 1lac 50k. then two Arabs asked Arun whether they can check me out wether I was worth it. Arun saidyou can check her out but with a deposit of Rs 50 K. if you do not like her, 50k will not be returned . While checking no fucking her..Only fingering in ass and cunt.

Six people bid me so far. Rajan and Arun were recording data. I was asked to dance naked to music. Meanwhile other girls were being fucked at the same time. I was dancing like a bar girl and then Leena came started rubbing over me and hissed to the men. Which man would like to fuck her..Bid more bid more…I was horny and had already two orgasms…I said bid more bid more. Meanwhile mami came to the balcony and shouted fuck that bitch..i am her aunty

The two Arabs came and rubbed my body and fingered my pussy and asshole. One of them licked my asshole and said..she is tasty and another fingered me till I had an orgasmooohmmaaaa. come come I can’t stand any longer. first man gets to fuck me without a condom. Pass your seeds inside me. Come bid more bid more Bidding was now at four lacs…only foreigners were left in bidding process. Indians were out. minimum bid value was now 5 lacs.. 6 foreign men now standing naked with their drinks came to me. New round of bidding was about to start.

Arun asked me to lay on a table and started pissing on me. all twenty men in the party pissed on me. I was on a was turning me on. i drank many of their piss and then Arun asked me to suck their cocks. I gave all six of them blowjobs. Other girls of my college finished their fucking sessions and lay beside me. Two call girls were paid and they left. two Russian girls also left after intense fucking. Rajan called them and said. you girls are coming tomorrow also..ok big party coming..More money. the girls said ok.

Now only six of us were there. Me, Leena, shalini and four others. Next round of bidding started. The Arabs backed out at Rs 10 lacs..the Russian was the winner. He had the biggest cock in the was almost 11& inchies. The other had bid 11 lacs. Dmitri bid 12.5 lacs. Arun asked mami to collect money from the agent and for the next four days I was to fuck Dmitri. Then the for next three the other Russian and last two days the arabs. Dmitri paid total Rs 22 lacs for my cunt and all the players had the following righ. they could fuck me wherever they wanted . He can bring any number of guys to fuck me. he can fuck me without a condom and he can make a xxx movies as many as he wanted in the given period with me as the only whore. I loved it. Mami loved it and kissed my cunt and said, fuck like you mother and give birth a girl. we will make her a bitch also.

Meanwhile for the rest of the girls another round of bidding started. Shalini was won by the Arabs for 15 lacs, Leena for 10 lacs by the Americans. Rest of the Indians bought our colleges girls for 8 lacs each. Mami was our agent and aunty. The farm house was now a whore house.

suddenly two men came to the pool. I was was the doodhwala and autowala. Arun and rajan laughed…accha acting tha and were paid money. They came to me and mami and held my cheeks . hume tumko randi banaa tha.They paid us lots of money. I had no answer. Arun slapped me and said..cmon you are now a whore and will fuck as I say. I said ok.. they asked Arun and rajan permission to fuck mami. And took mami near the pool and fucked her. She was 38 only and fucked like a true randi. Arun said you guys can come and fuck Leela or mami any time without having to pay. you can bring anybody and they will problem. Mami was sandwiched between the two guys. Her cunt was being smacked plop plop. two Indians joined to fuck her

Dimitri took hold of me and turned me upside down and started to suck my cunt and slapped my face and said..bitch I will teach what is to be a whore and how to fuck not like Indians. In less than 48 hours I am now a fully fledged whore. I sucked his dick and he put it right inside my mouth was gagged. He pushed me upside down holding my legs and fucked my mouth. I had no air to breath, I released him to gasp for air but he hit me again hard..i cried please do not hit me..i will do as you say and sucked im again. Dmitri came into my mouth and asked me to drink. I drank his semen and he did buggery. He asked his friend to fuck.

Although it was not the other Russian turn, still he had the right. Both Russians fucked me in all holes. I was all shouting fuccckkkk meme me mem eme fuck me mm mem. Dmitri made me sit on his dick and the other Russian Sergei pushed also his dick inside my cunt. I had two dicks to fuck. Aru n and rajan were called to fuck my mouth. Arun readily agreed. I was being fucked for nearly three hours and I was tired and hungry. Arun asked for his attendant to bring dinner. Dmitri let me go after three orgasms and lots of semen. The attendant brought raw mutton and beer. Dmitri asked the attendant to fuck me.. I was tired and said..but he slapped me fuck bitch I have paid rs 12 lacs. the attendant with his greedy eyes fell on me and romped me. My boobs were caressed. Madam itne randi ko dekha,,magar aapjaise momme wali randi ko nahin dekha and kept suking my breasts . I was fucked by all six men in the party who had bidded me! I was being fucked now for five hours continuously. Day break was about to happen when Arun announced time for sleep. Dimitri took me to his room in the farmhouse and fucked me before we went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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