I Vowed Never to Return

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I was a young man, merely 18 years old, when I left home. I walked away vowing never to look back. I made good on that promise to myself, only returning twice to take care of legal issues with the ex-wife. The first time I returned was in 1996, and I had minimal contact with people from my past. The second time, in February 2001, I happened to run into an old friend…

I was sitting there in the hotel bar, sipping on bourbon lamenting about the court proceedings that I had been through earlier that day. The ex had made things remarkably difficult. She is the kind of person that lies come naturally for her. They are so natural for her that eventually she actually believes her own lies. So I shouldn’t have been shocked at what I heard in the courtroom.

Just so you know… I am the type of person that wears his emotions on his sleeve. If I like you, then you know it. If I don’t like you, well…then you know it. I speak my mind when asked for an honest answer. I’m not good at sugar-coating anything, I just tell it like it is. The people that know me understand that I am who I am and I will not change. So why does it surprise them so much when I gave them a blunt, honest answer?

I digress…

While sitting there in the bar, I was shocked to see the next bartender coming on-duty to be none other than my old friend Heather. Corpus Christi is not a HUGE city, but I had been lucky enough not to run into my old running mates while I was down there. Usually, I would have made a quick exit. Like I said, I vowed never to look back. A part of that vow was cutting myself off from who I used to be.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the position to make a quick exit since I had just had my drink refreshed. Heather glanced at me, and gave me a small inquisitive smile. I could tell she was trying to think of where she knew me from. I was no longer the lanky, nerdy boy that had walked away almost 10 years prior.

She looked much the same as she had back then; she still wore her long brunette hair in a ponytail, and wore very little makeup. Her hips were a little wider, and so was her waist, but in my opinion it made her even prettier. I could remember her as a skinny little thing with no meat on her bones, this was definite improvement.

The last time we had seen each other was a year after she dropped out of school after turning 18. I had been good friends with her older brother and after he graduated, and she dropped out we lost touch. I had happened to run into her while she was working at one of the local burger joints. We got to talking, and before I knew it, I was giving her a ride back to her place.

The two of us had Escort bayan never been sexually active with one another, but there was always an underlying attraction between us. I have to admit, I had the hugest crush on her. It was out of respect for her family that I never acted on those impulses. Somehow that night our conversation had turned to a more intimate level, one that was never explored previously.

My last memory I had of her was stopping at an empty ballpark that night on the way to her parent’s house. I had ended up on the passenger side, Heather’s blouse unbuttoned and her bra unsnapped. Her panties were on the floorboard and her skirt was bunched up around her waist, as she straddled my naked lap with my hard cock buried inside of her. She was grinding herself slowly on my thick shaft when we were interrupted by a security guard making his rounds. At least the son-of-a-bitch could have let us finish!

At any rate, embarrassed by the interruption, she was in no mood to continue. I dropped her off at her house after an uncomfortably silent ride. She slipped out of the car without saying a word and made a bee line for her front door. I tried calling her a couple of times, but getting no reply, I let the issue drop. A few weeks later I was gone, hopefully never to return.

Back to the future…

“Don’t I know you?” she asked me.

“Maybe…” I began to reply.

“Oh my Gawd! Is that you, AC?”

“Um… yep.” Was all I could reply.

“Well, you may have changed a lot physically, but I’d know that voice anywhere. As much as you called the house back when John was still around. So… how ya been doin’?”

That’s how the conversation with an old friend began. Having nothing better to do, I decided to stick around and chat it up like old times. An hour or two and three or four bourbons later, it was like I had never left. Looking at my watch, I released that it was getting close to 10:00 pm. I had an early flight scheduled for the next morning, and if I kept drinking bourbon like I had been I would never make it to the airport on time.

I made a graceful exit, telling her that I was happy to have been able to see her again, and retired to my hotel room. I sleep in the nude anyway, and I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with clothes first thing in the morning. So…once I got back to the room, I began packing my clothes back into my suitcase, leaving only my clothes for the ride home unpacked.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and climbed into the bed with every intention of going to sleep. After about 30 minutes of tossing and turning, I decided to turn on the TV hoping the Bayan Escort sound would help me fall asleep. Another 30 minutes went by with sleep eluding me and frustrated I got up, dressed and went back to the bar.

