I Caught Mom… Or Did She Catch Me? 5

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Big Tits

In retrospect, how could I have not seen this coming? I told Lydia over and over again, “Like mother like daughter” without even considering that the opposite could be true as well. My mother, and sister all stared at me quizzically. My father stared expectantly. I had the power, or the illusion of it at the very least. I reprimanded myself as the first thought that came to my mind was “yes, both of these liars need to be taught a lesson”. Quickly though I realized the truth, every time I’ve thought I’ve been right so far, the tables have been turned on me. Is this another lie? Am I being tested again by one of the sadist women in my family, or is this actually happening? All of those questions needed to be answered before I could continue. To seemingly everyone’s surprise, I took a deep breath, pulled my shorts up and said…

“Lyd as hot as you look with my cum dripping down your face, maybe you should go wash up”.

“O…Okay” she whispered as she slowly rose and walked to the bathroom in a half deer half possum in headlights fashion. When she finally reached it, and I heard the door close, I sat down on my bed and looked up at my father.

“Go wash up slut, you look filthy! Is how I would have said that but we all develop our own style.” My father was so very nonchalant about the situation. “You have to understand that if these sluts get an inch they’ll…”

“If Lydia is mine, why have you dominated her for the past year? She told me everything you’ve done to her, so no use bullshitting”, I interrupted as I’d had enough of the smug lecturing and it had only begun.

“I’ve instructed her as your Grandfather used to instruct your Aunt for me. By the time you had her she would have been a well-tuned fuck hole for you, but you just had to go snooping around Sunday morning and fucked it all up. You see…”

Before my father could finish his sentence I cut him off once again. His plan was beginning to sound simpler and simpler in my head, but the only way to confirm my suspicions was to start poking holes in his logic and hear answers he hadn’t already prepared.

“A well-tuned fuck hole for you, you mean”, I snapped back. “One perfectly suited for you while I was none-the-wiser.”

“See it that way if you will, but I was more than happy to receive the expertly designed skills of my own sister. The ability to train is a skill learned over time. One that I think we’ll both agree you haven’t mastered yet? And, between you and I, after taking your own mother so roughly, can you really say you mind my cock in your sister’s throat?” He openly challenged me, but why? What would happen right now if I sided with my mother and sister? He must be vulnerable right now. Maybe I haven’t mastered it but… like father like son.

“What happened to your sister, and your other son? Mom just told me that my dear aunt had multiple terminations, but it sounded like she had at least one bo….”

“Both of them are gone… You’ll never see either of them.” My father almost choked on his words as he looked at my mother whom wouldn’t even meet his gaze. I wondered what happened back then but my thoughts were cut off as I noticed Lydia saunter her way back into the room and onto my bed next to me.

“I need you to tell me exactly what this plan of yours was, and then I need to think.” It didn’t matter whether he told me the full truth right now or not. Perhaps the women were being forced to do all of this as an act, perhaps Lydia didn’t want any part of this and was looking for a way out. The only izmir escort bayan way to know the truth was to play along until the lies showed themselves. And show they would…

“What could you possibly need to think about?” My mother snapped angrily at me. “Your mother and sister are nothing but horny sex slaves and you need to think? About what? How you plan to use us as well? I knew you were a little rough, a mother always knows… But don’t tell me you’re just like him…”

I was not like him… But her belief that I was angered me and I knew I had to play my role anyway until I learned the truth. “Maybe I am like him Vanessa”, I spat as my father’s eyes lit up like the moon, “and maybe you are just a horny slut. Horny sluts have no use for thinking or discussions, only satisfying their slutty holes. Speaking of which, why don’t you lie back on Lyd’s bed and put a show on for your loving family?” She stared at me, shocked by my callous behavior, frozen by my abrasive words and tone. Her eyes darted to my father, whose stern look only doubled down on the order. She contritely obeyed as she slowly inched her way to the bedpost and untied her robe, revealing her curvaceous glory to her daughter for the first time. Lydia gasped as she watched her mother close her eyes and run her perfectly manicured fingers up and down her sleek body. She watched in admiration as her mother fondled her own breasts, they were twice the size of hers and so shapely that she felt pangs of jealousy and arousal course through her at once. She couldn’t look away for a second as her mother was… well there was no other way to describe it, she was finger fucking her own mouth. But why?

The reason became obvious soon enough as she took her well lubricated pointer and middle finger, and reached down to make first contact with her already protruding clit. Her mother jumped at her own touch, but quickly moved into a slow rhythm of circles around her most sensitive areas. It was at this moment that I realized I was in just as much of a trance as she was, but my father brought me back to reality with his provocations.

“Do you see how good of a girl mommy is? Do you see how she takes her time with her sloppy wet little pussy? You see how much she loves it that we’re watching? She’s such a good little wet slut isn’t she? Just like daddy’s little girl.” My father had somehow moved all the way onto my bed and was rubbing my sister’s leg. She sat there with her mouth agape and staring at him, not accepting but clearly not rejecting my father’s words. I don’t think I was ready to see that quite yet. I grabbed my sister by the waist and brought her to me.

“If you’re gonna be nothing but a slut as well, then maybe you should go join your slut mother while the men speak!” Her eyes welled with tears at the blunt nature of my pseudo command but I was beyond that now. I helped her remove her clothes and told her to put on a good show and make sure her mommy cums.

