Ibiza Summer Fun Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

…Continued form Ibiza Summer fun 1.

We went to our respective rooms which were quite modest being on a back packers budget! I got showered and shaved and put on some jeans and a shirt. The shirt was reasonably tight so I was happy with the way it showed off my arms and shoulders. I had been working out a lot and living healthily prior to leaving on my trip so was in great shape.

I knocked on the girls door and they let me in. They both gave me a kiss and said I looked and smelt good. Tori was already dressed in a tiny pair of black hot pants and heels and had a loose fitting halter top that showed off her bare mid-riff. It had a plunging neckline which amazed me as to how it kept her tits in!

was still wrapped in a towel as she dried he hair. Once she was done she removed the towel and slipped on a tiny g-string and then a tight black mini-dress which only finished just above her ass. It was slit down the front which showed her ample cleavage. She looked amazing! They both looked amazing!

We left the hostel and walked around the streets of Ibiza for an hour until it was time to meet Mel and Jim for dinner. The girls were getting plenty of looks as we walked the streets. But most girls in Ibiza were dressed very skimpily so they looked the part! At 10pm we met the others and settled in for dinner and drinks. At midnight we went to another bar and had a round of shots followed by another. Everyone was starting to loosen up and was having a great time. The sexual tension was starting to return as Mel started dancing around and hugging and kissing us all on the cheek. She was wearing these long white pants which clung to her like a second skin and a tight fitting bandeau type top which finished above her belly button so her delicate abdominal muscles were showing. She had a belly button piercing (Which I had noticed at the beach earlier) which had a strand of silver chain which hung down a couple of inches and swayed around freely as she danced around. God she looked hot. Kim and Tori were getting into the swing of it as well and the three girls started to pretend dirty dance with other. Jim, who was dressed in Jeans and a loose fitting button up white shirt, and I chatted and admired the girls.

At about 1.30am we decided it was time to go to the club. There was a cue starting to form so I wasn’t looking forward to the wait to get in. Jim spoke to the guy on the door in Spanish and we were immediately ushered through the alternative (VIP) entrance, through the back of the kitchen and up to our booth where we had a great view of the dancefloor and the DJ and also the stage where the female dancers were moving to the upbeat house music. We sat on the couches as the tray of drinks had arrived. It was various bottles of spirits and bottles of mixers. We all had a vodka and toasted to the start of a good night. I thanked Jim very much as if it weren’t for he and Mel’s generosity, there was no way, Kim, Tori and I would be in the VIP section as we were on a back packers budget! He told me that we were welcome but just said

‘All you have to do in return is whatever Mel tells you to!”

I must have had a curious look on my face as he tapped his drink glass against mine, gave me a wink and said:

“Now have a good night!” He got up and started to talk to Tori while Mel sidled up next to me! Her thigh rubbed against mine as she shot me a very sexy look and started telling me that she knew tonight was going to be a really good night.

“Here, this is güvenilir bahis for you, its ok, we all have one now” she said as she pushed a little packet into the pocket of my jeans. I felt into my pocket and found what was obviously a small bag of coke.

“Have some fun with us!” she added as she rubbed her hand along my thigh.

I was starting to think that maybe Mel and Jim had a bit of an open relationship or even did a bit of swinging. Mel and I continued to talk as we watched Kim who was by now dancing around and putting on a bit of a show for us. Her brown thighs were looking amazing and her big tits swayed as she moved with the music.

Mel stood up and took my hand and said “Come with me” she took me by the hand and led me off to the unisex toilet. My eyes were glued to that amazing ass as she glided through the crowd. As we walked into a vacant toilet cubicle, I now had one hand on Mel’s hip and the other on her shoulder. I spun her around and we locked lips into what seemed like a 2 minute long passionate kiss. I put one hand on her ass and pulled her into my groin which was beginning to stir. We broke from our kiss and I stopped to drink in the amazing sight of this amazing woman in front of me. She was about 4 years older than me, beautiful with an amazing rock hard body that was built for sin it seemed. She pulled her bag of coke from her handbag and racked 4 lines on the sink in the toilet cubicle. We did 2 each and then had another quick kiss before returning to the others. Tori and Kim were seductively dancing with Jim and rubbing their asses into his groin as he played along with it all.

Mel and I started dancing up next to them. I felt a bit guilty having just kissed Jim’s wife so I moved away from her and started to dance behind Kim. She rubbed her ass into my groin as I held her hips and we both moved to the music. The coke was starting to have an effect and I felt a euphoric feeling from both it, the vodka and the music. Tori was dancing with Mel now and the 2 of them were laughing and having fun. Jim asked the waitress for a bottle of champagne and within 5 minutes a large bottle of French Champagne was on our table along with 5 glasses. We all toasted again and Jim said to me “Remember our deal!” After the champagne, we took turns in going off to the toilet for another line. I went with Kim and Tori this time and we all high – fived each other about how lucky we were! It was pretty much a free night! They were both bent over in front of me doing their lines as I rubbed the inside of each of their thighs. I was getting so horny and it seemed they were too.

We headed back out to the dance floor and Mel grabbed me and said she wanted to look through the rest of the club. The others said they would stay put in the VIP area. Mel and I squeezed our way through. I couldn’t help but notice that Mel deliberately rubbed either her tits or ass against any cute guys or girls that she walked past. Yep, she was a player alright I thought myself! And here I was holding her hand! We made our way onto the main dance floor that was full of writing bodies. I was holding Mel close and her hands were on my arms. We started to really rub our crotches together. I was feeling her amazingly flat stomach and commented her on her body. She returned the compliment as she rubbed my arms and chest

We kissed again and she said to me

“Ok, here is the deal with Jim and I. He is made of money so just enjoy what he offers you tonight and don’t feel guilty! We türkçe bahis are married, we love each to death but we do swing a bit if it feels right. He lets me take control of the situation and we trust each other totally! If he wants to fuck somebody, he can and if I want to fuck somebody else, I can! So long as there is no secrets”

The mention of swinging had my cock starting to harden, Mel felt this and put her hand down my pants and said to me sternly

“And tonight I am going to fuck you! And Jim is probably going to fuck your young Canadian friends while we watch!”

