I’m going to Cum Again Blacken PT2


I’m going to Cum Again Blacken PT2Susan spent the next week in a dreamlike state. Every waking moment, she relived the previous Saturday. Closing her eyes at night, brought visions of being fucked by that giant black cock.Wednesday evening, Dan said, “Honey, I’m tired, but I would love to have one of your blow jobs.”The thought of sucking his pitiful dick was sickening, but, he was her husband for better or worse. She decided to bargain with him, something she had never done before. “Okay, honey. But lets talk about something first. I took a job to get out of the house, but I’m tired of listening to those women gossip every day. I want to quit.””Sure honey, I never wanted you to work anyway. Quitting is no problem.” Dan answered. “Is that all?””Well, there is one other thing.” Susan said hesitantly. Why do I always give you a blow job, but you never eat me? I don’t think it’s fair. I’m getting left out.””Where did you get that idea? Who have you been talking to? A blow job and sucking your pussy are two completely different things. I’m not going to suck your pussy. That’s disgusting! You’ve never talked like this before.””The women at work were talking. Their husbands kiss and lick their pussies. They don’t think it’s disgusting. I told you they talk all day.” Explained Susan.”If that’s how you feel, forget it. I’m out of the mood, anyway. I’m going to bed.” Snapped Dan.That was easy to get out of, Susan was thinking. Now, how can I get him to hire us a landscaper? Maybe, Tammi’s husband could mention it to him. She would ask Tammi for help. Susan didn’t admit it to herself, but, she was already planning on having an affair behind her husband’s back. Something, she would never have thought possible a week ago. Her pussy was getting wet and itchy just thinking about it.Saturday came, but no phone call from Tammi. She must have looked out the window a hundred times. Tom’s car was in the driveway all day. Finally, late Saturday afternoon, Tammi called.”Hi, honey. I’m sorry about today, but Tom wanted to watch Mike and me together. He likes to see me fucked by that big black cock. Afterwards, he likes to clean my pussy with his tongue. I’m worn out. Mike is still horny and wants your sweet pussy. He will be back Monday. Can you get off work?” Tammi asked.”I quit work. I’m available every day.” Said Susan. Sunday was the longest day in the world. Dan moped around the house all day, not saying a dozen words. I didn’t encourage him to talk. I had too much on my mind. Getting pregnant was one of them. Susan kept thinking, what can I do? I’m not on the pill and Mike won’t use a condom. How many times before I end up pregnant? What would Dan do? Divorce me? I would be disgraced! Tammi said Tom liked to watch. Would Dan be the same way? Would Tom approach Dan about something like that? I really need Tammi’s help, and Tom’s.Monday finally arrived and Susan was at Tammi’s door only seconds after Tammi called and told her to get her sexy ass over there.Walking in the door, the first thing she noticed was another black man sitting next to Mike and Tammi on the sofa. It was becoming normal to see everyone naked as jaybirds. Susan wasn’t shocked this time, but surprised at the size of the new man’s cock. It was long, and skinny compared to Mike’s monster.”We don’t have much time today, so drop your clothes and get over here. This is my good friend TJ. Get on your knees between his legs and give him a proper “hello”. Tammi, get between my legs and be her teacher. She is going to begin her lesson on becoming a first class cocksucker.”Susan couldn’t believe she was letting someone talk to her as if she was a slut. For some reason, it was exciting and took any other decision she might have away from her. She was comfortable with being dominated. She pulled off her top and dropped her skirt. Getting on her knees, she faced TJ, and glanced at the cock laying on his thigh. He pulled her face to his and gave her a deep, tongue searching kiss. She could feel his meat beginning to stir against her belly. Breaking the kiss, TJ pushed the top of her head toward his crotch. Tammi was already between Mike’s legs and had the head of his cock in her mouth.Raising her head, Tammi said. “Pretend you are sucking a lollipop or candy cane. TJ is smaller than Mike and you will be able to take more into your mouth and throat. You suck Dan and he enjoys it. This is the same, only larger and longer. Start out slow, licking the head and shaft, then suck as much as you can into your mouth. When you choke, pull out, then suck more inside. Soon, you can suck the whole length down your throat. That’s called deep throat. To be any good, you must be able to do that. Now, let’s see which one can make his man cum first!”Susan wanted his cock inside her mouth now, not later. He wasn’t completely hard yet, so, she filled her mouth and began to suck as much as possible down