i was never the same and neither was she

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As the guards locked the door she began to scream and bang on the door screaming “let me out don’t leave me in here with these things”.
Now that was just rude
She spun around and looked at me after I said it.
You, you can talk.
Ha-ha of course I can talk why wouldn’t I be able to.
What are you? What are you going to do to me?
So full of questions don’t worry we wont hurt you if you cooperate.
What do you want me to do?
You’ll find out soon enough.
She was starting to get nervous because Christina was moving around to her side and she couldn’t keep both of us in sight, and after I said that she started to panic. She bolted between the two of us, Christina or I could have caught her but we wanted to play a little. We crouched low and began to stalk our prey. As the girl looked around to room she realized how hope less her situation was she had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. She looked back at us and when she did Christina jumped up on the bed spread her wings and shrieked. The girl back into the wall and covered her ears by the time she opened her eyes I was inches from her face she. As soon as she saw me she moved to the left and backed into a corner.
Well she has a good reaction time Christina.
Not as good as mine
Ha-ha now anyway
What does that mean?
It means you just stood there when I did that to you
Well I, just ah. Shut up! What your name girl.
The girl just stayed in her corner and kept looking back and forth from me to Christina. “Hello” Christina said as she moved a little closer.
Stay back don’t get any closer
O and what are you going to do if I don’t stay back
Christina slowly started to move forward
I, I’m warning you I, I
She loomed over her easily stand 6’2” and spreading her wings so that they were at there 8’ span and the girl shrank down into the corner and started to beg
Please don’t kill me I just want to go home
Who said anything about kill you
y your not going to eat me
depends how do you taste
i, I don’t know
Christina let the girl see her tongue come out of her mouth and then she licked up the side of her neck and across her check and said delusions the whole time she is whimpering and keeps repeating “ please…please” unable to move on to any other word. As I watch I can hardly resist the urge to ravage the two of them but I restrain myself and watch Christina have her fun.
You never answered my question
Your name, what is it
Well Jennifer you need to relax I not going to hurt you unless you misbehave
First do every thing I tell you and I wont punish you
Ok if you promise not to hurt me I’ll do what you say
Of course now stand up and come sit on the bed
The bed why do you want me there
Stop asking questions and sit on the bed
Christina grabbed Jennifer by the hair
It seem you must be shown what happens when you disobey me
She lifted the girl up by her hair a shoved her face into the wall then began to slash at her cloths. Christina wasn’t ready to remove them completely but she was making the job easier when she did decide to remove them, and a few shallow cut were teaching Jennifer her place. When she was finished with that she threw her to the ground
I wanted to do this on the bed were you could be comfortable but since you like the floor so much have it your.
She move in between her legs and pinned her arms above her head she squirmed and tried to break her grip but to no avail. Christina let one of her tentacles hold the girls arms and began to explore the rest of her body. Her first stop was the d-cup tits she nipped at the girl tits through her cloths and found one of the cuts she gave her and tongued it for a few seconds. She ripped her shirt so she could cut her bra. Once that was finish she began to play with her tits even more sucking on her nipple pinch her nipple or just grabbing them and not being very gentle with them one Christina grew bored with that she let her tentacles go to work and made her way down Jennifer’s body licking and nip here and there she moaned in protest when Christina completely skipped her pussy and started making her way down her leg. Christina responded by sending one of her tentacles to play with her mouth. By the time she reached to girl’s foot her moans were being muffled by the tentacle. Christina admired the girl smooth and beautiful legs and she wrap her two remaining tentacles around them, and as they massaged and explored her, legs she went in for the prize.
Look at that someone is enjoying them self. You’re so wet you’ve got a puddle forming on the floor.
The only response the girl could muster was to whimper and squirm around a little but it was obvious she was begging for her pussy to get some attention. Christina snaked out her tongue and as it got closer it brushed one of Jennifer’s pubic hairs and caused her whole pussy to convulse from the build up of anticipation but after that slight stimulation Christina pulled back causing the girl to struggle and moan her distress.
