I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This! Ch. 02


This is the second installment of Ellen’s journey into discovering lust. In the first installment entitled, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Ellen, a rather innocent college student, went to a wild party invited by her skanky sorority sis. To her surprise, she got soundly and enthusiastically fucked and swept off her feet by the handsome host, Jack. A couple of days later, she has a plan to connect with Jack again. Enjoy her discovery of her own lusty nature.

I can’t believe I am taking these nude selfies of myself to send Jack. I am standing in front of the mirror with my cellphone snapping pictures of my bare breasts in my new pink panties bought just for him. This is just not like me. The folks back home in South Dakota would never believe I could do this. Hell, I can’t believe I’m doing it. But I can’t stop. Jeez, it was even my idea, not his.

He’s in my mind constantly. We had mind-blowing sex that night in a group at his party and afterwards all night in his bedroom, but that’s not it. It is simply that I want to give myself to him. I want him to want me like I want him. I can see in my mind’s eye, him, gorgeous, masculine him, walking among women who are beautiful and attractive. He can have any of them. I know that. But I want him to be thinking of me. I need my hot, nude photo to be on his smartphone a click away to know I am his, totally. I am better than any of those other women.

He loved the long, dark, silky pubic hair on my pussy. He said so and stroked it lovingly as we snuggled. I can still feel his hands touching me everywhere. Here, let me take off my panties and give him a photo of my dark brown bush. I hope he can see the desire in my eyes as I display my body. If you can read my mind, Jack when you see this photo, I hope you see how I am offering myself completely to you.

I could never understand why girls texted nude selfies to their boyfriends until now. It simply an instinctive mating fertility display like most animals have. In humans, it’s the female that displays to attract the opposite sex. Makeup, sexy clothing, colorful nails and extreme hair are all just a part of it. Displaying our tits and ass is when we get serious. Even knowing this intellectually, I can’t stop myself following these new instincts. My mind is consumed with thoughts of Jacks eyes staring at my firm, young body and then confidently approaching me filled with sexual lust. The danger, the heart-racing excitement, the ecstasy.

There we go. I’ll text him the three best ones. I hope he likes them. Please call me, Jack. Please text me back. I’m better than those other girls. Give me the chance to show you.

As I’m waiting for his reply, I remember the manly, animal grunting noise he made just before he mounted me missionary-style. I can almost feel the weight of his body slide over and cover me. My hands go to the small of his muscular back and his ass-muscles clinch as he drives his cock into my center. The deep masculine groaning and rutting sounds in my ear are so erotic. My vagina is gushing now simply remembering it. I rub my knees together so that the lips of my pussy slide together sweetly. I want to masturbate but I won’t. It’s such a poor substitute compared to being with him. I want to be hungry for sex when we meet, the hungrier, the better.

My cell buzzes. The text is here. My heart skips a beat.

“Great pics, sweetie. You are so beautiful.”

Oh, sweet joy! I text back quickly. “Thanks Jack. I just want you thinking about me.” Oh no, I’m acting like a high school girl. What’s he going to think of me. Hell, I’m twenty, not some kid. Dammit.

Another buzz on my phone, another text, “Come over tonight about five o’clock.”

Wow. He likes me. “Sure, Jack. I’d love to.”

“Sweet. And I really loved that school pleated skirt and blouse you were wearing. Do me a favor and wear it again.”

“Sure, Jack. Whatever you want.” I hope he gets my hidden meaning.

“See you at five.”

Oh my god, I’m going to be with him again.

I approach his home a bit early.

Jack lives in the best looking townhouse on the street. He and his dad’s big construction company likely built it. I blush when I recognize the front door and know that very soon he will have his way with me. I’ve heard that expression in the past but never really knew its true meaning until now. Jack can have his way with my body and do anything he wants. I’m simply his. His pleasure is my pleasure. Sending that nude selfie sealed the deal.

I ring his doorbell and Jack swings the door wide with a big smile on his gorgeous face. He is more handsome than I remembered. My legs feel weak suddenly.

“Come on in Ellen. It’s great to see you again.”

He takes my hand, pulls me towards him, gives me a sweet kiss on my cheek and swings me inside with one motion. His manly odor fills my nostrils stirring my senses like an aphrodisiac. I so want to hold him close to my body but that would be so forward. In South Dakota where I come from, the man makes all the first moves. czech super models porno/ If a girl initiates, she earns a reputation of being a slut.

