Humiliated at my Bully’s Feet Ch. 01


My name is Jimmy, and this is the story of how my best friend, John, humiliated me in front of my crush. We are all in our junior year of high school. My crush, Chloe, is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. I’m completely infatuated with her. She is tiny, about 5’1″, 105 pounds, and in great shape. She has dark brown, nearly black hair, light skin, and piercing bright blue eyes.

Chloe had just moved to our school during our freshman year, but in the two years since she’s been here, she has become very popular. I mean, of course she is – she’s a talented athlete, a great singer, and has an amazing personality. That’s not to even mention her looks. She was different from other popular girls though, somehow. Well I guess the difference is that she actually pays attention to me.

See, I never felt like a loser in school or anything, but I also never felt very cool, and I certainly wasn’t someone women chased after. I’m in what I call “popularity limbo.” I’m in the popular crowd, but not really popular myself. How did I end up here? Well, because I’ve been best friends with John since kindergarten.

John is definitely the most popular kid in our class. He’s got every good quality you could imagine, save for humility. He was a star athlete, winning state in wrestling and the 100m dash. We’ve been competing with each other since kindergarten, and he practically wins at everything. We used to compete to see who was taller, but he had a huge growth spurt and I never did, so I guess I lose at that too. He’s already 6’4″, of course the tallest kid in our class.

I stopped growing at 5’6″. The only thing I can consistently beat him at nowadays is video games, and I take a lot of pride in that, as he’s quite good at games as well.

You may be wondering why I would be friends with someone who makes me look so bad. Well, for one, there are the obvious benefits of having a popular friend. I get to go to the cool parties and all of that. Also, no one messes with me because they all know John has my back. And besides all that, he is honestly a great friend to me and always has been. He may be cocky and talk shit, but he is honest and loyal, and we value each other’s friendships.

We’ve never really had any big fights in our years of friendship, though he has upset me. There have been multiple occasions where he dated or hooked up with a girl that he knew i was interested in. It would make me so upset, because I would fall in love with these girls and he would just have his fun and then dump them like it was no big deal. Last time it happened, he made a crack about how she chose him over me, and I lost it. I threatened to end our friendship. He backed off and apologized, and said he wouldn’t talk shit about that again.

Things have been great ever since then. John comes and hangs out at my house practically every single day right after school. Most nights he stays the night at my house, too. It’s basically like he lives here. My mom doesn’t mind at all though. She enjoys his company, and even asks where he is on the rare day that he doesn’t come over.

I’ve been in love with Chloe since she moved here two years ago. I talked to her every day in class for our whole freshman year. I finally worked up the courage on the last day of school to ask for her number to keep in touch over the summer. We texted all the time like best friends for over a year after that, but I never really had the guts to ask her to hangout outside of school. I was too nervous. I had never even kissed a girl and I was afraid of embarrassing myself.

After pushing me to ask her out all that time, John got fed up with my cowardice and he asked her for me. He walked right up to her at her locker, and leaned against the locker next to hers.

“Hey Chloe, you wanna come hang out after school with us at Jimmy’s house?” he asked.

“Sure that sounds fun! I have dance class after school, but I can come by after that?” She replied excitedly. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been terrified of asking her exactly that for so long and he did it like it was nothing.

“Alright see ya then.” He walked off just as cool as he had approached. I walked off with him, still stunned by how easy he made it look.

Later that day, when John and I made it home from school, I was a nervous wreck. What were we going to do? What would she think of my house? How do I entertain a girl? I’ve barely been around a girl outside of school. I knew we had an hour or so to prepare before she got out of her dance class, and I was worrying the whole time.

“You need to relax,” said John, sensing my uneasiness. “Chloe is cool, there’s nothing to be nervous about. Hell, if you weren’t so in love with her I would be all over her myself.” He laughed. “Let’s just play some games until she gets here.”

I thought that was actually a great idea. Any other activity and John would beat me and make me look like a loser. I couldn’t risk that happening when Chloe shows up. But with video games, I almost giresun seks hikayeleri always win against John. We sat side by side on a loveseat, with recliners for both seats, in front of the living room TV. We started up Mario Kart, kicked our feet up in our recliners, and started racing each other.