her throat. His cock was rapidly getting harder and harder. Her mouth was spread wide, but his size didn’t hurt her jaws. It seemed as if she was taking more and more on each downstroke. The head of his long cock was thumping against the back of her throat. From his groans and trying to force more down her throat, he must be enjoying whatever she was doing, Susan was gloating, and determined to prove she could be a good cocksucker. She’d show Tammi and Mike!TJ grabbed the top of my head and made me take more of him in my mouth. I began to choke, but he kept pushing my head down on his long, black cock. After sucking his black cock for what seemed like an hour, but was only minutes, I could tell he was close to cumming by the way his body was tensing up. I tried to pull my head off his cock, but he had his fingers locked in my hair and was shoving his cock down my throat. I was choking and couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to pass out, when I felt his cum squirting down my throat with great force. I didn’t need to swallow for he was shooting directly into my throat. I don’t know how long he kept cumming, but I was getting dizzy and beginning to think he was going to choke me to death. I was frantic, but completely helpless! At last his orgasm slowed and he pulled his long black pole from my throat. He was still in my mouth, but now I could breathe and was gulping air. He slowly removed his cock from my mouth and there was a long stringer of cum connecting his dick to my mouth.”Lick it off! Don’t lose a drop!” TJ said.I licked and sucked the head of his cock, and then for good measure, I cleaned the shaft like a good slut should. I was learning my place in the scheme of things and accepting my submission to these black studs. But, now I was unsatisfied and my pussy was on fire with lust. I wanted a cock, but, I wanted Mike’s big monster up my pussy as far as it would go!I looked over at Mike and Tammi. She was sitting next to him and they had a big smile on their faces. Mike was holding his huge cock and pointing it straight up like the trunk of a tree.”Mike didn’t want a blow job, I was only putting you in the spirit of competition. He has been patiently waiting for you to sit on his lap!” Tammi snickered. I wanted to be penetrated by his cock, but I hesitated about trying to sit on that thing. I knew I had been able to take all of it once before, could I take him this way? I was so horny, I would have tried anything. I tried to kneel over him, but, his cock was too long. I could have squatted, if that hadn’t been so uncomfortable. Mike never said anything, just rolled off the sofa and onto the carpet. It only took seconds for me to straddle him and have that huge black column probing my soaking, tight pussy!Being on my knees, I could take my fingers and spread the lips of my slick cunt. Mike just lay there with a satisfied smile on his face. I was spreading my pussy with one hand and took his bulbous head with the other. Once it was at the mouth of my vagina, I pushed down. Nothing happened! It wouldn’t go in! I took more weight off my knees and applied more pressure. Suddenly. the mushroom head and about three inches popped in! I gasped and groaned with pain! I held myself until the pain had eased and feelings of pleasure was replacing it. Pressing down, inch after inch entered me, filling me completely. When it was painful, I would stop until my pussy adjusted, then continue, until I was sitting on his pubic mound. I was so proud of myself! I began to slowly fuck myself on his huge pole. Up and down, up and down, I was dizzy with excitement. Mike took my hips and raised me all the way till only the head was penetrating me. güvenilir bahis He slammed my pussy down hard against him! Again and again! Making me scream with a mixture of ecstasy and pain. I was cumming and couldn’t stop! Mike had a rhythm going and continued to slam me up and down against him. He wouldn’t stop! I was cumming again! The feelings were so intense, they were almost painful! My orgasm was multiplied many times over. I could feel his cock swell and begin jerking and spurting out his potent seed very deep inside me. It was an unusual sensation, as if the sperm was going somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be. This sent me over the edge one last time. There were no orgasms left in my body. I collapsed on his body and he was giving me a deep kiss, when I felt something blunt poking at my asshole! It had to be TJ and he was pressing his long black prick against my anal passage. I was skewered on Mike’s turgid monster, and TJ gripped my ass cheeks as he forced his weapon into my virgin asshole.”Owww..uugggghh,” I groaned, as his black prick broke past my sphincter muscle and entered my butt canal. He kept pushing and I howled in protest and pain at the invasion. Thank God, his cock was slick and leaking pre-cum, or he would have killed me! He