I Visit Mel and Have New Experiences


I Visit Mel and Have New Experiences
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were weird. If I wasn’t overwhelmed with work I was like reliving the two days I spent with Mel. I know my hands found my breasts and a couple times even wandered around under my skirt. One of my co-workers even made a comment about me being off on another planet part of the time. Thursday morning’s meeting went well, my part came off without a hitch as usual but I was really glad when it was over. I had just returned to my desk when my cell phone buzzed and I had a message from Mel. How was the meeting? I replied OK and got an invite. Why don’t u visit this weekend? I’ll get back at u later, I replied.
I looked around to see if anyone was watching because my pussy began throbbing as it remembered the fun it had had with Mel. I had to get some relief so I headed for the restroom. Once in the stall my fingers took over and I became very over heated. My pussy was so wet and I used both hands, fingers in my pussy and the in my mouth. I had to stop when I heard someone come in but I’m sure the aroma was pure sex. I made it back to my desk and sent a message to the boss that I wasn’t feeling well so was leaving early. He told me to take tomorrow off also and he would see me on Monday. And I was out of there. I took the trolley home and once there stripped down naked and laid out on the bed. I sent a selfie to Mel that said, I’m all yours.
I was disappointed because I got no answer. I put on some sweats and checked to see what I had to fix for dinner. Then my cell buzzed and there was a message from Mel that said he had checked the bus and there was one that left at 6 and he would pick me up at the station at 7:15. I looked at my watch and it was 10 after 5. I could make it without a problem because I wouldn’t be taking much with me. I answered, C U at the station. About half way there I got another message from Mel telling me that a friend of his had surprised him and was going to spend the weekend with him. Would that be all right with me? It was a bummer because I thought we wouldn’t be playing like I thought we would be. But man was I going to find out how wrong I was.
I entered the lobby and there was Mel waving at me. Next to him was a very nice looking gentleman, probably early 40’s, filled his levis and t shirt completely and I noticed immediately a rather nice bulge where a nice bulge ought to be. I hugged Mel and after he introduced me to Ivan I hugged him.
“No bag?” Mel asked.
I smiled and replied, “I didn’t think I would need much.”
Mel opened the back door to his car and motioned me in and told me to scoot over he was joining me in the backseat. Ivan got into drive and away we went. I looked at Mel kind of wondering what he had in mind but almost immediately knew as his lips pressed my and our tongues started the fight. His hands were all over me and then he took mine and put it down on his hard cock. During our kissing session he had somehow got it out without me knowing it. I couldn’t wait to get his beautiful meat down my throat so I didn’t. I sucked and licked the head and shaft for a few minutes and then Mel wanted to get his pants off so I helped him. I got down on the floor and he put one leg up on the seat and scooted forward and I attacked his balls. It wasn’t long before I started hearing the moans and feeling the tension that told me he was about to cum. I fucked his cock with my mouth and soon was rewarded with a mouthful of protein. I did the usual clean up, sucking him dry and licking him clean and then joined him on the seat. He pulled his pants on and told Ivan, “It’s your turn.”
We were in a residential area with no traffic. Ivan pulled over and came around to my door, opened it and extended his hand. I didn’t know what was happening but took it and then my new experience began. Ivan pulled me out of the car and onto the ground. I was ordered up to my knees and by that time his cock was out and he grabbed my head and stuffed it into my mouth. While he was fucking my mouth hard he was pulling my hair real hard. I loved the cock in my mouth and began to realize I also was enjoying the rough play. I was then ordered to stand up and turn around. I leaned into the car and put my hands on the seat as Ivan was lifting my skirt and pulling gaziantep eskort bayan down my panties. In seconds with no rubbing or anything the head of his cock was at my pussy entrance and then was all the way in me. Fortunately I was already wet from my sexual activities so far. My cunt was fucked hard for a few minutes and then his cock was pressed against my ass hole. And as with my pussy there was no easing it in, in one stroke it was all the way.
I was screaming because it hurt so bad but was told to shut up as he slapped my ass hard. I kept telling myself that this was so wrong but self kept telling me how much I was enjoying it. I was hammered for several more minutes before he pulled out and told me to turn around. Just as I did a big, long string of cum filled the air and hit my face then his cock was down my throat and I swallowed the rest of it. When he was thru with me he told me to leave the cum on my face until we got to Mel’s house. Ivan got in front with Mel leaving me alone in the back. Before we took off Mel turned around and said,
“Welcome to Good Guy, Bad Buy sex. I’m sure you are going to enjoy this weekend.”
