I Love Plus-Sized Women


I’ve always been attracted to plus-sized women. They are soft to hold and pleasing to look at and I love to watch them walk from behind, especially going up stairways. I’ve lusted after large women for years, and I have had affairs with skinny and large girls and the large girls satisfied me more every time. I also love bigger women because I am a masochist and I have a fantasy of a larger woman dominating me while I worship her.

I am a purist in my love for plus-sized women: some people emailed me that they loved chubby women because big women are grateful for the lay or some such nonsense and I find that offensive because I love large women for how they look and feel not because I think they have low self-esteem like some men do. Quite the contrary, there is nothing more sexy than a plus-sized confidant woman who wants to put me over her knee. I thank those of you who gave me nice feedback and encouragement on my first story. Now, here is my second story…

I was 21 and working for the summer away from college as a DHL courier. I raced a yellow cargo van up and down side streets delivering packages while listening to the radio and having fun. I had a plus-sized women’s clothing store on my route and one day I rushed into its backroom and handed my clipboard to a woman while I typed into my tracker holding an envelope. I was puzzled why she didn’t take the clipboard from me and sign. Instead I heard the woman emit a throaty “Ahem!”

I looked up and a 5’10” blonde with shoulder length straight blonde hair was staring into my eyes. She was a little-larger than average, I’d guess 190 pounds but most of the weight was where I like it: in the thighs, butt, legs, and breasts. I’m not a breast man but I can tell you her breasts were more than a handful and her waist was narrow for her weight. Her butt was round and firm looking. I was drooling over her appearance and then I heard her say: “Young man, this envelope was due two hours ago. Why are you so late?” I winced at the “young man” comment and guessed the woman was in her late twenties.

I didn’t see what the big deal was: most customers are just happy to get their packages on the right day. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s only a little late it’s no big deal.”

She put her nose close to mine looking down at me (she had two inches on me) and said, “These are paychecks and I need them on time.” She smiled, “if you are late again next week, I am going to İstanbul Escort spank you.”

I felt my cock shooting up in my uniform’s shorts and felt my face getting flush, “I think that would be fun.”

She winked and said, “You might not think it so fun. Try me.” She winked and turned and walked away. I marveled at her round and wide backside while it strolled hypnotically away.

A week later and I had the paychecks for the same store again. I saved the plus-sized store for my last stop. I strolled in six hours late at 4:30 and she was waiting for me in the front of the store. Her hair was pinned back in a ponytail and she glared at me and said, “You must think you are pretty funny showing up at this hour, young man.” She signed for the package and handed me a card with an address and phone number on it. She said, “Meet me there tonight at 8. Be prompt for a change. Oh, and wear your little uniform, too.”

My heartbeat raced as she strode away and I called out, “Wait! What’s your name?”

“Tanya,” She said.

I said, “My name is–” but she interrupted me and said, “I don’t want to know it. I’ll just call you young man.” Somehow that seemed right. Being called young man made me feel ashamed and small, which was just the way I wanted to feel around Tanya.

I showed up at the address Tanya gave me at 8:40. She answered the door in a sleeveless blouse, which showed off her large round thick arms. I wanted to reach over and rub her bare arms. She wore a short black skirt, knee length black leather boots, and an enigmatic smile She had long fingernails and full lips, both of which were painted red.

She said, “Young man, you are 40 minutes late. I have to teach you how to be punctual.” She grasped her right hand on my elbow and led me into her apartment. The apartment was warm and inviting with comfortable looking furniture, which was a sharp contrast to her demeanor. She told me to follow her into her bedroom and I watched the wonderful up-and-down motion of her wide buttocks as they shifted in her skirt. She led me to a dresser and told me to open the top drawer. Inside were dozens of wooden hairbrushes of various shapes and sizes. She told me to pick one. Was she going to spank me with a hairbrush? Timidly, I chose a thin wooden number with London printed on the handle.