Closing the door, his strong hand moves to my lower back and guides me down the short hallway to his living room. Further down the hallway, his bedroom door is open. My heart skips a beat as the memories of our passionate love making in there washes over me. Soft music plays in the background.

“Have a seat on the sofa. Let me get you a drink. I have beer, white wine, coke. What’s your pleasure?”

“Wine would be nice.”

Jack turns and walks away. There is that great butt of his in faded blue jeans.

I sit on the black leather sofa and look around the room. It’s much different in the daytime than the night of the party. I can see that Jack has nice taste. My body is almost vibrating with desire. I find it hard to sit calmly. This powerful feeling has been rising since Jack texted me to come over. I showered and trimmed my pubic hair to make it perfect. I put on my new sexy lacy pink bra and panty set bought the day after the party just for him. It was so embarrassing to have those white granny panties on when he pulled them down and off at the party.

Putting on the new pink panties and looking in the mirror I almost died of embarrassment to see the camel toe notch of my pussy and my lush light brown pubic bush clearly behind the see-through mesh at the crotch. When Jack sees these he will know I want him to do me. That will be so obvious. In the couple of hours since I put on those sexy undies I would often think of them and blush. On the subway coming over here I had a strange feeling men could somehow see my see-through crotch under my skirt. I felt so exposed and kept my knees tightly together blushing whenever I made eye contact with any man.

Of course I also put on my pleated skirt and white blouse that Jack asked me to wear. I even asked Betty my most feminine sorority sister for a spray of her flowery perfume. I must buy some for myself. I hope Jack likes it. Betty said it was a famous French brand.

And now here I am at my most attractive best delivered to Jack in his manly home. I nervously run my hands down my skirt over my thighs to release some pent up energy. Then thinking about the see-through crotch of my panties again my lust level rises.

Jacks viewpoint

I couldn’t believe it when that university student from the party sent me those nude selfies. She seemed so innocent and fresh around sex. She was the last person I thought would do that. Girls, go figure!? The nervous look on her face in the selfie tells me this is her first.

What a babe! She has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, perky and full. I get a chubby every time I look at the pic. And that light brown, full beaver is so unique. I’ve seen lots of pussies but they were all shaved smooth. That is totally the style nowadays. No wait, there was that Romanian chick with the small landing strip. But it wasn’t like this girl’s natural beaver.

When she was sleeping with me after the party, I checked her out under the sheet. I always like to lift up the sheet to check out the nude body of the girl I am with while they are sleeping. It is so horny slowly eyeing their young charms. With her as she lay on her side facing away from me, I remember seeing a small thatch of long fine pubic hair sticking out deep under the crack of her ass where her tight hair-covered pussy resides. The sight made me rock hard and I nestled into her warm body and ran the tip of my stiff cock along her down covered slit. Then, I reached around and cupped her firm breast, massaged it and pinched her nipple to get her awake for another lusty fuck. She did everything I asked and begged for more like someone who was experiencing great sex for the first time. She wasn’t like the street-wise chicks I have been with.

All of those thoughts washed over me when I got her selfie and I just had to get her back to my place as soon as possible. She is so different in many ways, very intelligent and classy but down to earth. Mid-West girls like her are different from the city girls. She is the first university girl I’ve hooked up with but I’m sure all girls get down and dirty in the sack. I can still remember her moans as I pounded my big dick into her tight pussy with her biting my shoulder to stifle her scream when she came. I couldn’t wait to be balls deep again in her tight pussy.

After sending me that nude selfie she knows exactly what’s going to happen when she got here. That sealed the deal.

Jack you are such a lucky fuck. When you were texting her back to come over you remembered her sexy student pleated skirt and white blouse outfit and you had an instant fantasy of her on all fours with you behind her slowly lifting her skirt to reveal her perfect ass and hairy pussy slit ready and waiting for your hard cock. Then you asked her to wear the outfit. Hell she even texted “whatever you want” when you asked czech tax porno for that outfit. You lucky fuck. It’s a thousand per cent my fantasy will come true and I will be deep in her hot pussy looking down at her cute school uniform.

She arrives

There is the doorbell. She’s here. Holy fuck, instant chubby. Better rearrange my cock. Okay open the door. Wow what a beauty and that skirt and blouse are so sexy.