I was thinking that apparently this had been planned and while I’m having sex with Mel it will be lovey, dovey and when with Ivan it will be rough, rough. Ivan had been a little mean but didn’t really hurt me so I didn’t worry. We got to Mel’s and by this time Mel was ready to go again. His home was very nice and well furnished. He showed me around a little bit but the tour ended when we got to the bedroom. I found myself on the bed with help getting out of my cloths. And then a hard cock was stuffed into my mouth and the fun began. I was on my back with Mel leaning over me and then he straddled me in the 69 position and began licking my cunny. I mean I was surprised because the last cock in there had been Ivan’s but it didn’t slow him down. I’m sucking him and he’s licking me and then he turned around and pushed his hardness into my wetness.
We fucked for awhile until Mel laid down on me, grabbed me and rolled over so I was on top. Ivan had been setting watching but in this position there was another hole that needed attention. And soon it got it, once again without any foreplay I had about 8 inches of hard cock in my rosebud. It was so awesome being drilled with these two hard cocks. It went on for awhile until Ivan pulled out, came around and pushed his cock in my mouth. A big load of much needed protein was my reward.
“Me too,” uttered Mel so I moved down and took him in my mouth and emptied his reserve.
I laid down next to Mel and Ivan joined us and it was off to sleepsville for a little while. I awoke because of a hard hit on my ass. As I turned to see what was happening something was being put around my throat. There was this woman, dressed in black leather with black net stockings and black fuck me heels standing over me with a big paddle in her hand.
“Get up Bitch,” she ordered with a stern face and a sick smile. “Mel and Ivan had to go to the office and left me in charge of giving you some training. From now on you will do exactly as I say with no questions and no complaining. Otherwise I will spank you harder and longer then you will really want. Understood?”
She didn’t wait for an answer, just pulled on the leach that tightened around my throat the harder she pulled. I was order to my hands and knees and away we went. It took a little bit for me to learn how to crawl fast enough so that I wasn’t constantly choked by the collar but I soon was kind of looking forward to what was going to happen. I was led out of Mel’s room to a room at the end of the hall.
“And here is our play ground,” the Mistress said with a big smile. “You are going to have a lot of fun here.”
I looked around and there were all kinds of chairs and swings and chains with straps. It looked like a torture chamber. She led me over to the wall and with a hard swat to my ass told me to stand up. I did and my arms and ankles were enclosed in cuffs on the ends of chains and then she used a remote control to life me off the ground and spread my arms and legs.
“Are you comfortable?” she asked with a laugh.
“NO,” I replied.
“I just wanted to show you were you will spend the rest of the morning if you start messing around with me. Do as I say and we won’t have any problem.”
Before she released me she rubbed her finger up and down my pussy and finger fucked me for just a minute. I got the idea she would have liked to have done it longer. Then she made me crawl over to one of the swings and ordered me in. There were places out from the swing for my legs and arms. She strapped and chained me in and then showed me how it worked. She could spread my legs, turn the whole thing on its side or upside down or tilt. It was really something. The first thing she did was lower my head down and then I saw here pull off the crotch of her leathers exposing a very hairy pussy. She came over to me and lowered it down on my face. She rubbed all over my face and I was ordered to start licking. This was the first cunt I had ever licked but I enjoyed the taste so had no problem following orders.
After a few minutes of this she moved around and pushed her tongue into my wet snatch. I was really disappointed when she stopped. She unhooked me and led me over to a table. Once again there were restraints for arms and legs which were placed on me. Then she spread my legs wide and move some sort of machine into place with a big cock at the end of a rod that was attached to a motor. I had heard of these devises but had never seen one. She tilted my bed a little and inserted the cock into my pussy. It was so big and felt so good I started moaning before she even turned it on. And then the fun started. She stood so she could watch my face and turned it on. Slowly the cock moved in and out of my cunt giving me a wonderful feeling that started there and moved over my entire body. Then she increased the speed, slowly at first and then so it was really hammering me. She kept changing the speed from slow to fast and I am begging for more. I was fucked with that piston for probably 20 minutes before I passed out from the pleasure.
A cold towel on my face brought me around and I saw a big smile on her face looking down at me. “Was that OK?” she asked with a big laugh.
“Oh my yes,” I replied.
I was unhooked and helped to stand. It took a little but I soon had my balance and was OK. “I think you have really enjoyed this morning, haven’t you?” she asked.
I returned her big smile and said, “Yes, but now it’s my turn.” I ordered her to take off my collar and took the paddle from her hand and gave her a hard swat. Then I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around and unbelted her leathers and pushed them down. This lady had a beautiful body which I fully intended to enjoy for the rest of the morning. I took her arm and pushed her over to a mattress in the corner. Pushing her down on the bed I joined her and pulled her to me. I began making real love to her, enjoying kissing and licking from her forehead, down her nose to her mouth and then pushing my tongue between her open lips. My hands were busy exploring her body and my mind wanted a taste of her love juice so I kissed down to her breasts.