gripped my ass tightly and slammed his dick clear up my ass. I howled like crazy! He began pushing in and out with skilled thrusts, fucking my ass like a bull in heat!”Owwww….ohhhhh, it hurts, it hurts. You’re killing me!” I cried. Saying nothing, he kept fucking me furiously.I heard TJ say, “It’ll start feeling better any minute. You’ll learn to love ass fucking. I guarantee it.”Much to my surprise, he was right! My ass had adjusted to being invaded and I was getting a weird pleasure as he fucked me skillfully. Having Mike’s huge cock in my pussy helped. At TJ’s every thrust, he was pushing my clit against the cock in my pussy. Soon, I found myself pushing back and twisting my hips as TJ soundly fucked my ass. He picked up the pace, slamming even more savagely into my abused ass.TJ groaned, as he shot a huge load up my ass, then another and another. It didn’t seem as if he would ever stop. I had received a black cock up my asshole, down my throat, and up my pussy. All within an hour. I was truly a slut for black cock!When he finally withdrew, I rolled off Mike and collapsed on the floor. Cum gushed from both holes! Tammi got a wet towel and wiped the cum from my leaking ass and pussy before I fully recovered. I crawled upon the sofa and sat like a rag doll.Getting dressed, TJ said, “I hate to fuck and run, but I gotta’ get ready for tonight. We got a wimp husband that wants to be buggered while he watches his wife getting fucked by Marv’s big cock. It’s takes all kinds, don’t it? Don’t you just love these no dick white husbands?” TJ was shaking his head and grinning as he went out the door.”Since TJ brought up the subject of no dick white husbands. What am I going to do about mine?” Susan was saying. “I have too much invested in my marriage to get a divorce. Besides, all you black guys are looking for white or Asian pussy, not a wife. So, tell me, what has worked before. You must have a plan. How do I keep fucking huge black cocks and still have my husband?””I have one idea that I believe will work.” Tammi answered. Let’s go the movies next Saturday night and I’ll have Tom invite Dan over for a few drinks. Tom will be glad to work on him. I’ve told Tom about you and Mike. He has seen Dan undressed at the golf club and seen his equipment, so, wasn’t surprised. We have some good interracial movies. All of them are white wives and black men with giant cocks. Some have the husband in the closet and peeking, others are of the husband sitting in the room and watching. Every one of the husbands have small cocks. We even have one of us and Mike together. Most of the husbands clean their wife after she has been fucked and ruined forever. Tom loves it! I believe Tom can tell if Dan gets excited and is interested. If so, Tom can tell him about me and feel him out about you doing the same. What do you think? I’ll bet anything Dan has already thought about it.””Sounds good to me.” Said Mike. “I guess it won’t hurt to try. If Dan has thought about it, he’s sure kept it a secret from me.” Susan agreed.Dan didn’t have to work the following Saturday, so, they changed their plans for Friday night. Dan was agreeable and even seemed to be relieved to have Susan out of the house. Susan and Tammi left early, saying they were going to dinner before the movie. This gave Tom plenty of time to get Dan tipsy and surprise him with the forbidden movies.Dan and Tom sat on the patio sipping their beers, until the mosquitos forced then inside. They were feeling pretty relaxed by then and Tom figured it was time to broach the subject of adult videos. He had flipped through the TV channels and there was nothing worth watching.”Evidently, there’s nothing on TV. How about watching a skin flick?” Tom asked.”Skin flick? What’s that?” Dan naively asked.Tom was thinking, this is going to be harder than I thought. Nobody can be that stupid. “Adult movie, fuck film, a big black stud fucking a little white wife, you know what I mean. Haven’t you ever watched fuck movies? Don’t you and Susan watch them together?””No, and I’m not sure what you mean. I know we have many adult books stores around and I’ve seen the adult movies, but, I’ve never been inside one. I’ll admit I have been curious, but never had the nerve to actually go inside. You really have some of those movies? Really?” I’d like to see one, but Susan won’t find out, will she? She’s think I was a pervert and leave me.””I won’t tell, if you don’t.” Said Tom. “Let me get one in the VCR, lean back and enjoy. Tammi and I like watching together. It makes for hotter sex. She practically ****s me after watching one of these studs and their big cocks.”The first thing seen in the movie was a giant black cock, swinging between the legs of a man, while he stood over a naked white woman in bed. Dan’s eyes almost bugged out of his head! He had never imagined a dick that big! Dan was mesmerized during the following scenes. He had never seen anything so