How I Became My Neighbor’s Diaperboy Ch. 03


Miss Hunt returned a short while later still dressed in her panties and garterbelt.

“What have you been up to diaperboy?” she asked with a big smile.

“I uh.. nothing really MMMMommy,” was all I could manage. My diaper was really full and she was sure to notice rather quickly what I had been up to.

“Have you noticed all the mirrors in this room?” she asked.

“Yes, there’s quite a few.” I replied.

“Well do you know what “Wired for sound means?” she continued.

I just stared.

“Well you could say that this room is “wired for sound and sight”. I know exactly what you’ve been doing in here and I have it all on video. From multiple angles in fact. There’s a camera behind each of these mirrors. Someone’s been a very naughty diaperboy.”

I continued to just stare dumbfounded.

“Nothing to say huh,” she said. “I take it I won’t have anymore trouble out of you, right?”

“Yes Mommy,” I managed to reply.

“Good let’s get down to business.”

She had me. If I didn’t do exactly as she says she can show the entire world me jacking off and wetting my big diaper. The funny thing is that I wasn’t all that upset. Right now I was sitting in front of a gorgeous nearly naked woman in a very wet diaper and I had a huge Çeşme Escort hard-on and I wasn’t really mad about the situation. I was diggin’ it.

“First I want you to crawl over here and remove my panties.” she ordered. “Right now diaperboy.”

I slowly got off the bed and onto my knees. I was alittle embarrassed. She was very intimidating and I was still humiliated wearing this wet diaper in front of this sexy woman. But I was also very, very turned on by the whole situation. I wanted to please this woman and I also wanted to be ordered around by her.

I slowly crawled over to her and reached for her panties, my hands were noticeably shaking.

“That’s a good diaperboy. Pull my panties off.” she said.

I slowly pulled her panties down her long, luscious legs and she stepped out of them. I sat there on my hands and knees and waited for her next order.

“So diaperboy, do you know how to eat pussy?” she asked.

I was speechless again. I couldn’t reply.

“You have no answer for your mommy. Well we will have to see. Put your mouth on my pussy and start licking diaperboy. NOW!!” she ordered.

I happily did as she ordered and licked away. I was in heaven and she seemed to be too.

“Oh Çiğli Escort God diaperboy, that feels sooooo good. Yes Yes, eat your mommy’s pussy!” she practically screamed.

She then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face away from her hot pussy.

“You are doing a very good job pleasing me diaperboy.” she said “Do you like my pussy juice all over your face?”

“Yes Mommy,” I sloppily said. “Please let me have some more.”

“I can do better than that.” she replied ” Follow me, on your knees.”

Mommy walked over to the bed and I followed on my knees.

Mommy layed down on the bed on her tummy with her beautiful butt right on the edge of the bed.

She then looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

“Do you like my butt diaperboy?” she asked.

“Yes Mommy. I love your butt.” I replied.

“Good answer my diaper boy.”she said. “Now do you want to please your Mommy?”

“Yes Mommy.” I replied again.

” Good answer my diaperboy.” she said. “Now eat my butt like you ate my pussy.”

I had never done this before but I had never done any of this before so after a moment of hesitantcy I did as she ordered.

I was still on my hands and knees and Foça Escort the bed was the perfect height so I merely crawled up to the edge of the bed and licked her butt.

At first I just took a few small licks around the edges of her rosebud. She reacted immediately to my licks and I quickly got bolder. Soon I was licking away like a starving man. We both were completely wrapped up in our own worlds of pleasure. She was doing so much wiggling that I had a hard time keeping contact.

I on the other hand I was having the time of my life. I could get use to anything she wanted as long as I could continue to eat her big beautiful butt.

We had been at it for quite some time and I wasn’t about to stop when I was startled back to reality.

While I had my face buried into my mommy’s butt a soft voice spoke in my ear. “How does that butt taste diaperboy?”

Oh shit It was Mrs. Moore and we were busted.

As I lifted my face away from my butt eating heaven I felt something on my diapered crotch and butt. It was Mrs. Moore’s hands.

“You haven’t pooped you diaper yet diaper boy.” she said. “Anne, you said that I could change his messy diaper.”

“You can Hon,” she replied “but this naughty diaperboy hasn’t messed his diaper yet but he’s very wet just like my pussy and butt.

“Well its time to mess that diaper right now diaper boy,” said Mrs Moore. “Or you’ll be punished. First off, No More butt licking til you mess your diaper.”

I wanted some more butt so I knew what I had to do.

to be continued…

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