How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 11


I awoke in my lovers arms. I just relaxed and gazed at him as he slept. It’s been months since we made love and I woke up and in his arms. He’s such a handsome sight, adorable, breathing loudly, his hair misshapen from sleep. I kissed his face all over, as softly as I could so as not to wake him. It was a cold morning. I enjoyed his warmth. I got close and cuddled him. I loved gazing at our contrasts. My white gown and his black one. My fair milky body against his hairy bronze body. It was a heavenly sight gazing upon his big hard torso pressing against my smaller delicate body. I kissed his sleeping lips gently and silently, like a young boy secretly stealing kisses from his sleeping crush.

Jake began to stir, clearing his throat. A gruff sound. His eyes were small from tiredness. He looked so adorable!

“Shhh, it’s still early my love. Get back to sleep,” I whispered.

“Mmm, then why are you awake?” Jake replied softly and groggily.

“I’m just…just enjoying the sight of you,” I replied. I hugged my hairy lion. His thick arms strengthened around me as I caressed him.

“Is this real?” Jake asked.

“Uh huh,” I replied and pinched his bum. “Feels real doesn’t it?” I teased as I bit my lip.

We kissed deeply and gently. I loved Jake’s morning breath, along with all his natural scents. I snuggled into his chest, holding him tightly, feeling his dick grow and poke into me.

After some light wrestling over who should be on top, I finally submitted to him, and he got on top of me. Gosh I’m so weak with this man. I’m generally so assertive. I often had to be in the law field. But with him I’m just a pushover.

Without any words, but in complete mutual understanding, I arched up and he entered me. I wanted him in me and he wanted to be in me. He just entered me and we relaxed, in sacred union, not moving in any way, just connected, gazing at each other.

It felt so natural. I was made for this man. My bum was made to be loved by him, and to make him erupt. His dick caressed my sweet spot inside wonderfully.

“Your lips look beautiful my love,” whispered Jake. Even after all that happened last night, my lips still had a bit of rosiness to it from my whole make up routine. Even though he would’ve loved me anyway, I loved that he appreciated my efforts.

“I just wanted to look perfect for you Jake.” I replied.

“What are we gonna do? I need a job, I need to take care of you. I need to find something quick,” Jake began to stress, thinking of his post-prison future.

“Shh, not now Jake. Patience my love. Let’s just enjoy each other. I have enough money saved up. We’ll get sorted out. Don’t worry. All I need now is your love,” I asserted. I held his face and kissed him and hugged him tightly. He buried his head in my neck.

“I know what you did for me Daniel. I don’t know when I’d repay you,” Jake said.

“Don’t you ever say that again. I love you. There’s no counting, no balancing, no repayment in love.” I replied.

Jake held me, “I don’t deserve you.”

“Yeah well, I don’t deserve such an amazing big hairy thing inside me either. But life’s been good,” I tried to switch up the mood. Jake laughed.

“Please Jake, love me like you did on the eve of my release. Love me till we ache together. Please, please, I need you Jake. I’ll always need you,” I pleaded. While last night was amazing, I realised it wasn’t going to be enough. Too much of time had passed. Too much of pain and anxiety. Our healing together will take time.

The next few months were spent getting Jake used to life outside prison again. It was a challenging time. With my credibility tarnished, I could no longer work as a lawyer, but my law firm gave me more menial administrative tasks. It kept us going. I didn’t touch the remaining money I stole, but rather tried to replenish it each month and return it to the clients I stole from. So it was just us working hard to keep up in life. Jake had no qualifications, but was good with his hands. We relied on people giving him odd jobs in carpentry and other handyman tasks. Eventually he made a good reputation for himself. We bought an old truck together and all the basic carpentry equipment he needed. He was doing well.

All the while, we healed each other. We made love each day. Even though it began to pain, I needed him. I needed his love and I know he needed me. I pleaded with him and we loved each other. It was only till I began to bleed, that Jake absolutely refused to enter me. Frustrated, I made sure I still drank him each night. I would never let my man go to bed without being loved. The nights were often painful, with Jake having nightmares of prison. He once woke up and hit me by mistake, dreaming of the prison riots. I had to grab him tightly and calm him down.

Fortunately Jake eventually progressed in his reputation as a carpenter. Eventually he wanted to move from mere small jobs and repair work onto entire bedroom and kitchen cupboard creations. His first practice was doing izmir escort up our bedroom. Gosh it took very long and it was very frustrating for me. We had to move out of there and into the spare room. He wanted to surprise me so I couldn’t even go in and check on any progress.