exciting and erotic in his life! How could that dick possibly fit inside that small white woman? How could she be enjoying it so much? This was a movie and she was acting! She couldn’t possibly be enjoying it! The next clip had a woman loving and sucking on another giant black dick. The expression on her face was one of love and lust. Dan’s little dick had never been so hard! His eyes were glued to the screen through scene after scene. Every scene had a white woman and a hung black stud. The movie ended, and Dan still sat staring at a blank screen. “Well, what did you think of your first fuck movie? Pretty exciting, huh? Cat got your tongue? Snap out of it, man! I’ll get us another beer.” Tom was amused at Dan’s blank expression.Dan had recovered somewhat when he was handed a drink. Taking a big gulp, he said, “That was only acting. Those women didn’t really take dicks that large. It was trick photography, wasn’t it?””Believe me, they took every inch. These are amateur movies of actual wives, fucking and sucking real men. Don’t you realize black men are hung much bigger that white men? Not all blacks are hung as big as in the movie, but, they are all much larger than you and me. We’ve seen each other naked in the showers at the club. Most black men make us look like we have baby dicks. A giant black cock makes a white woman submissive. She is intimidated by it’s size and his confidence in being able to completely satisfy her. Don’t you know every woman dreams of being dominated and made to submit to a well hung black man?” Tom explained. He knew Dan was hooked. Now, to reel him in like a big mouthed bass.”I know we are friends, but, I can’t believe you. I think those films are fake. Nobody can have a dick that huge, and certainly, no woman could take one with enjoyment. It’s a trick, and you’re pulling a joke on me. It’s not funny!” Dan exclaimed.”I’ll show you another movie, if you promise to never tell anyone. It’s a movie of Tammi, a huge black cock, and me. If she knew someone else had seen it, she would kill me. What do you say, want to see it?” Asked Tom. After you see it, you will know all about me. I love seeing Tammi with a black man. It’s the most exciting sight in the world! If you ever participated in something like that, it would change your life forever.””Are you tell the truth this time? You really have a movie of you and Tammi having türkçe bahis sex with another man? I won’t believe it, till I see it! Let’s see the film and I’ll make up my own mind. I”m beginning to think you’re full of bullshit.”Placing the film in the VCR, Tom said, “Now you’re going to see why Tammi and I have such a good relationship. Our marriage was on the verge of ending, but this has changed everything. I’m happy, she’s happy, and her black lover is happy. What more could anybody want?”The movie began with a black man seducing Tammi. She was being kissed, while her bra was being removed by expert fingers. While he was sucking her breasts, he was sliding her panty’s down her hips. He pushed her onto the bed and crawled between her legs. Sliding down her body, he placed his mouth on her pussy and began licking and slurping with a tongue longer than Dan’s puny dick. The man was squirming out of his pants while eating her pussy. Dan still had not seen his dick, but from the bulge in his pants, it must have been quite large. The man turned toward the camera, with the monster in his hand. Dan couldn’t believe it! His cock must have been a foot long! He placed it at the entrance of Tammi’s pussy, and with one thrust, buried it to the hilt! Dan’s mouth was dry! He couldn’t speak! He was stunned out of his mind! Dan found he was holding his breath, and suddenly took in great gulps of air. He had cum in his pants without being touched! After Tammi had been thoroughly fucked, Tom entered the picture and dived between her legs, sucking and licking up great amounts of cum! My God! After cleaning Tammi, Tom was cleaning that huge, black cock with his mouth and tongue! Dan couldn’t believe his eyes! He was totally exhausted and fell back against the sofa trying unsuccessfully to assimilate what he had just witnessed.”Now, you know our secret. I wanted to share with someone, and I thought you would understand, if anybody could. I’m not gay, but, like Tammi, I worship that huge black cock. I love to see her get fucked and satisfied. I cum every time, just watching them together. I love cleaning them afterwards and seeing how happy she is. We now have the perfect relationship. What about you? Would you like to experience the same thing? Would you like to see Susan fucked by a huge black cock? Believe me, she would love it!””You’re crazy! Susan would never do that!” Dan almost shouted.”What if she said she would. What if I had Tammi show her these movies? After seeing them, what if she agreed? If she was willing to try, would you let her?” Tom asked. “I was hesitant at first. I believed