The nipples responded to my attention by becoming very hard and big. It was almost like they were having an erection. I pushed her breasts together so I could suck both at the same time and then moved on down spending a little time on her naval before reaching the Promised Land. This was my first time making love to a woman and the first thing I noticed was the aroma of sex that was filling the air. It turned me on more if that’s even possible. I approached her love nest like an expensive desert that should be completely examined before beginning to devour. But I didn’t spend much time on the exam. My mouth covered her cunt and my tongue began its penetration. Her hands held my head while she pushed her pelvis harder against my face. The way she was moving there were times I couldn’t breathe.
Then suddenly she laid back and was quiet and I thought something had happened to here. But she was only getting ready for the biggest climax I had ever witnessed. Her legs were spread, she lifted her pelvis and a squirt of girl come shooting out like from a garden hose. It hit me squarely in the face. I thought what a waste as I lowered my face down to catch any further squirts of which there were several. And then like me earlier, she passed out.
I found the towel she had used on me and started gently wiping her forehead and face. Soon her eyes opened and a big smile covered her face. “Girl, that was so wonderful, you are the best I have ever had.”
I replied, “I have enjoyed this morning very much but especially making love with you. You are my first lady and you know what?”
“I don’t even know your name.”
She giggled and extended her hand and said, “I’m Marge, glad to meet you.”
I laid back down with her, we wrapped in an embrace and were soon sound asleep.
“What the fuck is going on in here? This place smells like a French whorehouse,” Mel hollered.
My ass was the closest so I got the first swat with the paddle. He hit Marge and said, “You are supposed to be giving her torture and all you are doing is sex. Fine Mistress you are.”
I couldn’t tell for sure but I thought he was mostly kidding so I looked up and gave him a big smile and said, “We were just getting ready for you.” I rolled over on my back and spread my legs then both of us moved over and opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out.
“Where’s Ivan?” Marge asked.
“He’ll be along shortly,” the now nude Mel answered as he joined us on the bed. “You girls must have really got it on, this bed is drenched.”
Marge and I had the same idea. We moved as one over to Mel and began licking and sucking his cock and balls. Our tongues met, our lips met as we passed his cock back and forth. He had cum in our mouths enough times in the past that we both knew just before he started shooting. I didn’t think I got my share so grabbed her head and started exploring her mouth with my tongue. But she had already swallowed so I got nothing.
Mel seated himself and Marge and I started playing again. I had seen to girls fuck on a porn movie and wanted to try. I got Marge positioned on her side and slipped my leg between hers and scooted up so my pussy was on her thigh and her pussy was on mine. Then I started rubbing and not only did it feel really good on my pussy but my thigh felt really good where her pussy was fucking. I’m lying there absolutely in heaven thinking about how much I loved sex and how my life had changed since I started liking it. Why did I wait so long I asked myself, why did I waste 30 years. And self replied, if I had started sex like this 30 years ago I wouldn’t be here to enjoy today.
I was so engrossed in fucking Marge that I was caught unaware that Ivan and two guys had entered the room. I didn’t come out of my trance until my hair was grabbed and I was pulled over to the edge of the bed and a cock stuffed down my throat. Ivan had done this to me before and although I will never admit it to him I kind of enjoyed his big cock buried in my throat. One of his friends started working at the other end, licking my pussy and all the juice that was there. Ivan’s other buddy was pouring the meat to Marge’s rosebud and she was enjoying it very much from the sound of her moans.
This session went on for some time with the guys trading positions as partners. I was getting fucked really hard in both my pussy and ass at the same time and Marge was getting the same. Then her phone rang and she said, “Oh shit, I’ve got to get that, it’s my land line.” The guys let her up. After she didn’t return for a bit her two guys got in front of me and both stuffed their cocks in my mouth. It absolutely doesn’t get any better than this I thought to myself. By the time the four of them got thru using me I was pretty much exhausted. Marge returned just as the guys were dressing in preparation for departure. Mel thanked us for our efforts while Ivan and the other two didn’t even say goodbye. I could have cared less. Marge and I both showered and decided to head out for something to eat. As we were setting in the booth chatting she put her hand on mine and said,
“Next time I hope it can be just the two of us.”
“That would be great,” I replied, “maybe you come to my place I know we won’t be bothered there. However, I really enjoyed licking and sucking all that guy cum out of your pussy.”
We both laughed and traded phone numbers. After we finished eating I headed for the depot and Marge headed home. I was one tired lady with a head full of wonderful memories.
Chapter three will be about my next week at work and getting to know one of the ladies that worked with me.

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