Alright I’ve had enough sitting on the side lines
Christina izmir escort bayan was looking back as I grabbed her hair and shoved her face into Jennifer’s waiting pussy. I released my tentacles as they move up the two women’s bodies they explore and as they find holes they immediately buried themselves in it. Both women have one tentacle in their ass’s Christina has my now 10inch cock in her pussy. Most of my tentacles are paying attention to Christina because only the six larges can reach Jennifer but that seems fair seeing as Christina is also pleasuring her. As I get in to the rhythm of alternating between my tentacles and thrusting into Christina’s pussy which pushes her into Jennifer’s pussy I cant ignore how tight both of them are. Jennifer isn’t much of a surprise but with Christina I figured she would have loosened up some from our last two encounters. As I was thinking this I Jennifer’s asshole cinch down as her body convulses from her orgasm. I lift Christina off Jennifer which is harder than it sounds some of Christina’s tentacle were attached well and she didn’t want to let go but I when I got her loose I threw her toward the beg she gained her balance in the last seconds and slowed herself down before she hit the bed. I left only my to larges tentacles to hold Jennifer. Christina was furious.
What did you do that for I was so close and her cum tasted so good now it’s just dripping down her leg.
Don’t worry you about to get off
No I got her off now it only fair if she gets me off.
With that she charge going for Jennifer she was quick but not quick enough I got a tentacle around her ankle and moved Jennifer so I was between the two of them I then sent the eleven unoccupied tentacle to secure Christina. Soon she was pinned to the bed and helpless I pulled her legs behind me and started to fuck her missionary style.
Stop ignoring me please, let her go so she can eat me out again.
Don’t worry she is finished with you I’ll be getting you off after I’m finished with her
Please, I want it now.
I freed up two of my tentacles and shoved both of them up her ass. I also flipped Christina over and started to fuck her in that tight ass of hers.
Please, you think that will even faze me. I am no human
I freed up another two tentacles and wrapped them around each other and fucked her pussy with them pumping in an out one then the other. Jennifer was screaming from the abuse the two tentacles in her ass, so I had one of the tentacles holding her wrap itself around her throat. She was still trying to scream but I wasn’t nearly as loud. After a few minutes Christina’s concentration was at it limit. It wasn’t so much what I was doing it was the fact that I can make an aphrodisiac that was made specifically for her. She had to use a general aphrodisiac. Which is easy for my immune system to filter out; though it would eventually get to me just long after mine gets to her. Christina started to loose it she started to arch her back. Then she started to moan, and the moan grew louder till she started to scream. Then with one final scream her body started to shudder from her orgasm. I kept fucking her ass even when she cinched down on me. I was close the suction on the two tentacle was starting to relax as I came. I filled her ass and pussy. When I dropped her to the bed she went limp she sat at the head of the bed unmoving and unresponsive. I unwrapped Jennifer and laid her at the end of the bed. She crawled over to Christina and shook her leg.
What’s wrong with her?
Nothing she is just building up the energy needed to do as I instructed.
What did you tell her to do?
You’ll experience it soon enough don’t worry you wont have to wait long and the time will pass quickly
I grabbed her and pulled her to the foot of the bed. She wrapped her legs around me and started to grind against me.
You going to give to me now
Yes I’ve held back long enough
I wrapped one of my tentacles around her throat and sent others to stimulate her breast and rub and massage the rest of her. She was already aroused this only heightened that state. I didn’t wait for her to ask I just buried my dick into her pussy in one thrust. She arched her back and screamed. She immediately started to push against my thrust. She couldn’t make up her mind she kept switching between holding on to me from feeling herself to hanging on to anything she could grab. It didn’t take long for her to cum. As she wiggles around as I fuck her through her orgasm she mumbles incoherently. Then she as she came back to reality. I pulled her off my dick and put her on her knees it was time she pleasured me. As I pulled her head onto my dick and she began to moan from the attention my tentacles were still giving her. As she was sucking my dick I released a numbing agent to help prevent her gag reflects and then started to shove my dick down her throat. She started to grab and claw at my chest as she started to get low on air. I let her pull back and get a breath before shoving my cock back down her throat. As I feel her start to panic from lack of air I enjoy her desperate and futile attempts to pull away buca escort from my dick. I finally let her pull away from me and get her breath. I lifted her to the foot of the bed. I was close to cumming and look over at Christina to see how her preparations were coming. Her scales had turned white, her transformation would begin soon.