One day I came home tired from work. Jake was home and ran up and grabbed me and kissed me.

“Hey tough guy! What’s that for?” I enquired curiously at his boisterous mood.

“One, I love you, and two, it’s finished!” he said with a grin.

“Really?! Awesome!” and I walked towards it.

“No no!” he asserted as he grabbed my hand and prevented me from walking to the room. “I’ve cooked dinner. Go take a shower in the spare room and meet me in the kitchen. Then I’ll take you through to our room.

I knew he was up to no good! I did as he asked. I showered, cleaned myself deeply, groomed and polished myself for my man. I got into my gown and met him in the kitchen.

He was surprisingly romantic. “Gosh dude! What is all this?!” I remarked cynically as I walked into a candle lit dinner.

“Too gay?” Jake laughed.

“Haha. It’ll do,” I replied. Jake prepared a gourmet seafood meal. He was in a good mood about the way things turned out. He made good money as a carpenter, at least enough to eat well, and he was proud of that. He should be. He’s come a long way.

We fed each other oysters, prawns, calamari and grilled fish, talked about our day, whatever specials we saw while grocery shopping. It was a romantic homely evening.

Jake looked as majestic as ever. I loved watching him eat. He wore a crimson golf shirt and jeans. He had good table manners, but the sight of this thick muscular man crunching on his meal turned me on so much. I couldn’t help but reach under and caress his thighs, towards his crotch.

We ate and chatted, and with our meal well digested, he stood up, took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

“Ooh this is so exciting,” I said nonchalantly.

“You have no idea, now wait,” Jake replied smugly. He unlocked the door and allowed me in first.

He made a beautiful room. Neutral, natural, bright colours. White sheets, an unusually strong boxy bed frame with a mosquito net. I looked on at the earthy colour of the walls and furniture. He built drawers into the bed frame as well. It was really beautiful. I was surprised at his tastes.

“Well, what do you think?” he asked.

“It’s so unexpected Jake,” I replied.

“Uh huh,” he said curiously.

“I love it Jake. It’s just, it looks like a married couple’s bedroom,” I assured. I really loved it. I just thought that it’ll be more masculine for us two guys. It was so exceedingly romantic.

Jake sat me down on the bed and got on his knees. “If you don’t like it I’ll change it,” he said.

“No way! It’s beautiful. It’s just, I’m curious, what were you thinking?” I asked.

“Every time I’m with you, it’s not hot or sexy or wild or kinky to me. It’s sacred Daniel,” Jake replied. My heart began to feel mushy again. “I’ve done my homework. I’ve read that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. You’ve brought me here. I know you say I keep you safe, but the truth is, you’re the one who has kept me safe. I’m free and have a home, all through you. I wanted a mature solid room to reflect my solid love for you.”

Gosh I didn’t know my prison thug could be so sweet. He rested his head on my lap and I held him.

“There’s more to it ya know. It may look mature, but it can be a really fun kinky room, if you want,” Jake continued. “Look,” as he showed me the solid steel bed frame, deceptively with a wooden look, yet very strong steel. I also noticed a number of hooks in various points in the room, and behind the bed.

“Haha. You wana tie me up here tough guy?” I teased.

He said nothing. He just lifted me up speedily and dumped me onto the bed and before I could breath, he took my gown off, grabbed my hands and strapped them down.

“Oh my God! You weren’t kidding about the handcuffs hey!” I laughed. He pulled and tightened and my arms were tied spread apart on the bed.

Jake then kissed me deeply and whispered, “Do you trust me?”

“With all that I have and all that I am,” I replied.

“I have read that to heighten some senses, others must be shut off,” he continued in a rather educational tone. He covered my eyes with a silk cloth he tied around me. He then kissed my neck and ears.

“Ah! Oh Jake, my Jake,” I moaned.

He whispered in my ears. “I’m going to shut you off to the world. If you want me to stop, just click your fingers and say stop okay?”

“Yes darling,” I affirmed. Jake then put plugs in my ears. I could neither see nor hear. I couldn’t even hear my own voice. My heart began to race at the feeling. I’ve never been so vulnerable before. Jake momentarily unplugged me.

“Relax baby. I’m here. I live for you,” Jake calmed me. His strong firm voice assured alsancak escort me, and calmed me down.

