I Missed You


“I missed you,” my wife said, almost in a whisper, as I walked into our bedroom after a four-week business trip.

Her voice was loving and warm, the eroticism of the moment heightened by a slight rasp in her voice. I paused to admire the woman I loved and had missed for so long.

She was kneeling on our bed, her legs spread slightly. Her dark hair was down, framing her face and her beautiful brown eyes. She was wearing a light blue, silk teddy that reached just below her hips and stretched slightly over her A-cup breasts. The teddy left little to the imagination–though just enough. I could see the outline of her nipples dotting the fabric as it hugged her breasts and could faintly see that she was wearing a black, lace thong underneath. My favorite.

I walked across the room, putting my hands firmly on her hips. I drew her close and she laid her arms around my neck. We touched foreheads, grateful to be together again after so long.

“I missed you too,” I replied. “I love you so much.”

I could feel her warm breath on my lips as we drew closer. We kissed gently. As I moved my hands up slowly up her back, pulling her closer, her lips parted and her tongue darted across mine. I kept gently caressing her back as we kissed more-and-more passionately.

I drew her waist to mine so that she could feel my arousal through my jeans. She let out a quiet moan.

My fingers continued to move from her hips, up her sides to her shoulders, then tenderly down her back. They remembered the contours of her form, which I had retraced in my imagination for weeks. Up the curve of her side, across her shoulder blades, which were muscular, but effeminate, down her back, over the womanly curve of her bottom, before they grazed the skin of her thigh at the end of her teddy.

As we continued to kiss, trying hopelessly to make up for lost time, I drew my hands back up from her thighs, pulling the edge of her teddy up over her hips, tantalizing her Escort bayan before I let it fall again.

My fingers lightly glided up her sides until they reached the bottom of her pert breasts. As I began to lightly cup them, I felt her gasp. At first, quietly, then louder as I began to massage her breasts, occasionally flicking her nipples with my thumbs.

By this point she was pulling me deeper into our kiss, urging me to continue.

I continued to massage one breast and ran my other hand across her back, and cupped her bottom, pulling her even closer to show her how much I had looked forward to this moment.

Then, I ran my hand along the bottom edge of her teddy, playing with the skin on her thighs, almost tickling her, but not quite. I ran my hand up the inside of her leg.

She drew a deep breath.

I laid my open palm on her mons, pressing my fingers onto her warm, thong-covered sex. She moaned loudly as I felt her wetness, rubbing her labia and clit.

After a while, I broke away. She bit my lower lip lightly as she tried to stop me, but gave way as I ran my hand back up her side. This time, taking the teddy with it. I pulled the teddy over her breasts, grazing her nipples with my thumbs, and over her head and cast it aside.

I kissed her cheek, her jaw, her neck, her chest, and, finally, her breast. I ran my tongue in circles around her nipple. Occasionally licking it, kissing it, and sucking it gently into my mouth. All the while I pulled her hips to mine as she wrapped her hands around my head, moaning in encouragement.

After I reluctantly pulled away from her pert breast, I gazed into her brown eyes. They betrayed lust perhaps as much as love at this moment. She greedily grabbed my belt, loosened it and my pants, dropping them to the floor.

My wife laid back on our bed and pulled me with her, back into her embrace and her kiss.

As we continued to kiss, our tongues mingling, occasionally nibbling Bayan Escort on one another’s lips, she pressed her wet crotch into mine. We ground against each other like we had in college, before we had exposed more of ourselves to one another.

Her moans became more pronounced and she bit firmly on my lower lip in pleasure.

“Please,” she said. “I missed this so much!”

I shook my head. “Not quite yet.”

I lowered my head first to her neck, then her breast, then her stomach. I breathed onto her inner thigh, drawing a short gasp from her. Then, finally, I pressed my face against her panty-covered sex and drank in the sweet taste of her arousal.

For a while, I licked her labia and clit through her soaked thong and ran my hands up and down her splayed legs. Then I pulled aside her thong and traced my tongue from just below her vagina, along her swollen, wet lips, ending at her clit, which drew a loud cry from my wife, who was clutching the sheets tightly in her fists.

Unhindered by the thong, I focused my tongue on her clit: rubbing it with the broad surface of my tongue, flicking it, sucking on it. As her moans and cries grew louder, I placed my middle-finger at her entrance. I could feel it pulsing, drawing me in.

“I missed you so much!”, my wife exclaimed as I penetrated her with first one, then two fingers.

I continued to pleasure her clit and thrust my fingers into her pussy quicker and quicker. She released the sheets from her stranglehold and grabbed my head, pressing me into her.

As she orgasmed, she cried out my name loudly. Her legs spread even wider, her hands clutched my head firmly, and her pussy clenched around my fingers. The evidence of her pleasure was smeared all over my face and soaked my fingers, as I began to lick just above her clit, where she is less sensitive, bringing her down from her high.

She sighed contently and pulled me up next to her.

She turned her head and Escort kissed me, to my surprise, tasting herself for the first time.

“I missed you,” she repeated.

We cuddled and talked and kissed, catching up and making up for lost time.

She chuckled when my hard penis graced her hip and left a trail of precum that had accumulated during our play.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “we’re not done yet.”

She got a sultry look in her eye and turned me onto my back, straddling me. Her long hair just dangled across my chest.

She lowered her head and breathed down the length of my penis. After four weeks without sex and over two weeks without any sort of release, just the feeling of her breath and the view of her breasts dangling below her, her nipples sweeping across my legs, was almost enough to set me off.

She first cupped my balls in her hand and breathed up and down my shaft, occasionally kissing it on the side. Then she took my penis into her hand and started rubbing. Finally, she took my head into her mouth. Her tongue massaged the underside of my shaft and she sucked forcefully. My already swollen head felt ready to explode.

She continued to stroke my shaft and sucking on my head. With her other hand, she cupped my balls and massaged the spot just below them.

She had me writhing, moaning, and panting her name. She sped up her ministrations at my urging.

I looked down at my beloved wife: her hair framed her face as she sucked me, one hand pumping my shaft quickly, while the other tugged at my balls, almost coaxing them. Her sexy ass waived back and forth in the air with her movements. Her breasts and erect nipples hung below her and grazed back and forth across my legs. The whole picture was too much.

I warned her, cried out her name, groaned, and came. To my surprise, she never let up and never pulled back. She took all of my cum, which had been pent up for too long. She continued to stroke my pulsing dick as she sat up. She giggled when a few drops of cum leaked out of her mouth before she could swallow and dripped onto her breasts.

She smiled at me.

“Think you can go again?”, she asked. “I missed you!”

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