Husband Plan 2

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After what my husband planned and then my friend planned I was quite depressed. I had left my job and was just looking after my home.

I wanted to get pregnant and we tried a lot but still I was not getting pregnant. We went to doctor. The test report suggested that my husband’s sperm count r to less to get a lady pregnant. Doctor said it is curable and gave medicine. As I am also a doctor I knew that there r very few chances for it. I talked many times with my husband but

I was noticing change in my husband behavior. He was not talking to me well and was not good in bed at all. And he gave lame excuse of office work. We started having fights and we rarely talked to each other. 4 months had passed since we had sex due to which I was getting real frustrated and most of the time was thinking about sex due to which I was not able to forget those incidents in which I was been involved.

One day when I woke up I had got an SMS from an unknown number saying “good morning sweety”. I thought it would just be a lame msg and ignored it and started my routine work. Again I got an msg from the same num saying “Y r u not replying Mona”. I was shocked to see my name. I replied “who r u??” then he replied “don’t u recognize me??”.

I replied “No”. Then I got a MMS in which he sends a picture of his dick. And he kept on sending 4 5 pics of his dick. At that time I got angry and called him. I scolded him and told him not to send these type of msg again or else I will complain.

He said ok Mona I won’t but if u need it do call and cancelled the call. I was worried that how come he knows my name. When I finished my routine work I remembered about the MMS and started viewing it. After 5 months I was seeing a dick and it was quite big. I was getting horny and planned to be romantic with my husband tonight. But as usual all went in vain and my husband just came and slept. We had an argument and then he slept in anger. I was getting more frustrated day by day.

After 3 days I thought of giving that unknown person a call. I was afraid but was really frustrated. I gathered energy and sent him a blank sms. He replied with in seconds but I was not having the courage to reply him. Then he started calling me but was not receiving. After abt 5 calls I received the 6 call.

He said “ come on Mona calm down y r u so nervous. Speak up” then we started talking. He told his name was Imran. With the passage of time I got free with him and started talking daily while my husband was in office. Then the conversation went towards sex and I was quite enjoying it as I had no one else for it.

Then he again send me more pics of his penis and was forcing me to send by boobs pics. I was not agreeing to it. Then he said ok send it with bra or else I won’t talk to u. I eventually agreed and send him some pics of my boobs with bra and after sometime I send him pics of my pussy with panty. He used to request me the color of panty and bra and I send him pics wearing bra and panty of those colors.

He started sending me small clips while masturbating and I used to get to high viewing them. Then In exchanged he asked me and requested a lot so I agreed. I wore a lite blue panty on his request. I started viewing his clips and turned my second mobile cam towards my pussy. I sat on a chair stretched my legs and started rubbing my pussy over my panty and cursing my boobs.

Then when I cummed my panty was whole wet from pussy area and then I send that clip to him. I asked him to send pics of his face but he said that even I will have to send mine. That’s y I did not force him much cuz I did not want to give pics of my face.

Our friendship grew for 2 3 months. After 2 days I saw my husband packing his suit case. I asked him where r u going??. He said he is going on a seminar in Malaysia for 1 week. I said ok. That nite he left for Malaysia. I was getting bored sitting at home. So I thought of calling Imran. He was surprised to hear me at nite as I talked to him only in morning when my husband is in office.

I told him that my husband is in Malaysia. He started insisting me that he is coming to my home. I said no my daughter is here. He was begging me. Then he said ok u will meet me tomorrow for a coffee. I said ok only for a coffee. He said ok we will see. Do be there at 5 pm. Then we just started regular chat.

He was requesting to wear beautiful dress and was dying to meet me. On the other hand I was to dying to see him but was not willing for sex. I planned to drop my daughter at my moms place and it will take maximum 3 hrs to meet Imran.

Next day I started planning from morning. I decided to wear a white shalwar kameez and black bra and panty. It was a nice fitting dress. My under garments where visible along with my thighs. 2” inch black heel shoe. Then eventually the time came. I got ready and made my daughter ready and took of for the coffee shop.

I dropped my daughter at my moms place and told her that I am going to my college friends party. I reached the coffee shop at 5 pm and started waiting for him at the lobby. Suddenly I saw a man whom I was not being able to recognize. Then I remembered that it was my husbands boss and he was coming towards me. He said hello mona waiting for someone. I said no just her for a coffee.

He said come on lets have it together. I said no its ok. Then he just caught my hand and took me towards a near table and we sat. He ordered two coffee. I was waiting for imran to come and save me from this idiot. Then he broke the silence and asked. How was the nite?. I said plz don’t talk abt it. He said I really want u again.