I laid restrained, blind and deaf, cut off from the world, my very existence experienced only through feeling, smelling, tasting, unaware of even any direction. I just laid there, going crazy in anticipation. I had no idea what he was doing in the first few minutes. I just laid, untouched, as if suspended in space.

Suddenly I felt him. He massaged my feet, kissing each of my toes, moving up to my ankles and delicate silky calves. I felt his deep kisses upon my knees, and he moved up to gently kiss my soft milky thighs. I moaned uncontrollably. I didn’t even know how I sounded, my moans being felt as vibrations in my head. My skin quickly adjusted to the loss of two of my senses, and I could feel him even more intensely. His lips upon my gentle thighs were electrifying, as was his fingers as he caressed me. Fortunately my legs were still free and able to rub him back, although I often didn’t know what I was doing.

Jake then got under my legs. I could feel him sitting, my bum on his lap. I wrapped my legs around him. He vigorously rubbed my torso up and down, up and down. A ticklish feeling. I giggled like a girl. He ran his hands up my torso, onto my open armpits. It was amazing and torturous at the same time. My thin cute milky dick was erect, and Jake got very close, still seated, his hairy hard dick standing against mine. He’s so big. My soft sack rested on his. Even though lower than me, I could feel that dick rose taller than mine. Without my sight I couldn’t see where it ended exactly. It could reach the heavens for all I knew!

I loved it when he sized me up, showing his superior manhood. Guys would normally envy others more well-endowed than them, but I enjoyed him. I loved submitting to him, I loved being the smaller man, the softer man, in the face of this big beastly macho stud. My sexy prison thug! I could feel him, I could detect his gleefulness as he bent down to kiss me, licking my nipples, then getting up and going higher, licking me under my arms.

“No baby! It’s smelly there,” I said, being overly conscious of myself. It felt weird not being able to hear myself speak.

I don’t know if he said anything, but I felt his response as he rubbed his nose into my soft clean white armpits. He took a deep breath, then I could feel him rubbing his whole face in them. His beard tickled me even more, as he kissed and licked me. He moved to my neck.

“It’s gone down. Mark me again my love,” I begged. Ever since he was out of prison I insisted on him marking me on my neck. I enjoyed waking up to see the beautiful pale rosy mark he leaves on me. I made no effort to hide it, and showed it proudly to the world. He didn’t do it every night, but regularly. It’s been a while though, and my neck went back to its milky shade. It needed heat again.

“Ahh! Jake! Ahh!” I moaned as he suckled on my neck, nibbling me with varying intensity. It was torturous not being able to use my arms and hold him. I tried my best to rub my cheeks on his head as he suctioned me. I could feel him rubbing me all over, wrapping his arms around me, caressing and rubbing passionately. I felt weightless in his strong steady arms, blind and deaf, just feeling him have his way with me. My only control was to wrap my legs around him. My soft thighs wrapped around his thick hairy bear torso.

It was weird having my sight and hearing cut off. I lost sense of my own bodies dimensions, unaware of my length, unaware of where exactly my parts were. I felt disconnected. Jakes dick pressed against my bum. The feeling was so heightened, yet I was unaware of where the feeling is. I just felt it.

Jake moved up from my neck and kissed me. I didn’t really know where my mouth was. I just felt his tongue inside it. I suckled upon his tongue, drinking his saliva hungrily. I tugged at the restraints as I tried desperately to get closer to him, take in his lips and tongue as much as I can, biting his rugged thick beard, reminding myself that my lover is a beastly man.

“I wana taste your tool Jake, please,” I begged him to bring his dick to my mouth. He carefully got up and positioned himself on top of me, turned around and bent down over me. I could feel his hairy veiny dick upon my face, and tried randomly to feel and taste it.

His balls moved upon my mouth and I took them in gently. His big balls awed me. I loved taking them into and moving them upon every corner in my mouth. He was delicious. I tried as long as I could to just taste them, until I lost control and began to bite. Jake knows how I am and pulled out just in time. His shaft rubbed upon me. I felt as if a stiff hairy serpent was upon me, salty and pungent, flavoured from the sweat of a hard day of tough work. I opened my mouth wide and took him in.