after Tammi had a huge cock, she wouldn’t love or want me any longer. That’s not true. If anything, she loves me more. She knows I want her to be happy and she wasn’t happy with my skinny dick.””I never saw or dreamed of anything as exciting and erotic in my life! What love life we have has gone from bad to worse lately. I’m man enough to admit I haven’t been satisfying Susan. I know too, it’s because of my small equipment. If there was someway to get her to agree, I’ll give it a try. Dan replied. “But, if she did agree, how do we find the man?””Good! Good! I’ll ask Tammi to begin working on Susan tomorrow. Tammi can be very persuasive when she wants to be. Don’t worry about finding the man. I’m sure Tammi’s lover has discreet, well hung friends. When Susan agrees, we’ll all get together and work out the details. How’s that?” Tom practically gloated. This would teach Dan to act so high and mighty! Little did he dream his innocent wife was fucking and sucking black cocks behind his back. Now, it would be with this little prick’s permission. What a joke! After Susan had reluctantly been ‘convinced’ the following week, of the many pleasures she was going to receive, a meeting had been planned at Tom’s. Tom and Tammi were relaxed and trying to put Dan at ease. Susan was mostly silent, awaiting to see how Dan was going to accept this new member to their bedroom. Mike and his friend Marv were also there. Everyone thought Dan should meet and approve of his wife’s black lover.Mike was saying to Dan, “To put your mind at ease, my friend here is disease free and very clean. He’s had experience with other white wives and is an accomplished lover. Believe me, he will do nothing you and Susan don’t want him to do. You have seen my movie with Tammi and Tom. Marv is as long as I am, except, his is thicker. There’s nothing left to be said, unless Marv has something.”Looking directly at Susan, he said. “When I am finished, you will know you have been well and truly fucked!” “Dan? Anything?”Dan was speechless! Here were two black studs, dripping sex! How could he possible compete with either? He now agreed with Tom, he was far down on the food chain when it came to satisfying his wife. Glancing at Susan, he could see she expected him to say something, but what? Did she want him to agree or not? She gave him a small smile, as if to say, the decision is yours. “If my wife wants to try this, I am willing to go along with the rest of you. I hope it’s not something we regret.”Mike had fucked Susan twice and she knew her pussy was stretched. Marv is thicker than Mike? My God! Could she take a bigger cock? But then, she hadn’t thought she could take Mike. She was getting wet in anticipation of trying! Thinking this, Susan innocently said. “I agree with Dan. I am also willing to try.””Unless you two have something planned for tomorrow, why not jump right in and get your feet wet, so to speak? There’s no reason to wait, the situation won’t change. Sooner than later is much better.” Tammi said. She didn’t want Dan to have time to change his mind.Midmorning Sunday, Marv was at the door and impatient to fuck this cunt and cuckold her wimp husband. What a wonderful way to spend a boring Sunday!We answered the door together. Marv stepped inside and looking at my wife said, “Are you ready?””Oh yes.” My wife smiled. I had been put in my place with only five words. I was to watch and keep silent, unless asked a question. Why did I know this? But, I did.He put his arm around her waist. She looked up at him and he lowered his head, giving her a long, wet kiss. She slid her arms up around his neck and their kiss became more urgent.My heart was throbbing and my dick was as hard as a rock.Then, there was a pause in Susan and a sudden realization or moment of truth. She turned to me with doubt in her eyes, and seemed about to speak. She knew our lives were about to change forever. How much I loved her at that moment!Marv was there for only one thing and never saw the hesitation. He wanted to fuck and saw no reason to wait any longer.”Have you two been waiting and looking forward to this?” Marv asked.We both nodded in agreement and knew he wasn’t gong to wait any longer. This was all going so fast. No friendly drinks or conversation, just preparing to fuck her as soon as possible. Marv must have been very horny, especially after she kissed him back with such passion.His fingers parted her blouse, and put his hands on her bra less tits, lifting and feeling, pinching the erect nipples.”Lead me to your bed. I’ll just hold on to these and we will follow.” Marv said.I could hear his impatience and see the bulge growing in his pants. I was sorry I had agreed to this seduction and the fucking of my wife. There was no way to back out now, besides, Susan seemed to be enjoying every second. Marv was becoming more dominate and controlling of the situation. Walking into the bedroom, I watched him stand her