I said forget it otherwise I will call my husband rite now. He said r u serious??. I said yes I am dam serious(although I known that my husband was involved in the first plan) ??. he said will u be serious even if I show u something??. I said wat will u show me??. He toke out his mobile and started working on it. Then he gave me the mobile and I was shocked to see the clip which I sent to imran in which

I was masturbating was in his mobile. I quickly deleted it and gave him a raw smile and said I deleted it. He gave a big smile and took out his second mobile. I got quite scared and my heart beats fast. He said now wat u think,, will u inform ur husband orrrr. I said plz leave me I beg u. I am married plz. He said I am imran and u have been talking since so long with me. U where praising my cock.

Wat now??. I said I did not know wat happened to me plz just leave me. I wont ever dare to do it again. He said ok on one condition. I said wat?. He said I just want to see u naked. I said plz sir don’t do this to me. I cant do this. He said ok fi9 I will show this to ur husband. I said plz don’t ever show it.

Plz leave me I started begging him. He said ur choice. I thought a little and had one way out. I said ok fi9. When should I come. He said now. I said I cant come now its already 7 pm and I have to pick my daughter at 8 and I have not told my mom and husband. He said it will take just 30 mins. I will see u masturbating and u will see me. That’s it. I said I wont masturbate. He said ok just see me cumin. He said lets move sweety.

He took me to a local hotel. We moved towards the reception. We took a room and moved towards it. In the lift boss pricked my ass and gave a raw smile. I was scared and just wishing to finish it of fast. Then we went inside the room.

We sat on a sofa. He came near me and kissed on my shoulder. A current raised inside me and I stood up. I said plz I am removing my clothes u masturbate and then plz let me go. He said y r u in such a hurry. I am going to remove ur cloths. He came near me and raised my hands. Unzipped my back.

My heart was pounding and tears where out. He took off my kameez and pressed my boobs. I moved and said plz don’t do this. He said u know wat I can do. I was badly trapped and he pulled me back and started pressing hard. Soft moans started passing. Then after 15 mins. He took my shalwar down. And started rubbing my pussy. I was getting high and was loosing control over me.

Then he entered inside my panty and started fingering me. I was moaning loudly. I was feeling his cock on my ass. Then he asked me can I remove ur bra and panty?? And looked into my eyes. I did not ans but he got it. He removed both one by one. I was totally naked. he took me and laid me on the bed. He moved towards my pussy and started licking it. I was in high ectasy and enjoying it.

After 10mins. My mobile rang. It was my mom and the time was already 9 pm. My husbands boss said to say stay for some more time. I said it is not possible. He said make it possible. I was also enjoying. I received and told her that we all friends have gathered after a longtime. I will come after 2 3 hours. She got abit angry but I convinced her.

Then as I turned he was standing naked. He caught me and threw me over the bed. Then he started kissing me and I was also getting aroused. He started licking my pussy and pressing my boobs. I was making loud voices. Then he just came over me and till I could react he inserted his cock in my pussy.

I shouted in pain. I was not fucked for over 6 months. I started shouting stop plz. His cock was about 8 inches. It was very big for my pussy. I was shouting in pain. He started pumping hard and I had started enjoying a bit. He was fucking me voilently. It was 10 mins but he was not over. My husband used to be over in 5 mins. Then he stoped. And started fucking in doggy style.

I was shouting like hell. He was very fast and suddenly he took his cock off and sprayed it over my face. It was disgusting. Then I washed my face and body and started wearing my clothes. It was 11:30 pm. Suddenly boss caught me from behind and made me sit on his cock. My pussy was paining like hell. I was not being able to control my moans. He was pumping me like hell.

Then he exploded inside me. I shouted not inside me plz. But he did not listen. I was weeping on the sofa with cum dripping out of my pussy. I was trying to regain my senses but then boss carried me in his arms and took me to the wash room.

He gave me a shower and then he filled water in the bath tub and laid with me. He was pinching my nipples. Fingering my pussy and was kissing me deep. I had again started enjoying and had forgotten about my identity and culture. I did not even consider the time which was already over 12.

Then I lied on the bed with my head towards his manhood and sucked his massive cock. I sucked him with all my worth till he was hard again. Then he placed me again on the bed and positioned his cock against my cunt.

He said lustfully “Mona, from the day I fucked you, I couldn’t help thinking of you. You are turning me on! I have jacked off many times, thinking of you and Today I will fulfill my lust again!”