“Hi, great to see you again come on in.” I take her hand and pull her a bit to come inside. A nice innocent kiss on her cheek. Hmmm, sweet perfume. Oh fuck, I’m getting a fucking woody already. I’ve got to escape and cool off.

“Have a seat on the sofa. Let me get you a drink. I have beer, white wine, coke. What’s your pleasure?”

“Wine is good”

I turn quickly so she won’t see the huge boner tent in my jeans and head for the kitchen.

Whew. Cool off brother. Don’t rush. I grab my cock through my jeans and massage it as it slowly gets softer. Cool down big guy. There’s no rush. She’s yours to do whenever and however you want.

Fuck I haven’t been this horny since I fucked my best friend’s hot MILF mother that I had been lusting after since middle school.

I need a plan to make this memorable for both of us. It would be easy to go back in there, have a quick glass of wine and whisk her to my bedroom for a quick fuck. Been there done that. But this girl hasn’t had much sex. She seemed embarrassed by her own lust when we were fucking. I know. I’ll get her so horny she’ll make the first move, at every turn from first base to a grand slam home run.

I’ll let her learn about her own lust. She’ll be the student all right and I’ll be her teacher. I’ve fucked lots of women of all types and I know where their hot buttons are. This girl will go wild and beg for my cock before I’m finished with her.

Back out I go to the living room.

“Here’s your wine.” I sit beside her about an arm’s length away. I’ll let her close the distance between us. Why don’t I just wait and let her break the silence. She is so cute looking down shyly as she holds her wine glass nervously.

Her viewpoint.

He is sitting so close but so far away. I wish he had thrown his arm over my shoulder hugging me tightly. Why am I so nervous? We were so intimate just a few nights ago. Plus, I was brave enough to send him a nude selfie. But he wasn’t in the same room then. This is so much more real and intimate. Jeez Ellen you’re twenty now not a high school girl.

The silence between us is almost making me explode. I have to say something, anything.

“Jack that was a great party.” Oh god, that was so lame.

“It was special because I met you Ellen.”

That was so romantic. I have to give him a kiss. I slide over and snuggle into his body. I hope he doesn’t think I’m too forward.

“Yes meeting you was so special for me too.” I hold him with my breast against his chest with my face close to his. Hopefully he will move his lips to mine to kiss me.

Seconds seem like years and I can’t stand it anymore and reach my lips up to kiss his wonderful lips. He responds. When his mouth opens I insert my tongue searching for his. Our tongues dance together deliciously. An instinctive groan comes from deep in my throat. I wrap my arms around his strong chest and mash my breasts into his body. He follows my lead and hugs my body tightly. I kiss his cheek and his ear, then press my lips to the sensitive space below where his neck meets his jaw.


She kisses with such passion and her mouth is mint fresh. This girl needs a good fuck. Her lips are on that sensitive area of my neck and the breathing from her nose is hot in my ear. Her flowery perfume is intoxicating. I just want to rip her clothes off and do her right now. I know she wants it too but I remember I want her to make the first moves, I hope.


I will pull my body back to give Jack room to feel my breasts. That always worked with my boyfriend. My nipples are so sensitive and need his touch. My throat gives an urgent groan but Jack is not getting my message. Oh shit, maybe I should undo his top buttons and slip my hand inside to touch his hairy masculine chest. That will get him to touch me the same way. He’ll think I’m such a tart. My friends would never believe this is me. Hell I don’t believe it.


Holy shit she is undoing my shirt buttons. Her hand is so soft as she slides it inside and across my chest. Fuck, she is running her finger around my nipple. I never knew it to be so sensitive. Waiting for her to make the first move is really fun.

Looking down at her white blouse I can see the faint outline of a pink bra under the silk fabric. Her nipples are so hard they are poking through. Since she made the first move I’ll feel these beauties through her blouse. Wow, a sweet handful. I love the way she groans when I cupped her tit. I guess yes means yes. Let me flick her diamond hard nipple with my thumb.


Fuck defloration porno his thumb strumming my nipple is making me crazy. My vagina is gushing and throbbing. I have to move my knees together to give my pussy lips some needed friction. Oh I so wish Jack would undo my blouse and feel my breasts skin on skin. Please Jack, if you can read my mind, please open my blouse.

