How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Two)


I drove, Sarah, my daughter to my mom’s place. The entire time I held back my tears. My mom sent her best wishes, as it was my wedding anniversary. The fact that my mom knew my anniversary and my wife didn’t, pinched my heart. I took my leave and got in the car. The floodgates were now open.I had made up my mind to confront Kate. I needed an explanation. I had been a faithful husband and at the back of my mind, I wanted her to be the same. I was angry. I had done everything to make her happy. I worked a lot to make money, sacrificed my gym workout in order to work some more to make more cash available.She had everything at her disposal and yet, she chose to be fucked by a guy who treated her like a bitch. A queen of my heart being treated like a bitch by a stranger. I needed a fucking answer. I parked the car in the garage, took the bouquet of flowers and dumped it in the waste-bin in front of my house. I walked to the door and rang the bell, which was not normal of me.“Sweetheart! It’s your house! Come in.”I put the key in the keyhole and opened the door. Upon entering the house I saw a table with a candle lit and two wine glasses. I saw Kate in her red dress; a dress which she saved for a special occasion. She came towards and grabbing me by my hair gave me a kiss. “Happy anniversary!”’What the fuck! She does remember our anniversary.’ I had no idea what was happening. My wife, who had been fucked two hours ago, was acting as if nothing had happened. She was graceful in her action and that made believe that I was hallucinating.She took me by my hand and made me sit on the chair. She settled herself on the chair in front of me. I could see Kadıköy Escort the lust in her eyes. She took the glass in her hand and took a seductive sip, with her eyes still fixed on me.She spoke, “So Sarah is at your mom’s place then. Looks like you have a plan for tonight.”It dawned to me then, that my mom had called her. I decided to play along.“Darling! You know how much I’m looking forward to this night,” I replied. I took her hand and bringing it close to my lips, kissed it. “I’m so fortunate to have a wife like you. What more can I ask for?”On hearing my words, she immediately took her hand back from my hand and replied, “Ok dear, let’s dig in. I want to take this to the bedroom.”We had our meal and leaving the dished on the table itself, we went to the bedroom. I garbed her by her waist and bringing her closer to me, I kissed her. She responded back by kissing me back. I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her to give me a striptease. She smiled and began to remove her dress off. My dick sprang to life. She had only worn her panties and no bra. She came near me and sat on my lap. It was then that I noticed that there were some red marks on her back.I began to unbutton my shirt and she began to kiss me on my chest and made her way to my trousers. I stood up and pulled down my trousers. I was expecting her to remove my boxers but she stood up and kissed me. I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her. I began to kiss her neck and again I noticed some faded red marks. I moved to her breast and sucking her right nipple and began to pinch the left. She let out a soft moan. I could see that she was Kadıköy Escort Bayan enjoying it.I then moved to the left breast and began to suck and bite the nipple. She grabbed my hair and pulled me harder towards her breast. She began pushing my head down, wanting me to lick her pussy. I freed managed to free my head from her grip and knelt on the bed.“What’s the matter, sweetie? Why did you stop?” she asked.“I want a blowjob, Kate,” I replied, “I really want one from my wife.”“Noel, I have told you that I don’t like to do that,” she replied with irritation in her voice.“Hmmmmm… Ok, I won’t ask that again.”Turning her over I began to kiss her back and made my way down to her waist. I stopped kissing her when I saw the red marks again. I slid her panties down her legs and kissed her ass. I began to spread her legs and kneeling in front of her ass I grabbed my dick and began to rub it on the cheek of her ass.“Damn it, Noel! What’s wrong with you.” She turned, and getting up from the, began to search for clothes. “I have told you that I hate blowjobs and anal.”I sat there naked as I watched her dress as she went to the bathroom to take a shower. I grabbed my boxers and trousers and began to dress. I was boiling with anger from within. I made my way to the door and as I was leaving the room I banged the door. I went to the living room and sitting in front of the sofa began to flip through the channels.One thing was clear in my mind. My wife was having an affair with another man. The picture of her giving that man a blowjob is what really pissed me. I grabbed my cellphone from the table near the sofa Escort Kadıköy and began to browse through my wife’s Facebook profile. I open her ‘friends’ tab and browsed through the faces. I scrolled down until I spotted a familiar face. ‘Derry’. I clenched the phone and smashed it on the floor.I remember waking up the next day sitting on the sofa. I went to the bedroom upstairs and found my wife, still sleeping. I washed and got dressed up. Without any breakfast, I left the house for my mom’s house and picked up Sarah. I dropped her back home then I went to work.For the rest of the week, I was disoriented. I could not focus on my work, nor could I speak normally with Kate. She didn’t bother to inquire. We had had our fights and we would always ignore the matter and continue working as if things were fine. At work, I lost a couple of valuable clients. Samuel, my boss, gave me a pep talk and enquired about my life. He requested me to join the gym once again as I was in bad shape.It had been five years since I had stopped working out. I made a new membership and began to work out. It was there that I met Bella, an old friend who was close to me back then. Bella and I were friends since our university studies. I always treated her as a friend even though she was beautiful and outgoing in her nature.“Hey, smarty-pants! Long time no see,” she said with a big smile on her face.“Nice to meet you too, Bella. It’s been ages.”“How is your wife?” she asked still maintaining the smile on her face.“She is fine. I have a daughter too; Sarah.” I replied.“Not bad, Noel. Looks like you are happy with your life. Mine kind of sucked. Mel passed away three years ago, and I am stuck with my son.”“So sorry to hear that.”“Don’t be. I never really loved him. I am kind of happy with my son. I come here to remove my frustration and to maintain my body. Need to keep my ass in shape if I still want to be fucked by men like you, “she replied with a burst of laughter.

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