I was wet, his cock was driving me crazy and I wanted him so badly. So I just looked into his eyes. With that he pushed his cock into my cunt and I gasped, when his huge monster slipped through my soft flesh. He fucked me and squeezed my jiggling breasts.

I cum once more while his 8 inches went in and out of my cunt in a rhythmic motion and my body was slapping and shuddering against the bed. He banged me with all his worth, soon, sweat was pouring down his chest and I could feel my juices squelching down my pussy! Finally, when I could feel another orgasm build up, boss screamed out he was gonna cum.Opening my eyes wide, I gasped at him.

Plz cum outside”. But all invain he cummed inside. His cum was shooting all inside me. In the long run boss sighed and collapsed against my breasts. He fondled and kissed my breasts and was getting another raging hard on. Then I heard my cell ringing it was my mom. She was asking when will I return. I said that its already 1 am,

I will come tomorrow morning. She was convinced as I rarely go out with friends. This time he carried me to the sofa and fucked me proper in there, 2 times on the sofa! Each time he came in my pussy and I really loved it and I liked that feeling. I was laying on the bed completely exhausted while boss was sitting on the sofa having drink. I was just thinking abt my self when boss called me “hey mona darling come and sit on my lap”.

The word darling felt disgusting to me. i got up and started moving towards him. He caught and pulled me towards him. Then I went and sat on his lap. I could feel his cock getting hard. Then he started squeezing my ass and pressing my boobs. He started massaging my pussy. I was moaning in a very low voice.

He started pressing my boobs and bitting my nipples. I was getting aroused. Then he laid me on the sofa and started licking me. I loved it. Then he started fingering. I was just moaning with deep breaths. He lifted me in his arms and laid me on the sofa. Spread my legs wide and entered my pussy while squeezing my boobs.

Then he kept on fucking me. Then he sat on the sofa and asked me to sit on his cock. I sat on his cock as he guided me. It was very painful. His cock was going in and in and in. he pumped me violently. It was painful but had pleasure. Then he sprayed inside me. I washed up in the bathroom, and as I started dressing up in my dress which

I was wearing when I came here. He took my bra and panty and told me not to wear it. My clothes where lite and I requested him but he did not agree. Then I wore my clothes. I hide my visible nipples from my dupatta. I picked my son and went home. I slept with complete relaxation but was a bit afraid as he was my husbands boss.

Next day again I got a call from Imran. I decided not to receive it as he was also my husbands boss. Then he msged me “if u wont receive my calls I will come to ur house”. Then I received his call. I was not talking to him as we did before. He was requesting to meet again today.

I said no. He said u know what I can do so its better to agree happily darling. I could not understand anything and was just begging him to plz leave me. He said I promise this would be the last time. I did not know wat to do and had no other option so I said when??. He said I will pick u at 7 pm and do be free for whole nite. I said it wont be possible as last nite I was not at home. He said I don’t know make it possible and do dress sexy ,, disconnected the call.

It was Saturday my daughter was at home so I decided to drop her at my friends place. There was something going on in my stomach and again I was feeling curiosity. At about 3 I dropped my daughter at my friends place and returned home. I got my self a warm shower and had started getting ready.

All the way I was having fear in my stomach that what is there next to come. I could not decide what to wear. then suddenly I remembered that I have a knee length skirt which I brought on my first honey moon. I had started thinking naughty.

I was thinking as I am trapped in it so y not enjoy it. Then I took out my skirt. It was dam fitted as it was 7 8 years old. I wore white panty and bra. It was 7 and I took away for the coffee shop. I was waiting for him in the car as did not want any one to see me in this dress. He came and called me. he said park ur car and come in my car.

I called him to come more close and went in his car. He was stunned looking me in this dress and starting touching my uncovered legs. Then after a few miles another person sat in the car. He started greeting me. I asked who is he ??. he said that he is Adil and going to be with us tonite. I said no way. He said there is no other way. I was totally confused and scared of the pain to bare tonite.

Then we moved towards a flat and moved in. We sat in lounge. Boss brought some chips and bottle of whisky. He poured one glass and gave it to me. I said no. he said drink it, it will make u feel better. I took it and started sipping it. I could see adil eyeing on my boobs and thighs which where visible all the way. Then after 30 mins

Boss came and sat beside me and started proceeding and he kissed my lips. I was getting real aroused and then I felt a hand on my boobs and I started breathing hard. Then they started undressing me. I resisted but was now getting under their control they even removed the bra and panty.