As my father and I watched the scene unfold before us. I again turned to him and asked what his magnificent plan was, but this time he answered. “One thing you must remember is that this was all for you son,” he began as I scoffed at the notion. He began to explain everything that had happened in the past and how he discovered that he was next in line around the same age that I did. He and his sister had been very close and wanted to fulfill the family legacy, but they were torn apart. I still have no idea what happened to my Aunt or why my grandparents disowned him for doing buca escort what they wanted and he didn’t seem to want to answer any of my questions about it so I decided to let it go for now. I switched topics to find out why he was forcing my mother to cheat with my math teacher. “Sometimes small-time people belong to big-time families”, he said as he explained that Mr. Tsutsuni was part of a family that looked for specific talent, and my mother was securing my invitation to a program that would eventually have me set as a very high paid CFO for life. Apparently a rich kid was his solution to not having rich parents anymore. Some of this was starting to make sense except for one lingering problem, whom was currently between my mother’s legs having her first drink of female. What did she really think about being a subservient fuck toy? What does she really think of my father, or of me for that matter? When we first started, she said she wanted to be the dominant one. I had to get her alone and get the truth, but that wasn’t going to happen now. For now, my body moved on its own.

I crawled behind my sister, whom was on all fours with her perfectly tight and shapely rear right in front of my face (seriously thank you swim team). “Time to eat!” I thought as I gently parted my sister’s globes and forcefully stuck my entire tongue into her tight ass. Her initial surprise didn’t phase me in the least as I continued to dart my tongue in and out of her and lick in circles around her ring. She had a fleshy musk about her and I savored the taste as I continued my assault. My father just watched from the bed sporting what appeared to be a rather serious erection. I had no desire to see it used on either of these women, but for now it seemed I wouldn’t have much of a choice. He got up and walked slowly, yet confidently to my mother and quickly removed his cock from his sweats. My mother’s eyes, as if instinctively, flashed open along with her mouth to allow almost the entirety of him inside her throat at one time. Her eyes closed once again as she gained rhythm and opened her throat to his seemingly slow yet rough thrusts. My sister took a break from her tongue onslaught on my mother to finally say her first words since returning from the bathroom.

“I love it when you tongue me there Eric, it’s so fucking dirty—oooooh my god stop!”

She repeated stop over and over again as my finger took the place of my tongue, and my tongue took position at her woefully neglected sex. Ever so slowly I ran my tongue all the way up past her opening, over her engorged labia to the stiffness of her protruding clit and then back down. She was losing her mind and spasmed each time I reached my goal. Each spasm sent a shockwave that caused my mother to jump and in a very unorthodox way, my entire family was connected for once. My attack was over, I wouldn’t allow her to cum just from that, I slowly teased her clit with my tongue as I added a finger to what was starting to feel like her much looser anal channel.

“Please Eric PLEEEEAAASE fuck just make me cum I need it!”She screamed as my mother attempted to pull her face back between her legs to her greedy cunt. The evidence of her orgasm was already all over my sister’s slutty pleading face and yet, she wanted even more!

“Beg for my cock you slut! Beg for my cock to fuck you and make you cum!” One thing was certain, I loved treating my sister like this. This was how we showed our love for each other.

“I need my brother’s cock! I need it SOOOOOO bad! I want my brother’s izmir escort cock to fuck me and make me cum all over it! I want my brother’s cum deep in my womb! Please fuck me deep and hard Eric!” She wasn’t taking no for an answer as she reached back with her hands and tried to fumble my cock out of my shorts. I decided to give her a hand because I felt sorry. I was also mind bendingly horny and wanted it just as bad as she did, but I couldn’t let her know that. I plopped my dick out. It had never been this hard or this big before and I got lost looking at it for a second like it belonged to someone else. It must belong to someone else, because there’s no way I get to take my dick out and watch it disappear into my own sister’s perfectly tight pussy. There’s no way my dick is feeling the sensation of her young tightness gripping it and not letting go, or her overabundance of juices squirting out onto it. Yet here I was, balls deep inside my sister once again, her yelps and screams echoed throughout the room. She could no longer focus on my mother who seemed to be as interested as my father as they watched intently from the headrest of the bed, slowly petting each other, some of his cum clearly still dripping from her lips. Why hadn’t she swallowed? I had more important things to think about, like the perfect heart shaped flesh in front of me.


“Ow what the fuck I didn’t say you could do that!” My sister screamed as my right hand came down and struck her perfect backside as I continued to thrust deep inside of her.


“I don’t recall asking”, I said smugly as I continued to punish my sister’s rear and slow my thrusts. “You know what your brother wants to hear you slutty bitch! Don’t you cum unless you beg for it!”

She said nothing, but lowered her face to the bed and thrust her ass back against me even harder to compensate for my weakening efforts.


“Do you want me to stop you slut?!” That would finally get her attention as she spewed it all out.

“Fuck Me! Fuck the shit out of me! Make me your dirty little sister slut! Mark my fucking pussy! Fill me all the way up with your dirty cum! Make me cum with you! I want it! I fucking want every drop! Make me squirt my juices all over your cock!”

And that was all I needed to hear. I resumed my ravenous onslaught with my cock and the moment consumed me. Wave after wave of absolute pleasure came to me from her submission. As she pushed back to me, I thrust with all of my strength as deep as I could and released every ounce of liquid I had in my scrotum into my sister’s womb. The combination of our juices pushed me out of her and continued to ooze slowly from her as she collapsed onto her bed. She continued to spasm until she fell over. I looked up and my parents were both gone from the room. I laid down with my sister and cuddled her as she slept…

So many questions are still lingering. This all seems real, what I learned today is the truth. But for every answer I receive, only a million more questions present themselves. By all accounts I did exactly what my father wanted me to do, but does he realize that I want his woman for myself too? Lyd and I seem to have found our true relationship, but does she feel the same way about what we just did? Does she revel in submitting to me or does she want to be free? Does my mother have any idea what I still have in store for her? So many questions, I need to talk to them… I need to find her…. I drifted off to sleep…


Sorry that took 7ever but MilfSoup is BACK! Check out my other story “By What Right” too (trust me you don’t want to miss chapter 2 it’s going to take off 😉 )

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