Then I started to fuck Jennifer again this time I made sure that the tentacles from my wrist were down her throat and up her ass. Groves formed in the one down her throat allowing her to breath; this could take a minute or two. She could breathe so she didn’t care that it was most of the way down her esophagus she just sucked it and enjoyed the feeling. The one in her ass was a buried and good two feet into her to allow her large intestine to absorb the mutagen effectively and of course I need to break through her cervix to assure it all got into her womb. As I pounded into her again and again her scream of pure ecstasy started to mix in pain to the mix. When I finally did break through her scream had tipped towards more pain than pleasure but that’s the great thing about people one only intensifies the other, and she came as I broke threw her cervix. I came as well sending cum into her womb, ass, and stomach. My dick stopped pumping long before the others. Christina would need that nutrition to complete Jennifer’s mutation.
You could already see the changes in Christina’s body. Our scales turn white when they soften because she is going to need to get much bigger. She was probably already pushing ten feet I place Jennifer on the bed right in front of her
Eat her out
So I finally get to return the favor
With that she started to lick Christina’s pussy. She wasn’t down there long when a tentacle came out of Christina’s pussy and tried to push its way into her mouth she pulled back and I promptly shoved her face back down onto Christina’s pussy. I could hear muffled protests as the tentacle push its way into her mouth. Then more tentacles came out. Jennifer struggle to pull away but had no chance with me holding her. Soon the tentacles had her head secure, and I lifted her ass so she was on her knees and positioned myself to fuck her doggy style. I grabbed hold of Christina’s legs for leverage and thrusted in hard. The tentacles that had her head were already drawing her in but she was fighting them so they were having little success. When I thrusted from behind her I push her head most of the way in and the tentacles pulled her head the rest of the way in right after. This jolted Christina from her trance.
What the hell is going on what happened? Why are you so small?
I have gotten smaller you’ve gotten bigger.
I thrusted again and push Jennifer’s head further into Christina’s pussy. She screamed out ass Jennifer’s shoulders push up against her inner thighs and pussy lips. Christina’s tentacle repositioned themselves grabbing under Jennifer’s arms. Jennifer was panicking of course she was being devoured.
Christina grab one of her arms and pulls it in.
One of the tentacles wrapped itself around Jennifer’s left arm and began pulling it in. I notice that she was breathing despite having her entire head inside Christina’s pussy, that first tentacle must be giving her air. As soon as her arm was in her upper body went in easily enough between me fucking her and pushing her in. To Christina’s tentacles pulling her in. Jennifer was squirming around and she had grabbed the sheets with the arm that wasn’t already inside of Christina and was holding on, not that it would help. Despite her minds protest her body loved the mix of terror and pleasure she has already came twice from me fucking her. Christina was enjoying herself as well with easy thrust into Jennifer I was push her further into Christina’s pussy and even with the changes (which were almost finished) I still must be a tight fit. She already orgasmed around when Jennifer’s body was in just past her tits; so about mid way for her upper body. I planned to give them one last orgasm before I was out of the picture. I switched from slow powerful thrusts, which were pushing Jennifer in about half an inch per thrust, to quicker less powerful one. Christina was still pulling her in and was already nearing her waist line. I wouldn’t have much longer then Jennifer wrapped her legs around me and I felt her pussy clench.