Adil was astonished to see my body for the first time, and my heart was beating fast as they saw me from top to end. We were on sofa in the hall and boss and Adil moved down on floor and held my legs each in one hand moved them apart, of course I was already wet and they literally blushed to see wet.

Then boss move forward and kissed it and his tongue started to lick me , I was in pleasure. Adil started to feel my breast and playing with my nipples I was too high to say anything. boss inserted his finger in my vagina and started to spread my vagina lips apart and show

Adil how it looks and I like a exhibitor was quietly letting them explore the anatomy of women sexuality, Adil inserted a finger too to feel how it was, I started to get wet again, then boss inserted his finger and my juices were already out.

They wasted no time got undressed immediately and in no time boss took his penis in his hand and without informing I pushed it all the way in. Adil too didn’t hesitated and he placed his penis over my face trying to push it inside but I told him please I don’t do that, so he moved his attention to my breast and started to suck it hard.

I could not believe how far I was gone. Pushing it hard n rough inside me with pressure, I was in deep pleasure. I was enjoying. Adil hinted boss to stop for a while and he moved in between and his penis went in straight with great force and he pumped in on and on. boss kept playing

With my breast and sucking and I couldn’t speak a word saying no to them. Adil was now at his peak and he came inside me, as soon as he released boss moved in between and he pumped me hard and he too released inside me. We all were tired and rested for a while.

Again after they regained their strength they took me inside the room and believe me this time boss was to powerful I don’t know how, but I was getting high pains inside my vagina when he pumped i was moaning madly and he was almost like a horse and

Adil was busy fingering my anus, I must have already cum twice. Adil replaced boss and asked me to bend in a doggy position, he entered in my vagina giving me couple of stroked and then I don’t know how his penis pushed right inside my anus making me pain and cry out he didn’t stopped and I started to cry in pain.

Boss tried to console me kiss my face, and Adil kept moving faster, after some time I got comfortable but still it was pain. I told him at least he should have asked me or inform me that he was about to try this and he started to grin.

He came eventually inside my back and we relaxed. We all took shower together in the bathroom and they kept fingering me and sucking my breast; I was really enjoying all the attention, but was scared from inside what if anyone comes to know. Then we came out and we all just dressed for dinner.

We had our dinner and had 2 glasses whisky. It was already 11 pm. I was feeling a bit drowsy so I went in the room and laid on the bed and closed my eyes. Drinks where on my mind too. At about 12 they both came inside the room and undressed them self and in no time got me undressed also.

First fingering me in my vagina and anus then sucking and playing with my breast. boss lied back on the bed and asked me to face him and come over him and ride him, I did the same and it was nice position, he pulled me over and hugged me while he was inserting in me and I was moving over him.

Adil was fingering my anus and already had 2 finger deep in my buns, taking the lubrication from my vagina he pushed his penis in my anus and I cried out loud again you are hurting me, he said it will be fine in seconds. I told him at least inform me so

I am mentally prepared, he didn’t listen to what I told and started to push in slowly and then fast. I was moaning in pain and shouting slowly and ouches. And they both took speed and I was having tough time having both the entrance filled and getting worked at same time. They both went on for 15 min and one after another released.

I was too worked up and tired with the action. They kissed me and feel on the bed. I was laying between them. After few mins Adil came and took me to the washroom. Took me to the shower and started wipping me. He was fingering my pussy and ass,

And he was pinching my boobs. Then, he started rubbing my pussy, which was real good massage after a hard fuck. Then, he laid in the tub and told me to sit. I was thinking everything is over. But much was there. Then he entered my pussy and it was deep inside. He started pumping it. He was slow and gentle giving me kisses and sucking my boobs.

And then i was brought back and could see boss ready with his cock on the bed. Then he made me sit on the floor and he held his hardened penis with his one hand the other hand was on my neck letting me not taking breath, when I opened my mouth for breath he forced my face and he inserted his penis in my mouth.

He was forcing his penis in and out of my mouth. This went on for a long time till he leaked his liquid on my face and mouth. Then he grabbed me to the bed, laid me there.He came on me sucking my nipples, cuddling and brushing all my body. He slowly gone down to my legs, he spread my legs, he kept his face in between my legs, he kissed my pussy, he kept finger on my pussy lips he was drawing line on it.

He started playing his tongue over and inside my pussy. It was like exploiting me, but still I was enjoying. It was a kind of feeling that I didn’t have it in my life. In real, my liquid started to flow as he was playing his tongue in my pussy for a long time. He came between my legs and kept his penis in front of my pussy. I was fully exhausted and I was not able to move by my own.