I beat him two races in a row, and I was talking trash the entire time. I’m not normally a trash talker, but I guess I was trying to get myself in a confident headspace to prepare for hanging out with Chloe. I made jokes about how bad he is at racing and how I am the king.

“Alright tough guy, let’s place a bet on the next race then if you’re so confident,” he said, sounding a little annoyed. John is really competitive and I was probably making a mistake by getting him riled up, but I was in a competitive mood myself.

“Okay, if I win, you have to be my slave for a week,” I said. I had just beat him easily twice in a row, so I figured I might as well make it a good bet.

“You’re on.” He sounded dead serious and really confident, which made me a little nervous. Why was he willing to make this bet when the odds were against him? Oh well, I thought. He doesn’t stand a chance against me.

We started the race, and just as I expected, I got off to a tremendous lead. When I was confident that he would never catch me, I started trash talking him to rub it in.

“I hope you’re ready to be my servant for a week John. You’re going to do all my homework and carry all my books around for me.” I glanced at him for a reaction, but he was extremely focused on the game. When I looked away from the screen, I accidentally fell off the race track and had to respawn. I lost a bit of my lead, but was still comfortably ahead of him.

“Wow I fell off the map and am still ahead of you, how bad are you at this game?” I teased. “I hope you make a better slave than a race car driver.”

The race continued with me in the lead, and I continued to taunt him with the details of how I would be treating him once he was my slave.

“I think for your first task as my slave I’ll have you get down at the end of my recliner and rub my feet for me.” I was cracking up at my own ideas. “Maybe if you kiss my feet and beg for mercy I won’t make this week too bad for you.”

I made a few mistakes in the race, and John had nearly caught me, but we were on the final lap and I knew he would still never make it. I continued taunting.

“Wow I’m gonna love showing off my little slave bitch to Chloe when she gets here. I hope you’re ready to serve us both,” I mocked.

I still have no idea how he did it, but John somehow knew a shortcut on this map in the game, and he waited til the final lap to use it on me. He cut out half of the final lap, and breezed past me right before the finish line, beating me. I couldn’t believe it. My mouth hung agape as I tried to process what had happened, and the consequences. Meanwhile, John was standing up, cheering and laughing.

“Hell yeah! I did it! And you talked all that shit like a bitch. You ready to be my slave for the week??” He was so excited. I tried to muster up a response but I was speechless. He waved his hand in front of my eyes as if it see if I was awake.

“Um hello? I asked you a question. Are you ready to be my slave?”

“Come on man… let’s make it two out of three. I won the last two races anyway so it’s only fair.” I tried to bargain with him.

“Nuh uh uh, we weren’t betting on those races. We bet on this one, and you lost. Now you have to be my slave.” He plopped back down on the end seat of the couch and raised the recliner. He pointed to his socked feet.

“You had some good ideas to use a slave for, let’s start with that foot massage.” He was grinning from ear to ear. “Get to it, bitch.”

I slowly knelt down at the end of his recliner. His feet were huge, size 14s. I looked at the massive socked soles right in front of my face. They were very imposing, and I could feel them radiating heat, even from a bit of a distance. That’s not to even mention the smell. John is in athletics final period, and he hadn’t showered since practice so he still had his smelly gym socks on. I reached out and grabbed a hold of the two massive stinky feet and I started rubbing them. He leaned his head back and let out a sigh.

“Ahh, now this is nice. Take off my socks, slave.”

I didn’t want to obey, but I knew I had to honor the bet. We’ve made bets before and we both take our word very seriously. I peeled his stinky socks off his giant feet one by one. I couldn’t hide the disgust on my face, and he laughed at my reactions.

“Aw does my slave not like my smelly feet? Well you were gonna make me rub your feet too, so I don’t want to hear it. Just keep rubbing.”

I pouted a bit but I kept dutifully massaging away at his tired bare soles. While I worked on his feet, John switched the tv over to Netflix and started watching some show and playing on his phone. Occasionally he would part his feet and look down at me from between them, laughing the whole time at my predicament.

“John, can you please take it a little easy on me here?” I asked, still rubbing his feet. “I know I said I was gonna make you do a bunch of embarrassing stuff but I was really just joking. I wouldn’t really make you do that stuff.” I thought maybe pleading with him would work. We were best friends, after all.