next to the bed, groping and feeling her breasts. He unsnapped her skirt and it fell around her ankles. One hand went between her legs, petting and massaging her pussy. His fingers were bigger than my dick. Why hadn’t she worn panty’s or bra, I was thinking.”You like watching me feel up your wife, don’t you?” He asked.”Yes, I barely croaked.” Unable to take my eyes from the erotic sight.”That’s not all, is it? You want to see her get blacked by my huge cock, don’t you?”I nodded, unable to speak. My mouth was dry and I tried licking my lips with no effect.Susan was standing there with her back to the bed. Facing her, Marv pulled his tee shirt over his head and unbuttoned his shorts.”Take your hands and pull my shorts down. It’s time you saw what you’re going to get.” Marv hissed.By now, he had a raging hard on and she had trouble getting his shorts below his hips. Finally, they dropped to his ankles.She looked down and gasped! Her eyes were wide with fear and apprehension. He turned, so I could see. He wanted both of us to see güvenilir bahis siteleri and admire the tree limb sticking out from his belly! His cock was much darker than the rest of his body.”Put your hands around this big cock, get used to the cock that is going to split you wide open.” He said to Susan.”What about you Dan, you think your pretty little wife can take all this in her tight pussy?” Marv sneered.I couldn’t answer. Words wouldn’t come out. I had never dreamed of a longer and thicker cock in my life. He would kill her! I had to stop this! But, look at the lust on her face. She loves feeling the monster. She wants to be fucked by him! There was only one answer I could give. “Yes, give it to her. Stick that cock up her pussy!”His cock was swelling more and twitching as if it had a life of it’s own. Susan’s hands were stroking more vigorously. She was so wet, juices were leaking from her pussy. She had been scared of the size at first, but she knew she could take it now. She looked down at the condoms on the night stand, but knew he was not going to use them. She decided to not even ask.Dan had moved a chair close to the bed, where he had a close up view. He had cum once in his briefs, but now he took his insignificant dick out and began slowly masturbating. Susan looked over at him and smiled when she saw what he was doing. She knew he would never fuck her again, not that he had ever fucked her that often, anyway. Marv was getting more aggressive and in complete control of this married couple. At the time, everyone seemed to be happy with the situation. Dan knew Marv could have or do anything he wanted.Laying Susan back on the bed, he opened her legs and exposed her pussy lewdly. He got down on one knee and placed his mouth against her pussy. His head was moving and he was licking deep into her pussy, sucking up her juices. Alternating between her hole and her clitoris, he was driving Susan crazy! She was cumming on his tongue! Pushing her pussy into his face and groaning out her cum, she was in heaven! She couldn’t help herself, she pushed his head harder against her pussy mound! Oh God! What a feeling!Dan couldn’t believe it! Another man was eating his wife’s pussy and she was cumming like crazy! Why hadn’t he ever done that? Look at her, she was a sex crazed slut!Crawling up her body, and kissing every inch of the way, he was in position to put his cock against her sopping wet pussy. Susan sighed as he took one nipple inside his mouth and tweaked the other with his thumb and forefinger.”Now, I’m going to fuck the daylights out of you. What do you say, Dan, is she ready for fucking?”All I could do was nod my head numbly. He was ready to satisfy his lust on my wife, and she was a willing partner. Be truthful, I thought, you’re as willing as she is. You’re dying to see that giant cock put inside her small pussy! I saw the condoms on the table, but knew it was useless to ask him to stop and put one on. I don’t think they would have fit that monster anyway! Would she get pregnant? I knew, if not this time, then the next. I would have to accept what happened, or leave her. I could never do that!Marv suddenly parted her legs, and with his arms behind her knees, she was wide open and ready to receive his massive cock. The blunt head found her hole and with a strained push forced her pussy open. She was so slick, the head popped inside, with about three inches following. He stopped to let her adjust, then slowly applied pressure. Slowly, but surely his massive cock disappeared inch by slow inch.I stood up to get a better view and moved behind them, so I could see his cock force itself into her tight hole. It was unbelievable! It was impossible! How could her small pussy take all that? My heart was willing that cock in as far as it would go! I wanted to see him balls deep inside her! When about half was inside, he began to fuck her. With each downstroke, he went deeper, inch after inch. Finally, he