Her hand was lightly stroking my hard cock now as she told me this!

“So for now, lets have fun, dance and then when the club closes, we go back to our villa for the real fun!”

I had never heard such a classy beautiful woman talk so openly about sex!

We continued to dance with Mel rubbing her ass into various people as they danced nearby. She was such a tease. I felt jealous and turned on at the same time as these total strangers got to feel her sexy behind! Even I had only known her about 8 hours and she had already told me that she was going to have sex with me!

We went back to the VIP area and as we walked through the crowd, Mel’s pants had come down slightly and the top of her g-string tan line was showing. It looked hot! I am a sucker for sexy tanlines!

We found the others still dancing and Tori was kissing Jim! Once again I felt jealous and turned on watching this older man (He had told me he was 39) kiss this little blonde 22 year old as his hands held onto her hotpant-clad ass. I moved up behind Tori and rubbed my crotch into her ass. She could feel my cock was semi erect and she squirmed a bit between Jim and I. She was quite high from the coke and had a bundle of energy. We all did. It was a really great feeling we were all sharing! I looked over and saw Kim and Mel on the couch sitting side on so they were facing each other. Kim leant over and kissed Mel quickly, then they leant in for a longer, deep kiss. It was such an amazing sight. Kim’s dress was riding up and you could see the bottom of her panties as the thong disappeared up the crack of her ass. Mel had her hands on Kim’s thighs. As they continued to kiss, she pushed hands up higher and one hand gently brushed Kim’s panties. She then pushed the panties aside and started to play with Kim’s pierced clit. The whole time I was still dancing behind Tori was leaning her head back and kissing me as Jim had started to rub up under her halter top to get to her tits.

This whole thing was getting very hot. Nobody could really see much looking in, it just looked like we were all dancing a like everyone else in the club.

I looked at my watch and it was 6.15am! We agreed to go back to Mel and Jim’s villa and we walked out of the club and all piled into a taxi. Kim was sitting on my lap in the front seat, The taxi driver kept looking over as he would have been able to see her panties. The sun was coming up by now. I looked in the back and Mel was sitting in the middle and the 3 of them had their hands everywhere. Mel had one hand on her husband’s thigh while the other was riding high on Tori’s thigh. If they weren’t all wearing pants in the back seat, there would have been some serious fingering going on back there I though. By this stage my own had was up under Kim’s dress and was gently rubbing her pussy she kept talking as if nothing was happening. I looked to the back seat a while later and Mel and Tori were güvenilir bahis siteleri locked in a kiss and Mel’s hands had reached up under Tori’s top to feel her tits.

We eventually go to the villa and all went straight up to the bedroom. I finally got to strip Mel of her clothes which I had been wanting to do all night. When I got her down to her tiny g-string panties, she peeled my shirt off and started to lick my chest! I returned the favour my sucking on her hard nipples which jutted out from her large firm breasts! I took my jeans off and was standing in front of her in just my boxer shorts which looked more like a tent. She got down onto her knees and put her thumbs in the waistband and pulled the bowers down and then started to lick the end of my hard cock. I let out a loud groan and then looked over to see Jim lying naked on the bed as the 2 Canadian hotties – who were still dressed, taking it in turns to kiss him on the lips. Both of them were rubbing his hard cock which was about 8 inches long but quite thick. I picked Mel up and threw her on the bed and pulled her panties off and positioned myself at the entrance to her shaven pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit. She was moaning for me to stop teasing her and to hurry up! In one long slow motion I buried my cock all the way into her hot, wet cunt and we both let out a huge sigh! We started to build up quite a rhythm as the others watched. My cock was disappearing into this small white un-tanned triangle which was quite a contrast to the rest of her tanned skin. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her with hard strokes and she really got off on that and was talking really dirty which turned me on to no end. I looked over to see that Kim was removing her clothes and was positioning herself over Jim’s face so he could attack her clit and pussy with his tongue. Tori had been sucking Jim’s cock but was now lowering her bald snatch onto his length. She initially found his extra thickness a bit to handle but she was soon gliding herself up and down his full length.

Mel and I continued the pace of our fucking and it was obvious that she was close to coming. Her big tits were bouncing around and her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks as she pulled me into her harder and harder! She started to moan loudly and rise her hips off the bed to meet my thrusts. Kim was getting close to coming as well from the pussy eating that Jim was doing and bent down to kiss Mel as they both began to come. The continued to kiss as they both moaned into each others lips. I was now ready to come from the sight of this and with one final thrust I shot my load deep inside Mel. Once I was spent I pulled out of Mel and straddled myself above her tits and stuck my cock in between hers and Kim’s mouths as they licked both mine and Mel’s juices off my now softening cock.

I collapsed next to Mel on the bed as we turned out attention to Tori who was really slamming herself down onto Jims cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down and her blonde hair was a mess. I guess the coke and the alcohol had given her a lot of energy as she was basically screaming as she continued to ride up and down. When she eventually came it was like wave after wave of pleasure went across her body. She was still shaking a minute later!

We all had a shower and drifted off to sleep. I had myself sandwiched between Tori and Kim and Jim had his wife in his arms. It was a strange site seeing I had just fucked the daylights out of her an hour earlier!

I had only been in Ibiza for less than 24 hours and look what I had gotten myself into! I still had a week to go! I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face and my hands cupping Kim’s big tits! I was beginning to like this place!

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