“Oh you want me to show you some mercy? Didn’t you say you would make me kiss your feet and beg for mercy?” He asked me in a serious tone.

“Ye…Yes I did but I swear I was kidding,” I replied.

“It didn’t sound like kidding to me. Now start begging, and maybe I won’t make this week a living hell for you.”

“Seriously John?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Yes I’m serious, and you can call me ‘sir’ for the rest of the week, is that understood??” he stared intensely at me as he spoke. I knew there was no reasoning with him right now. I needed to hurry up and appease him before Chloe arrived. She could be here any minute, I can’t let her see me in this position.

“Yes sir,” I said dejectedly. I was still massaging his soles as I spoke. “Please don’t make my week a living hell, sir.”

He cracked up laughing at me.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, slave? You have to kiss my feet while you beg for me to even consider having mercy on you.”

I looked at his huge soles in front of me, then I looked at him, hoping he would change his mind and say it was all a joke. Unfortunately, he looked serious as ever.

“Come on, bring your face closer,” he said, flexing and wiggling his toes. Still crouched on the floor in front of his recliner, I lowered my face until I was just inches from his huge, powerful soles. The heat and smell radiating off of them was intense. Suddenly he pressed both of his feet against my cheeks and began playing with my face. He laughed out loud as he contorted my face into all sorts of silly expressions for his amusement.

“Hahaha, you look so upset down there.” He then covered my entire face with both of his huge soles. “Kiss my feet bitch, NOW.”

His tone sounded serious, and it scared me a bit. I started planting light kisses against his soles. I could feel my face burning red with embarrassment. He seemed to enjoy me worshipping at his feet. He started bouncing his toes and soles against my lips in rhythm with my kisses. He would use one foot to stroke my cheek or play with my hair while I kissed the other. I felt like a pet as I continued worshipping the giant feet in front of me. He decided to take this time to explain how I was expected to behave as his slave.

“Rule number one of being my slave is to never back-talk me. If you question one of my orders again, I am going to humiliate you in front of the entire school. I am not kidding. That means no back talk all week, no more warnings. Do you understand me?” He gripped my face between his feet and forced me to look him in the eyes.

“Yes sir, I understand. No back talk, I promise.”

“Good boy. Rule number two is you will NOT tell anyone about our bet all week. You can’t let anyone know. Understood?”

He continued gripping my face with his sweaty feet and talking right at me. This rule was 100% fine by me – I obviously would never want to tell anyone about this bet. Why would I? It seemed like a dumb rule for him to make, but I wasn’t going to complain.

“Yes sir, I promise no one will know about the bet. Just please, don’t make me do anything in front of Chloe.” I desperately looked up into his eyes, hoping he would have some pity on me.

“Well you’ve got until she gets here to convince me. You better get back to begging.” He laughed and once again covered my whole face with his giant manly feet.

“Please sir,” I begged, planting a kiss between every few words, “Please don’t… embarrass me… in front of Chloe… I am begging you.” My voice was muffled by his feet in my face as I kissed them desperately, knowing she would be here any minute. I had to appease him quickly. Just then, there was a loud knock on the front door.

Oh no. It has to be Chloe. Hopefully my begging had been enough. I sprung to my feet, wiped the foot sweat from my face, and went to open the front door. Before opening it, I turned and glanced at John. He was grinning from ear to ear. I was a bit nervous that he would humiliate me in front of her, but John had always been a great friend, and I was pretty sure he knew that would be crossing the line.

I opened the door, and there she was. The girl of my dreams – and she’s actually at my house. She was wearing a tank top, booty shorts, and sneakers. She had her hair done up in the cutest bun. I could tell that she came straight from dance practice.

“Hey, come on in, Chloe,” I said. I’m sure I sounded flustered with my words. I was nervous enough just to hang out with her, but now I had the situation with John to worry about as well. Hopefully he would have some pity on me. After all, he knows exactly how bad my luck with women has been, and how much I’m in love with Chloe.

She greeted me and followed me in. We walked into the living room and there was John, still kicked back in the reclining loveseat, his bare feet crossed at the ankles. He nodded at her nonchalantly.

