I’ll Need It Again


I can’t believe that after all this time I’m finally here. For almost a year I have watched gay porn daily, lusting after the thick, strong cocks. Wishing I could be the guy on his knees sucking and licking and worshipping that rod of flesh. I’ve wanted men to moan as I licked their balls and drained them dry. And now I’m going to make it happen.

He opens the door and there he is. He’s probably somewhere in his late 30’s, the very first bits of gray flecking his black hair. He waves me inside with a smile and I can barely return it as I step into his apartment.

He looks nothing like the men I’ve fantasized about. He isn’t some chiseled god with a square jaw and washer board abs. He’s even shorter than me. He’s just some guy, the kind you pass by in the grocery store a thousand times and never even see. For a moment I wonder if I’ve made a mistake coming here, but I muster my resolve. I have spent so many nights yearning for this moment that I can’t just toss it aside now.

His hand finds the front of my shorts, squeezing the soft lump of flesh that is my flaccid penis and balls. I don’t stop him but I can’t muster any of that excitement I’d felt when I emailed him two hours ago.

“You nervous?” He asks.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“That’s okay. First time?”

“Yeah,” I say.

“It’ll be good. Got a girlfriend?”

“No,” I lie. I don’t want to talk about her. If I even think about her I’ll back out.

He undoes the button of his jeans and lifts up his lower body off the couch, but instead of pushing them down to his Taksim Escort ankles he reaches inside and pulls out the only erection I have ever seen that was not my own, if you don’t count porn of course. He maneuvers a little to get his balls out too, and then he re-buttons his jeans.

“I took the zipper teeth off,” He says “A lot of guys think it looks bigger if I still wear my pants and just have it hang out.”

Whereas the rest of him is ever so average, this rod of hard flesh is the very thing I have lusted after for nearly a year now. It sticks straight up, hard and proud, the purple flesh of his mushroom head sleek and shining in the light. Veins bulge along the otherwise smooth shaft and his balls hang heavy and hairless.

“I shaved, didn’t know if you’d like it but I figured I’d just try and see,” He says.

“I do,” I say, staring at him. My hand hovers an inch from the turgid flesh and I look up at his face, the question plain in my eyes.

“Of course,” he says. “It’s not here just for show.”

I trail my fingers up and down to length of him once and he tilts his head back and lets out a quiet moan. I grip his balls and give a gentle squeeze before I shift my grip to his smooth shaft and begin to pump slowly. My initial doubts begin to melt away as I get up on all fours and position my face just over his cock.

This is it, the moment I have thought about for so long. For just a split second it doesn’t even seem real but he thrusts ever so slightly and the hot smooth skin of his head brushes my lips. Taksim Escort Bayan He’s maybe 7 inches and I want every bit of him inside of me. I lead with my tongue as I lower my mouth onto him, licking the head and then engulfing it inside of me with a slow reverence. He gasps and moans as I take him as deep as I can.

He reaches up the leg of my shorts and finds the now rigid flesh of my own cock. He has lubed his hand and he begins to stroke me in smooth, downward tugs, letting go of my cock when he gets to the tip and starting again back at the root.

He thrusts, and I nearly choke, but I don’t dare move. I accept him as deep as he wants to be. I am eager slave to this lustful serpent.

He pulls my head from his cock and I nearly cry out as I try to pull him into me again, but he just smiles.

“Bedroom,” he says, and leads me onward.

In the bedroom we undress and he lays me down at the edge of the bed. He Lowers his lips onto me. Kissing and licking little trails of ecstasy along my shaft and balls. Then his hands are under my knees and suddenly my ass is in his face and he’s licking that forbidden hole before I can say a word to stop him. But by then I don’t want to. I squirm and groan as he strokes my cock and licks my ass and then he pulls away and grabs his lube. He spreads it onto his dick and gives me a smile that makes me stop for a second as I realize he means to fuck me.

I want it, and I’m terrified of it. I hadn’t planned to get this far but now that the path lay before me I didn’t know Escort Taksim whether I should follow it or not. He doesn’t seem to care. He just lifts my legs and presses his head against my hole.

“Just relax,” he says, and slides forward.

The pain is excruciating and I cry out as he slides slowly into me. My eyes water but I blink back the tears. His cock seems endless as he plunges deeper and deeper, and just when I think it must go on forever I feel his balls against my ass and he’s completely inside me. The pain begins to fade, leaving behind a strange sense of fullness, and then he begins to pump his cock in and out of me. He lowers his body onto me, his teeth against my shoulder, and fucks me in short, methodical thrusts.

My excitement returns as he begins to grunt like a rutting beast, his desire and pleasure driving him into me again and again. His hand finds my cock and he strokes me, pulling back to look into my eyes. I have never seen such lust, such carnal desire in another human being.

Then I feel his cock pulse and throb and I know he’s about to cum. I feel my own orgasm roll over me like a bullet train and I coat my chest in semen as he cries out and pumps his seed into me.

And then it is done. He pulls out of me and walks over to the bathroom, tossing me a towel to clean off with. I gather up my clothes and dress. I’m at the front door before he catches me.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“Yeah, I just…”

“I get it, don’t worry. You’ll need it again eventually. You know how to reach me,” he says.

I feel confused and light headed, not sure whether this was a mistake as I head out to my car. I can’t deny that no matter what I feel at this moment I loved his cock inside of me, my mouth, my ass, my hands. I have no choice but to believe his words. I’ll need it again.

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