bottomed out and his balls slapped her ass!Susan was beginning to groan and moan, whether from pain or pleasure, I didn’t know. I cum again and squirted my small load on the foot of the bed. I didn’t think I had even that much left in my body.Susan was going out of her mind! Thank God, she had fucked Mike twice and he had prepared her for this! If her pussy hadn’t already been stretched, it would have killed her! Now, the pleasure was pure ecstasy! She didn’t want Dan to know she was enjoying this fuck more than anything in the world. She wanted it to last forever! Marv had her legs bent so far back, her knees were beside her head. She could feel the thick veins running down the underside as he slammed into her again and again! She couldn’t help herself, she screamed for him to fuck her harder! His cock was like a jackhammer, fucking her faster and faster! She was cumming! Cumming, like never before! I’m going to die, Susan thought. A person’s body can’t take this much and live! She was coming down from her gigantic cum, when Marv thrust one final time and began spewing his hot cum deep into her belly! Shot after shot of cum splashed into her uterus. Her body was in such a position, that his seed stayed where it would do the most harm. Susan knew she had just gotten pregnant! Even though Marv had cum, he kept stroking for a few minutes longer, milking every drop from his cock. Susan accepted her fate, and prayed Dan would do the same.Marv rolled off Susan and lay beside her. Dan was still at the foot of the bed looking at his wife. Her pussy looked like a cave, and great gobs of white, thick cum was beginning to run from her pussy and down between her ass cheeks.”Ok man. Do your thing. Clean her pussy. I fucked her, now, it’s your turn.” Marv told Dan.Dan hesitated a minute, before crawling between his wife’s legs. He was scared not to do what Marv said, but, at the same time, afraid he would be sick sucking all that cum from her pussy. Placing his mouth over her hole, he gave a little suction and a large gob of cum plopped into his mouth. Expecting a terrible taste, he was surprised it didn’t taste bad at all. He sucked and licked, even licking up what had run down her ass. Each time he thought she was clean, another gob would appear for his tongue to lap up.”You got it all, man, but my cock is all slick and needs your attention.” Marv pointed out.Dan didn’t know about this! He looked upwards and Susan and Marv were watching him. He had cum all around his mouth and nose. Susan nodded her head in the affirmative. Resigned to his fate, he moved between Marv’s legs and took his still turgid cock in his hand. Licking and kissing the head, he worked his way down the shaft until Marv’s cock was shiny with his spit. Marv’s cock began to harden and Dan took the head and about five inches of the shaft into his mouth. He was sucking another man’s cock! Not only that, but he liked it!”Okay! Okay! That’s enough you little cocksucker! Right now, this cock belongs to your wife. You’ll have plenty of chances later.” Marv said, while pulling his dick from Dan’s mouth.Marv gave Susan one more kiss, got off the bed and got dressed. Before leaving, he gave instructions for his next visit. “I’ll be back Wednesday evening. I expect the two of you to be showered and naked as the day you were born, when you answer the door. We are going to begin your lessons on worshiping a black cock. This was only the first. There are many more. If you are a good boy, Dan, I may fuck you next time. Would you like that?””Yes.” Dan whispered.When Marv had left, Susan and Dan lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. Each engrossed in their own thoughts.Dan was thinking this was a relationship that scared him. He was going to do things that were completely foreign to him. He had already began a road to depravity and there didn’t seem to be an end to what he would do. What had he started? What had he talked his loving wife into? It was all his fault for being weak and letting Tom talk him into this. God! What if Susan was pregnant? Even though these thoughts were going through his head, it still excited him. Admit it. He loved every minute! To Hell with it. Let the chips fall where they may.Susan was reliving the last hour over and over. She couldn’t wait for Wednesday to get here! Maybe she could find Mike tomorrow! Only one thing bothered her, and that was being pregnant. But, so what! Having a baby wasn’t so bad. She would be a good mother. One thing was certain, she wasn’t going to give up her black lover! Dan ate her pussy! He even sucked Marv’s cock! God! What a sight that was! Would Dan take that big cock up his ass? That would really be a sight!Almost together, they were thinking this was better than before. Tomorrow would be another day, and life would go on. Different from before, but a hell of a lot more exciting.

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