“Sup Chloe?” He asked, barely looking away from the TV to talk to her. I was a bit annoyed he was still sitting in the loveseat. The other chairs in the room were single-seaters, so my only chance of sitting right by her was to be in the loveseat. Unfortunately he didn’t look like he intended to move anytime soon.

“Hey John!” She said, a little too excitedly. John patted the seat next to him and she quickly walked over and sat by him. I immediately felt jealous. Why would he do that? Is he that oblivious? Surely he should know that I want to be the one sitting by her. I shot him a look, trying my best to signal ‘what the hell’ to him with my expression. He seemed to get the message, as he nodded back at me.

“Hey uhh Chloe, would you like something to drink?” John asked her, sitting up a bit in his seat. Oh good, he was going to use this as a reason to get up so that I could sit in his seat, next to her. I had to hand it to him, John was a quick thinker. I was glad to see he was still on my side.

“Sure thank you! I would love a water, please,” Chloe said with a smile.

“No problem!” John replied. He looked over at me. “Hey slave, go fetch us both some water, and make it fast!”

I looked back at him in shock. I shot a glance at Chloe, who looked puzzled. She was staring at me waiting to see how I reacted. John looked at me like he was dead serious. I wanted to object, but I remembered his rule about back talking. He said that was my final warning, and I couldn’t risk him following through on humiliating me in front of the whole school. I was trapped.

I mumbled a quick “yes sir,” under my breath and scurried off to the kitchen. I tried to say it quietly enough that Chloe wouldn’t hear it, but I’m pretty sure I heard her giggle at my response. I poured tall glasses of ice water for both of them and I headed back into the living room. Chloe had now kicked off her shoes and was reclining in the love seat right next to John.

Just glancing at Chloe’s socked feet propped up got me aroused instantly. I have a huge fetish for girl’s feet, and she has the cutest feet I’ve ever seen in my life. She had on white gym socks that were a bit stained and wet looking from sweat. Her dainty little feet looked even smaller than usual being right next to John’s enormous size 14s. I handed them both their beverages.

“Thanks,” Chloe said with a smile. My heart melted at her voice. She was so beautiful I couldn’t think straight.

“No problem,” John replied before I could, as if he had gotten the drink himself. He snapped his fingers loudly at me and pointed at his feet.

“Bitch boy, rub my feet, NOW,” he commanded.

His tone startled me and I immediately complied. I felt like such a fool as I dropped to my knees in front of him and started rubbing away at his big feet. He cracked up laughing at me, using one foot to pet the top of my head like I was a dog. “Good boy!” he said smiling. Chloe looked on inquisitively.

“What is going on?” She asked me, looking perplexed. “Why are you letting him boss you around?”

“Well, before y-” I started to explain it to her, but John interrupted me with a quick smack to my cheek with his bare foot.

“Slave, are you forgetting the rules?” He asked, giving a few more humiliating smacks to my cheek. I finally realized why he didn’t want me to tell anyone about the bet – so that I would have no good explanation for serving him. He had outsmarted me yet again. I let out a defeated sigh and answered him.

“No sir,” I said meekly.

“That’s what I thought. You just stay quiet and rub my feet.” I obeyed, and he began explaining the situation to Chloe.

“Jimmy here confessed to me that he has this foot fetish thing, and he offered to be my slave if I would let him worship at my feet,” John said matter-of-factly. I couldn’t believe it. I did tell him about my foot fetish, but I very specifically told him that I only like girl feet, and that guy feet gross me out. And I certainly never wanted to be his slave. I wanted to speak up and correct him, but I knew that would be breaking his rule. I kept my head down in shame and continued rubbing his huge feet.

“Wow, seriously??” She seemed extremely amused. “That is so cool!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Maybe this wasn’t the worst thing ever. Maybe, just maybe, this could lead to me getting some fun foot action with Chloe. After all, her cute little feet were propped up right next to John’s. Perhaps John was trying to do me a favor all along, and give me an excuse to touch her feet. The idea of that calmed me down and in that moment I stopped being so angry with him. He was the reason she was here, and the reason I was so close to her feet right now. Maybe he is still on my side.

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