Her hand was trying to grab my leg but couldn’t get a hold her legs on the other hand were squeezing me with all their might she had gone stiff. Christina’s tentacles switched positions again and started to wrap around her upper thigh and over her groin, and as soon as I pulled out one tentacle went into her pussy and one into her ass. Jennifer’s legs and hand were wiggling around trying to get something to get some leverage to fight against the pull but there wasn’t anything except for the bed but that wasn’t helping, and even if she could get something to wrap her legs around she wasn’t nearly strong enough to pull herself out. Jennifer tried to keep her legs spread so she couldn’t be pulled in any further, but one good pull from Christina’s tentacles pulled her in about an inch and closed izmir escort her legs at the same time. Not long after Christina had passed her hips her body went stiff then convulsed. The convulsion pulled Jennifer in about another foot. Christina went limp she had just came again and need to recover before continuing. Jennifer had ether passed out or given up because her leg weren’t moving. Christina got up and hit her head on the ceiling. As she moved around her tentacles continued there work. She was now about sixteen feet tall and the room was only ten feet tall. Her scales looked more like plate armor now. Her form was much the same though her legs were much thicker in order to support her weight. Her wing lost there membranes and look like they were two giant harpoons. These she plunged into the ceiling going through the paneling like it was nothing but burying them into something solid. She lifted herself with them and her outer tentacles, which had hardened their tips to look much the same as her wings. These were impaled into the walls. They pulled tight securing her in place hunched over about a foot off the ground. By this time only the feet could be seen. Though there was an obvious bulge in Christina’s frame, and not long after her feet were pulled in. The doctor came in with two guards.
Very interesting using Christina to incubate the new subject very interesting indeed.
I’m glad you guys could show up
O and why is that
She can hold one more
While they had that confused what does that mean look on their faces I charged the closest guard grabbed his m-16 by the hand guard and butt stock and hit him in the face with his own weapon. Stunned and on his way to the floor I turned to the other guard who was just leveling his weapon at me. He was only six feet away well within my range I sent my larges tentacle at him he only got one shot off before it hit him square in the chest. He double over and dropped his weapon. The doctor was almost out of the door I tried to us my tentacle to keep it from closing but I couldn’t wedge the door quick enough. O well I guess one of the guards will do. I tossed the one I had hit in the chest over to the corner were Christina was. I relived the other guard of his weapon before he could recover and sat back and enjoyed the show.
Christina already had him by the leg he kept trying to back away but with only one leg and nothing to grab onto he wasn’t very successful early on he got about a foot away from the bed I was now sitting on but he was screwed the second she got a hold of him. She was trying to remove his cloths. She ended up just using a claw to slash down the side of his ACU pants and jacket. The jacket came off but she had to slash the other pant leg to get the pants off. The boots were an annoyance as well she had to untie them loosen the lasses then pull the boot off. Not to mention the fact that the guy was struggling. Christina was loving this I could already see her dripping on to the floor and I could see it in her eye’s she could wait to devour this man like she had Jennifer. One of the tentacles which looked a little different from the others looked like I was sucking his dick, which would explain why it looked different. I could see the just from the bugle in the tentacle that he probably had a six inch dick but that could easily be rectified. He was well built about six feet tall blond hair I think I remember him having blue eyes I guess you could call him attractive.
Anyway Christina had him completely naked at this point and wrapped multiple tentacles around his legs. She was holding him upside down and I think she was going to try him feet first. He had stopped struggling and was enjoying the tentacle sucking his dick when he started screaming no and began to struggle again then I saw the reason why one of the tentacles was going up his ass and just as soon as he started to struggle he stiffened up and was obviously cuming as he kept repeating “ah fuck, ah fuck yea ah” and any other combination of ah yea and fuck you can think of. She already had him shin deep in her pussy. Once again just as he started to relax and enjoy ass fucking and dick sucking. He started to struggle again as she tried to get a tentacle down his throat. So she wrapped it around his throat. He was stubborn I thought he was going to pass out but before he did she wiggled the tentacle into his mouth. She probably used the same numbing agent I used on Jennifer on this guy because he gagged a little the first time but the second time it went down his throat with out a hitch. Right around his waist line she came and the kind of convulsions she had with Jennifer drew him in another foot or so. The tentacle in his mouth pulled out, it was much further down his throat than I thought, and was soon replaced by another. Probably like the one Jennifer got going in. more came into view and wrapped around his neck and shoulders. One pull and she was almost over the shoulders another and she was only his head remained visible. With one last pull his head disappeared and as she pulled him into her womb she came again which hurried the process along. With that Christina passed out suspended from the walls and ceiling about a foot from the ground. I sat and guarded my queen and her brood.

Ending it there for now.

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