How I Became My Watchman’s Slave

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I have a very fair complexion, height 5’5″, busty and curvy. Vital stats – 36, 30, 36. Am very very very horny and lost my virginity very young.

Let me narrate one incident that happened to me. Both my parents are working and I was in college. It was study holidays for me and I was at home, alone, pretty bored. I lived in the ground floor of an apartment. There was this watchman, tall and dark, but not really handsome. He was young – must have been only 25. But he was very well built. Being so white complexioned, I always had a fantasy of having dirty sex with a dark tall man, preferably from a worker class.

I had just finished masturbating, when a wild idea struck me. I called the watchman to my house and asked him to fetch something from the loft using a stool. He always wears a lungi folded, and I had an irresistible urge of seeing his black cock. As he was standing on the stool, I was bending down trying to get a glimpse of his cock. He saw me do that and got down and said “What are you trying to do”. I didn’t say anything. He then removed his lungi and I saw his cock – it was flaccid, but even the flaccid cock was soooo huge!!!! I let out a soft cry and immediately touched his huge thick cock. Upon my touch it became hard and looked so huge!!! Even now, when I think of that I get wet.

“What are you waiting for, suck it you bitch”, he said. I grabbed it hungrily and started sucking his cock like I have not eaten for a week. I cupped his balls and ran my tongue over the length of his massive tool. It smelled pungent and I loved it. Finally my dream was coming true!! As I was giving him a BJ, he started throwing abuses at me – “Suck it harder you whore. You white cunt, you need a black cock don’t u? Suck my John harddddd…” Hearing all this I got very excited and I sucked and sucked and finally he came. I took most of his cum in my mouth and put some on my face. It was the most satisfying blowjob I had ever given.

I was waiting for him to touch me..But he said, “You will now expect me to return the favor, but I won’t. It was you who wanted me, and you will continue to suck my cock whenever I want. You will submit to me and will be my slave from today”. He probably was saying that to intimidate me, but I was very excited at the prospect of my dream getting fulfilled.

We have a tiny room for the watchman in my apartment, and at around 3pm he called me again to give him a blowjob. This time, he took a photo and he wanted to use it to blackmail me. I said “you don’t have to blackmail me, I will submit to you willingly”. This kept happening for the next 2 days. I would have sucked his cock at least 8-9 times. Early in the morning, past midnight… it was just amazing! But I was growing increasingly frustrated because I wanted that monster between my legs, and he had not even touched me!!

The next day, I called him to my house and when he knocked the door, I opened it stark naked, wearing nothing but a pair of red high heels. He let out a sigh, but still didn’t touch me. He was showing great restraint. I immediately removed his lungi and grabbed his cock hungrily and put it between my boobs and massaged his cock with my boobs. When he came, I took all his cum and applied it on my boobs sloooowwllyy..

I told him “I can’t take it anymore, please fuck me. I want that a****l between my legs. Fuck me harddddd, fuck me deeeeeepppp, bite me, and suck me. I want that black cock NOW”. He told me, “You are going to be my money spinning machine, my bank. You will be my whore and I will be your master. “I was desperate, was dripping cum. I said “Yes, but pleaaaassssseeee fuck me now. Fuck this cunt now, tear my boobs. I am your whore, use me nowwwwwwwwwwwwww” He then touched my hard nipples. I went to heaven with that touch. He then rubbed his tongue teasingly over my right nipple while squeezing my left breast. I was moaning very loudly. He was also going crazy over my moans. It was such a contrast to see his black rough body over my milk white smooth body. I just loved the feeling of submitting to this watchman. He bit me, bit my boobs and bit me all over my body. I adored his v******e. He ran his tongue over my boobs and sloooowwwly came down… And hit my clitoris. He then gave me the best oral sex anyone in the world could have ever experienced. He was soooooo good at it!!! I squirted a bucketload of cum!!

By then his cock was hard and he entered me. I thought the oral sex was the maximum pleasure anyone can ever imagine. How wrong I was. He filled me deep with his loooong thick cock. I was soooo wet so it slided beautifully inside me. He was so huge I thought his cock was reaching my throat!!! He was pumping me hard and biting my boobs. And he came… I had about 3-4 orgasms. Then he grew small and lay on me. I said “this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can even become a prostitute for you. You are my Master and your cock is my Lord from now.”

The next day, he bought along 3 of his friends – all of them even darker and even cheaper than him. He said “you are going to fuck all of us now. My white whore”. Now beg for our cocks. I aloved this, and immediately went down on my knees and started begging and crying for their cocks. All of them had monster cocks – one bigger than the other. I took my Master’s cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand and started vigorously sucking and stroking. They were constantly hurling abuses at me, and that made me increase my pace. “Look at this rich cunt, at the end of the day she needs our black cocks” “Her mother must have conceived her through another such black cock. These rich people have no capacity.” “Look at this whore, sucking cock like she has never had food in her life”. “She is a professional prostitute born only to be a prostitute. Fit for nothing else” They were kicking me and slapping me and I loved being treated as a slave.

Once I was done with their cocks, they took me to my bedroom and made me lie down. They tore my dresses into pieces and pounced on me. My Master was filming this incident on his mobile. One guy was at my vagina. One had inserted his cock into my ass. And the other was at my boobs, pinching, licking and sucking it. I put his cock between my boobs and boob-fucked it, while I was being double penetrated. It was ecstasy to no extent.

Once I was done with all of them, they made me go down on my knees and all of them pissed on me . I was having a golden shower! They then poured whisky on my cunt and started licking it. I was thoroughly exhausted, but thrilled at the happenings.

This continued happening for a long time!! More stories to follow in the coming days..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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