I knew from previous experience, the night before, that the bar closed at midnight. Judging by my watch, I had at least 30 minutes left before closing time. I slid back onto my empty barstool, and asked Heather for a glass of water. Since I was the only patron in the bar, we continued our conversation while she wiped down the tables and closed up for the night.

At midnight, she locked up the doors, looked at me and said, “You want to continue this upstairs, or are you ready to call it a night?”

I was truly enjoying myself, so I figured ‘why the hell not!’ That’s how we ended up in on my bed, with her blouse unbuttoned and her bra unsnapped. Her panties were on the floor and her skirt was bunched up around her waist, as she straddled my naked lap with my hard cock buried inside of her. She was slowly grinding herself on my cock letting the head tickle against her cervix.

“Déjà vu…” I said.

She began to laugh, wriggling just a bit and caused my cock to slide deeper into her. “Oh my!” she said, and then giggled again.

I pushed her blouse and bra off and let them fall to the floor to join her panties. I cupped both breasts in my palms and let my fingers slide over her stiff, sensitive nipples. At the same time I thrust my hips upward, pushing my thick cock impossibly further into her pussy. “Oh GAWD! Yes! Nothing better fuckin’ interrupt us this time!”

I laughed and she pushed me onto my back. We scooted a little further up onto the bed, keeping my cock fully ensconced in her hot, moist canal. Once comfortably on the bed, she maneuvered her legs until she was squatting over my waist. Using her thighs and calves, she slowly started sliding up and down my pole.

I pulled a pillow behind my head and positioned it so that I could easily see her sliding up and down my shaft. I was enthralled by the sight of her pussy lips stretched around my shaft, engulfing my thick meat with each slide down. She took it slowly at first, savoring every inch of my shaft as it slid between her legs. Each time my cockhead brushed her cervix she let out a soft, “ohhh”.

She leaned back, and caught herself with both hands. At first it was a little uncomfortable having my cock bent downward at a slightly awkward angle, but I quickly got used to it. I also quickly realized that I now had access to her stiff little clit that was jutting out from between her pussy folds.

As Heather began Escort sliding herself down my shaft faster and harder, my fingers found her sensitive little nub. The more I rubbed her clit, the harder she rode my cock. She slammed herself down on my shaft as hard as she could, my cockhead brushing against her cervix with each downward thrust, while my finger tickled her clit all the while.

“Oh shit!” she yelled out, “Fuck! I’m cumming! Ohhh!”

I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my shaft as she began to cum. Her juices flowed freely over my shaft and down my balls, coating me with her sweet nectar. She continued to grind herself on my cock while I played with her clit hoping to heighten her pleasure.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she gave me a wanton look of lust. She leaned forward, pressing her bare breasts against my chest and kissed me deeply. It was a passionate kiss fueled by lust and hunger that I gladly returned.

With my cock still buried inside of her, we rolled over and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I wasted no time with taking it slow, instead I began pounding my shaft in and out of her sopping pussy. Each deep thrust was punctuated with an ‘ohh’ escaping her lips.

Our breathing was labored, and the sounds of our lovemaking filled the room. It felt so good to be buried deep inside of her, my balls slapping her ass with each downward thrust. I didn’t want it to end, but I knew I was getting close. I let her know I was about to lose it.

“Oh fuck me!” she yelled. “Gawd, I’m fuckin’ there again! Oh shit! Fill me up baby, fill me up with your cum! Oohh!”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I slammed deep inside of her with a loud “Uggh!”. I exploded, filling her hot pussy with a load of cum. As the hot fluid filled her up it triggered another orgasm from deep within her. I continued stroking my cock in and out of her pussy as we both came, our combined juices running down her asscrack and over her asshole.

When my cock was completely limp, I pulled out of her and rolled onto my side. Heather cuddled up next to me and held me tight. I lay there stroking her hair as she fell asleep on my chest. Finally, to exhausted to stay awake any longer I fell asleep too.

I woke a few hours later when Heather disengaged herself from my side and began to get dressed. She told me she hated to leave, but she had to pick up the kids from her mom’s place before her mom went to work. We exchanged phone numbers and she walked out of the room, a sad look on her face.

I got cleaned up and a few hours later I was on my way back to North Carolina. The two of us continued to talk for a few months. She even flew out to see me one time. But, the long distance relationship thing just didn’t work out. Heather wanted me to move back to Corpus Christi, and like I said in the beginning… I vowed never to return.

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