“First, you are to brush my hair,” Tanya instructed. She sat on the edge of the bed and I crouched behind Anadolu Yakası Escort her and slowly brushed her straight her. I loved the sweet smell of her hair and perfume. “Brush slow, then fast,” she instructed. I did so and while I brushed I leaned forward and noticed she had her eyes closed with her head tilted back. I studied her smooth white neck and on impulse I kissed it. She raised her voice and said, “I didn’t give you permission to kiss me, did I? Stop it!” She grabbed the hairbrush and waved it with her right hand to motion me over to her.

I stood meekly before her with my head down and she reached over and unbuttoned my shorts and they fell down to my knees. I felt humiliated and aroused standing in front of her in my underwear while she stared at me.

She commanded me to lay over her lap. I lowered my self across her lap and loved the feeling of her soft thighs. She put her fingertips into the elastic of my underwear and lowered them to the top of my thighs. Now my penis was pressed against her naked thighs and I loved the contact. I rubbed my penis back and forth against her thighs while she let go of the elastic waistband with a SNAP and pinched my butt and said, “Such a cute little thing. I am going to spank your bare bottom and you are going to whimper like a little boy. Are you ready to be spanked, young man?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” She barked.

“Yes, Tanya,” I said.

“That’s Mistress Tanya to you, young man.” Tanya commenced spanking me with her right palm. The slaps were rapid and sharp. I moaned and felt the blood rushing to my face as I laid face down looking at the white fuzzy carpet. I listened to the SPANK SPANK SPANK rhythm as she lectured me with, “You will never deliver to my store late again, young man, or you will take another trip across my lap!” She spanked all over my butt and thighs and left no area unattended to. She stopped occasionally to give my butt a sharp pinch which made me wince with pleasure and pain. My penis felt like it was ready to explode rubbing against her lap as it did.

Suddenly, Tanya stopped spanking me and I felt her weight shifting as she reached for the hairbrush. She took the backside of the brush and rubbed it slowly in a circular motion over my bare bottom. She made a cooing sound and said, “Does this young man need a hairbrush spanking?”

I felt a little afraid and said, “Please, Tanya, not the Kartal Escort brush.”

Tanya laughed and then barked, “I told you, that’s Mistress Tanya! You have learned nothing.” At this she commenced spanking my bare bottom with the backside of the hairbrush. Her strokes were rapid and unrelenting against my tender bottom. She shot off a fire of 20 spanks that had me wiggling back and forth begging her to stop but not really meaning it. It was painful but in a wonderful way. The spanks made me feel humiliated and embarrassed and turned on. Tanya stopped and said, “you may now get off of my lap.”

I stood in front of her with my penis throbbing and stroked it with my hands.

Tanya stared at my penis with wide eyes and said, “Young man! Did I say you could touch yourself?”

“No, Mistress Tanya, you did not.”

She winked at me and said, “See? You are learning. Now lay on your back on my bed.”

I laid on my back and Tanya took off my uniform shirt and tied it around my head to blind me. With silk ropes she tied my wrists to her wooden headboard with my head atop two pillows. I was naked and erect laying with a throbbing sore bottom against her satin sheets. I was a virgin and my desire for Tanya was maddening to me. I felt her stroking my cock slowly with her fingertips and then I felt her tongue flickering on it for a few seconds.

I felt the bed shifting as she straddled me and oh so slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She only inserted the tip of my cock into her pussy at first and then, without warning, she lowered her full weight onto my cock and I let out an “ahhh!” sound as it felt like heaven to me. Her pussy was warm and soft like the rest of her. She bore down and the rush I felt to my cock and my brain was ecstasy and she began to ride up and down while she made lovely “oh baby” sounds. She put her hands on my shoulders while she stroked away. Soon, she held one hand on my chest and I imagine she was using her other hand to finger her clit.

Tanya’s moans became more loud and she was soon groaning and moaning and I knew I couldn’t last much longer and was ready to orgasm when she called out “Oh my gawd I’m commmmminggg.” She dug her fingernails into my chest while I jerked my head back and came myself. She lay with her body atop mine moaning and wriggling against me. A few minutes later she untied me and said, “you may now kiss me.” I ravished her soft body with kisses and we spooned until we fell asleep.

We had a wonderful affair that entire summer and one of my favorite memories was when she spanked me in a public restroom and then had me take her from behind over the sink. Maybe I will write about that someday if anyone wants to hear about it….

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