I could feel him shudder as his shaft rubbed into my mouth, its head reaching the back of my throat, his thick spicy pre-ejaculate buca escort lining my mouth. And then out of nowhere, I felt a great pleasure further down, as Jake had taken me in his mouth. I fitted in his mouth easily. He wasn’t as controlled as I was, often digging his teeth into me as he sucked. I enjoyed the mix of pain and pleasure. I could feel him drink my pre-ejaculate, his hairy face against my soft clean powdered crotch. I tried to keep sucking well but the pleasure he gave down there was a torturous distraction. I took my man deep into my mouth, until his balls rubbed my nose. His thick long dick was practically down my throat. He tasted more and more spicy and my face felt more wet as his sweat ran down onto me.

Down there my man loved my dick so amazingly, sucking it firmly. As if that was not enough, I began to feel him poke at my bum, and finger me and lick me gently. He had his way of making me feel sacred and beautiful.

I wanted to drink his seed, but he pulled out of my mouth hastily. Completely cut off from sight and sound, I had little idea how he was feeling. After a brief moment of feeling nothing, I felt his breath upon me again.

“I love you,” I uttered. I don’t know if he replied. He began to kiss me again. The scent and taste of our tools swirled in our mouths as our tongues loved each other.

As our lips parted I whispered “Sanctify me Jake. Love me in our new room”. My Jake wasted no time. I could immediately feel his hard tool penetrate me. With my remaining senses heightened, I could feel it even more. The smooth but firm head of his dick push into my bum, the oscillating tension and relaxation as it ventured deeper into me, his shaft stretching and rubbing the walls of my delicate hole, the distinctive jerk as my strong lover enters me his entire length, his beautiful sack caressing my bum with each thrust, each strand of his manly bush caressing my sensitive inner thighs, caressing my perineum. His majestic dick curved up beautifully, lovingly pounding my sweet spot inside.

I forgot about my dick. He barely touched it, yet I was going crazy just from what his dick was doing to me inside. It was so amazing! With barely any stroke of my dick, I felt that I was exploding.

And up above my whole body felt suspended. Without sight or sound, just suspended in space, surrounded by a hairy and gentle force, a firm and strong force. My arms ached in torture as I desperately wanted to hold him. He wanted none of it. He wanted it one sided. He wanted to hold me and love me selflessly, without getting any affection in return. His love was enough for both of us, he wanted to show me. He being inside me made me feel whole, like a socket plugged in for a purpose, or a temple packed and ringing with devotion. Without a stroke of my dick, his sheer pounding upon my sweet spot made me erupt. I sprayed uncontrollably onto us. I didn’t even know where it was going or how much I let out, but I could feel my blood rushing down and the force of my eruption heightened. I moaned and moaned, though hearing none of it.

I could hear or see nothing. No distinctive roar of my man, no adorable beautiful frowny look. I had none of those signs anticipating when he would spray into me. But I felt his breath upon my marked neck get heavier, his body get hotter. I felt more sweat trickle down onto me. Blind and deaf, I just laid weightless, oscillating in bed, this big heavy beast pounding me with his thick heavy body.

I began to feel a vigorous shudder inside me, and for once through the ear plugs, I could slightly hear the roar of my beast followed by the wet warm seed erupting up inside me. In the absence of my senses, his strong shudder felt as if I was experiencing an earthquake. Is something wrong outside or is this really just my man? For a moment I wondered!

The shudder was lasting, reverberating throughout my body. He sprayed and marked his territory very well. His warm seed shot up into me in pulses. In my heightened feeling, I could feel each pulse gush forth from his sacred handsome tool. His thrusts lightened but he kept on, seeking to empty as much of himself as he could, as if it was the last time he would ever make love to me. I could feel his balls right at my hole, as he tried to go as deep as he could. If I wasn’t tied up I would help him. He emptied all of his seed and satiated me more than the meal he cooked so well for me. He breathed deep as he collapsed upon me, his entire weight bearing down on me, this hot wet man, energy drained. He pecked and kissed me gently.

“Uncuff me Jake, please. I wana hold you,” I pleaded softly. He reached behind me and unlocked my restraints. It wasn’t real hand cuffs. It was rather soft and sensual restraints, but my desperate tugging to get out of it left bruises on my wrists. Still blind and deaf, I hugged my lover. Our pounding hearts began to calm. We marinated in our sweat and juices for the rest of the night, taking in each other’s breath and warmth, our lips gently kissing till we fell asleep.

The next morning I proudly posed in front of the mirror, admiring the rosy mark upon my milky neck that my man gave me, and the bruises on my wrists. I shut my thighs tightly, enjoying the feeling of his voluminous thick wet seed inside me. Inside and out, he certainly had marked his territory well.

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