What? He is taking his hand away from my breast. Oh no. Ah, I understand, he is turning my chin to his mouth. What a great kisser. I simply melt when he kisses me.


I know she wants me to undo her top and feel her glorious breasts. But she has to learn to dance to her own lust. She has to find out that even a high class university girl is a slut down deep. I can smell the love juice from her pussy coming up from under that cute pleated skirt. This chick is really in heat. My urge is to speed things along but must fight the urge. I slip my hand down from her chin to her delicate neck and feel her jugular beating fast and hard. Her eyes are open and her pupils are dilated like she is on a drug. It’s the drug of sex baby. Her eyes are open but she is looking inward. Yes, sweetie swim in your lust. Let it take you where your primitive needs are.

Sweet. She is undoing her blouse. Nice pink lacey bra not like that army model she had on last time. This one has a front clasp. Jack wait, let her open it and offer her charms. Just kiss her ear and keep your hand on her tiny throat. Those glorious globes are overflowing their cups and want to be free. Fuck, I want to hold them so fucking badly. My hand is starting to get a mind of its own. Great, just in time she undoes her bra and her globes spill out. Her skin is so white but her breasts are shades whiter! Her quarter size areolas are bright pink with eraser size hard nipples at attention. I wait.

In a husky voice I hear her whisper urgently “Please feel me Jack.” I wait a few seconds and she reaches up and takes my hand and places it on her warm, impossibly soft breast just like any tart in heat that wants to get fucked. “Please.” She repeats with even more urgency.

Good for you baby. Let your lust take you.

Her breast is as soft as cashmere and warm. I weigh it and massage the firmness. She kisses my neck in total submission as she offers her body to me to fondle completely.


God! Jacks hand feels so good on my breast. When he rolls my nipple between his fingers an erotic explosion takes place in my brain and crotch at the same instant. My nostrils flare as I breathe deeply through my nose.

I stroke his pecs and nipples as much as he does mine. His body is so strong and manly. Please Jack, if you can read my mind please slip your hand under my skirt. As a sign I hump my crotch against his hip. My pussy, Jack, my pussy needs to be touched. If only he could read my filthy mind.


Hmmm she just humped her crotch against me. Pussy getting hungry baby? I think so. But you have to make the first move sweetie.

She leans in more and humps her needy crotch into my hip. Nice.

I turn my hip towards hers and hump my stiff erection in return on her pubic mound. She grinds herself like a slut in heat up and down my weapon. That’s the ticket my hot slut, rub your cunt in there real good.

Ahh… She moved her hand down to rub my stomach. Yes, sweetheart I get the idea. You want to move the game downstairs and get our private parts naked? Make your move. I’ve got all day. Let me bite your sensitive ear. That should turn up the heat.

Right on, you’re sliding your fingers down my stomach to the top of my belt buckle. Sorry girl my belt is too tight to my waist to get your hand under it and down to my hard cock that way. You’ll have to unzip me and pull that bad boy out.


I can feel the band of Jacks underwear but can’t go further. I hope he undoes his jeans so I can stroke his beautiful penis. I can’t undo his pants. That’s simply too slutty!

I can see the outline of his cock in his jeans. It is long and thick like I remember. It’s calling me. His teeth nipping my earlobe and his hot breath in my ear is making me crazy horny. Oh fuck he already knows I am a harlot with that selfie. Why kid yourself girl? I just have to feel his big thick cock and get him horny enough to mount me.


Whew! She’s frantically opening my pants to reach my dick. It’s like a dam broke open in her brain. Go for it babe! That’s right. Push those boxers down. I’ll lift my ass to help you but you have to do the rest.

Good! hold that staff nice like that. Stroke that big guy. Mmmm sweet! That’s the cock that will put out the fire in your sweet, tight pussy. Make it nice and hard.

Oh, that reminds me about her sweet hairy pussy. As she strokes my cock my mind is filled with images of her natural crotch. Should I wait for her to take my hand down there or should I reach down to that sweet honeypot? She did expose my dick so that counts as the first move for exposing our genitals.

Let’s go. Fuck, I hope she didn’t shave her beaver!


Thank god. Jack finally put his hand on my knee! He’s going for my crotch. He read my mind. An electric current shoots up my thigh to my girlie parts. My knees spring open without any thought from me. He’s turning me into such a slut!

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