They where handling me completely. He pushed all at once in me that pained hell as his penis was long and larger than my husband may be its double of my husband. I yelled out in pain, he yelled u r so sexy darling. I was all in pain, and enjoyment.

In my life for the first I felt so much pain in sex ,, he was giving me heavy pains. I tried hard to keep my emotions inside me but the pain and enjoyment controlled me and I started to scream each time he enter inside me. The adil also came on bed. He straight away kept his penis in my mouth, he forced to open my mouth and he pushed his penis in my mouth fully till my throat.

Boss was holding my two legs up and wide with his hand and he was coming in and out too hard that no more I could stop my voice to come out. He was not stopping it even I was pleading to stop. He continued his strokes without bothering me, he was becoming week he left my legs free and held my breast and was stroking,

He was giving strokes nearly 20 minutes which was very long time for me as my husband could only do for five minutes. I was even not able to breathe as the other person penis was inside my mouth. At last he became fully weak, I could feel his liquid flowing inside my pussy, he yelled loudly and fell on me taking heavy breath and fell on me. in the mean while Adil was jerking over my face.

He cummed allover my face and inside my mouth. I was not having energy to wipe myself and just slept.I woke up in the morning with whole sticky sperms all over my body and I was completely naked and sleeping between to man whom I have no relation. They where also naked. I could see there dicks resting after working hard on all my holes. I went to the wash room.

There where tears in my eyes while I was bathing. I was thinking of what have I done as I was in complete senses now. I heard the door open and it was Adil. I said what r u doing now. He said come on lets have a last shot. I said plz I am tired and my ass and pussy lips have swollen.

But he did not listen to me and came inside the bath tub and started cursing my boobs and fingering my pussy. After few mins again the devil started working on me and I started enjoying and cumin again. His dick had also started gaining power.

Then he made me sit on his cock and the pumped me for down. It was real painful as his whole dick was penetrating inside me. He had already cummed so many times due to which his ejaculation was also getting delayed. This was real painful when they pumped my ass. I was just not able to bear the pain.

After fucking me he made me suck his cock. he caught my hairs and banged my mouth on his dicks. I could feel his balls hitting my chin. Then I heard my mobile. It was my friend. She was asking where I am as it was 1 pm and I had to pick my daughter at 10 am. I said that I will be there in 1 hour. Then I quickly showered and I got in problem when I could not find my panty and bra.

Today I could not wear my dress without it. It was with Adil and he said that no bra and no panty. I pleaded him that I have to go to my friends house and my skirt is already to tite. I requested and begged him to plz give me back but he said no chance. I just wore my skirt. I saw my nipples trying to tear the cloth material.

And then went with adil to pick my car from the coffee shop. Boss was sleeping and I just had a last glance towards his dick. Then while I was on my way to pick my daughter I got a call from my friend. Saying that I am near ur house so I will wait at ur house. I said that’s fi9 I will be there in 10 mins.

It was good cuz I was finding difficulties in driving. I reached home saw my friend and daughter waiting. As my friend saw me in this dress she was shocked. She asked Mona what kind of a dress r u wearing. I said nothing come inside. As she saw me walking she understood as she was also a married women.

As we enetered in the house she asked me Mona r u a prostitute or wat??. I sat on the sofa and said shut up its not like this I will explain u some other time. She gave me a smile and said boyfriend. I said no yaar I promise I will tell u. I said I am sleepy now. She said seems like u have worked hard yesterday.

She said do call me when ever u r free and she went. I went to the washroom had a nice shower and laid on the bed with satisfaction and real tiredness. I was just thinking of my background and conservative surrounding, wat if someone comes to know. But everything had happened.

Any how after 3 days my husband came back. And he was happy and told me that he has got a promotion. I started thinking that was it his plan again or not. Then I just ignored it. We had sex that day for 30 mins and then we slept. After 2 weeks my husband was in the wash room while his friend came on the door. I told him.

He came out of the washroom and went to see his friend. I went to the washroom and saw his mobile on the tub. When I got near I saw cum on the tub and saw a video on the mobile. I was shocked it was the same clip which I send to imran( husbands boss). Then I kept his cell and went to the bedroom.

Then I understood that how my husband got his second promotion. I kept quite and my guilt got less. After few days I was not feeling well and went to the doctor. The doctor told that I am pregnant. And now my huband is 100% fit and the medicines have worked.

They congratulated us and he started saying see now I am completely fight and started acting like a lion just cuz he thinks I don’t know that it was his plan. We where happy and only I know whos seed I am carrying and the pain and pleasure I had to suffer to fill my womb. Do comment.

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